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Essentials of Submission (Islam) by Rashad Khalifa – Transcript


  • Important Clarification about this video titled “Essentials of Submission (Islam)”, by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.
  • In this video, Dr. Rashad Khalifa mentions that the Obligatory Charity (Zakat), is given once a year, calculated on the net worth of your possessions.
  • However, Dr. Rashad Khalifa later confirmed and preached that the correct method of Zakat as per Quran (6:141), is to give it on the day you receive income (the Day of Harvest), calculated on your net income.

(The text in this transcript has been edited to match this change. And references to the Dawn Contact Prayer in the video have also been corrected within this transcript. Other edits include the removal of repetitive words, such as: “”la”, means “no”, “la”, means “no””. – Ahmad Wehbe).

Video Intro:

  • What is Islam?
  • Essentials of Islam
  • Your host – Rashad Khalifa
  • Photographer – Kathleen Clarke

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Bism Allah Arrahman Arraheem – in the name of God, most Gracious, most Merciful.
  • Islam actually began with the first man, the first human being; Adam. He was the first messenger of God, he brought to his children and grandchildren the message of worshiping God alone, and this is Islam, submitting to God – worshiping God alone.
  • A series of messenger after Adam brought the same message; worship God alone. The first commandment in the Bible, the message of Moses, the message of Jesus, the messages of all the prophets of Israel:David, Solomon, and so on, is one and the same – the first commandment; worship God alone, with all your heart, and your body, all your soul. Worship God alone, the Quran states very clearly that the religion as far as God is concerned, is Islam (submission) – there is only one religion as far as God is concerned.
  • If you want to me be more specific, the original prophet of Islam is Abraham, because he brought all the religious practices in Islam. And we see this throughout the Quran, for example; sura twenty-one (21); verse seventy-three (73), tells us that Abraham was the original source – of course God is the original source for everything, but Abraham delivered to us the Salat prayer; the Contact Prayers, and the Zakat charity, this is in verse seventy-three (73); sura twenty-one (21). And we see this also with the fasting, the Hajj pilgrimage.
  • All the practices of Islam came to us through the prophet Abraham, the prophet Muhammad contributed the message, the scripture of Islam, which is the Quran.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:02:51).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:03:00).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:05:10).

  • God created the universe, and created the human race, and out of his mercy he sent messengers, and books to tell us about Him. All these messengers, and all the books that God sent to us; preached one and the same religion. The first messenger was Adam himself; the father of all humanity.
  • After him came messengers like: Noah, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad. Muhammad was the last prophet, bringing the last scripture; the Quran. And in the Quran we find everything we need: all the duties, obligations, commandments, prohibitions in Islam. Quran is the final scripture, it is the completion of the message. Because the previous scriptures where suited for that stage of human development. The Quran came to complete the picture, and now we have the final – the complete religion; Islam (submission).
  • The Quran is all you need – in fact, because the Quran said that the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed, if you go to any other source, you will be disobeying God, and disobeying the messenger of God Muhammad, who brought this Quran out of his mouth – God brought to us the Quran out of Muhammad’s mouth. And you would be disobeying God and disobeying Muhammad if you follow any other sources besides the Quran.
  • And specifically I mean sources like Hadith, Sunnah, and all the other books and things that the traditions and the customs invented. If you go to any source other than the Quran you will be disobeying God, because clearly God says in sura number six (6); verse hundred and fourteen (114) for example, that the Quran is fully detailed, you don’t need anything else. God says in verse nineteen (19); of sura number six (6), that the Quran is what was given to Muhammad to deliver to the world, and it is the only source for religious guidance, and religious education.
  • The Quran tells us exactly what the essentials of Islam are, and they are, very quickly – I am going into details later on – number one; to believe in God alone, you have no other idols, you are devoted to God alone. And this is represented by the shahada, the first so called pillar of Islam – let us go along with that idea – the first pillar of Islam is the shahada, and the shadaha is stated in the Quran in sura number three (3); verse eighty-one (81) – excuse me, it is verse eighteen (18) – sura three (3); verse eighteen (18), it says; “shahadu allahu”; means “God bears witness” – “annahu la elaha ella hu”; that “there is no God except He”. And also the angels, and those who posses knowledge will make this shahada, which is; “la elaha ella Allah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله), or “ash-hadu alla elaha ella allah”, this is the first pillar in Islam. Sura number three (3); verse number eighteen (18). The shahada, the first pillar of Islam is “la elaha ella Allah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله). If you want to make it complete, then you say; “ash-hadu alla elaha ella allah”; “I bear witness that there is no god except allah, the one God”.
  • Now don’t add anything else. Some people who imitate old inventions and old traditions will say: “ash-hadu alla elaha ella allah” and then they make another shahada, that Muhammad is a messenger of God – we know Muhammad is messenger of God, but if you inject this in the shahada, this ruins ruin everything, because now you don’t have God alone, you put an idol – Muhammad – next to God. And this is by the way a very strong prohibition in the Quran, that you put any other name beside the name of allah, the name of God. We find this in sura number thirty-nine (39); verse forty-five (45), you must say – you must devote yourself to God alone, you do not idolize Muhammad and put him next to God. This would be going against God and against Muhammad. So the first pillar of Islam is, shahada; “la elaha ella Allah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:09:54).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:09:59).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:10:09).

  • So the first pillar of Islam is shahada; “la elaha ella Allah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله).
  • The second  pillar is observing five (5) Contact Prayers every day. This is the food for your soul, this is a favor that God is doing for you. You are not doing it for God. And the five Contact Prayers begin before sunrise, you must get up before sunrise in order to feed your soul, give your soul breakfast. Your body will be lazy and will wont want to get out of bed before sunrise, but for your sake, get out of bed before sunrise and do the Dawn Contact Prayer, whereby you contact your creator and feed your soul.
  • The second Contact Prayer – by the way, the details of the Contact Prayers are given on another video tape that we call Principles of Muslim prayers, so be sure you order that tape and see how the Contact Prayers are performed, the correct way, not the traditional innovations that we see in the Muslim world. The second Contact Prayer is the Noon Contact Prayer, and it begins as soon as the sun declines from the highest spot in the sky, that is the Noon Contact Prayer, consists of four (4) units, the Dawn Contact Prayer is two (2) units, the Noon Contact Prayer is four (4) units.
  • The Afternoon Contact Prayer is done about three (3) to four (4) hours after the Noon Contact Prayer – in the mid-afternoon.
  • And the fourth Contact Prayer is the Sunset Contact Prayer – or al-maghrib, and it is done immediately after sunset.
  • And the final Contact Prayer – the Night Contact Prayer – must be done about two (2) hours after sunset.
  • So these are the five (5) Contact Prayers, and they represent the second pillar of Islam.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:12:24).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:12:31).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:12:41).

  • The third pillar of Islam is fasting, in Arabic; “siyām” (صِيَام). God commands us to fast during one month of the year. And it is the ninth (9th) month of the lunar calendar. Now I am smiling because there is a tremendous test in this system, where the lunar year is shorter than the solar year, and this makes the month of Ramadan move about ten (10) to fifteen (15) days every year, so it comes in the winter sometimes when the days are nice and short and fasting very easy. And moves to the summer where the days are very long, sixteen (16) hours or more sometimes, and the day is hot, and you can’t eat or drink during this long period, and a lot of people will drop out, they will not fast, even though nobody dies by not eating or drinking for twenty-four (24) hours. But some people will drop out, and you can see that the system is designed to show who will fast, and will obey God’s commandment no matter how long the day is. This changing of the day – from short and cold, to long and hot days – will show us who are the dropouts, who will fast only if the day is short, and nice and cold.
  • So this is the third pillar of Islam – fasting during the month of Ramadan (رمضان), the ninth (9th) month of the Islamic calendar.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:14:31).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:14:39).

  • As you see, the fasting of Ramadan is also designed to tame the wild horse, your body. See – your body wants to eat and drink, and you the real person or the soul dictates on the body saying; “no you are not going to eat or drink until sunset”. Because the fasting consists of not eating, or drinking, or engaging in intercourse – sexual intercourse, from dawn to sunset. Dawn means about two hours before sunrise, to sunset. No eating, no drinking, no sex. And this is control of your wild horse, you are taming the wild horse, your body. And you can see that God is training you, is teaching you to be a person of strong will. And preparing you for the eternal life of the hereafter; the real life. Of course in the real life that comes after this life – God wants the people who are strong, who practice and exercise, and know how to control themselves – I mean their bodies. This also cause your soul to feed, grow, and develop.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:16:15).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:16:25).

