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Essentials of Submission (Islam) by Rashad Khalifa – Transcript


  • Important Clarification about this video titled “Essentials of Submission (Islam)”, by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.
  • In this video, Dr. Rashad Khalifa mentions that the Obligatory Charity (Zakat), is given once a year, calculated on the net worth of your possessions.
  • However, Dr. Rashad Khalifa later confirmed and preached that the correct method of Zakat as per Quran (6:141), is to give it on the day you receive income (the Day of Harvest), calculated on your net income.

(The text in this transcript has been edited to match this change. And references to the Dawn Contact Prayer in the video have also been corrected within this transcript. Other edits include the removal of repetitive words, such as: “”la”, means “no”, “la”, means “no””. – Ahmad Wehbe).

Video Intro:

  • What is Islam?
  • Essentials of Islam
  • Your host – Rashad Khalifa
  • Photographer – Kathleen Clarke

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Bism Allah Arrahman Arraheem – in the name of God, most Gracious, most Merciful.
  • Islam actually began with the first man, the first human being; Adam. He was the first messenger of God, he brought to his children and grandchildren the message of worshiping God alone, and this is Islam, submitting to God – worshiping God alone.
  • A series of messenger after Adam brought the same message; worship God alone. The first commandment in the Bible, the message of Moses, the message of Jesus, the messages of all the prophets of Israel:David, Solomon, and so on, is one and the same – the first commandment; worship God alone, with all your heart, and your body, all your soul. Worship God alone, the Quran states very clearly that the religion as far as God is concerned, is Islam (submission) – there is only one religion as far as God is concerned.
  • If you want to me be more specific, the original prophet of Islam is Abraham, because he brought all the religious practices in Islam. And we see this throughout the Quran, for example; sura twenty-one (21); verse seventy-three (73), tells us that Abraham was the original source – of course God is the original source for everything, but Abraham delivered to us the Salat prayer; the Contact Prayers, and the Zakat charity, this is in verse seventy-three (73); sura twenty-one (21). And we see this also with the fasting, the Hajj pilgrimage.
  • All the practices of Islam came to us through the prophet Abraham, the prophet Muhammad contributed the message, the scripture of Islam, which is the Quran.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:02:51).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:03:00).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:05:10).

  • God created the universe, and created the human race, and out of his mercy he sent messengers, and books to tell us about Him. All these messengers, and all the books that God sent to us; preached one and the same religion. The first messenger was Adam himself; the father of all humanity.
  • After him came messengers like: Noah, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad. Muhammad was the last prophet, bringing the last scripture; the Quran. And in the Quran we find everything we need: all the duties, obligations, commandments, prohibitions in Islam. Quran is the final scripture, it is the completion of the message. Because the previous scriptures where suited for that stage of human development. The Quran came to complete the picture, and now we have the final – the complete religion; Islam (submission).
  • The Quran is all you need – in fact, because the Quran said that the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed, if you go to any other source, you will be disobeying God, and disobeying the messenger of God Muhammad, who brought this Quran out of his mouth – God brought to us the Quran out of Muhammad’s mouth. And you would be disobeying God and disobeying Muhammad if you follow any other sources besides the Quran.
  • And specifically I mean sources like Hadith, Sunnah, and all the other books and things that the traditions and the customs invented. If you go to any source other than the Quran you will be disobeying God, because clearly God says in sura number six (6); verse hundred and fourteen (114) for example, that the Quran is fully detailed, you don’t need anything else. God says in verse nineteen (19); of sura number six (6), that the Quran is what was given to Muhammad to deliver to the world, and it is the only source for religious guidance, and religious education.
  • The Quran tells us exactly what the essentials of Islam are, and they are, very quickly – I am going into details later on – number one; to believe in God alone, you have no other idols, you are devoted to God alone. And this is represented by the shahada, the first so called pillar of Islam – let us go along with that idea – the first pillar of Islam is the shahada, and the shadaha is stated in the Quran in sura number three (3); verse eighty-one (81) – excuse me, it is verse eighteen (18) – sura three (3); verse eighteen (18), it says; “shahadu allahu”; means “God bears witness” – “annahu la elaha ella hu”; that “there is no God except He”. And also the angels, and those who posses knowledge will make this shahada, which is; “la elaha ella Allah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله), or “ash-hadu alla elaha ella allah”, this is the first pillar in Islam. Sura number three (3); verse number eighteen (18). The shahada, the first pillar of Islam is “la elaha ella Allah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله). If you want to make it complete, then you say; “ash-hadu alla elaha ella allah”; “I bear witness that there is no god except allah, the one God”.
  • Now don’t add anything else. Some people who imitate old inventions and old traditions will say: “ash-hadu alla elaha ella allah” and then they make another shahada, that Muhammad is a messenger of God – we know Muhammad is messenger of God, but if you inject this in the shahada, this ruins ruin everything, because now you don’t have God alone, you put an idol – Muhammad – next to God. And this is by the way a very strong prohibition in the Quran, that you put any other name beside the name of allah, the name of God. We find this in sura number thirty-nine (39); verse forty-five (45), you must say – you must devote yourself to God alone, you do not idolize Muhammad and put him next to God. This would be going against God and against Muhammad. So the first pillar of Islam is, shahada; “la elaha ella Allah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:09:54).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:09:59).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:10:09).

  • So the first pillar of Islam is shahada; “la elaha ella Allah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله).
  • The second  pillar is observing five (5) Contact Prayers every day. This is the food for your soul, this is a favor that God is doing for you. You are not doing it for God. And the five Contact Prayers begin before sunrise, you must get up before sunrise in order to feed your soul, give your soul breakfast. Your body will be lazy and will wont want to get out of bed before sunrise, but for your sake, get out of bed before sunrise and do the Dawn Contact Prayer, whereby you contact your creator and feed your soul.
  • The second Contact Prayer – by the way, the details of the Contact Prayers are given on another video tape that we call Principles of Muslim prayers, so be sure you order that tape and see how the Contact Prayers are performed, the correct way, not the traditional innovations that we see in the Muslim world. The second Contact Prayer is the Noon Contact Prayer, and it begins as soon as the sun declines from the highest spot in the sky, that is the Noon Contact Prayer, consists of four (4) units, the Dawn Contact Prayer is two (2) units, the Noon Contact Prayer is four (4) units.
  • The Afternoon Contact Prayer is done about three (3) to four (4) hours after the Noon Contact Prayer – in the mid-afternoon.
  • And the fourth Contact Prayer is the Sunset Contact Prayer – or al-maghrib, and it is done immediately after sunset.
  • And the final Contact Prayer – the Night Contact Prayer – must be done about two (2) hours after sunset.
  • So these are the five (5) Contact Prayers, and they represent the second pillar of Islam.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:12:24).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:12:31).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:12:41).

  • The third pillar of Islam is fasting, in Arabic; “siyām” (صِيَام). God commands us to fast during one month of the year. And it is the ninth (9th) month of the lunar calendar. Now I am smiling because there is a tremendous test in this system, where the lunar year is shorter than the solar year, and this makes the month of Ramadan move about ten (10) to fifteen (15) days every year, so it comes in the winter sometimes when the days are nice and short and fasting very easy. And moves to the summer where the days are very long, sixteen (16) hours or more sometimes, and the day is hot, and you can’t eat or drink during this long period, and a lot of people will drop out, they will not fast, even though nobody dies by not eating or drinking for twenty-four (24) hours. But some people will drop out, and you can see that the system is designed to show who will fast, and will obey God’s commandment no matter how long the day is. This changing of the day – from short and cold, to long and hot days – will show us who are the dropouts, who will fast only if the day is short, and nice and cold.
  • So this is the third pillar of Islam – fasting during the month of Ramadan (رمضان), the ninth (9th) month of the Islamic calendar.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:14:31).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:14:39).

  • As you see, the fasting of Ramadan is also designed to tame the wild horse, your body. See – your body wants to eat and drink, and you the real person or the soul dictates on the body saying; “no you are not going to eat or drink until sunset”. Because the fasting consists of not eating, or drinking, or engaging in intercourse – sexual intercourse, from dawn to sunset. Dawn means about two hours before sunrise, to sunset. No eating, no drinking, no sex. And this is control of your wild horse, you are taming the wild horse, your body. And you can see that God is training you, is teaching you to be a person of strong will. And preparing you for the eternal life of the hereafter; the real life. Of course in the real life that comes after this life – God wants the people who are strong, who practice and exercise, and know how to control themselves – I mean their bodies. This also cause your soul to feed, grow, and develop.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:16:15).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:16:25).

