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Free Quran Chapter 3: The Amramites (Al-‘Imran)

Learn from GOD that there is only one true religion; monotheism. The Quran details this religion out. If there is a religion in the afterlife then it is monotheism, this is the ultimate truth, even since the first creation. Satan rebelled against this religion and created the religion called polytheism. #1: Creatures who converted to polytheism became Jinns. #2: Creatures who were uncertain but then chose monotheism became Animals, such as: stars, planets, trees and all non-human creatures on Earth. They rejected free will. And will be returned to paradise once their test is over. #3: Creatures who remained uncertain became humans, who also chose free will.

We are basically here to explore monotheism and polytheism. Then pick the one that we believe in. Is monotheism the truth? Or is polytheism the truth? Can only GOD be a god? Or can others be gods as well? This question is one of the major philosophies among the “divine” creatures, and we are now simply observing the dispute between these two thoughts (religions). Is GOD right, or is Satan right? Once this world ends, all data will be gathered, all witnesses, records, etcetera, will be compiled for all to see. And then it will be concluded who won the debate. GOD or Satan.

Now you might ask “But why!? If GOD knows the future, then why bother creating all this, isn’t it just a waste of time!?”

Well, of course GOD knows the future. But you see, the whole point is to PROVE that monotheism is the truth. And without creating all of this, then there wouldn’t be any evidence to prove to everyone else that monotheism is the truth. It would be blind faith if GOD asked us to believe in it without evidence.

We need evidence for almost everything in this life. For example when we go shopping we receive a receipt, so we can return the product if it turns out to be damaged. Would a store believe you if you didn’t have the receipt? No, you need evidence that proves that you bought the product in their store, at a specific time for a specific amount, using a certain cash register by a certain employee. This seemingly mundane thing is actually a reflection of a divine dilemma. It is one of the causes for the creation of our world, us and these tests.

The amazing part is that we are pioneers! After this test, the divine society will have evidence to disprove polytheism for the rest of eternity. So you can rest assured that once this test is over, and if you make it to paradise, then your children and grandchildren (times infinity), will be safe and won’t have to go through this whole madness. People will simply look at the data from our long gone world and witness the consequences of polytheism, they will see that monotheism is the only truth there is. They will also be able to visit Hell and see the punishment for the evils caused by polytheism.

So, monotheism or polytheism? Which path do you want to take?

If you pick monotheism, then I recommend you embrace the Quran, all of it, every chapter, verse, word and letter. Study it and focus on following GOD’s commandments and live a righteous life.

And one last advice, study what polytheism is, Satan is your enemy. Learn how Satan thinks. What Satan believes in. What Satan wants. And how Satan operates. You need to know your enemy. Or else you might end up brainwashed like Christians who believe Jesus is the son of GOD. They truly believe they are monotheists… yet submit to polytheism. Muslims also fall for Satan tricks. They added prophet Muhammad to their daily prayers, some sects even add more names, yet they are convinced they are monotheists… even though their practices are similar to polytheists. So if Satan can trick billions of people, don’t you think he can trick you? Mark my words, know your enemy.

Quran Chapter 3: The Amramites (Al-‘Imran)

[3:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[3:1] A.L.M.

*3:1 See Footnote 2:1 and Appendix One.

[3:2] God: there is no god except He; the Living, the Eternal.

[3:3] He sent down to you this scripture, truthfully, confirming all previous scriptures, and He sent down the Torah and the Gospel

[3:4] before that, to guide the people, and He sent down the statute book. Those who disbelieve in God’s revelations incur severe retribution. God is Almighty, Avenger.

[3:5] Nothing is hidden from God, on earth, or in the heaven.

[3:6] He is the One who shapes you in the wombs as He wills. There is no other god besides Him; the Almighty, Most Wise.

[3:7] He sent down to you this scripture, containing straightforward verses – which constitute the essence of the scripture – as well as multiple-meaning or allegorical verses. Those who harbor doubts in their hearts will pursue the multiple-meaning verses to create confusion, and to extricate a certain meaning. None knows the true meaning thereof except God and those well founded in knowledge. They say, “We believe in this – all of it comes from our Lord.” Only those who possess intelligence will take heed.

[3:8] “Our Lord, let not our hearts waver, now that You have guided us. Shower us with Your mercy; You are the Grantor.

[3:9] “Our Lord, You will surely gather the people on a day that is inevitable. God never breaks a promise.”

[3:10] Those who disbelieve will never be helped by their money, nor by their children, against God. They will be fuel for Hell.

[3:11] Like Pharaoh’s people and those before them, they rejected our revelations and, consequently, God punished them for their sins. God is strict in enforcing retribution.

[3:12] Say to those who disbelieve, “You will be defeated, then gathered in Hell; what a miserable abode!”