  • The fourth pillar of Islam is charity, in Arabic; “Zakat”. There is a Obligatory Charity, where you sit down and you calculate exactly what you possess – what your possessions are, and you give away a portion, a fixed portion of your net worth. You do this once a year, you pick out a specific day in the year: the last day of Ramadan, the first day of Ramadan, or the first day of January, one day – one fixed day of the year. And you sit down on that day and you calculate how much you are worth, this means you add up the market value of your house, your car, your clothes, anything that you posses. If you sell it all today; how much will it be worth, the fair market value, not the new – the price of the new thing, no, the present market value of everything you possess. And then you give away two and half percent (2.5%) of that. See it is a small percentage, and you do it once a year.

Transcript pauses:

(You do this on the net worth of every source of income. For example, if you receive a royalty check for $100 on Monday, you give 2.5% off of that, which is $2,5. Or if you know you will be getting a paycheck next week, then you can wait. Then you calculate the total net income of this period and give 2.5% off of that. Let’s say you decided to wait until your paycheck comes in, and it is $1000. Take the $100 royalty from Monday and add it to your $1000 paycheck, then you calculate the net of those (before taxes), and you pay 2.5% off of that. So let’s say the $100 and the $1000 are the net values, we add them and get a total net value of $1100. We then take 2.5% off of that, which gives us $27.5. You then pay $27.5 as the Obligatory Charity. – Ahmad Wehbe).

Transcript continues:

  • And it goes to specific people – the Quran lists them in this priority, first (1st) your parents, if your parents are rich – and these are the recipients of your charity – if your parents are rich, the second (2nd) in the list are your relatives, you give this two and a half percent (2.5%) you give it to your relatives, if they are all rich, then you find some orphans, people who do not have support – parental support; a father support or something, and you give this charity to them. After the orphans, you give to the alien; somebody who is travelling and is stranded and doesn’t have the money for the bus fare to go to his home town. So the order of the Quran is: the parents, the relatives, the orphans, the travelling alien, the poor, the beggars and so on. So there is as a specific order for giving these charities.
  • However, there is also a general charity called “sadaqah” (صدقة), and this is a on the spot charity – you are walking in the street and you see a poor person and you want to help, then you help that person, and this is called “sadaqah”, or charity. You are supposed to be charitable the whole year, all the time, you must be charitable, but the Zakat is the Obligatory Charity, where you give it to someone you personally know, you personally know that this fellow is poor and needs help, and you give your two and a half percent (2.5%) to these people that you personally know. You cannot consider the taxes for example as Zakat charity. Because you do not know where the taxes will go, they can go to fix the street or something, or to the army or something.
  • But the idea behind Zakat is that you give it to the people that you personally know are in need. And the Quran as I said, lists the parents first, the relatives, your own relatives – your own, you start with your own people, then you go to other strangers, in that order.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:19:52).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:19:57).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:20:18).

  • The fifth pillar of Islam is Hajj pilgrimage to the holy land in Mecca. And this is only of course for the people who can afford it. When you can afford it, you go to Mecca and you observe Hajj.
  • And this is commemoration of the prophet Abraham – not the man. not the man Abraham, but his exemplary submission to God. He thought, he saw a dream one time and he thought that God was commanding him to sacrifice his only son Ishmael, and he proceeded to carry out this command even though God did not order him to do it – he just thought in a dream that God was ordering him to do it. But he was willing to sacrifice his own son in submission to God, and of course God intervened to save Ishmael and Abraham from this tragedy. And God substituted a sheep to be scarified instead of Ishmael, and this is what you do when you go to Hajj.
  • And Hajj consists of arriving in Mecca dressed only in a untailored clothes, just a sheet or something, and seamless shoes or sandals – seamless clothes and seamless sandals. Women dress in a regular dress that is simple, so you cannot tell the rich from the poor.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:22:09).

  • To observe Hajj, you go to Mecca (مكة) dressed in seamless clothes and seamless sandals – this is for the men. The women dress modestly in regular modest dress; all white dress for example, so you cannot tell the rich from the poor.
  • You get to Mecca, and you go around the Ka’bah (ٱلْـكَـعْـبَـة) in Mecca seven (7) times.
  • Then you go between Safā (الصّفا) and Marwah (المروة) – the knolls of Safā and Marwah seven (7) times.
  • Then you go to Arafat – mount Arafat (جبل عرفات), and you stand there the whole day, which is the tenth (10th) day of the twelfth (12th); the last month in the Islamic calendar – the tenth day of the Hijr. You spend that whole day on mount Arafat commemorating God, worshiping and praying.
  • And then you go to Mina – it is a little town near Mecca – you go to Mina for two (2) or three (3) days. Then you go back to the Ka’bah, and go around it seven times, which is called the farewell circumvention around the Ka’bah. And this is it.
  • Now, my advice to you is never to go to Medina (المدينة), because people go to Medina and they ruin their Hajj, they go to the prophet Muhammad’s tomb – mausoleum – and they idolize the prophet, and this ruins everything. It ruins the whole religion not just Hajj.
  • So Hajj must be only in Mecca where you go around the Ka’bah seven (7) times – between Safā and Marwah seven (7) times – you go to Arafat for one (1) day – and to Mina for two (2) or three (3) days, and this is it. These are specific steps that are mentioned in the Quran, And by the way all these duties in Islam came to us through the prophet Abraham. If you look at Abraham – sura number twenty-two (22), the last verse number seventy-eight (78), you will see that Abraham is the source – the father of Islam, and the father of Muslims. And if you look at sura number sixteen (16) verse hundred and twenty-three (123), you see that the prophet Muhammad followed the religion of Abraham. Islam is the religion of Abraham, he is the founder of Islam, and all the duties of Islam came from Ibrahim, not the prophet Muhammad.
  • Muhammad brought the Quran, God brought the Quran through Muhammad. So, this is why some people become confused when you tell them that God says that the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed. Because some of the old traditionalists will say: “okay, where is number of raka’at for the noon prayer in the Quran?”, see they forget that the contact prayers, the fasting of Ramadan, the Zakat charity, and the Hajj pilgrimage – all these duties came to us from Abraham, and the Quran says so. If you look at sura twenty-one (21), verse twenty-three (73); it tells you that Abraham started the Salat and the Zakat. And in sura twenty-two (22) – entitled Hajj – you will see that Abraham is the source of Hajj and so on.
  • The Quran says clearly that all duties and obligations came to us through the prophet Abraham. And tells us in sura twenty-two (22), verse seventy-eight (78); that this is the religion of Abraham. The prophet Muhammad simply contributed the Quran. And the Quran is God’s words that came through Muhammad. So watch for this point and don’t let any one trick you into thinking that the Quran is not complete. The most important principle in Islam is; God alone. You must be devoted to God alone, you do not idolize the prophet Muhammad like the Christians did with the prophet Jesus. You devote yourself completely to God alone, and you follow the word of God alone; the Quran alone. No other sources, if you do, you nullify all your work as we see in sura thirty-nine (39), where God says; “if you fall in idol worship, all your works are nullified”, you might do the Salat, the Zakat charity , the Hajj, the fasting and it will be all in vain, unless you are devoted to God alone. And you declare your shahada; “ash-hadu alla elaha ella allah”. This is it. So these are the basic essentials of Islam.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:26:45).

  • The prohibitions are also important, there are four (4) meats that you cannot eat, for example – and these are:
  • Number one (1): animals that die of themselves, without human interference.
  • Number two (2): pork, the meat of pigs.
  • Number three (3): running blood – running blood that you can put in a glass and cook or drink.
  • Number four (4): animals dedicated to other than God – that are specifically dedicated to Muhammad, or Jesus, or Ali, or somebody.
  • These are forbidden. So if you to the market – you go to the Safeway market for example (Safeway is an American supermarket chain), and you look at the meat. If you want to know if it is halal; permitted, or haram; prohibited – you ask yourself these four (4) questions:
  • 1: Is this meat pork? – the answer is no,
  • 2: Did these animals die of themselves without human interference? – the answer is no,
  • 3: Is this running blood? – the answer is no,
  • 4: Was this meat dedicated to Jesus, or to anyone else, or Saint Francis? – the answer is no,
  • Therefore this is meat is halal, it is okay, you can eat it. If you make it haram (forbidden) – if you prohibit it then you are following some other religion, you are not a Muslim when you do that. So it is very important to follow specifically what the Quran prohibits, if you prohibit anything else – some people go to funny lengths, like prohibiting soaps, and brushes, and shoes, and things like that – and of course this is a religion that is not Islam; that has nothing to do with Islam.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:28:45).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:28:55).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:30:26).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:30:44).