  • The fourth pillar of Islam is charity, in Arabic; “Zakat”. There is a Obligatory Charity, where you sit down and you calculate exactly what you possess – what your possessions are, and you give away a portion, a fixed portion of your net worth. You do this once a year, you pick out a specific day in the year: the last day of Ramadan, the first day of Ramadan, or the first day of January, one day – one fixed day of the year. And you sit down on that day and you calculate how much you are worth, this means you add up the market value of your house, your car, your clothes, anything that you posses. If you sell it all today; how much will it be worth, the fair market value, not the new – the price of the new thing, no, the present market value of everything you possess. And then you give away two and half percent (2.5%) of that. See it is a small percentage, and you do it once a year.

Transcript pauses:

(You do this on the net worth of every source of income. For example, if you receive a royalty check for $100 on Monday, you give 2.5% off of that, which is $2,5. Or if you know you will be getting a paycheck next week, then you can wait. Then you calculate the total net income of this period and give 2.5% off of that. Let’s say you decided to wait until your paycheck comes in, and it is $1000. Take the $100 royalty from Monday and add it to your $1000 paycheck, then you calculate the net of those (before taxes), and you pay 2.5% off of that. So let’s say the $100 and the $1000 are the net values, we add them and get a total net value of $1100. We then take 2.5% off of that, which gives us $27.5. You then pay $27.5 as the Obligatory Charity. – Ahmad Wehbe).

Transcript continues:

  • And it goes to specific people – the Quran lists them in this priority, first (1st) your parents, if your parents are rich – and these are the recipients of your charity – if your parents are rich, the second (2nd) in the list are your relatives, you give this two and a half percent (2.5%) you give it to your relatives, if they are all rich, then you find some orphans, people who do not have support – parental support; a father support or something, and you give this charity to them. After the orphans, you give to the alien; somebody who is travelling and is stranded and doesn’t have the money for the bus fare to go to his home town. So the order of the Quran is: the parents, the relatives, the orphans, the travelling alien, the poor, the beggars and so on. So there is as a specific order for giving these charities.
  • However, there is also a general charity called “sadaqah” (صدقة), and this is a on the spot charity – you are walking in the street and you see a poor person and you want to help, then you help that person, and this is called “sadaqah”, or charity. You are supposed to be charitable the whole year, all the time, you must be charitable, but the Zakat is the Obligatory Charity, where you give it to someone you personally know, you personally know that this fellow is poor and needs help, and you give your two and a half percent (2.5%) to these people that you personally know. You cannot consider the taxes for example as Zakat charity. Because you do not know where the taxes will go, they can go to fix the street or something, or to the army or something.
  • But the idea behind Zakat is that you give it to the people that you personally know are in need. And the Quran as I said, lists the parents first, the relatives, your own relatives – your own, you start with your own people, then you go to other strangers, in that order.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:19:52).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:19:57).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:20:18).

  • The fifth pillar of Islam is Hajj pilgrimage to the holy land in Mecca. And this is only of course for the people who can afford it. When you can afford it, you go to Mecca and you observe Hajj.
  • And this is commemoration of the prophet Abraham – not the man. not the man Abraham, but his exemplary submission to God. He thought, he saw a dream one time and he thought that God was commanding him to sacrifice his only son Ishmael, and he proceeded to carry out this command even though God did not order him to do it – he just thought in a dream that God was ordering him to do it. But he was willing to sacrifice his own son in submission to God, and of course God intervened to save Ishmael and Abraham from this tragedy. And God substituted a sheep to be scarified instead of Ishmael, and this is what you do when you go to Hajj.
  • And Hajj consists of arriving in Mecca dressed only in a untailored clothes, just a sheet or something, and seamless shoes or sandals – seamless clothes and seamless sandals. Women dress in a regular dress that is simple, so you cannot tell the rich from the poor.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:22:09).

  • To observe Hajj, you go to Mecca (مكة) dressed in seamless clothes and seamless sandals – this is for the men. The women dress modestly in regular modest dress; all white dress for example, so you cannot tell the rich from the poor.
  • You get to Mecca, and you go around the Ka’bah (ٱلْـكَـعْـبَـة) in Mecca seven (7) times.
  • Then you go between Safā (الصّفا) and Marwah (المروة) – the knolls of Safā and Marwah seven (7) times.
  • Then you go to Arafat – mount Arafat (جبل عرفات), and you stand there the whole day, which is the tenth (10th) day of the twelfth (12th); the last month in the Islamic calendar – the tenth day of the Hijr. You spend that whole day on mount Arafat commemorating God, worshiping and praying.
  • And then you go to Mina – it is a little town near Mecca – you go to Mina for two (2) or three (3) days. Then you go back to the Ka’bah, and go around it seven times, which is called the farewell circumvention around the Ka’bah. And this is it.
  • Now, my advice to you is never to go to Medina (المدينة), because people go to Medina and they ruin their Hajj, they go to the prophet Muhammad’s tomb – mausoleum – and they idolize the prophet, and this ruins everything. It ruins the whole religion not just Hajj.
  • So Hajj must be only in Mecca where you go around the Ka’bah seven (7) times – between Safā and Marwah seven (7) times – you go to Arafat for one (1) day – and to Mina for two (2) or three (3) days, and this is it. These are specific steps that are mentioned in the Quran, And by the way all these duties in Islam came to us through the prophet Abraham. If you look at Abraham – sura number twenty-two (22), the last verse number seventy-eight (78), you will see that Abraham is the source – the father of Islam, and the father of Muslims. And if you look at sura number sixteen (16) verse hundred and twenty-three (123), you see that the prophet Muhammad followed the religion of Abraham. Islam is the religion of Abraham, he is the founder of Islam, and all the duties of Islam came from Ibrahim, not the prophet Muhammad.
  • Muhammad brought the Quran, God brought the Quran through Muhammad. So, this is why some people become confused when you tell them that God says that the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed. Because some of the old traditionalists will say: “okay, where is number of raka’at for the noon prayer in the Quran?”, see they forget that the contact prayers, the fasting of Ramadan, the Zakat charity, and the Hajj pilgrimage – all these duties came to us from Abraham, and the Quran says so. If you look at sura twenty-one (21), verse twenty-three (73); it tells you that Abraham started the Salat and the Zakat. And in sura twenty-two (22) – entitled Hajj – you will see that Abraham is the source of Hajj and so on.
  • The Quran says clearly that all duties and obligations came to us through the prophet Abraham. And tells us in sura twenty-two (22), verse seventy-eight (78); that this is the religion of Abraham. The prophet Muhammad simply contributed the Quran. And the Quran is God’s words that came through Muhammad. So watch for this point and don’t let any one trick you into thinking that the Quran is not complete. The most important principle in Islam is; God alone. You must be devoted to God alone, you do not idolize the prophet Muhammad like the Christians did with the prophet Jesus. You devote yourself completely to God alone, and you follow the word of God alone; the Quran alone. No other sources, if you do, you nullify all your work as we see in sura thirty-nine (39), where God says; “if you fall in idol worship, all your works are nullified”, you might do the Salat, the Zakat charity , the Hajj, the fasting and it will be all in vain, unless you are devoted to God alone. And you declare your shahada; “ash-hadu alla elaha ella allah”. This is it. So these are the basic essentials of Islam.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:26:45).

  • The prohibitions are also important, there are four (4) meats that you cannot eat, for example – and these are:
  • Number one (1): animals that die of themselves, without human interference.
  • Number two (2): pork, the meat of pigs.
  • Number three (3): running blood – running blood that you can put in a glass and cook or drink.
  • Number four (4): animals dedicated to other than God – that are specifically dedicated to Muhammad, or Jesus, or Ali, or somebody.
  • These are forbidden. So if you to the market – you go to the Safeway market for example (Safeway is an American supermarket chain), and you look at the meat. If you want to know if it is halal; permitted, or haram; prohibited – you ask yourself these four (4) questions:
  • 1: Is this meat pork? – the answer is no,
  • 2: Did these animals die of themselves without human interference? – the answer is no,
  • 3: Is this running blood? – the answer is no,
  • 4: Was this meat dedicated to Jesus, or to anyone else, or Saint Francis? – the answer is no,
  • Therefore this is meat is halal, it is okay, you can eat it. If you make it haram (forbidden) – if you prohibit it then you are following some other religion, you are not a Muslim when you do that. So it is very important to follow specifically what the Quran prohibits, if you prohibit anything else – some people go to funny lengths, like prohibiting soaps, and brushes, and shoes, and things like that – and of course this is a religion that is not Islam; that has nothing to do with Islam.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:28:45).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:28:55).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:30:26).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:30:44).