Believers: The Ultimate Victors

[3:13] An example has been set for you by the two armies who clashed – one army was fighting in the cause of God, while the other was disbelieving. They saw with their own eyes that they were twice as many. God supports with His victory whomever He wills. This should provide an assurance for those who possess vision.

Different Priorities

[3:14] Adorned for the people are the worldly pleasures, such as the women, having children, piles upon piles of gold and silver, trained horses, livestock, and crops. These are the materials of this world. A far better abode is reserved at God.

[3:15] Say, “Let me inform you of a much better deal: for those who lead a righteous life, reserved at their Lord, are gardens with flowing streams, and pure spouses, and joy in God’s blessings.” God is Seer of His worshipers.

[3:16] They say, “Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us our sins, and spare us the agony of the hellfire.”

[3:17] They are steadfast, truthful, submitting, charitable, and meditators at dawn.

The Most Important Commandment*

[3:18] God bears witness that there is no god except He, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge. Truthfully and equitably, He is the absolute god; there is no god but He, the Almighty, Most Wise.

*3:18 The proclamation of faith (Shahaadah) that is decreed by God is: “There is no god except God,” in Arabic “La Elaaha Ella Allah” (see also 37:35, 47:19). The corrupted Muslims insist upon adding a second “Shahaadah” proclaiming that Muhammad is God’s messenger. This is by definition “Shirk” (idolatry) and a flagrant defiance of God and His messenger. Additionally, it violates the major commandments in 2:136, 2:285, 3:84, & 4:150-152 prohibiting any distinction among God’s messengers. By proclaiming that “Muhammad is a messenger of God,” and failing to make the same proclamation for other messengers such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Saleh, and Jonah, a distinction is committed and a major commandment is violated.

Submission: The Only Religion

[3:19] The only religion approved by God is “Submission.” Ironically, those who have received the scripture are the ones who dispute this fact, despite the knowledge they have received, due to jealousy. For such rejectors of God’s revelations, God is most strict in reckoning.

[3:20] If they argue with you, then say, “I have simply submitted myself to God; I and those who follow me.” You shall proclaim to those who received the scripture, as well as those who did not, “Would you submit?” If they submit, then they have been guided, but if they turn away, your sole mission is to deliver this message. God is Seer of all people.

[3:21] Those who have rejected God’s revelations, and killed the prophets unjustly, and killed those who advocated justice among the people, promise them a painful retribution.

[3:22] Their works have been nullified, both in this life and in the Hereafter, and they will have no helpers.

[3:23] Have you noted those who were given part of the scripture, and how they are invited to uphold this scripture of God, and apply it to their own lives, then some of them turn away in aversion?

[3:24] This is because they said, “The hellfire will not touch us, except for a few days.” They were thus deceived in their religion by their own fabrications.

[3:25] How will it be for them, when we summon them on that inevitable day? Each soul will be paid for whatever it earned, without the least injustice.

Attributes of God

[3:26] Say, “Our god: possessor of all sovereignty. You grant sovereignty to whomever You choose, You remove sovereignty from whomever You choose. You grant dignity to whomever You choose, and commit to humiliation whomever You choose. In Your hand are all provisions. You are Omnipotent.

[3:27] “You merge the night into the day, and merge the day into the night. You produce the living from the dead, and produce the dead from the living, and You provide for whomever You choose, without limits.”

Choose Your Friends Carefully

[3:28] The believers never ally themselves with the disbelievers, instead of the believers. Whoever does this is exiled from God. Exempted are those who are forced to do this to avoid persecution. God alerts you that you shall reverence Him alone. To God is the ultimate destiny.

[3:29] Say, “Whether you conceal your innermost thought, or declare it, God is fully aware thereof.” He is fully aware of everything in the heavens and the earth. God is Omnipotent.

[3:30] The day will come when each soul will find all the good works it had done brought forth. As for the evil works, it will wish that they were far, far removed. God alerts you that you shall reverence Him alone. God is Compassionate towards the people.

[3:31] Proclaim: “If you love God, you should follow me.” God will then love you, and forgive your sins. God is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[3:32] Proclaim: “You shall obey God and the messenger.” If they turn away, God does not love the disbelievers.

The Birth of Mary

[3:33] God has chosen Adam, Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of Amram (as messengers) to the people.

[3:34] They belong to the same progeny. God is Hearer, Omniscient.

[3:35] The wife of Amram said, “My Lord, I have dedicated (the baby) in my belly to You, totally, so accept from me. You are Hearer, Omniscient.”

[3:36] When she gave birth to her, she said, “My Lord, I have given birth to a girl” – God was fully aware of what she bore – “The male is not the same as the female. I have named her Mary, and I invoke Your protection for her and her descendants from the rejected devil.”