  • Now some people are fascinated by Hajj pilgrimage, and they just want to do it right away. You know – they are fascinated by the exotic country you know; Saudi Arabia, the trip and all that. But my advice to you is to perfect your religion first. Believe me, it is not a very pleasant trip, the million and a half (1.5) or two (2) million people making pilgrimage, and it is an exacting trial – instead of an enjoyment – you’re not going as a tourist. It is a difficult process, and some people may become disillusioned when they go too early, before the faith is strong enough. So be sure to perfect your religion first and then make the Hajj pilgrimage.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:31:49).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:32:07).

  • Another thing to guard against with regard to Hajj, is that some people go and do the Hajj pilgrimage – like I said before their faith is strong enough, and they come back buffed up and thinking – “you know; I’m perfect now”, “you know; I’m cool”, “and nobody is like me, I did Hajj you know” – and they – it goes to their head, and they become – it brings the reverse result, they become worse Muslims than better Muslims. So you want to do Hajj pilgrimage after you perfect your religion, and this must make you humble, more humble. And I remember proverb that says; “don’t be humble; you are not that great”.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:33:14).

  • Observing the Hajj pilgrimage is very easy, all you do is get ready financially, and with your vacations, and everything. Then you travel to Saudi Arabia; Jeddah (جدة). As soon as you land there, they will assign a guide called; “Mutawwif” (مطوف), to you. And the Mutawwif gives assistance – will tell you exactly what to do. But the main thing is that you memorize the statement; “Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak”, means; “my Lord I respond to Your call” – “Labbayka Lā Shareeka Laka Labbayk”; “I respond to You, there is no partner with You”. And the whole statement will be taught to you by the Mutawwif.
  • The main statement that you need to know throughout Hajj goes like this; “Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak”, which means; “my Lord I respond to Your call”, “Labbayka Lā Shareeka Laka Labbayk”; “I respond to You, You have no partners, there is no partner with You, I responds to Your call”. And this is what it looks like. Here is the first word: “Labbayka”, which means “I respond to You”, “I respond to Your call”; “Labbayka”.
  • “Allāhumma”, which means “my God”, or “our God”, “Allāhumma”.
  • “Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak”.
  • “Labbyaka”, “I respond to Your call”.
  • “Lā”, means “no”.
  • “Shareeka”, means “partner” or “idol”.
  • “Lā Shareeka” – “Laka”; with You”.
  • “Labbayk”; I respond to Your call.”
  • Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak (my Lord I respond to Your call).
  • Labbayka Lā Shareeka Laka Labbayk (I respond to You, there is no partner with You).
  • This is all you need.
  • And you utter this statement – you memorize it and utter it all the time during Hajj, throughout Hajj, anytime you change direction, you climb a hill, down a hill, you meet friends, you say that; “Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak, Labbayka Lā Shareeka Laka Labbayk”.
  • The details of the Hajj will be given to you by the guide, that will be assigned to you, as soon as you arrive in Saudi Arabia.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:35:28).

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I hope this has been useful for you and that you have learned the basics of the true Islam (Submission). I decided to write the whole video into a text format for those of us who prefer to read instead of watching hour long videos. It makes it easier to understand what is being said without having to go back and forth whenever the video goes too fast. This is especially true if English isn’t your first language, or if your English skill is low. So I really do hope this has been useful to you.

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Free Quran Chapter 10: Jonah (Younus)

Learn from GOD that disbelievers can’t believe no matter how much proof you show them, they don’t follow facts. When Moses split the sea, it didn’t turn the Hebrews into believers. They still created a statue to worship it. So even the so called “believers” can be disbelievers. Such as Christians who believe ‘isa (Jesus) is the son of GOD or part of a trinity. It doesn’t matter if someone says they believe. If they don’t follow GOD’s commandments, then they obviously can’t be believers in the god of those commandments. In the Christian example – the Christians worship a god that has a son called Jesus. However, this god doesn’t exist. It is a made up god that serves the Christian agenda. To be a believer, you have to worship GOD. And you do that by obeying GOD’s commandments.

It takes a lot of evil effort to twist GOD’s commandments. For example, the first commandment is; there is no god but GOD. Yet Christians have managed to twist this simple commandment into meaning: Jesus is the son of god, the holy spirit is god, god is god, god is Jesus, god is Three in One Hair&Body lotion, god is BUY NOW; get three for the price of one.

The Muslims are equally weird. Even though the Quran is in Arabic, a very clear and detailed language. They still add prophet Muhammad to their first commandment. In the Quran, GOD, the Angels, and all those who possess intelligence BEAR WITNESS that there is no god but GOD. Yet Muslims attach an extra proclamation to the first commandment by saying; “…and Muhammad is his messenger”! This creates a big problem. This so called “innocent” addition creates the following problems:

Muhammad IS his messenger; requires that Muhammad must be alive, or else GOD can’t be GOD.

Muhammad is HIS MESSENGER; requires GOD to have a messenger, otherwise GOD can’t be GOD.

MUHAMMAD is his messenger; requires GOD to have a messenger named Muhammad, otherwise GOD can’t be GOD.

As you can see, in the Muhammadan religion, GOD has been replaced by a god who can only be a god if he has a messenger called Muhammad, but since Muhammad is in paradise now, and not on earth, then it means the Muslim god is not a god – because his messenger is not alive anymore.

To believe in GOD, you have to actually follow the commandments. No more, no less.

Quran Chapter 10: Jonah (Younus)

[10:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[10:1] A.L.R.* These (letters) are the proofs of this book of wisdom.

*10:1 These letters constitute a major portion of the Quran’s awesome mathematical code and proof of divine authorship. See Appendix 1 for details.

[10:2] Is it too much of a wonder for the people that we inspired a man like them? He (was inspired to say), “You shall warn the people, and give good news to those who believe that they have attained a position of prominence at their Lord.” The disbelievers said, “This is a clever magician!”

[10:3] Your only Lord is God; the One who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then assumed all authority. He controls all matters. There is no intercessor, except in accordance with His will. Such is God your Lord. You shall worship Him. Would you not take heed?

[10:4] To Him is your ultimate return, all of you. This is God’s truthful promise. He initiates the creation, then repeats it, in order to reward those who believe and lead a righteous life, equitably. As for those who disbelieve, they incur hellish drinks, and a painful retribution for their disbelieving.

[10:5] He is the One who rendered the sun radiant, and the moon a light, and He designed its phases that you may learn to count the years and to calculate. God did not create all this, except for a specific purpose. He explains the revelations for people who know.

[10:6] Surely, in the alternation of night and day, and what God created in the heavens and the earth, there are proofs for people who are righteous.

Preoccupation With This World

[10:7] Those who are not expecting to meet us, and are preoccupied with this worldly life, and are content with it, and refuse to heed our proofs;

[10:8] these have incurred Hell as their ultimate abode, as a consequence of their own works.

God Guides the Believers

[10:9] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, their Lord guides them, by virtue of their belief. Rivers will flow beneath them in the gardens of bliss.

[10:10] Their prayer therein is: “Be You glorified, our god,” their greeting therein is, “Peace,” and their ultimate prayer is: “Praise be to God, Lord of the universe.”

[10:11] If God hastened the retribution incurred by the people, the way they demand provisions, they would have been annihilated long ago. However, we leave those who do not believe in meeting us in their transgressions, blundering.

[10:12] When adversity touches the human being, he implores us while lying down, or sitting, or standing up. But as soon as we relieve his adversity, he goes on as if he never implored us to relieve any hardship! The works of the transgressors are thus adorned in their eyes.

Lessons from the Past

[10:13] Many a generation we have annihilated before you when they transgressed. Their messengers went to them with clear proofs, but they refused to believe. We thus requite the guilty people.

Now It Is Your Turn

[10:14] Then we made you inheritors of the earth after them, to see how you will do.

Every Letter Calculated and Divinely Designed

[10:15] When our revelations are recited to them, those who do not expect to meet us say, “Bring a Quran* other than this, or change it!” Say, “I cannot possibly change it on my own. I simply follow what is revealed to me. I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the retribution of an awesome day.”