  • Now some people are fascinated by Hajj pilgrimage, and they just want to do it right away. You know – they are fascinated by the exotic country you know; Saudi Arabia, the trip and all that. But my advice to you is to perfect your religion first. Believe me, it is not a very pleasant trip, the million and a half (1.5) or two (2) million people making pilgrimage, and it is an exacting trial – instead of an enjoyment – you’re not going as a tourist. It is a difficult process, and some people may become disillusioned when they go too early, before the faith is strong enough. So be sure to perfect your religion first and then make the Hajj pilgrimage.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:31:49).

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:32:07).

  • Another thing to guard against with regard to Hajj, is that some people go and do the Hajj pilgrimage – like I said before their faith is strong enough, and they come back buffed up and thinking – “you know; I’m perfect now”, “you know; I’m cool”, “and nobody is like me, I did Hajj you know” – and they – it goes to their head, and they become – it brings the reverse result, they become worse Muslims than better Muslims. So you want to do Hajj pilgrimage after you perfect your religion, and this must make you humble, more humble. And I remember proverb that says; “don’t be humble; you are not that great”.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:33:14).

  • Observing the Hajj pilgrimage is very easy, all you do is get ready financially, and with your vacations, and everything. Then you travel to Saudi Arabia; Jeddah (جدة). As soon as you land there, they will assign a guide called; “Mutawwif” (مطوف), to you. And the Mutawwif gives assistance – will tell you exactly what to do. But the main thing is that you memorize the statement; “Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak”, means; “my Lord I respond to Your call” – “Labbayka Lā Shareeka Laka Labbayk”; “I respond to You, there is no partner with You”. And the whole statement will be taught to you by the Mutawwif.
  • The main statement that you need to know throughout Hajj goes like this; “Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak”, which means; “my Lord I respond to Your call”, “Labbayka Lā Shareeka Laka Labbayk”; “I respond to You, You have no partners, there is no partner with You, I responds to Your call”. And this is what it looks like. Here is the first word: “Labbayka”, which means “I respond to You”, “I respond to Your call”; “Labbayka”.
  • “Allāhumma”, which means “my God”, or “our God”, “Allāhumma”.
  • “Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak”.
  • “Labbyaka”, “I respond to Your call”.
  • “Lā”, means “no”.
  • “Shareeka”, means “partner” or “idol”.
  • “Lā Shareeka” – “Laka”; with You”.
  • “Labbayk”; I respond to Your call.”
  • Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak (my Lord I respond to Your call).
  • Labbayka Lā Shareeka Laka Labbayk (I respond to You, there is no partner with You).
  • This is all you need.
  • And you utter this statement – you memorize it and utter it all the time during Hajj, throughout Hajj, anytime you change direction, you climb a hill, down a hill, you meet friends, you say that; “Labbayka Allāhumma Labbyak, Labbayka Lā Shareeka Laka Labbayk”.
  • The details of the Hajj will be given to you by the guide, that will be assigned to you, as soon as you arrive in Saudi Arabia.

(Source: Essentials of Islam 00:35:28).

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I hope this has been useful for you and that you have learned the basics of the true Islam (Submission). I decided to write the whole video into a text format for those of us who prefer to read instead of watching hour long videos. It makes it easier to understand what is being said without having to go back and forth whenever the video goes too fast. This is especially true if English isn’t your first language, or if your English skill is low. So I really do hope this has been useful to you.

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Free Quran Chapter 20: T.H. (Ta Ha)

Learn from GOD that your belief should not be based on miracles, it should be based on truth, knowledge and wisdom. Miracles alone will not help you. For example when Moses split the sea so the Hebrews escape through it. A GREAT MIRACLE. Can you imagine how it would have been like? You would have been awestruck, amazed, speechless, your body would tingle with spirituality making you feel light and safe. And then you would go and make a calf statue out of gold and worship it! Hahaha

Miracles always come with a message to support it. But the Hebrews lacked knowledge about GOD, so they thought the miracle supported their idols, that’s why they made the golden calf. When Aaron (Moses’ brother) tried to stop the Hebrews, they threatened to kill him! The miracles simply strengthened their disbelief. They were stuck in their traditions. This is why the Torah has been replaced, it contains too much corruption, old traditions and cultures from the same people who worshiped the golden calf –  from a time of ignorance.

This is why the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran is so special. The miracle is built into the message itself. There is no room for misunderstanding. The only way to misunderstand the message is if you intentionally try to twist things around, ignore some parts, or like many people do today; rootwordism, where you take a word you don’t like, go back to its root-word and then pick and choose the meaning you want. But if you just accept the Quran as is, then you are perfectly fine and on the right path.

Quran Chapter 20: T.H. (Ta Ha)

[20:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[20:1] T. H.*

*20:1 The role of these Quranic initials as components of the Quran’s awesome mathematical miracle is given in detail in Appendix 1.

[20:2] We did not reveal the Quran to you, to cause you any hardship.

[20:3] Only to remind the reverent.

[20:4] A revelation from the Creator of the earth and the high heavens.

[20:5] The Most Gracious; He has assumed all authority.

[20:6] To Him belongs everything in the heavens, and the earth, and everything between them, and everything beneath the ground.

[20:7] Whether you declare your convictions (or not) He knows the secret, and what is even more hidden.

[20:8] God: there is no other god besides Him. To Him belong the most beautiful names.

[20:9] Have you noted the history of Moses?

[20:10] When he saw a fire, he said to his family, “Stay here. I have seen a fire. Maybe I can bring you some of it, or find some guidance at the fire.”

[20:11] When he came to it, he was called, “O, Moses.

[20:12] “I am your Lord; remove your sandals. You are in the sacred valley, Tuwa.

[20:13] “I have chosen you, so listen to what is being revealed.

[20:14] “I am God; there is no other god beside Me. You shall worship Me alone, and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) to remember Me.

End of the World is Not Hidden*

[20:15] “The Hour (end of the world) is surely coming; I will keep it almost hidden, for each soul must be paid for its works.

*20:15 The end of the world is given in the Quran, God’s final message (15:87).

[20:16] “Do not be diverted therefrom by those who do not believe in it – those who pursue their own opinions – lest you fall.

[20:17] “What is this in your right hand, Moses?”

[20:18] He said, “This is my staff. I lean on it, herd my sheep with it, and I use it for other purposes.”

[20:19] He said, “Throw it down, Moses.”

[20:20] He threw it down, whereupon it turned into a moving serpent.

[20:21] He said, “Pick it up; do not be afraid. We will return it to its original state.

[20:22] “And hold your hand under your wing; it will come out white without a blemish; another proof.

[20:23] “We thus show you some of our great portents.

[20:24] “Go to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed.”

[20:25] He said, “My Lord, cool my temper.

[20:26] “And make this matter easy for me.

[20:27] “And untie a knot from my tongue.

[20:28] “So they can understand my speech.

[20:29] “And appoint an assistant for me from my family.

[20:30] “My brother Aaron.

[20:31] “Strengthen me with him.

[20:32] “Let him be my partner in this matter.

[20:33] “That we may glorify You frequently.

[20:34] “And commemorate You frequently.

[20:35] “You are Seer of us.”

[20:36] He said, “Your request is granted, O Moses.

[20:37] “We have blessed you another time.

[20:38] “When we revealed to your mother what we revealed.

[20:39] “Saying: `Throw him into the box, then throw him into the river. The river will throw him onto the shore, to be picked up by an enemy of Mine and an enemy of his.’ I showered you with love from Me, and I had you made before My watchful eye.

[20:40] “Your sister walked to them and said, `I can tell you about a nursing mother who can take good care of him.’ We thus returned you to your mother, that she may be happy and stop worrying. And when you killed a person, we saved you from the grievous consequences; indeed we tested you thoroughly. You stayed years with the people of Midyan, and now you have come back in accordance with a precise plan.