[3:37] Her Lord accepted her a gracious acceptance, and brought her up a gracious upbringing, under the guardianship of Zachariah. Whenever Zachariah entered her sanctuary he found provisions with her. He would ask, “Mary, where did you get this from?” She would say, “It is from God. God provides for whomever He chooses, without limits.”

The Birth of John

[3:38] That is when Zachariah implored his Lord: “My Lord, grant me such a good child; You are the Hearer of the prayers.”

[3:39] The angels called him when he was praying in the sanctuary: “God gives you good news of John; a believer in the word of God, honorable, moral, and a righteous prophet.”

[3:40] He said, “How can I have a boy, when I am so old, and my wife is sterile?” He said, “God does whatever He wills.”

[3:41] He said, “My Lord, give me a sign.” He said, “Your sign is that you will not speak to the people for three days, except through signals. Commemorate your Lord frequently; and meditate night and day.”

Mary and Jesus

[3:42] The angels said, “O Mary, God has chosen you and purified you. He has chosen you from all the women.

[3:43] “O Mary, you shall submit to your Lord, and prostrate and bow down with those who bow down.”

[3:44] This is news from the past that we reveal to you. You were not there when they drew their raffles to select Mary’s guardian. You were not present when they argued with one another.

[3:45] The angels said, “O Mary, God gives you good news: a Word from Him whose name is `The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary. He will be prominent in this life and in the Hereafter, and one of those closest to Me.’

[3:46] “He will speak to the people from the crib, as well as an adult; he will be one of the righteous.”

[3:47] She said, “My Lord, how can I have a son, when no man has touched me?” He said, “God thus creates whatever He wills. To have anything done, He simply says to it, `Be,’ and it is.

[3:48] “He will teach him the scripture, wisdom, the Torah, and the Gospel.”

[3:49] As a messenger to the Children of Israel: “I come to you with a sign from your Lord – I create for you from clay the shape of a bird, then I blow into it, and it becomes a live bird by God’s leave. I restore vision to the blind, heal the leprous, and I revive the dead by God’s leave. I can tell you what you eat, and what you store in your homes. This should be a proof for you, if you are believers.

[3:50] “I confirm previous scripture – the Torah – and I revoke certain prohibitions imposed upon you. I come to you with sufficient proof from your Lord. Therefore, you shall observe God, and obey me.

[3:51] “God is my Lord and your Lord;* you shall worship Him alone. This is the right path.”

*3:51 This is precisely what Jesus is quoted to say throughout the New Testament. See for example the Gospel of John 20:17, and the book “Jesus: Myths and Message” by Lisa Spray, Ch.4 (Universal Unity, Fremont, California, 1992).

[3:52] When Jesus sensed their disbelief, he said, “Who are my supporters towards God?” The disciples said, “We are God’s supporters; we believe in God, and bear witness that we are submitters.”

[3:53] “Our Lord, we have believed in what You have sent down, and we have followed the messenger; count us among the witnesses.”

The Death of Jesus*

[3:54] They plotted and schemed, but so did God, and God is the best schemer.

*3:54-55 We learn that Jesus’ soul, the real person, was raised, i.e., Jesus’ life on earth was terminated, prior to the arrest, torture, and crucifixion of his empty, soulless, physiologically living body (See the details in Appendix 22).

[3:55] Thus, God said, “O Jesus, I am terminating your life, raising you to Me, and ridding you of the disbelievers. I will exalt those who follow you above those who disbelieve, till the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me is the ultimate destiny of all of you, then I will judge among you regarding your disputes.

[3:56] “As for those who disbelieve, I will commit them to painful retribution in this world, and in the Hereafter. They will have no helpers.”

[3:57] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, He will fully recompense them. God does not love the unjust.

[3:58] These are the revelations that we recite to you, providing a message full of wisdom.

Mathematical Confirmation*

[3:59] The example of Jesus, as far as God is concerned, is the same as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him, “Be,” and he was.

*3:59 The “equality” of the creation of Jesus and Adam is confirmed mathematically; Jesus and Adam are mentioned in the Quran the same number of times, 25 times each.

[3:60] This is the truth from your Lord; do not harbor any doubts.

Challenging the Disbelievers

[3:61] If anyone argues with you, despite the knowledge you have received, then say, “Let us summon our children and your children, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, then let us invoke God’s curse upon the liars.”

[3:62] Absolutely, this is the narration of the truth. Absolutely, there is no god except God. Absolutely, God is the Almighty, Most Wise.

[3:63] If they turn away, then God is fully aware of the evildoers.