*10:15 The word “Quran” is mentioned in the Quran 58 times, but since this verse refers to “another Quran,” it must be excluded; “This Quran” is mentioned in the Quran 57 times, 19×3.

[10:16] Say, “Had God willed, I would not have recited it to you, nor would you have known anything about it. I have lived among you a whole life before this (and you have known me as a sane, truthful person). Do you not understand?”

[10:17] Who is more evil than one who fabricates lies about God, or rejects His revelations. Certainly, the transgressors never succeed.

[10:18] They worship beside God idols that possess no power to harm them or benefit them, and they say, “These are our intercessors at God!” Say, “Are you informing God of something He does not know in the heavens or the earth?” Be He glorified. He is the Most High; far above needing partners.

[10:19] The people used to be one congregation, then they disputed. If it were not for a predetermined word from your Lord, they would have been judged immediately regarding their disputes.

Miracle of the Quran to be Unveiled After Muhammad*

[10:20] They say, “How come no miracle came down to him from his Lord?” Say, “The future belongs to God; so wait, and I am waiting along with you.”

*10:20 In retrospect, we see now that the Quran’s miracle, indeed “One of the greatest miracles” (74:30-35), was divinely predestined to be unveiled 14 centuries after Muhammad. In view of the current condition of the traditional Muslims, if Muhammad had been given this miracle, those Muslims, who are already idolizing Muhammad beside God, would have worshiped him as God incarnate. Additionally, this miracle is obviously designed for the computer age, and to be appreciated by mathematically sophisticated generations.

Rebellious Humans

[10:21] When we bestow mercy upon the people, after adversity had afflicted them, they immediately scheme against our revelations! Say, “God’s scheming is far more effective. For our messengers are recording everything you scheme.”

[10:22] He is the One who moves you across the land and sea. You get onto the ships, and they sail smoothly in a nice breeze. Then, while rejoicing therein, violent wind blows, and the waves surround them from every side. This is when they implore God, sincerely devoting their prayers to Him alone: “If You only save us this time, we will be eternally appreciative.”

[10:23] But as soon as He saves them, they transgress on earth, and oppose the truth. O people, your transgression is only to the detriment of your own souls. You remain preoccupied with this worldly life, then to us is your ultimate return, then we inform you of everything you had done.

[10:24] The analogy of this worldly life is like this: we send down water from the sky to produce with it all kinds of plants from the earth, and to provide food for the people and the animals. Then, just as the earth is perfectly adorned, and its people think that they are in control thereof, our judgment comes by night or by day,* leaving it completely barren, as if nothing existed the previous day. We thus explain the revelations for people who reflect.

*10:24 God, of course, knows whether His judgment will come during the day, or during the night. But it just happens that the earth will be half day and half night when the end of the world comes. Another “scientific miracle” of the Quran.

[10:25] God invites to the abode of peace, and guides whomever He wills in a straight path.

Heaven and Hell are Eternal

[10:26] For the righteous, the reward will be multiplied manifold. Their faces will never experience any deprivation or shame. These are the dwellers of Paradise; they abide therein forever.

[10:27] As for those who earned sins, their requital is equivalent to their sin. Humiliation is their lot, and no one beside God can protect them. Their faces will seem overwhelmed by masses of dark night. They will be the dwellers of Hell; they abide therein forever.

Idols Disown Their Worshipers

[10:28] On the day when we summon them all, we will say to those who worshiped idols, “We have summoned you, together with your idols.” We will have them confront each other, and their idols will say to them, “We had no idea that you idolized us.

[10:29] “God suffices as a witness between us and you, that we were completely unaware of your worshiping us.”

[10:30] That is when each soul will examine everything it had done. They will be returned to God, their rightful Lord and Master, and the idols they had fabricated will disown them.

[10:31] Say, “Who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? Who controls all the hearing and the eyesight? Who produces the living from the dead, and the dead from the living? Who is in control of all things?” They would say, “God.” Say, “Why then do you not observe the commandments?”

[10:32] Such is God, your rightful Lord. What is there after the truth, except falsehood? How could you disregard all this?

[10:33] This is what your Lord’s decision does to those who choose to be wicked: they cannot believe.

Reflect on Your Idols

[10:34] Say, “Can any of your idols initiate creation, then repeat it?” Say, “God initiates the creation, then repeats it. [How could you deviate?]*”

*10:34 The statement [How could you deviate?] occurs in the original Arabic Quran after “repeats it” and is not included in the English translation.

[10:35] Say, “Does any of your idols guide to the truth?” Say, “God guides to the truth. Is one who guides to the truth more worthy of being followed, or one who does not guide, and needs guidance for himself? What is wrong with your judgment?”

[10:36] Most of them follow nothing but conjecture, and conjecture is no substitute for the truth. God is fully aware of everything they do.

Only God Can Author the Quran

[10:37] This Quran could not possibly be authored by other than God. It confirms all previous messages, and provides a fully detailed scripture. It is infallible, for it comes from the Lord of the universe.

[10:38] If they say, “He fabricated it,” say, “Then produce one sura like these, and invite whomever you wish, other than God, if you are truthful.”

[10:39] Indeed, they have rejected this without studying and examining it, and before understanding it. Thus did those before them disbelieve. Therefore, note the consequences for the transgressors.

[10:40] Some of them believe (in this scripture), while others disbelieve in it. Your Lord is fully aware of the evildoers.

[10:41] If they reject you, then say, “I have my works, and you have your works. You are innocent of anything I do, and I am innocent of anything you do.”

[10:42] Some of them listen to you, but can you make the deaf hear, even though they cannot understand?

Humans Freely Choose Their Paths

[10:43] Some of them look at you, but can you guide the blind, even though they do not see?

[10:44] God never wrongs the people; it is the people who wrong their own souls.

[10:45] On the day when He summons all of them, they will feel as if they lasted in this world one hour of the day, during which they met. Losers indeed are those who disbelieved in meeting God; and chose to be misguided.

[10:46] Whether we show you some (of the retribution) we promise them, or terminate your life before that, to us is their ultimate return. God witnesses everything they do.

[10:47] To each community, a messenger. After their messenger comes, they are judged equitably, without the least injustice.

[10:48] They challenge: “When will this prophecy come to pass, if you are telling the truth?”

The Messenger Possesses No Power

[10:49] Say, “I possess no power to harm myself, or benefit myself; only what God wills takes place.” Each community has a predetermined life span. Once their interim comes to an end, they cannot delay it by one hour, nor advance it.

[10:50] Say,”Whether His retribution comes to you by night or by day, why are the transgressors in such a hurry?

[10:51] “If it does happen, will you believe then? Why should you believe then? You used to challenge it to come?”

[10:52] It will be said to the transgressors, “Taste the eternal retribution. Are you not requited precisely for what you have earned?”

[10:53] They challenge you to prophesy: “Is this really what will happen?” Say, “Yes indeed, by my Lord, this is the truth, and you can never escape.”

What Price Faith

[10:54] If any wicked soul possessed everything on earth, it would readily offer it as ransom. They will be ridden with remorse when they see the retribution. They will be judged equitably, without the least injustice.

[10:55] Absolutely, to God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. Absolutely, God’s promise is truth, but most of them do not know.

[10:56] He controls life and death, and to Him you will be returned.

[10:57] O people, enlightenment has come to you herein from your Lord, and healing for anything that troubles your hearts, and guidance, and mercy for the believers.

Joy for the Believers

[10:58] Say, “With God’s grace and with His mercy they shall rejoice.” This is far better than any wealth they can accumulate.

Human-made Dietary Prohibitions

[10:59] Say, “Did you note how God sends down to you all kinds of provisions, then you render some of them unlawful, and some lawful?” Say, “Did God give you permission to do this? Or, do you fabricate lies and attribute them to God?”

[10:60] Does it ever occur to those who fabricate lies about God that they will have to face Him on the Day of Resurrection? Certainly, God showers the people with His grace, but most of them are unappreciative.

Knowing God

[10:61] You do not get into any situation, nor do you recite any Quran, nor do you do anything, without us being witnesses thereof as you do it. Not even an atom’s weight is out of your Lord’s control, be it in the heavens or the earth. Nor is there anything smaller than an atom, or larger, that is not recorded in a profound record.

Happiness: Now and Forever*

[10:62] Absolutely, God’s allies have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

*10:62-64 Most people think that they have to wait until the Day of Resurrection before they receive their rewards for righteousness, or the retribution for wickedness. But the Quran repeatedly assures the believers that they are guaranteed perfect happiness here in this world, now and forever. At the end of their interim here, they go directly to Paradise (see Appendix 17).