[20:41] “I have made you just for Me.

[20:42] “Go with your brother, supported by My signs, and do not waver in remembering Me.

[20:43] “Go to Pharaoh, for he transgressed.

[20:44] “Speak to him nicely; he may take heed, or become reverent.”

[20:45] They said, “Our Lord, we fear lest he may attack us, or transgress.”

[20:46] He said, “Do not be afraid, for I will be with you, listening and watching.

[20:47] “Go to him and say, `We are two messengers from your Lord. Let the Children of Israel go. You must refrain from persecuting them. We bring a sign from your Lord, and peace is the lot of those who heed the guidance.

[20:48] “`We have been inspired that the retribution will inevitably afflict those who disbelieve and turn away.’ “

[20:49] He said, “Who is your Lord, O Moses.”

[20:50] He said, “Our Lord is the One who granted everything its existence, and its guidance.”

[20:51] He said, “What about the past generations?”

[20:52] He said, “The knowledge thereof is with my Lord in a record. My Lord never errs, nor does He forget.”

[20:53] He is the One who made the earth habitable for you, and paved in it roads for you. And He sends down from the sky water with which we produce many different kinds of plants.

[20:54] Eat and raise your livestock. These are sufficient proofs for those who possess intelligence.*

*20:54 Those who possess intelligence appreciate the fact that we are astronauts who were launched into space on this `Spaceship Earth.’ God provided us with renewable food, water, pets, wildlife, and livestock, as we embark on this temporary space odyssey. Compare God’s provisions to `Spaceship Earth’ with the provisions we give to our astronauts (Appendix 7).

[20:55] From it we created you, into it we return you, and from it we bring you out once more.

[20:56] We showed him all our proofs, but he disbelieved and refused.

[20:57] He said, “Did you come here to take us out of our land with your magic, O Moses?

[20:58] “We will surely show you similar magic. Therefore, set an appointment that neither we, nor you will violate; in a neutral place.”

[20:59] He said, “Your appointed time shall be the day of festivities. Let us all meet in the forenoon.”

[20:60] Pharaoh summoned his forces, then came.

[20:61] Moses said to them, “Woe to you. Do you fabricate lies to fight God and thus incur His retribution? Such fabricators will surely fail.”

[20:62] They disputed among themselves, as they conferred privately.

[20:63] They said, “These two are no more than magicians who wish to take you out of your land with their magic, and to destroy your ideal way of life.

[20:64] “Let us agree upon one scheme and face them as a united front. The winner today will have the upper hand.”

[20:65] They said, “O Moses, either you throw, or we will be the first to throw.”

[20:66] He said, “You throw.” Whereupon, their ropes and sticks appeared to him, because of their magic, as if they were moving.

[20:67] Moses harbored some fear.

[20:68] We said, “Have no fear. You will prevail.

[20:69] “Throw what you hold in your right hand, and it will swallow what they fabricated. What they fabricated is no more than the scheming of a magician. The magician’s work will not succeed.”

The Experts Recognize The Truth

[20:70] The magicians fell prostrate, saying, “We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.”

[20:71] He said, “Did you believe in him without my permission? He must be your chief; the one who taught you magic. I will surely sever your hands and feet on alternate sides. I will crucify you on the palm trunks. You will find out which of us can inflict the worst retribution, and who outlasts whom.”

[20:72] They said, “We will not prefer you over the clear proofs that came to us, and over the One who created us. Therefore, issue whatever judgment you wish to issue. You can only rule in this lowly life.

[20:73] “We have believed in our Lord, that He may forgive us our sins, and the magic that you forced us to perform. God is far better and Everlasting.”

[20:74] Anyone who comes to his Lord guilty will incur Hell, wherein he never dies, nor stays alive.

[20:75] As for those who come to Him as believers who had led a righteous life, they attain the high ranks.

[20:76] The gardens of Eden, beneath which rivers flow, will be their abode forever. Such is the reward for those who purify themselves.

[20:77] We inspired Moses: “Lead My servants out, and strike for them a dry road across the sea. You shall not fear that you may get caught, nor shall you worry.”

[20:78] Pharaoh pursued them with his troops, but the sea overwhelmed them, as it was destined to overwhelm them.

[20:79] Thus, Pharaoh misled his people; he did not guide them.

[20:80] O Children of Israel, we delivered you from your enemy, summoned you to the right side of Mount Sinai, and we sent down to you manna and quails.

[20:81] Eat from the good things we provided for you, and do not transgress, lest you incur My wrath. Whoever incurs My wrath has fallen.

[20:82] I am surely Forgiving for those who repent, believe, lead a righteous life, and steadfastly remain guided.

The Children of Israel Rebel

[20:83] “Why did you rush away from your people, O Moses?”

[20:84] He said, “They are close behind me. I have rushed to You my Lord, that You may be pleased.”

[20:85] He said, “We have put your people to the test after you left, but the Samarian misled them.”

[20:86] Moses returned to his people, angry and disappointed, saying, “O my people, did your Lord not promise you a good promise? Could you not wait? Did you want to incur wrath from your Lord? Is this why you broke your agreement with me?”

[20:87] They said, “We did not break our agreement with you on purpose. But we were loaded down with jewelry, and decided to throw our loads in. This is what the Samarian suggested.”

[20:88] He produced for them a sculpted calf, complete with a calf’s sound.* They said, “This is your god, and the god of Moses.” Thus, he forgot.

*20:88 & 96 The Samarian went to the spot where God spoke to Moses, and grabbed a fistful of dust upon which God’s voice had echoed. This dust, when mixed with the molten gold, caused the golden statue to acquire the sound of a calf.

[20:89] Could they not see that it neither responded to them, nor possessed any power to harm them, or benefit them?

[20:90] And Aaron had told them, “O my people, this is a test for you. Your only Lord is the Most Gracious, so follow me, and obey my commands.”

[20:91] They said, “We will continue to worship it, until Moses comes back.”

[20:92] (Moses) said, “O Aaron, what is it that prevented you, when you saw them go astray,

[20:93] “from following my orders? Have you rebelled against me?”

[20:94] He said, “O son of my mother; do not pull me by my beard and my head. I was afraid that you might say, `You have divided the Children of Israel, and disobeyed my orders.’ “

[20:95] He said, “What is the matter with you, O Samarian?”

[20:96] He said, “I saw what they could not see. I grabbed a fistful (of dust) from the place where the messenger stood, and used it (to mix into the golden calf). This is what my mind inspired me to do.”

*20:88 & 96 The Samarian went to the spot where God spoke to Moses, and grabbed a fistful of dust upon which God’s voice had echoed. This dust, when mixed with the molten gold, caused the golden statue to acquire the sound of a calf.

[20:97] He said, “Then go, and, throughout your life, do not even come close. You have an appointed time (for your final judgment) that you can never evade. Look at your god that you used to worship; we will burn it and throw it into the sea, to stay down there forever.”

You Have But One God

[20:98] Your only god is God; the One beside whom there is no other god. His knowledge encompasses all things.

[20:99] We thus narrate to you some news from the past generations. We have revealed to you a message from us.

[20:100] Those who disregard it will bear a load (of sins) on the Day of Resurrection.

[20:101] Eternally they abide therein; what a miserable load on the Day of Resurrection!

[20:102] That is the day when the horn is blown, and we summon the guilty on that day blue.

[20:103] Whispering among themselves, they will say, “You have stayed (in the first life) no more than ten days!”

[20:104] We are fully aware of their utterances. The most accurate among them will say, “You stayed no more than a day.”

On the Day of Resurrection

[20:105] They ask you about the mountains. Say, “My Lord will wipe them out.

[20:106] “He will leave them like a barren, flat land.

[20:107] “Not even the slightest hill will you see therein, nor a dip.”

[20:108] On that day, everyone will follow the caller, without the slightest deviation. All sounds will be hushed before the Most Gracious; you will hear nothing but whispers.

[20:109] On that day, intercession will be useless, except for those permitted by the Most Gracious, and whose utterances conform to His will.

[20:110] He knows their past and their future, while none encompasses His knowledge.

[20:111] All faces will submit to the Living, the Eternal, and those who are burdened by their transgressions will fail.

[20:112] As for those who worked righteousness, while believing, they will have no fear of injustice or adversity.