Invitation to All Believers

[3:64] Say, “O followers of the scripture, let us come to a logical agreement between us and you: that we shall not worship except God; that we never set up any idols besides Him, nor set up any human beings as lords beside God.” If they turn away, say, “Bear witness that we are submitters.”

[3:65] O followers of the scripture, why do you argue about Abraham, when the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed until after him? Do you not understand?

[3:66] You have argued about things you knew; why do you argue about things you do not know? God knows, while you do not know.

[3:67] Abraham was neither Jewish, nor Christian; he was a monotheist submitter. He never was an idol worshiper.

[3:68] The people most worthy of Abraham are those who followed him, and this prophet, and those who believe. God is the Lord and Master of the believers.

[3:69] Some followers of the scripture wish to lead you astray, but they only lead themselves astray, without perceiving.

[3:70] O followers of the scripture, why do you reject these revelations of God though you bear witness (that this is the truth)?

[3:71] O followers of the scripture, why do you confound the truth with falsehood, and conceal the truth, knowingly?

[3:72] Some followers of the scripture say, “Believe in what was sent down to the believers in the morning, and reject it in the evening; maybe someday they will revert.

[3:73] “And do not believe except as those who follow your religion.” Say, “The true guidance is God’s guidance.” If they claim that they have the same guidance, or argue with you about your Lord, say, “All grace is in God’s hand; He bestows it upon whomever He wills.” God is Bounteous, Omniscient.

[3:74] He specifies His mercy for whomever He wills; God possesses unlimited grace.

Be Honest With All People

[3:75] Some followers of the scripture can be trusted with a whole lot, and they will give it back to you. Others among them cannot be trusted with a single dinar; they will not repay you unless you keep after them. That is because they say, “We do not have to be honest when dealing with the gentiles!”* Thus, they attribute lies to God, knowingly.

*3:75 Prior to the discovery of the Quran’s mathematical code, some scholars falsely claimed that Muhammad was an illiterate man who could not write such a great book. They distorted the meaning of the word “Ummy,” claiming that it meant “illiterate.” This verse proves that “Ummiyyeen” means “gentiles” (See also 62:2 & Appendix 28).

[3:76] Indeed, those who fulfill their obligations and lead a righteous life, God loves the righteous.

[3:77] As for those who trade away God’s covenant, and their obligations, for a cheap price, they receive no share in the Hereafter. God will not speak to them, nor look at them, on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them. They have incurred a painful retribution.

[3:78] Among them are those who twist their tongues to imitate the scripture, that you may think it is from the scripture, when it is not from the scripture, and they claim that it is from God, when it is not from God. Thus, they utter lies and attribute them to God, knowingly.

[3:79] Never would a human being whom God blessed with the scripture and prophethood say to the people, “Idolize me beside God.” Instead, (he would say), “Devote yourselves absolutely to your Lord alone,” according to the scripture you preach and the teachings you learn.

[3:80] Nor would he command you to idolize the angels and the prophets as lords. Would he exhort you to disbelieve after becoming submitters?

Major Prophecy Fulfilled* God’s Messenger of the Covenant

[3:81] God took a covenant from the prophets, saying, “I will give you the scripture and wisdom. Afterwards, a messenger will come to confirm all existing scriptures. You shall believe in him and support him.” He said, “Do you agree with this, and pledge to fulfill this covenant?” They said, “We agree.” He said, “You have thus borne witness, and I bear witness along with you.”

*3:81 This major prophecy has now been fulfilled. God’s Messenger of the Covenant, as prophesied in this verse and in the Bible’s Malachi 3:1-21, Luke 17:22-36 & Matthew 24:27, is to purify and unify God’s messages which were delivered by God’s prophets. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. have been severely corrupted. It is the will of Almighty God to purify them and unify them under the banner of worshiping Him alone. Overwhelming evidence has been provided by God in support of His Messenger of the Covenant, whose name is incontrovertibly specified in the Quran’s mathematical code as “Rashad Khalifa.” For example, adding the gematrical value of “Rashad” (505), plus the value of “Khalifa” (725), plus the verse number (81) gives 1311, or 19×69 (see Appendix 2 for the detailed evidence).

Rejectors of God’s Messenger of the Covenant are Disbelievers

[3:82] Those who reject this (Quranic prophecy) are the evil ones.

[3:83] Are they seeking other than God’s religion, when everything in the heavens and the earth has submitted to Him, willingly and unwillingly, and to Him they will be returned?

Make No Distinction Among God’s Messengers

[3:84] Say, “We believe in God, and in what was sent down to us, and in what was sent down to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs, and in what was given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them. To Him alone we are submitters.”

Only One Religion Approved by God

[3:85] Anyone who accepts other than Submission as his religion, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter, he will be with the losers.