[10:63] They are those who believe and lead a righteous life.

[10:64] For them, joy and happiness in this world, as well as in the Hereafter. This is God’s unchangeable law. Such is the greatest triumph.

[10:65] Do not be saddened by their utterances. All power belongs to God. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.

[10:66] Absolutely, to God belongs everyone in the heavens and everyone on earth. Those who set up idols beside God are really following nothing. They only think that they are following something. They only guess.

[10:67] He is the One who rendered the night for your rest, and rendered the day lighted. These are proofs for people who can hear.

The Gross Blasphemy

[10:68] They said, “God has begotten a son!” Be He glorified. He is the Most Rich. To Him belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. You have no proof to support such a blasphemy. Are you saying about God what you do not know?

[10:69] Proclaim: “Those who fabricate lies about God will never succeed.”

[10:70] They get their temporary share in this world, then to us is their ultimate return, then we commit them to severe retribution for their disbelieving.


[10:71] Recite for them the history of Noah. He said to his people, “O my people, if you find my position and my reminding you of God’s revelations too much for you, then I put my trust in God. You should get together with your leaders, agree on a final decision among yourselves, then let me know it without delay.

[10:72] “If you turn away, then I have not asked you for any wage. My wage comes from God. I have been commanded to be a submitter.”

[10:73] They rejected him and, consequently, we saved him and those who joined him in the ark; we made them the inheritors. And we drowned those who rejected our revelations. Note the consequences; they have been warned.

Humans Insist on Their Original Sin

[10:74] Then we sent after him messengers to their people, and they showed them clear proofs. But they were not to believe in what they had rejected in the past. We thus seal the hearts of the transgressors.

Moses and Aaron

[10:75] Then we sent after them Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his group, with our proofs. But they turned arrogant; and were transgressing people.

[10:76] When the truth came to them from us, they said, “This is obviously magic!”

[10:77] Moses said, “Is this how you describe the truth when it comes to you? Is this magic? How can any magicians prevail?”

[10:78] They said, “Did you come to divert us from what we found our parents doing, and to attain positions of prominence for yourselves? We will never join you as believers.”

The Truth Prevails

[10:79] Pharaoh said, “Bring to me every experienced magician.”

[10:80] When the magicians came, Moses said to them, “Throw whatever you are going to throw.”

[10:81] When they threw, Moses said, “What you have produced is magic, and God will make it fail. God does not support the transgressors’ work.”

[10:82] God establishes the truth with His words, despite the criminals.

[10:83] None believed with Moses except a few of his people, while fearing the tyranny of Pharaoh and his elders. Surely, Pharaoh was much too arrogant on earth, and a real tyrant.

[10:84] Moses said, “O my people, if you have really believed in God, then put your trust in Him, if you are really submitters.”

[10:85] They said, “We trust in God. Our Lord, save us from the persecution of these oppressive people.

[10:86] “Deliver us, with Your mercy, from the disbelieving people.”

[10:87] We inspired Moses and his brother. “Maintain your homes in Egypt for the time being, turn your homes into synagogues, and maintain the Contact Prayers (Salat). Give good news to the believers.”

[10:88] Moses said, “Our Lord, you have given Pharaoh and his elders luxuries and wealth in this world. Our Lord, they only use them to repulse others from Your path. Our Lord, wipe out their wealth, and harden their hearts to prevent them from believing, until they see the painful retribution.”

[10:89] He said, “Your prayer has been answered (O Moses and Aaron), so be steadfast, and do not follow the ways of those who do not know.”

[10:90] We delivered the Children of Israel across the sea. Pharaoh and his troops pursued them, aggressively and sinfully. When drowning became a reality for him, he said, “I believe that there is no god except the One in whom the Children of Israel have believed; I am a submitter.”

[10:91] “Too late!* For you have rebelled already, and chose to be a transgressor.

*10:91 Believing in God is the first step. Thereafter, one needs to nourish and develop the soul through the practices of worship (see Appendix 15).

Pharaoh’s Body Preserved*

[10:92] “Today, we will preserve your body, to set you up as a lesson for future generations.”* Unfortunately, many people are totally oblivious to our signs.

*10:92 God endowed the Egyptians with the exclusive knowledge of mummification. Today, Pharaoh’s mummified body is on display at the Cairo Museum.

[10:93] We have endowed the Children of Israel with a position of honor, and blessed them with good provisions. Yet, they disputed when this knowledge came to them. Your Lord will judge them on the Day of Resurrection regarding everything they disputed.

The Messenger’s Doubt

[10:94] If you have any doubt regarding what is revealed to you from your Lord, then ask those who read the previous scripture. Indeed, the truth has come to you from your Lord. Do not be with the doubters.

[10:95] Nor shall you join those who rejected God’s revelations, lest you be with the losers.

[10:96] Surely, those condemned by a decree from your Lord cannot believe.

[10:97] No matter what kind of proof you show them, (they cannot believe), until they see the painful retribution.

Believing Nations Prosper

[10:98] Any community that believes will surely be rewarded for believing. For example, the people of Jonah: when they believed, we relieved the humiliating retribution they had been suffering in this world, and we made them prosperous.

The Disbelievers Blocked Out*

[10:99] Had your Lord willed, all the people on earth would have believed.* Do you want to force the people to become believers?

*10:99-101 The test demands that we denounce idolatry on our own, without divine intervention in our initial decision. God blocks out those who choose to disbelieve.

[10:100] No soul can believe except in accordance with God’s will. For He places a curse upon those who refuse to understand.

[10:101] Say, “Look at all the signs in the heavens and the earth.” All the proofs and all the warnings can never help people who decided to disbelieve.

[10:102] Can they expect other than the fate of their counterparts in the past? Say, “Just wait, and, along with you, I am also waiting.”

Guaranteed Victory

[10:103] We ultimately save our messengers and those who believe. It is our immutable law that we save the believers.

[10:104] Say, “O people, if you have any doubt regarding my religion, I do not worship what you worship beside God. I worship God alone; the One who will terminate your lives. I am commanded to be a believer.”

[10:105] I was commanded: “Keep yourself devoted to the religion of monotheism; you shall not practice idol worship.

[10:106] “You shall not worship beside God what possesses no power to benefit you or harm you. If you do, you will be a transgressor.”

All Power Belongs To God

[10:107] If God touches you with a hardship, none can relieve it except He. And when He blesses you, no force can prevent His grace. He bestows it upon whomever He chooses from among His servants. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[10:108] Proclaim: “O people, the truth has come to you herein from your Lord. Whoever is guided is guided for his own good. And whoever goes astray, goes astray to his own detriment. I am not a guardian over you.”

[10:109] Follow what is revealed to you, and be patient until God issues His judgment; He is the best judge.

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Free Quran Chapter 22: Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)

Learn from GOD that attacking monasteries, churches, synagogues, or masjids is a sign of disbelief and evil. Even if a faith is wrong, it is still something deeply personal. It is part of the individual. So attacking people’s place of worship is oppressive. It is a place where people are supposed to feel safe, both physically and spiritually. Debates should not even be held in a place of worship. For example, it is wrong to enter a church uninvited and preach against the faith of the church. This is just like entering someones home without permission.

I personally would like to see all those statues of Jesus inside churches removed, I find them to be an insult to Jesus (‘isa). However, the only one who has the right to remove those statues are the ones who set them up in the first place. A question that pops up here is “What about prophet Abraham? He destroyed a lot of idols!!” Well yes, but that is ONE example. In every other example in the Quran, the prophet or messenger doesn’t destroy the idols. Instead they simply question the people’s practices.

Abraham destroyed ALL IDOLS in his community, not ONE IDOL. He was trying to make a point, he was showing his community that their idols were powerless. They then tied him up and tried to burn him alive. But GOD made the fire cold so it wouldn’t burn him, which made them fear Abraham. Otherwise they would have killed him in a different way. Again, this was a special event. It doesn’t justify going around today and destroying other peoples property.

So no, we can’t enter churches and remove the statues of Jesus or Mary. Only Christians can decide to do that, by free choice, once they understand why they should remove them.

And no, nobody has the right to sabotage anyone’s property, especially not property that is used for worship.

Quran Chapter 22: Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)

[22:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[22:1] O people, you shall reverence your Lord, for the quaking of the Hour is something horrendous.