[20:113] We thus revealed it, an Arabic Quran, and we cited in it all kinds of prophecies, that they may be saved, or it may cause them to take heed.

[20:114] Most Exalted is God, the only true King. Do not rush into uttering the Quran before it is revealed to you, and say, “My Lord, increase my knowledge.”

Humans Fail to Make a Firm Stand*

[20:115] We tested Adam in the past, but he forgot, and we found him indecisive.

*20:115 When Satan challenged God’s absolute authority (38:69), you and I did not make a firm stand against Satan. God is giving us a chance, on this earth, to redeem ourselves by denouncing Satan and upholding God’s absolute authority (Appendix 7).

[20:116] Recall that we said to the angels, “Fall prostrate before Adam.” They fell prostrate, except Satan; he refused.

[20:117] We then said, “O Adam, this is an enemy of you and your wife. Do not let him evict you from Paradise, lest you become miserable.

[20:118] “You are guaranteed never to hunger therein, nor go unsheltered.

[20:119] “Nor will you thirst therein, nor suffer from any heat.”

[20:120] But the devil whispered to him, saying, “O Adam, let me show you the tree of eternity and unending kingship.”

[20:121] They ate from it, whereupon their bodies became visible to them, and they tried to cover themselves with the leaves of Paradise. Adam thus disobeyed his Lord, and fell.

[20:122] Subsequently, his Lord chose him, redeemed him, and guided him.

[20:123] He said, “Go down therefrom, all of you. You are enemies of one another. When guidance comes to you from Me, anyone who follows My guidance will not go astray, nor suffer any misery.

For the Disbelievers: Miserable Life Unavoidable

[20:124] “As for the one who disregards My message, he will have a miserable life, and we resurrect him, on the Day of Resurrection, blind.”

[20:125] He will say, “My Lord, why did you summon me blind, when I used to be a seer?”

[20:126] He will say, “Because you forgot our revelations when they came to you, you are now forgotten.”

[20:127] We thus requite those who transgress and refuse to believe in the revelations of their Lord. The retribution in the Hereafter is far worse and everlasting.

[20:128] Does it ever occur to them how many previous generations we have annihilated? They are now walking in the homes of those before them. These are signs for those who possess intelligence.

[20:129] If it were not for your Lord’s predetermined plan, they would have been judged immediately.

[20:130] Therefore, be patient in the face of their utterances, and praise and glorify your Lord before sunrise and before sunset. And during the night glorify Him, as well as at both ends of the day, that you may be happy.

[20:131] And do not covet what we bestowed upon any other people. Such are temporary ornaments of this life, whereby we put them to the test. What your Lord provides for you is far better, and everlasting.

The Parents’ Responsibility

[20:132] You shall enjoin your family to observe the contact prayers (Salat), and steadfastly persevere in doing so. We do not ask you for any provisions; we are the ones who provide for you. The ultimate triumph belongs to the righteous.

Why Messengers?

[20:133] They said, “If he could only show us a miracle from his Lord!” Did they not receive sufficient miracles with the previous messages?

[20:134] Had we annihilated them before this, they would have said, “Our Lord, had You sent a messenger to us, we would have followed Your revelations, and would have avoided this shame and humiliation.”

[20:135] Say, “All of us are waiting, so wait; you will surely find out who are on the correct path, and who are truly guided.”

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Free Quran Chapter 28: History (Al-Qasas)

Learn from GOD that communities that discriminates against people will suffer disasters, like Moses vs Pharaoh. Oppression is worse than murder. Yet we see a lot of racism spread throughout the world. Racism is even growing in some part of the world, this is a very bad sign. If this continues, then nations in the future might face destruction through war or natural disasters. However, since disaster can’t usually cure racism, then it is most likely that a war will erupt that targets specifically racist powers. One such example is the Nazi regime in world war two, which got completely destroyed.

Other form of punishments can be a bad economy and an increase in crime; as people lose their opportunities to live a decent life due to discrimination in the work market.

Quran Chapter 28: History (Al-Qasas)

[28:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[28:1] T. S. M.*

*28:1 See Appendix 1 for details of the Quran’s miraculous mathematical code, and the meaning or significance of these Quranic Initials.

[28:2] These (letters) constitute proofs of this profound book.

[28:3] We recite to you herein some history of Moses and Pharaoh, truthfully, for the benefit of people who believe.

[28:4] Pharaoh turned into a tyrant on earth, and discriminated against some people. He persecuted a helpless group of them, slaughtering their sons, while sparing their daughters. He was indeed wicked.

God Compensates the Oppressed

[28:5] We willed to compensate those who were oppressed on earth, and to turn them into leaders, and make them the inheritors.

[28:6] And to establish them on earth, and to give Pharaoh, Hãmãn, and their troops a taste of their own medicine.

Confidence in God

[28:7] We inspired Moses’ mother: “Nurse him, and when you fear for his life, throw him into the river without fear or grief. We will return him to you, and will make him one of the messengers.”

[28:8] Pharaoh’s family picked him up, only to have him lead the opposition and to be a source of grief for them. That is because Pharaoh, Hãmãn, and their troops were transgressors.

Inside the Lion’s Den

[28:9] Pharaoh’s wife said, “This can be a joyous find for me and you. Do not kill him, for he may be of some benefit for us, or we may adopt him to be our son.” They had no idea.

[28:10] The mind of Moses’ mother was growing so anxious that she almost gave away his identity. But we strengthened her heart, to make her a believer.

[28:11] She said to his sister, “Trace his path.” She watched him from afar, while they did not perceive.

The Infant Returned to His Mother

[28:12] We forbade him from accepting all the nursing mothers. (His sister) then said, “I can show you a family that can raise him for you, and take good care of him.”

[28:13] Thus, we restored him to his mother, in order to please her, remove her worries, and to let her know that God’s promise is the truth. However, most of them do not know.

[28:14] When he reached maturity and strength, we endowed him with wisdom and knowledge. We thus reward the righteous.

Moses Commits Manslaughter

[28:15] Once he entered the city unexpectedly, without being recognized by the people. He found two men fighting; one was (a Hebrew) from his people, and the other was (an Egyptian) from his enemies. The one from his people called on him for help against his enemy. Moses punched him, killing him. He said, “This is the work of the devil; he is a real enemy, and a profound misleader.”

[28:16] He said, “My Lord, I have wronged my soul. Please forgive me,” and He forgave him. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[28:17] He said, “My Lord, in return for Your blessings upon me, I will never be a supporter of the guilty ones.”

[28:18] In the morning, he was in the city, afraid and watchful. The one who sought his help yesterday, asked for his help again. Moses said to him, “You are really a troublemaker.”

Moses’ Crime Exposed

[28:19] Before he attempted to strike their common enemy, he said, “O Moses, do you want to kill me, as you killed the other man yesterday? Obviously, you wish to be a tyrant on earth; you do not wish to be righteous.”

[28:20] A man came running from the other side of the city, saying, “O Moses, the people are plotting to kill you. You better leave immediately. I am giving you good advice.”

[28:21] He fled the city, afraid and watchful. He said, “My Lord, save me from the oppressive people.”

In Midyan

[28:22] As he traveled towards Midyan, he said, “May my Lord guide me in the right path.”

[28:23] When he reached Midyan’s water, he found a crowd of people watering, and noticed two women waiting on the side. He said, “What is it that you need?” They said, “We are not able to water, until the crowd disperses, and our father is an old man.”

[28:24] He watered for them, then turned to the shade, saying, “My Lord, whatever provision you send to me, I am in dire need for it.”

[28:25] Soon, one of the two women approached him, shyly, and said, “My father invites you to pay you for watering for us.” When he met him, and told him his story, he said, “Have no fear. You have been saved from the oppressive people.”

Moses Marries

[28:26] One of the two women said, “O my father, hire him. He is the best one to hire, for he is strong and honest.”

[28:27] He said, “I wish to offer one of my two daughters for you to marry, in return for working for me for eight pilgrimages; if you make them ten, it will be voluntary on your part. I do not wish to make this matter too difficult for you. You will find me, God willing, righteous.”

[28:28] He said, “It is an agreement between me and you. Whichever period I fulfill, you will not be averse to either one. God is the guarantor of what we said.”