[3:86] Why should God guide people who disbelieved after believing, and after witnessing that the messenger is truth, and after solid proofs* have been given to them? God does not guide the wicked.

*3:86 Verses 3:82-90 inform us that those who reject God’s Messenger of the Covenant are no longer submitters (Muslims), since they no longer believe the Quran. The proofs mentioned in 3:86 refer to the Quran’s mathematical code, which was revealed through God’s Messenger of the Covenant. Both 3:86 and 3:90 talk about “disbelieving after believing.”

[3:87] These have incurred condemnation by God, and the angels, and all the people.

[3:88] Eternally they abide therein; the retribution is never commuted for them, nor will they be reprieved.

[3:89] Exempted are those who repent thereafter, and reform. God is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

When Repentance is Unacceptable

[3:90] Those who disbelieve after believing, then plunge deeper into disbelief, their repentance will not be accepted from them; they are the real strayers.

[3:91] Those who disbelieve and die as disbelievers, an earthfull of gold will not be accepted from any of them, even if such a ransom were possible. They have incurred painful retribution; they will have no helpers.

[3:92] You cannot attain righteousness until you give to charity from the possessions you love. Whatever you give to charity, God is fully aware thereof.

Do Not Prohibit What Is Lawful

[3:93] All food used to be lawful for the Children of Israel, until Israel imposed certain prohibitions on themselves before the Torah was sent down. Say, “Bring the Torah and read it, if you are truthful.”

[3:94] Those who fabricate false prohibitions after this, and attribute them to God, are truly wicked.

[3:95] Say, “God has proclaimed the truth: You shall follow Abraham’s religion – monotheism. He never was an idolater.”

[3:96] The most important shrine established for the people is the one in Becca;* a blessed beacon for all the people.

*3:96 This is an M-initialed sura, and this peculiar spelling of “Mecca” as “Becca” causes the occurence of “M” to conform to the Quran’s mathematical code. The normal spelling “Mecca” would have increased the frequency of occurence of “M” (Appendix 1).

[3:97] In it are clear signs: the station of Abraham. Anyone who enters it shall be granted safe passage. The people owe it to God that they shall observe Hajj to this shrine, when they can afford it. As for those who disbelieve, God does not need anyone.

[3:98] Say, “O followers of the scripture, why do you reject these revelations of God, when God is witnessing everything you do?”

[3:99] Say, “O followers of the scripture, why do you repel from the path of God those who wish to believe, and seek to distort it, even though you are witnesses?” God is never unaware of anything you do.

[3:100] O you who believe, if you obey some of those who received the scripture, they will revert you, after having believed, into disbelievers.

[3:101] How can you disbelieve, when these revelations of God have been recited to you, and His messenger has come to you? Whoever holds fast to God will be guided in the right path.

[3:102] O you who believe, you shall observe God as He should be observed, and do not die except as Submitters.

Believers are United

[3:103] You shall hold fast to the rope of God, all of you, and do not be divided. Recall God’s blessings upon you – you used to be enemies and He reconciled your hearts. By His grace, you became brethren. You were at the brink of a pit of fire, and He saved you therefrom. God thus explains His revelations for you, that you may be guided.

[3:104] Let there be a community of you who invite to what is good, advocate righteousness, and forbid evil. These are the winners.

[3:105] Do not be like those who became divided and disputed, despite the clear proofs that were given to them. For these have incurred a terrible retribution.

[3:106] The day will come when some faces will be brightened (with joy), while other faces will be darkened (with misery). As for those whose faces are darkened, they will be asked, “Did you not disbelieve after believing? Therefore, suffer the retribution for your disbelief.”

[3:107] As for those whose faces are brightened, they will rejoice in God’s mercy; they abide therein forever.

[3:108] These are God’s revelations; we recite them to you, truthfully. God does not wish any hardship for the people.

[3:109] To God belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth, and all matters are controlled by God.

The Best Community

[3:110] You are the best community ever raised among the people: you advocate righteousness and forbid evil, and you believe in God. If the followers of the scripture believed, it would be better for them. Some of them do believe, but the majority of them are wicked.

[3:111] They can never harm you, beyond insulting you. If they fight you, they will turn around and flee. They can never win.

[3:112] They shall be humiliated whenever you encounter them, unless they uphold God’s covenant, as well as their peace covenants with you. They have incurred wrath from God, and, consequently, they are committed to disgrace. This is because they rejected God’s revelations, and killed the prophets unjustly. This is because they disobeyed and transgressed.

Righteous Jews & Christians

[3:113] They are not all the same; among the followers of the scripture, there are those who are righteous. They recite God’s revelations through the night, and they fall prostrate.

[3:114] They believe in God and the Last Day, they advocate righteousness and forbid evil, and they hasten to do righteous works. These are the righteous.