[22:2] The day you witness it, even a nursing mother will discard her infant, and a pregnant woman will abort her fetus. You will see the people staggering, as if they are intoxicated, even though they are not intoxicated. This is because, God’s retribution is so awesome.

[22:3] Among the people, there are those who argue about God without knowledge, and follow every rebellious devil.

[22:4] It is decreed that anyone who allies himself with him, he will mislead him and guide him to the agony of Hell.

Where Did We Come From?

[22:5] O people, if you have any doubt about resurrection, (remember that) we created you from dust, and subsequently from a tiny drop, which turns into a hanging (embryo), then it becomes a fetus that is given life or deemed lifeless. We thus clarify things for you. We settle in the wombs whatever we will for a predetermined period.* We then bring you out as infants, then you reach maturity. While some of you die young, others live to the worst age, only to find out that no more knowledge can be attained beyond a certain limit. Also, you look at a land that is dead, then as soon as we shower it with water, it vibrates with life and grows all kinds of beautiful plants.

*22:5 The Quran’s mathematical miracle is based on the number 19. As it turns out, this number represents the Creator’s signature on His creations. Thus, you and I have 209 bones in our bodies (209=19×11). The length of pregnancy for a full term fetus is 266 days (19×14) (Langman’s Medical Embryology, T. W. Sadler, Page 88, 1985).

[22:6] This proves that God is the Truth, and that He revives the dead, and that He is Omnipotent.

[22:7] And that the Hour is coming, no doubt about it, and that God resurrects those who are in the graves.

A Common Occurrence

[22:8] Among the people there is the one who argues about God without knowledge, and without guidance, and without an enlightening scripture.

[22:9] Arrogantly he strives to divert the people from the path of God. He thus incurs humiliation in this life, and we commit him on the Day of Resurrection to the agony of burning.

[22:10] This is what your hands have sent ahead for you. God is never unjust towards the people.

Fair Weather Friends

[22:11] Among the people there is the one who worships God conditionally. If things go his way, he is content. But if some adversity befalls him, he makes an about-face. Thus, he loses both this life and the Hereafter. Such is the real loss.

[22:12] He idolizes beside God what possesses no power to harm him or benefit him; such is the real straying.

[22:13] He idolizes what is more apt to harm him than benefit him. What a miserable lord! What a miserable companion!

[22:14] God admits those who believe and lead a righteous life into gardens with flowing streams. Everything is in accordance with God’s will.

Happiness Now, and Forever

[22:15] If anyone thinks that God cannot support him in this life and in the Hereafter, let him turn completely to (his Creator in) heaven, and sever (his dependence on anyone else). He will then see that this plan eliminates anything that bothers him.

[22:16] We have thus revealed clear revelations herein, then God guides whoever wills(to be guided).

God: The Only Judge

[22:17] Those who believe, those who are Jewish, the converts, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, and the idol worshipers, God is the One who will judge among them on the Day of Resurrection. God witnesses all things.

[22:18] Do you not realize that to God prostrates everyone in the heavens and the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, and the trees, and the animals, and many people? Many others among the people are committed to doom. Whomever God shames, none will honor him. Everything is in accordance with God’s will.

How Terrible is Hell!*

[22:19] Here are two parties feuding with regard to their Lord. As for those who disbelieve, they will have clothes of fire tailored for them. Hellish liquid will be poured on top of their heads.

*22:19-22 People who have insisted upon going to Hell will inevitably complain: `Had we known how bad this is, we would have behaved differently.’ They will be told that the horrors of Hell have been pointed out to them in the most graphic, though symbolic, terms. It should be noted that Heaven and Hell are almost invariably mentioned together in the Quran.

[22:20] It will cause their insides to melt, as well as their skins.

[22:21] They will be confined in iron pots.

[22:22] Whenever they try to exit such misery, they will be forced back in: “Taste the agony of burning.”

The Bliss of Heaven

[22:23] God will admit those who believe and lead a righteous life into gardens with flowing streams. They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold, and pearls, and their garments therein will be silk.

[22:24] They have been guided to the good words; they have been guided in the path of the Most Praised.

[22:25] Surely, those who disbelieve and repulse others from the path of God, and from the Sacred Masjid that we designated for all the people – be they natives or visitors – and seek to pollute it and corrupt it, we will afflict them with painful retribution.

Pilgrimage, Like All Duties in Islam, Decreed Through Abraham*

[22:26] We appointed Abraham to establish the Shrine: “You shall not idolize any other god beside Me, and purify My shrine for those who visit it, those who live near it, and those who bow and prostrate.

[22:27] “And proclaim that the people shall observe Hajj pilgrimage. They will come to you walking or riding on various exhausted (means of transportation). They will come from the farthest locations.”

*22:26-27 Abraham was the original messenger of Submission (Islam). See 22:78 and App. 9.

[22:28] They may seek commercial benefits, and they shall commemorate God’s name during the specified days for providing them with livestock. “Eat therefrom and feed the despondent and the poor.”

[22:29] They shall complete their obligations, fulfill their vows, and visit the ancient shrine.

[22:30] Those who reverence the rites decreed by God have deserved a good reward at their Lord. All livestock is made lawful for your food, except for those specifically prohibited for you. You shall avoid the abomination of idol worship, and avoid bearing false witness.

[22:31] You shall maintain your devotion absolutely to God alone. Anyone who sets up any idol beside God is like one who fell from the sky, then gets snatched up by vultures, or blown away by the wind into a deep ravine.

[22:32] Indeed, those who reverence the rites decreed by God demonstrate the righteousness of their hearts.

Livestock Offerings During Pilgrimage*

[22:33] The (livestock) provide you with many benefits for a period, before being donated to the ancient shrine.

[22:34] For each congregation we have decreed rites whereby they commemorate the name of God for providing them with the livestock. Your god is one and the same god; you shall all submit to Him. Give good news to the obedient.

[22:35] They are the ones whose hearts tremble upon mentioning God, they steadfastly persevere during adversity, they observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), and from our provisions to them, they give to charity.

[22:36] The animal offerings are among the rites decreed by God for your own good.* You shall mention God’s name on them while they are standing in line. Once they are offered for sacrifice, you shall eat therefrom and feed the poor and the needy. This is why we subdued them for you, that you may show your appreciation.

*22:36 Animal offerings from the pilgrims conserve the resources at the pilgrimage site. Note that almost 2,000,000 pilgrims converge on Mecca during pilgrimage.

[22:37] Neither their meat, nor their blood reaches God. What reaches Him is your righteousness. He has subdued them for you, that you may show your appreciation by glorifying God for guiding you. Give good news to the charitable.

God Defends the Believers

[22:38] God defends those who believe. God does not love any betrayer, unappreciative.

Synagogues, Churches, and Masjids

[22:39] Permission is granted to those who are being persecuted, since injustice has befallen them, and God is certainly able to support them.

[22:40] They were evicted from their homes unjustly, for no reason other than saying, “Our Lord is God.” If it were not for God’s supporting of some people against others, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and masjids – where the name of God is commemorated frequently – would have been destroyed. Absolutely, God supports those who support Him. God is Powerful, Almighty.

[22:41] They are those who, if we appointed them as rulers on earth, they would establish the Contact Prayers (Salat) and the obligatory charity (Zakat), and would advocate righteousness and forbid evil. God is the ultimate ruler.

[22:42] If they reject you, the people of Noah, `Ãd, and Thamoud have also disbelieved before them.

[22:43] Also the people of Abraham, and the people of Lot.

[22:44] And the dwellers of Midyan. Moses was also rejected. I led all those people on, then I called them to account; how (devastating) was My requital!

[22:45] Many a community we have annihilated because of their wickedness. They ended up in ruins, stilled wells, and great empty mansions.

[22:46] Did they not roam the earth, then use their minds to understand, and use their ears to hear? Indeed, the real blindness is not the blindness of the eyes, but the blindness of the hearts inside the chests.

[22:47] They challenge you to bring retribution, and God never fails to fulfill His prophecy. A day of your Lord is like a thousand of your years.

[22:48] Many a community in the past committed evil, and I led them on for awhile, then I punished them. To Me is the ultimate destiny.

God’s Messenger of the Covenant

[22:49] Say, “O people, I have been sent to you as a profound warner.”

*22:49 This command is directed specifically to God’s Messenger of the Covenant. This fact, and the specific name of the messenger are mathematically coded into the Quran. See the details, together with the irrefutable proofs, in Appendices 2 and 26.

[22:50] Those who believe and lead a righteous life have deserved forgiveness and a generous recompense.