Back to Egypt

[28:29] When he had fulfilled his obligation, he traveled with his family (towards Egypt). He saw from the slope of Mount Sinai a fire. He said to his family, “Stay here. I have seen a fire. Maybe I can bring to you news, or a portion of the fire to warm you.”

Moses Appointed

[28:30] When he reached it, he was called from the edge of the right side of the valley, in the blessed spot where the burning bush was located: “O Moses, this is Me. God; Lord of the universe.

[28:31] “Throw down your staff.” When he saw it moving like a demon, he turned around and fled. “O Moses, come back; do not be afraid. You are perfectly safe.

[28:32] “Put your hand into your pocket; it will come out white without a blemish. Fold your wings and settle down from your fear. These are two proofs from your Lord, to be shown to Pharaoh and his elders; they have been wicked people.”

[28:33] He said, “My Lord, I killed one of them, and I fear lest they kill me.

[28:34] “Also, my brother Aaron is more eloquent than I. Send him with me as a helper to confirm and strengthen me. I fear lest they disbelieve me.”

[28:35] He said, “We will strengthen you with your brother, and we will provide you both with manifest authority. Thus, they will not be able to touch either one of you. With our miracles, the two of you, together with those who follow you, will be the victors.”

Pharaoh’s Arrogance

[28:36] When Moses went to them with our proofs, clear and profound, they said, “This is fabricated magic. We have never heard of this from our ancient ancestors.”

[28:37] Moses said, “My Lord knows best who brought the guidance from Him, and who will be the ultimate victors. Surely, the transgressors never succeed.”

[28:38] Pharaoh said, “O you elders, I have not known of any god for you other than me. Therefore, fire the adobe, O Hãmãn, in order to build a tower, that I may take a look at the god of Moses. I am sure that he is a liar.”

[28:39] Thus, he and his troops continued to commit arrogance on earth, without any right, and thought that they would not be returned to us.

[28:40] Consequently, we punished him and his troops, by throwing them into the sea. Note the consequences for the transgressors.

[28:41] We made them imams who led their people to Hell. Furthermore, on the Day of Resurrection, they will have no help.

[28:42] They incurred in this life condemnation, and on the Day of Resurrection they will be despised.

The Book of Moses*

[28:43] We gave Moses the scripture – after having annihilated the previous generations, and after setting the examples through them – to provide enlightenment for the people, and guidance, and mercy, that they may take heed.

*28:43 The Torah is the collection of all the scriptures revealed to all the prophets of Israel, including the book of Moses. The Quran consistently states that Moses was given a book, or “the Statute Book.” Nowhere in the Quran do we see that Moses was given “the Torah.” Today’s Old Testament, therefore, is the Torah (see 3:50, 5:46).

Addressing God’s Messenger of the Covenant

[28:44] You were not present on the slope of the western mount, when we issued the command to Moses; you were not a witness.*

*28:44 The name of this messenger is confirmed mathematically: by placing the gematrical value of “Rashad Khalifa” (1230) next to the verse number (44), we get 123044=19×6476.

[28:45] But we established many generations, and, because of the length of time, (they deviated). Nor were you among the people of Midyan, reciting our revelations to them. But we did send messengers.

[28:46] Nor were you on the slope of Mount Sinai when we called (Moses). But it is mercy from your Lord, (towards the people,) in order to warn people who received no warner before you, that they may take heed.

No Excuse

[28:47] Thus, they cannot say, when a disaster strikes them as a consequence of their own deeds, “Our Lord, had You sent a messenger to us, we would have followed Your revelations, and would have been believers.”

The Torah and The Quran

[28:48] Now that the truth has come to them from us, they said, “If only we could be given what was given to Moses!” Did they not disbelieve in what was given to Moses in the past? They said, “Both (scriptures) are works of magic that copied one another.” They also said, “We are disbelievers in both of them.”

[28:49] Say, “Then produce a scripture from God with better guidance than the two, so I can follow it, if you are truthful.”

God Sends His Teachings to UsThrough His Messengers

[28:50] If they fail to respond to you, then know that they follow only their own opinions. Who is farther astray than those who follow their own opinions, without guidance from God? God does not guide such wicked people.

All True Believers Accept the Quran

[28:51] We have delivered the message to them, that they may take heed.

[28:52] Those whom we blessed with the previous scriptures will believe in this.

[28:53] When it is recited to them, they will say, “We believe in it. This is the truth from our Lord. Even before we heard of it, we were submitters.”

Twice the Reward for Christians & Jews Who Recognize the Truth

[28:54] To these we grant twice the reward, because they steadfastly persevere. They counter evil works with good works, and from our provisions to them, they give.

[28:55] When they come across vain talk, they disregard it and say, “We are responsible for our deeds, and you are responsible for your deeds. Peace be upon you. We do not wish to behave like the ignorant ones.”

Only God Guides

[28:56] You cannot guide the ones you love. God is the only One who guides in accordance with His will, and in accordance with His knowledge of those who deserve the guidance.

[28:57] They said, “If we follow your guidance, we will suffer persecution.” Did we not establish for them a Sacred Sanctuary, to which all kinds of fruits are offered, as a provision from us? Indeed, most of them do not know.

[28:58] Many a community we annihilated for turning unappreciative of their lives. Consequently, here are their homes, nothing but uninhabited ruins after them, except a few. We were the inheritors.

[28:59] For your Lord never annihilates any community without sending a messenger in the midst thereof, to recite our revelations to them. We never annihilate any community, unless its people are wicked.

[28:60] Everything that is given to you is only the material of this life, and its vanity. What is with God is far better, and everlasting. Do you not understand?

[28:61] Is one whom we promised a good promise that will surely come to pass, equal to one whom we provide with the temporary materials of this life, then suffers eternal doom on the Day of Resurrection?

The Idols Disown Their Idolizers

[28:62] The day will come when He calls upon them, saying, “Where are those idols you had set up beside Me?”

[28:63] Those who incurred the judgment will say, “Our Lord, these are the ones we misled; we misled them only because we ourselves had gone astray. We now devote ourselves totally to You. They were not really worshiping us.”

[28:64] It will be said, “Call upon your idols (to help you).” They will call upon them, but they will not respond. They will suffer the retribution, and wish that they were guided!

Our Response to the Messengers

[28:65] On that day, He will ask everyone, “How did you respond to the messengers?”

[28:66] They will be so stunned by the facts on that day, they will be speechless.

[28:67] As for those who repent, believe, and lead a righteous life, they will end up with the winners.

[28:68] Your Lord is the One who creates whatever He wills, and chooses; no one else does any choosing. Glory be to God, the Most Exalted. He is far above needing partners.

[28:69] Your Lord knows the innermost thoughts hidden in their chests, as well as everything they declare.

[28:70] He is the one God; there is no other god beside Him. To Him belongs all praise in this first life, and in the Hereafter. All judgment belongs with Him, and to Him you will be returned.

God’s Blessings

[28:71] Say, “What if God made the night perpetual, until the Day of Resurrection? Which god, other than God, can provide you with light? Do you not hear?”

[28:72] Say, “What if God made the daylight perpetual, until the Day of Resurrection? Which god, other than God, can provide you with a night for your rest? Do you not see?”

[28:73] It is mercy from Him that He created for you the night and the day in order to rest (during the night), then seek His provisions (during the day), that you may be appreciative.

Idols Possess No Power

[28:74] The day will come when He asks them, “Where are the idols you had fabricated to rank with Me?”

[28:75] We will select from every community a witness, then say, “Present your proof.” They will realize then that all truth belongs with God, while the idols they had fabricated will abandon them.


[28:76] QÃroon (the slave driver) was one of Moses’ people who betrayed them and oppressed them. We gave him so many treasures that the keys thereof were almost too heavy for the strongest band. His people said to him, “Do not be so arrogant; God does not love those who are arrogant.

[28:77] “Use the provisions bestowed upon you by God to seek the abode of the Hereafter, without neglecting your share in this world. Be charitable, as God has been charitable towards you. Do not keep on corrupting the earth. God does not love the corruptors.”

[28:78] He said, “I attained all this because of my own cleverness.” Did he not realize that God had annihilated before him generations that were much stronger than he, and greater in number? The (annihilated) transgressors were not asked about their crimes.

[28:79] One day, he came out to his people in full splendor. Those who preferred this worldly life said, “Oh, we wish that we possess what Qãroon has attained. Indeed, he is very fortunate.”