[3:115] Any good they do will not go unrewarded. God is fully aware of the righteous.

[3:116] Those who disbelieved can never be helped by their money or their children against God. They have incurred Hell, wherein they abide forever.

[3:117] The example of their accomplishments in this life is like a violent wind that hits the harvest of people who have wronged their souls, and wipes it out. God never wronged them; it is they who wronged themselves.

Do Not Befriend Hypocrites

[3:118] O you who believe, do not befriend outsiders who never cease to wish you harm; they even wish to see you suffer. Hatred flows out of their mouths and what they hide in their chests is far worse. We thus clarify the revelations for you, if you understand.

[3:119] Here you are loving them, while they do not love you, and you believe in all the scripture. When they meet you they say, “We believe,” but as soon as they leave, they bite their fingers out of rage towards you. Say, “Die in your rage.” God is fully aware of the innermost thoughts.

[3:120] When anything good comes your way they hurt, and when something bad happens to you they rejoice. If you steadfastly persevere, and maintain righteousness, their schemes will never hurt you. God is fully aware of everything they do.

The Battle of Badr

[3:121] Recall that you (Muhammad) were among your people when you set out to assign to the believers their positions for battle. God is Hearer, Omniscient.

[3:122] Two groups among you almost failed, but God was their Lord. In God the believers shall trust.

[3:123] God has granted you victory at Badr, despite your weakness. Therefore, you shall observe God, to show your appreciation.

God’s Angels Help the Believers

[3:124] You told the believers, “Is it not enough that your Lord supports you with three thousand angels, sent down?”

[3:125] Indeed, if you steadfastly persevere and maintain righteousness, then they attack you suddenly, your Lord will support you with five thousand* angels, well trained.

*3:124-125 Thirty different numbers are mentioned in the Quran. Their total comes to 162146, 19×8534. This conforms with the Quran’s mathematical miracle (See Appendix One).

[3:126] God thus informs you, in order to give you good news, and to assure your hearts. Victory comes only from God, the Almighty, Most Wise.

[3:127] He thus annihilates some disbelievers, or neutralizes them; they always end up the losers.

[3:128] It is not up to you; He may redeem them, or He may punish them for their transgressions.

[3:129] To God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. He forgives whomever He wills, and punishes whomever He wills. God is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

Usury Prohibited*

[3:130] O you who believe, you shall not take usury, compounded over and over. Observe God, that you may succeed.

*3:130 Interest on bank deposits and interest charged on loans are lawful if they are not excessive (5-15%). Banks invest and their profits are passed on to the depositors. Since all parties are happy and no one is victimized, it is perfectly lawful to take interest from the bank (see 2:275).

[3:131] Beware of the hellfire that awaits the disbelievers.

[3:132] You shall obey God and the messenger, that you may attain mercy.

Attributes of the Righteous

[3:133] You should eagerly race towards forgiveness from your Lord and a Paradise whose width encompasses the heavens and the earth; it awaits the righteous,

[3:134] who give to charity during the good times, as well as the bad times. They are suppressors of anger, and pardoners of the people. God loves the charitable.

[3:135] If they fall in sin or wrong their souls, they remember God and ask forgiveness for their sins – and who forgives the sins except God – and they do not persist in sins, knowingly.

[3:136] Their recompense is forgiveness from their Lord, and gardens with flowing streams; they abide therein forever. What a blessed reward for the workers!


Victory for the Righteous

[3:137] Precedents have been set for you in the past; roam the earth and note the consequences for the unbelievers.

[3:138] This is a proclamation for the people, and a guidance and enlightenment for the righteous.

[3:139] You shall not waver, nor shall you grieve, for you are the ultimate victors, if you are believers.

[3:140] If you suffer hardship, the enemy also suffers the same hardship. We alternate the days of victory and defeat among the people. God thus distinguishes the true believers, and blesses some of you with martyrdom. God dislikes injustice.

[3:141] God thus toughens those who believe and humiliates the disbelievers.

Our Claims Must Be Tested

[3:142] Do you expect to enter Paradise without God distinguishing those among you who strive, and without distinguishing those who are steadfast?

[3:143] You used to long for death before you had to face it. Now you have faced it, right before your eyes.

[3:144] Muhammad was no more than a messenger like the messengers before him. Should he die or get killed, would you turn back on your heels? Anyone who turns back on his heels, does not hurt God in the least. God rewards those who are appreciative.

Time of Death Predetermined

[3:145] No one dies except by God’s leave, at a predetermined time. Whoever seeks the vanities of this world, we give him therefrom, and whoever seeks the rewards of the Hereafter, we bless him therein. We reward those who are appreciative.

[3:146] Many a prophet had godly people fight along with him, without ever wavering under pressure in the cause of God, nor did they hesitate or become discouraged. God loves the steadfast.