[22:51] As for those who strive to challenge our revelations, they incur Hell.

The System*

[22:52] We did not send before you any messenger, nor a prophet, without having the devil interfere in his wishes. God then nullifies what the devil has done. God perfects His revelations. God is Omniscient, Most Wise.*

*22:52 Throughout this worldly test, Satan is allowed to present his point of view (we are born with a representative of Satan in our bodies). This allows the people to make a choice between God’s evidence and Satan’s evidence. Satan’s evidence is invariably based on lies. This system explains the fact that the devil’s agents continuously come up with the most absurd lies, insults and accusations against every messenger (see 6:33-34, 8:30, 17:76-77, 27:70).

The Hypocrites Drop Out

[22:53] He thus sets up the devil’s scheme as a test for those who harbor doubts in their hearts, and those whose hearts are hardened. The wicked must remain with the opposition.

[22:54] Those who are blessed with knowledge will recognize the truth from your Lord, then believe in it, and their hearts will readily accept it. Most assuredly, God guides the believers in the right path.

[22:55] As for those who disbelieve, they will continue to harbor doubts until the Hour comes to them suddenly, or until the retribution of a terrible day comes to them.

Satan’s Temporary Kingship

[22:56] All sovereignty on that day belongs to God, and He will judge among them. As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, they have deserved the gardens of bliss.

[22:57] While those who disbelieved and rejected our revelations have incurred a shameful retribution.

Striving in the Cause of God

[22:58] Those who emigrate for the sake of God, then get killed, or die, God will surely shower them with good provisions. God is certainly the best Provider.

[22:59] Most assuredly, He will admit them an admittance that will please them. God is Omniscient, Clement.

Divine Help for the Oppressed

[22:60] It is decreed that if one avenges an injustice that was inflicted upon him, equitably, then he is persecuted because of this, God will surely support him. God is Pardoner, Forgiving.

God’s Omnipotence

[22:61] It is a fact that God merges the night into the day, and merges the day into the night, and that God is Hearer, Seer.

[22:62] It is a fact that God is the Truth, while the setting up of any idols beside Him constitutes a falsehood, and that God is the Most High, the Supreme.

[22:63] Do you not see that God sends down from the sky water that turns the land green? God is Sublime, Cognizant.

[22:64] To Him belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. Absolutely, God is the Most Rich, Most Praiseworthy.

[22:65] Do you not see that God has committed in your service everything on earth? The ships run in the ocean by His command. He prevents the heavenly bodies from crashing onto the earth, except in accordance with His command. God is Most Kind towards the people, Most Merciful.

[22:66] He is the One who granted you life, then He puts you to death, then He brings you back to life. Surely, the human being is unappreciative.

[22:67] For each congregation, we have decreed a set of rites that they must uphold. Therefore, they should not dispute with you. You shall continue to invite everyone to your Lord. Most assuredly, you are on the right path.

[22:68] If they argue with you, then say, “God is fully aware of everything you do.”

[22:69] God will judge among you on the Day of Resurrection regarding all your disputes.

[22:70] Do you not realize that God knows everything in the heavens and everything on earth? All this is recorded in a record. This is easy for God to do.

[22:71] Yet, they idolize beside God idols wherein He placed no power, and they know nothing about them. The transgressors have no helper.

Violence & Belligerence: Signs of Disbelief

[22:72] When our revelations are recited to them, clearly, you recognize wickedness on the faces of those who disbelieve. They almost attack those who recite our revelations to them. Say, “Shall I inform you of something much worse? Hell is promised by God for those who disbelieve; what a miserable destiny.”

Can They Create a Fly?

[22:73] O people, here is a parable that you must ponder carefully: the idols you set up beside God can never create a fly, even if they banded together to do so. Furthermore, if the fly steals anything from them, they cannot recover it; weak is the pursuer and the pursued.

[22:74] They do not value God as He should be valued. God is the Most Powerful, the Almighty.

[22:75] God chooses from among the angels messengers, as well as from among the people. God is Hearer, Seer.

[22:76] He knows their past and their future. To God belongs the ultimate control of all matters.

[22:77] O you who believe, you shall bow, prostrate, worship your Lord, and work righteousness, that you may succeed.

Abraham: Original Messenger of Islam*

[22:78] You shall strive for the cause of God as you should strive for His cause. He has chosen you and has placed no hardship on you in practicing your religion – the religion of your father Abraham. He is the one who named you “Submitters” originally. Thus, the messenger shall serve as a witness among you, and you shall serve as witnesses among the people. Therefore, you shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and hold fast to God; He is your Lord, the best Lord and the best Supporter.

*22:78 Although all messengers preached one and the same message, “Worship God alone,” Abraham was the first messenger to coin the terms “Submission” (Islam) and “Submitter” (Muslim) (2:128). What did Abraham contribute to Submission? We learn from 16:123 that all religious duties in Submission were revealed through Abraham (see Appendices 9 & 26).

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Free Quran Chapter 53: The Stars (Al-Najm)

Learn from GOD that we are all responsible for our own salvation, no prophet, saint or idol can save us. This is a common theme throughout the Quran, yet many insist that prophet ‘isa (Jesus) or prophet Muhammad will save them by interceding on their behalf. However, the Quran only mentions intercession between family and loved ones. And even then it wouldn’t matter if the person is not a believer. We can basically only intercede on behalf of those who are already going to paradise. Prophet Noah – when the flood came and drowned his son – begged GOD to save his son, but GOD scolded Noah, telling him that he is not his son, and that he shouldn’t – ignorantly – ask about things that are impossible for him to know about. Which is the fact that only GOD can know who is truly good and who is truly evil.

The belief that these prophets can save us is actually a satanic ideology. It is Satan who wants us to depend on someone other than GOD. Idol-worship is not a very well defined issue in most religions. However, the Quran defines idol-worship perfectly. Simply put: it is the belief that any one or any thing can help you or benefit you other than GOD. For example, you might love your children more than GOD. You might treat money as your savior instead of GOD.

Another important topic in this chapter is;  who decides the gender of the baby? You learn here that it is the male sperm that decides the gender. This strengthens the idea that women are egg carriers, repositories for the man to reproduce, eggs which have no impact on the gender at all. However, this shouldn’t be used as something negative towards women, it is only how nature is and there is no reason to make a big fuzz about it. It is important that we follow facts and not be blinded by agendas by various ideologies such as feminism, who are purposely trying to destroy men and their purpose as designed by GOD.

Quran Chapter 53: The Stars (Al-Najm)

[53:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[53:1] As the stars fell away.*

*53:1-18 Muhammad was summoned to the highest universe to receive this Quran into his heart. The stars fell away as he traveled through them at millions of times the speed of light. Subsequently, the Quran was gradually released to his memory. Please see Appendix 28.

[53:2] Your friend (Muhammad) was not astray, nor was he deceived.

[53:3] Nor was he speaking out of a personal desire.

[53:4] It was divine inspiration.

[53:5] Dictated by the Most Powerful.

[53:6] Possessor of all authority. From His highest height.

[53:7] At the highest horizon.

[53:8] He drew nearer by moving down.

[53:9] Until He became as close as possible.

[53:10] He then revealed to His servant what was to be revealed.

[53:11] The mind never made up what it saw.

[53:12] Are you doubting what he saw?

[53:13] He saw him in another descent.

[53:14] At the ultimate point.

[53:15] Where the eternal Paradise is located.

[53:16] The whole place was overwhelmed.

[53:17] The eyes did not waver, nor go blind.

[53:18] He saw great signs of his Lord.

The Flimsy Idols

[53:19] Compare this with the female idols Allaat and Al-`Uzzah.

[53:20] And Manaat, the third one.

[53:21] Do you have sons, while He has these as daughters?

[53:22] What a disgraceful distribution!

[53:23] These are but names that you made up, you and your forefathers. God never authorized such a blasphemy. They follow conjecture, and personal desire, when the true guidance has come to them herein from their Lord.

[53:24] What is it that the human being desires?

[53:25] To God belongs both the Hereafter, and this world.

[53:26] Not even the angels in heaven possess authority to intercede. The only ones permitted by God are those who act in accordance with His will and His approval.

[53:27] Those who disbelieve in the Hereafter have given the angels feminine names.

[53:28] They had no knowledge about this; they only conjectured. Conjecture is no substitute for the truth.

Choose Your Friends Carefully

[53:29] You shall disregard those who turn away from our message, and become preoccupied with this worldly life.