The Real Wealth

[28:80] As for those who were blessed with knowledge, they said, “Woe to you, God’s recompense is far better for those who believe and lead a righteous life.” None attains this except the steadfast.

The Tyrants’ Inevitable Fate

[28:81] We then caused the earth to swallow him and his mansion. No army could have helped him against God; he was not destined to be a winner.

[28:82] Those who were envious of him the day before said, “Now we realize that God is the One who provides for whomever He chooses from among His servants, and withholds. If it were not for God’s grace towards us, He could have caused the earth to swallow us too. We now realize that the disbelievers never succeed.”

The Ultimate Winners

[28:83] We reserve the abode of the Hereafter for those who do not seek exaltation on earth, nor corruption. The ultimate victory belongs to the righteous.

[28:84] Whoever works righteousness receives a far better reward. As for those who commit sins, the retribution for their sins is precisely equivalent to their works.

[28:85] Surely, the One who decreed the Quran for you will summon you to a predetermined appointment. Say, “My Lord is fully aware of those who uphold the guidance, and those who have gone astray.”

[28:86] You never expected this scripture to come your way; but this is a mercy from your Lord. Therefore, you shall not side with the disbelievers.

[28:87] Nor shall you be diverted from God’s revelations, after they have come to you, and invite the others to your Lord. And do not ever fall into idol worship.

[28:88] You shall not worship beside God any other god. There is no other god beside Him. Everything perishes except His presence. To Him belongs all sovereignty, and to Him you will be returned.

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Free Quran Chapter 47: Muhammad (Muhammad)

Learn from GOD that you should study the Quran carefully, and to never give up in making the world peaceful. It is quite repulsive how evil people are, they vilify a prophet who dedicated his life to GOD, and who had to endure years of persecution and conflict. This has been true for all of GOD’s prophets. However, in this case I want to specify prophet Muhammad. He lived peacefully until his mid-age, where he began to question the practices of the community he was living in. He used to worship idols like everybody else, this is a fact. However, it is also a fact that he destroyed all idols after GOD guided him to the truth. Yet I see that those who hate prophet Muhammad always only talk about his earlier life, before he received guidance. They never mention that he did repent and that GOD did guide him. Then, these very same people who hate prophet Muhammad, they fast forward to the years that were full of conflict and war. BUT THEY NEVER share why those conflicts or wars occurred in the first place. They don’t tell you that prophet Muhammad and the believers back then, were all persecuted, they were thrown out from their homes, their property was taken away from them and they were banished from the land.

What would you do if the government came tomorrow to your house and threw you out of the country. They also keep all of your property and even take all the money in your bank account. You could just accept this injustice and start a new life elsewhere. Sure. But you see, believers are not cowards like that. Believers always stand up for justice. Weakness is not a legitimate reason to judge those who are stronger and dare to stand up for what is right. Only hypocrites and cowards will judge someone who stands up against injustice and oppression.

We can learn a lot from prophet Muhammad’s example, he did all he could to help those in need, and with time, the result was a peaceful and united region. However, don’t get tricked here, it wasn’t a unity under ONE RELIGION, it was unity under peaceful treaties and agreements. This is the part of the story that enemies of prophet Muhammad always seem to ignore and refuse to mention. They will say “Oh, everyone was forced to convert by the sword”, nope, that is just propaganda. It was through treaties that peace was established. And yes, the Quran does mention wars during this period, and guess what else the Quran mentions? Treaties! It talks about people who betrayed their treaties and promises during this very same period! Why don’t all those hateful websites and preachers ever mention this? Why do they take things out of context and purposely ignore to mention all the details? Oh yea, because their religion is dying and they are desperately trying to vilify the Quran from taking over. Ouch! That have got to sting!

Another misconception is the idea that everyone in the Arabic peninsula during prophet Muhammad’s time – were Muslims. WRONG. There were Jews, Christians, pagans and many other ideologies. Islam at this time, didn’t force anyone to convert. But then after prophet Muhammad’s death, a lot of people wanted to be the next ruler. This then led to assassinations, betrayals and much more. And it was then that Islam began to turn more into a political tool. Which then lead to the spreading of Islam through the Sword. Which was prohibited when prophet Muhammad was alive, and is still prohibited in the Quran. We can’t deny that Islam was gone of-course since then. However, it is important that we DIFFERENTIATE between the era while prophet Muhammad was alive from the post era after prophet Muhammad died. Those are two completely different eras. The example here is comparable to Moses splitting the sea and leading the Hebrews through the ocean, surrounded by walls of water. Then once Moses left for days to receive the tablets and came back, the Hebrews had built a golden statue of a cow which they worshiped in Moses’ absence. The same happened with Islam after prophet Muhammad’s death. The old Arab tribal ways took over. But can you blame them? Democracy was something new, and it was still the first and second generation that had to establish this new thing called democracy. But, it was hard, because the first and second generations were born and raised during the Tribal era. So they could only use what they already knew. For example, the third “president” would favor his own family, so he chose his own family and relatives to fill various positions in the government. That’s not democracy! And it lead other families to worry that one family would have all the power, when government is supposed to serve all people, not ONE FAMILY. So that basically ended democracy and everything went back to square one.

So again, don’t blame prophet Muhammad for what happened after his death.

Quran Chapter 47: Muhammad (Muhammad)

[47:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[47:1] Those who disbelieve and repel from the path of God, He nullifies their works.

[47:2] Those who believe and work righteousness, and believe in what was sent down to Muhammad – which is the truth from their Lord – He remits their sins, and blesses them with contentment.

[47:3] This is because those who disbelieve are following falsehood, while those who believe are following the truth from their Lord. God thus cites for the people their examples.

[47:4] If you encounter (in war) those who disbelieve, you may strike the necks. If you take them as captives you may set them free or ransom them, until the war ends. Had God willed, He could have granted you victory, without war. But He thus tests you by one another. As for those who get killed in the cause of God, He will never put their sacrifice to waste.

[47:5] He will guide them, and bless them with contentment.

[47:6] He will admit them into Paradise, that He described to them.

[47:7] O you who believe, if you support God, He will support you, and strengthen your foothold.

[47:8] Those who disbelieve incur misery; He causes their works to be utterly in vain.

[47:9] That is because they hated what God revealed and consequently, He nullifies their works.

[47:10] Did they not roam the earth and see the consequences for those before them? God destroyed their works; all disbelievers will suffer the same fate.

[47:11] This is because God is the Lord of those who believe, while the disbelievers have no lord.

[47:12] God admits those who believe and lead a righteous life into gardens with flowing streams. As for those who disbelieve, they live and eat like the animals eat, then end up in the hellfire.

[47:13] Many a community was much stronger than the community that evicted you from your town; when we annihilated them, no one could help them.

[47:14] Are those enlightened by their Lord the same as those whose evil works are adorned in their eyes, and they follow their own opinions?

[47:15] The allegory of Paradise that is promised for the righteous is this: it has rivers of unpolluted water, and rivers of fresh milk, and rivers of wine – delicious for the drinkers – and rivers of strained honey. They have all kinds of fruits therein, and forgiveness from their Lord. (Are they better) or those who abide forever in the hellfire, and drink hellish water that tears up their intestines?

[47:16] Some of them listen to you, then as soon as they leave they ask those who were enlightened, “What did he just say?” God thus seals their hearts and, consequently, they follow only their opinions.

[47:17] As for those who are guided, He augments their guidance, and grants them their righteousness.

End of the World*

[47:18] Are they waiting until the Hour comes to them suddenly? All the signs thereof have already come.* Once the Hour comes to them, how will they benefit from their message?

*47:18 The Quran, being the Final Testament, provides all the signs needed to pinpoint the end of the world; AD 2280. See Appendix 25 for the details.

Laa Elaaha Ellaa Allah: First Commandment

[47:19] You shall know that: “There is no other god beside God,”* and ask forgiveness of your sins and the sins of all believing men and women. God is fully aware of your decisions and your ultimate destiny.

*47:19 Significantly, the “First Pillar” of religion is stated in the sura entitled Muhammad, and is utterly devoted to God alone. Muhammad’s name was added by his idolizers, against his will.

Exposing the Hypocrites

[47:20] Those who believed said: “When will a new sura be revealed?” But when a straightforward sura was revealed, wherein fighting was mentioned, you would see those who harbored doubts in their hearts looking at you, as if death had already come to them. They were thus exposed.