[3:147] Their only utterance was, “Our Lord, forgive us our sins, and our transgressions, strengthen our foothold, and grant us victory over the disbelievers.”

[3:148] Consequently, God granted them the rewards of this world, and the better rewards of the Hereafter. God loves the good doers.

[3:149] O you who believe, if you obey those who disbelieve, they will turn you back on your heels, then you end up losers.

[3:150] God alone is your Lord and Master, and He is the best supporter.

God Controls Your Enemies

[3:151] We will throw terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, since they set up besides God powerless idols. Their destiny is Hell; what a miserable abode for the transgressors!

The Battle of Uhud

[3:152] God has fulfilled His promise to you, and you defeated them by His leave. But then you wavered, disputed among yourselves, and disobeyed after He had shown you (the victory) you had longed for. But then, some of you became distracted by the spoils of this world, while others were rightly concerned with the Hereafter. He then diverted you from them to test you. He has pardoned you. God showers the believers with His grace.

[3:153] Recall that you rushed (after the spoils), paying no attention to anyone, even when the messenger was calling from behind you. Consequently, He substituted one misery for another, that you may not grieve over anything you had missed, or agonize over any hardship you had suffered. God is Cognizant of everything you do.

Moment of Death Predetermined

[3:154] After the setback, He sent down upon you peaceful slumber that pacified some of you. Others among you were selfishly concerned about themselves. They harbored thoughts about God that were not right – the same thoughts they had harbored during the days of ignorance. Thus, they said, “Is anything up to us?” Say, “Everything is up to God.” They concealed inside themselves what they did not reveal to you. They said, “If it was up to us, none of us would have been killed in this battle.” Say, “Had you stayed in your homes, those destined to be killed would have crawled into their death beds.” God thus puts you to the test to bring out your true convictions, and to test what is in your hearts. God is fully aware of the innermost thoughts.

[3:155] Surely, those among you who turned back the day the two armies clashed have been duped by the devil. This reflects some of the (evil) works they had committed. God has pardoned them. God is Forgiver, Clement.

[3:156] O you who believe, do not be like those who disbelieved and said of their kinsmen who traveled or mobilized for war, “Had they stayed with us, they would not have died or gotten killed.” God renders this a source of grief in their hearts. God controls life and death. God is Seer of everything you do.

[3:157] Whether you get killed or die in the cause of God, the forgiveness from God, and mercy are far better than anything they hoard.

[3:158] Whether you die or get killed, you will be summoned before God.

The Messenger’s Kindness

[3:159] It was mercy from God that you became compassionate towards them. Had you been harsh and mean-hearted, they would have abandoned you. Therefore, you shall pardon them and ask forgiveness for them, and consult them. Once you make a decision, carry out your plan, and trust in God. God loves those who trust in Him.*

*3:159 The currency of the U.S.A. is the only currency that carries the phrase: “In God we trust.” It is a fact that the American dollar has been the strongest currency in the world, and the standard by which all other currencies are measured.

[3:160] If God supports you, none can defeat you. And if He abandons you, who else can support you? In God the believers shall trust.

No One Above the Law

[3:161] Even the prophet cannot take more of the spoils of war than he is entitled to. Anyone who takes more than his rightful share will have to account for it on the Day of Resurrection. That is when each soul is paid for whatever it earned, without the least injustice.

[3:162] Is one who pursues God’s pleasure the same as one who incurs wrath from God and his destiny is Hell, the most miserable abode?

[3:163] They certainly occupy different ranks at God. God is Seer of everything they do.

[3:164] God has blessed the believers by raising in their midst a messenger from among them, to recite for them His revelations, and to purify them, and to teach them the scripture and wisdom. Before this, they had gone totally astray.

[3:165] Now that you have suffered a setback, and even though you inflicted twice as much suffering (upon your enemy), you said, “Why did this happen to us?” Say, “This is a consequence of your own deeds.” God is Omnipotent.

[3:166] What afflicted you the day the two armies clashed was in accordance with God’s will, and to distinguish the believers.

[3:167] And to expose the hypocrites who were told, “Come fight in the cause of God, or contribute.” They said, “If we knew how to fight, we would have joined you.” They were closer to disbelief then than they were to belief. They uttered with their mouths what was not in their hearts. God knows what they conceal.

[3:168] They said of their kinsmen, as they stayed behind, “Had they obeyed us, they would not have been killed.” Say, “Then prevent your own death, if you are truthful.”

The Righteous Do Not Really Die*

[3:169] Do not think that those who are killed in the cause of God are dead; they are alive at their Lord, enjoying His provisions.