[53:30] This is the extent of their knowledge. Your Lord is fully aware of those who strayed away from His path, and He is fully aware of those who are guided.

[53:31] To God belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. He will requite those who commit evil for their works, and will reward the righteous for their righteousness.

[53:32] They avoid gross sins and transgressions, except for minor offenses. Your Lord’s forgiveness is immense. He has been fully aware of you since He initiated you from the earth, and while you were embryos in your mothers’ bellies. Therefore, do not exalt yourselves; He is fully aware of the righteous.

[53:33] Have you noted the one who turned away?

[53:34] Rarely did he give to charity, and then very little.

[53:35] Did he possess knowledge of the future? Could he see it?

[53:36] Was he not informed of the teachings in the scripture of Moses?

[53:37] And Abraham who fulfilled?

[53:38] No soul bears the sins of another soul.

[53:39] Every human being is responsible for his own works.

[53:40] And everyone’s works will be shown.

[53:41] Then they will be paid fully for such works.

[53:42] To your Lord is the final destiny.

[53:43] He is the One who makes you laugh or cry.

[53:44] He is the One who controls death and life.

The Husband Determines The Baby’s Gender

[53:45] He is the One who created the two kinds, male and female –

[53:46] from a tiny drop of semen.

[53:47] He will effect the recreation.

[53:48] He is the One who makes you rich or poor.

[53:49] He is the Lord of the galaxies.

[53:50] He is the One who annihilated ancient `Ãd.

[53:51] And wiped out Thamoud.

[53:52] Also the people of Noah before that; they were evil transgressors.

[53:53] The evil communities (of Sodom and Gomorrah) were the lowliest.

[53:54] Consequently, they utterly vanished.

[53:55] Which of your Lord’s marvels can you deny?

[53:56] This is a warning like the older ones.

[53:57] The inevitable is imminent.

[53:58] None besides God can relieve it.

[53:59] Are you questioning this matter?

[53:60] Are you laughing, instead of crying?

[53:61] Are you insisting on your ways?

[53:62] You shall fall prostrate before God, and worship.

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Free Quran Chapter 61: The Column (Al-Suff)

Learn from GOD that it is an abomination not to walk the talk. You must always carry out your promises. It is common for liars to excuse themselves by saying “I was just kidding”, or find any other form of excuse whenever they fail to carry out their promise. They are all talk, and the only action they know is angry violence. Their behavior is worse than animals, and the sad part is that they are everywhere. I was myself tricked by a fellow “believer” who promised one thing, but when the day came where this fellow had to prove the worthiness of their character, they failed hard. They even went as far as turning the whole thing against me, claiming that I’m a liar and that they never promised anything.

Believers are not perfect, they are at different RANK, remember that. You might meet a believer that has a very weak rank. Don’t let that discourage you from meeting other believers. It takes time to meet people that are at your own level, but again, don’t except that anyone will be on your level. Treat everyone depending on what rank or level they are on. Just like how we treat children differently from grown ups. And how we treat the sick differently from the healthy.

This true religion described in the Quran will dominate over all other religions, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc, will all submit to the truth. You see them all whining and complaining now, but once all these people actually sit down and read the Quran, they will then find the light.

Quran Chapter 61: The Column (Al-Suff)

[61:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[61:1] Glorifying God is everything in the heavens and everything on earth. He is the Almighty, Most Wise.

[61:2] O you who believe, why do you say what you do not do?

[61:3] Most abominable in the sight of God is that you say what you do not do.

[61:4] God loves those who fight in His cause united in one column, like the bricks in one wall.

[61:5] Recall that Moses said to his people, “O my people, why do you hurt me, even though you know that I am God’s messenger to you?” When they deviated, God diverted their hearts. For God does not guide the wicked people.

Messenger After Jesus

[61:6] Recall that Jesus, son of Mary, said, “O Children of Israel, I am God’s messenger to you, confirming the Torah and bringing good news of a messenger to come after me whose name will be even more praised (Ahmad).” Then, when he showed them the clear proofs, they said, “This is profound magic.”

[61:7] Who is more evil than one who fabricates lies about God, and he is being invited to Submission? God does not guide the evil people.

[61:8] They wish to put out God’s light with their mouths. But God insists upon perfecting His light, in spite of the disbelievers.

The Great Prophecy

[61:9] He has sent His messenger* with the guidance and the true religion, and will make it dominate all religions, in spite of the idol worshipers.

*61:9 The specific name of this messenger is spelled out mathematically (Appendix 2).

The Best Deal

[61:10] O you who believe, let Me inform you of a trade that will save you from painful retribution.

[61:11] Believe in God and His messenger and strive in the cause of God with your money and your lives. This is the best deal for you, if you only knew.

[61:12] In return, He forgives your sins, and admits you into gardens with flowing streams, with beautiful mansions in the gardens of Eden. This is the greatest triumph.

[61:13] Additionally, you get something you truly love: support from God and guaranteed victory. Give good news to the believers.

[61:14] O you who believe, be God’s supporters, like the disciples of Jesus, son of Mary. When he said to them, “Who are my supporters towards God,” they said, “We are God’s supporters.” Thus, a group from the Children of Israel believed, and another group disbelieved. We helped those who believed against their enemy, until they won.

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Free Quran Chapter 63: The Hypocrites (Al-Munaafeqoon)

Learn from GOD that nobody can forgive your sins except GOD. Jesus and Muhammad are powerless. Only hypocrites believe in intercession, that belief that someone else can ask GOD to forgive you. For example, Christians believe that prophet ‘isa (Jesus) died for “our” sins. Which is false, only hypocrites say this. Same story with Muslims, they believe that prophet Muhammad will bargain with GOD and tell GOD to forgive all Muslims. This too is false, only hypocrites say this.

Why do I say that only hypocrites say this? Well, because GOD says so. But I will tell you more. The reason why these people need this form of intercession is because they don’t really believe that GOD is forgiving. They don’t think GOD can forgive them. Or they are just not certain enough. So they need this myth or theory of intercession. It is Satan’s biggest lie. And it plays right into Satan’s point of view. Which is that there can be other gods beside GOD. And what better way for Satan to spread his ideology if not having people believe that mere humans like ‘isa and Muhammad have the power to forgive people and open the gates of paradise to whoever BELIEVES in them. It is such a perfect lie. Well played Satan, well played you sneaky little devil.

Quran Chapter 63: The Hypocrites (Al-Munaafeqoon)

[63:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[63:1] When the hypocrites come to you they say, “We bear witness that you are the messenger of God.”* God knows that you are His messenger, and God bears witness that the hypocrites are liars.

*63:1 The “first pillar of Islam,” as stated in 3:18 is to bear witness that God is the only god. But the corrupted “Muslim” scholars add “Muhammad is God’s messenger,” and this violates a number of commandments (see 2:285). Verse 63:1 is the only place in the Quran where such a statement is made. Only the hypocrites make such a statement.

[63:2] Under the guise of their apparent faith, they repel the people from the path of God. Miserable indeed is what they do.

[63:3] This is because they believed, then disbelieved. Hence, their minds are blocked; they do not understand.

A Chip On Their Shoulders

[63:4] When you see them, you may be impressed by their looks. And when they speak, you may listen to their eloquence. They are like standing logs. They think that every call is intended against them. These are the real enemies; beware of them. God condemns them; they have deviated.

[63:5] When they are told, “Come let the messenger of God pray for your forgiveness,” they mockingly turn their heads, and you see them repel others and act arrogantly.

The Myth of Intercession Shattered*

[63:6] It is the same for them, whether you pray for their forgiveness, or not pray for their forgiveness; God will not forgive them. For God does not guide the wicked people.

*63:6 Millions of people idolize their prophets because of this myth (Appendix 8).

[63:7] They are the ones who say, “Do not give any money to those who followed the messenger of God, perhaps they abandon him!” However, God possesses the treasures of the heavens and the earth, but the hypocrites do not comprehend.

[63:8] They say, “If we go back to the city, the powerful therein will evict the weak (and we will be victimized).” (They should know that) all dignity belongs to God and His messenger, and the believers. However, the hypocrites do not know.

[63:9] O you who believe, do not be distracted by your money and your children from remembering God. Those who do this are the losers.

[63:10] You shall give from our provisions to you before death comes to you, then you say, “My Lord, if only You could delay this for a short while! I would then be charitable and join the righteous!”

[63:11] God never delays the appointed time of death for any soul. God is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

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