Proof of Faith During Muhammad’s Era

[47:21] Obedience and righteous utterances are expected of them. If only they showed confidence in God, when mobilization was called for, it would have been better for them.

[47:22] Is it also your intention that as soon as you leave you will commit evil and mistreat your relatives?

[47:23] It is those who incurred a curse from God, whereby He rendered them deaf and blind.

Study the Quran

[47:24] Why do they not study the Quran carefully? Do they have locks on their minds?

[47:25] Surely, those who slide back, after the guidance has been manifested to them, the devil has enticed them and led them on.

[47:26] This is because they said to those who hated what God has sent down, “We will obey you in certain matters.” God fully knows their secret conspiracies.

[47:27] How will it be for them when the angels put them to death? They will beat them on their faces and their rear ends.

[47:28] This is because they followed what angered God and hated the things that please Him. Consequently, He has nullified their works.

[47:29] Did those who harbor doubts in their hearts think that God will not bring out their evil thoughts?

[47:30] If we will, we can expose them for you, so that you can recognize them just by looking at them. However, you can recognize them by the way they talk. God is fully aware of all your works.

[47:31] We will certainly put you to the test, in order to distinguish those among you who strive, and steadfastly persevere. We must expose your true qualities.

[47:32] Those who disbelieve and repel from the path of God, and oppose the messenger after the guidance has been manifested for them, will never hurt God in the least. Instead, He nullifies their works.

[47:33] O you who believe, you shall obey God, and obey the messenger. Otherwise, all your works will be in vain.

The Great Disaster

[47:34] Those who disbelieve and repel from the path of God, then die as disbelievers, God will never forgive them.

[47:35] Therefore, you shall not waver and surrender in pursuit of peace, for you are guaranteed victory, and God is with you. He will never waste your efforts.

[47:36] This worldly life is no more than play and vanity. But if you believe and lead a righteous life, He will reward you, without asking you for any money.

[47:37] If He asked you for money, to the extent of creating a hardship for you, you might have become stingy, and your hidden evil might be exposed.

Warning to the Arabs*

[47:38] You are invited to spend in the cause of God, but some of you turn stingy. The stingy are stingy towards their own souls. God is Rich, while you are poor. If you turn away, He will substitute other people in your place, and they will not be like you.

*47:38 The Quran was given to the Arabs, in their language, for 1400 years, but they clearly rejected it and refused to believe that it is complete; they fabricated Hadith and Sunna.

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Free Quran Chapter 79: The Snatchers (Al-Naaze’aat)

Learn from GOD that angels are constantly active around us, and they are only gentle towards believers. Only the disbelievers will be snatched away from their body when they die. Believers are instead gently invited to the afterlife. It is not wrong to appreciate the hard work the angels are doing, as long as you understand that it is all thanks to GOD. In this chapter you also learn that our planet Earth is egg shaped, it is not a perfect sphere and it is definitely not flat. There is actually still people out there who believe that our planet is flat. And they don’t live in caves. They live TODAY, in the developed first world, and they went to school and they have had access to education. Yet they still believe our planet is flat. This is interesting because it shows exactly how people behave when presented with a miracle. For example in this chapter you will read about Moses and how he revealed a miracle to convince Pharaoh, but Pharaoh didn’t believe, even though the evidence was looking straight into his face. Then another example is when Moses split the sea with his staff, the Hebrews were amazed, however, it didn’t stop them from disbelieving. They created a golden statue of an animal, the golden calf. And began to worship it. Even though Moses showed them proof that GOD is powerful enough to split an entire ocean. But the israelites still preferred to worship a statute whose only power was to make animal sounds? This behavior is beyond brain dead. But those were different times right? RIGHT? Oh, never mind, people still believe our planet is flat. And likewise there will be people who will disbelieve in the Quran and its miracle. But does it really matter if those people don’t believe? Think about that for a moment. If someone is that stupid and arrogant, does it then not make sense that they end up in hell? So yes, people will disblieve in the mathematical miracle of the Quran, and that’s perfectly alright, everything is as it should be, like clockwork.

Quran Chapter 79: The Snatchers (Al-Naaze’aat)

[79:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[79:1] The (angels who) snatch (the souls of the disbelievers) forcibly.

[79:2] And those who gently take (the souls of the believers) joyfully.

[79:3] And those floating everywhere.

[79:4] Eagerly racing with one another –

[79:5] to carry out various commands.

[79:6] The day the quake quakes.

[79:7] Followed by the second blow.

[79:8] Certain minds will be terrified.

[79:9] Their eyes will be subdued.

[79:10] They will say, “We have been recreated from the grave!

[79:11] “How did this happen after we had turned into rotten bones?”

[79:12] They had said, “This is an impossible recurrence.”

[79:13] All it takes is one nudge.

[79:14] Whereupon they get up.

[79:15] Have you known about the history of Moses?

[79:16] His Lord called him at the holy valley of Tuwaa.

[79:17] “Go to Pharaoh; he has transgressed.”

[79:18] Tell him, “Would you not reform?

[79:19] “Let me guide you to your Lord, that you may turn reverent.”

[79:20] He then showed him the great miracle.

[79:21] But he disbelieved and rebelled.

[79:22] Then he turned away in a hurry.

[79:23] He summoned and proclaimed.

[79:24] He said, “I am your Lord; most high.”

[79:25] Consequently, God committed him to the retribution in the Hereafter, as well as in the first life.

[79:26] This is a lesson for the reverent.

[79:27] Are you more difficult to create than the heaven? He constructed it.

[79:28] He raised its masses, and perfected it.

[79:29] He made its night dark, and brightened its morn.

[79:30] He made the earth egg-shaped.*

*79:30 The Arabic word “dahhaahaa” is derived from “Dahhyah” which means “egg.”

[79:31] From it, He produced its own water and pasture.

[79:32] He established the mountains.

[79:33] All this to provide life support for you and your animals.

[79:34] Then, when the great blow comes.

[79:35] That is the day when the human will remember everything he did.

[79:36] Hell will be brought into existence.

[79:37] As for the one who transgressed.

[79:38] Who was preoccupied with this life.

[79:39] Hell will be the abode.

[79:40] As for the one who reverenced the majesty of his Lord, and enjoined the self from sinful lusts.

[79:41] Paradise will be the abode.

[79:42] They ask you about the Hour, and when it will take place!

[79:43] It is not you (Muhammad) who is destined to announce its time.

[79:44] Your Lord decides its fate.

[79:45] Your mission is to warn those who expect it.

[79:46] The day they see it, they will feel as if they lasted one evening or half a day.

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Free Quran Chapter 87: The Most High (Al-A’alaa)

Learn from GOD that we should remember GOD with the daily contact prayers (Salat) like Abraham and Moses. One of the most important things to constantly be aware of throughout your life is the fact that GOD is doing everything. Everything is in accordance with GOD’s will. Being preoccupied with this world is only bad if it takes you away from remembering GOD, and performing your religious duties and other righteous work. You have to be aware of GOD all the time, it is difficult in the beginning, but you will get better at it with practice. It’s like breathing, it happens naturally so we don’t think about it. Remembering GOD should be like breathing, we have to constantly reminds ourselves about it until it becomes natural. You have to understand that this world is the devil’s playground, so it is designed to tear you down, make you weak, make you forget about GOD.

Quran Chapter 87: The Most High (Al-A’alaa)

[87:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[87:1] Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High.

[87:2] He creates and shapes.

[87:3] He designs and guides.

[87:4] He produces the pasture.

[87:5] Then turns it into light hay.

[87:6] We will recite to you; do not forget.

[87:7] Everything is in accordance with God’s will; He knows what is declared, and what is hidden.

[87:8] We will direct you to the easiest path.

[87:9] Therefore, you shall remind; perhaps the reminder will benefit.

[87:10] The reverent will take heed.

[87:11] The wicked will avoid it.

[87:12] Consequently, he will suffer the great Hellfire.

[87:13] Wherein he never dies, nor stays alive.

[87:14] Successful indeed is the one who redeems his soul.

[87:15] By remembering the name of his Lord and observing the contact prayers (Salat).

[87:16] Indeed, you are preoccupied with this first life.

[87:17] Even though the Hereafter is far better and everlasting.

[87:18] This is recorded in the earlier teachings.

[87:19] The teachings of Abraham and Moses.

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