*3:169 We learn from the Quran that the righteous do not really die; they simply leave their worldly bodies and go directly to the same Paradise where Adam and Eve once lived (2:154, 8:24, 16:32, 22:58, 44:56, & 36:26-27; see also Appendix 17).

[3:170] They are rejoicing in God’s grace, and they have good news for their comrades who did not die with them, that they have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

[3:171] They have good news of God’s blessings and grace, and that God never fails to reward the believers.

[3:172] For those who respond to God and the messenger, despite the persecution they suffer, and maintain their good works, and lead a righteous life, a great reward.

[3:173] When the people say to them, “People have mobilized against you; you should fear them,” this only strengthens their faith, and they say, “God suffices us; He is the best Protector.”

[3:174] They have deserved God’s blessings and grace. No harm ever touches them, for they have attained God’s approval. God possesses infinite grace.

Fear: The Devil’s Tool

[3:175] It is the devil’s system to instill fear into his subjects. Do not fear them and fear Me instead, if you are believers.

[3:176] Do not be saddened by those who hasten to disbelieve. They never hurt God in the least. Instead, God has willed that they will have no share in the Hereafter. They have incurred a terrible retribution.

[3:177] Those who choose disbelief, instead of belief, do not hurt God in the least; they have incurred a painful retribution.

[3:178] Let not the disbelievers think that we lead them on for their own good. We only lead them on to confirm their sinfulness. They have incurred a humiliating retribution.

[3:179] God is not to leave the believers as you are, without distinguishing the bad from the good. Nor does God inform you of the future, but God bestows such knowledge upon whomever He chooses from among His messengers.* Therefore, you shall believe in God and His messengers. If you believe and lead a righteous life, you receive a great recompense.

*3:179 The end of the world is one example of future events revealed to God’s Messenger of the Covenant. See Footnote 72:27.

[3:180] Let not those who withhold and hoard God’s provisions think that this is good for them; it is bad for them. For they will carry their hoardings around their necks on the Day of Resurrection. God is the ultimate inheritor of the heavens and the earth. God is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

Humans Continue to Defy God

[3:181] God has heard the utterances of those who said, “God is poor, while we are rich.” We will record everything they said, just as we recorded their killing of the prophets unjustly, and we will say, “Suffer the retribution of Hell.

[3:182] “This is the consequence of your own works.” God is never unjust towards the people.

[3:183] It is they who said, “God has made a covenant with us that we shall not believe in any messenger, unless he produces an offering that gets consumed by fire.” Say, “Messengers before me have come to you with clear proofs, including what you just demanded. Why then did you kill them, if you are truthful?”

[3:184] If they reject you, messengers before you have been rejected, even though they brought proofs, the Psalms, and the enlightening scripture.

A Great Triumph

[3:185] Every person tastes death, then you receive your recompense on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever misses Hell, barely, and makes it to Paradise, has attained a great triumph. The life of this world is no more than an illusion.

The Inevitable Test*

[3:186] You will certainly be tested, through your money and your lives, and you will hear from those who received the scripture, and from the idol worshipers, a lot of insult. If you steadfastly persevere and lead a righteous life, this will prove the strength of your faith.

*3:186 After passing the admission tests, the proven worshipers of God ALONE enjoy a perfect life, now and forever. See 29:2-3, 10:62, and 24:55.

[3:187] God took a covenant from those who received the scripture: “You shall proclaim it to the people, and never conceal it.” But they disregarded it behind their backs, and traded it away for a cheap price. What a miserable trade.

[3:188] Those who boast about their works, and wish to be praised for something they have not really done, should not think that they can evade the retribution. They have incurred a painful retribution.

[3:189] To God belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. God is Omnipotent.

Those Who Possess Intelligence

[3:190] In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for those who possess intelligence.

[3:191] They remember God* while standing, sitting, and on their sides, and they reflect upon the creation of the heavens and the earth: “Our Lord, You did not create all this in vain. Be You glorified. Save us from the retribution of Hell.

*3:191 Your god is whoever or whatever occupies your mind most of the time. The true believers are those who remember God most of the time. See 23:84-89 and Appendix 27.

[3:192] “Our Lord, whomever You commit to Hell are the ones You have forsaken. Such transgressors have no helpers.

[3:193] “Our Lord, we have heard a caller calling to faith and proclaiming: `You shall believe in your Lord,’ and we have believed. Our Lord, forgive us our transgressions, remit our sins, and let us die as righteous believers.

[3:194] “Our Lord, shower us with the blessings you promised us through Your messengers, and do not forsake us on the Day of Resurrection. You never break a promise.”

God Responds

[3:195] Their Lord responded to them: “I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female – you are equal to one another. Thus, those who immigrate, and get evicted from their homes, and are persecuted because of Me, and fight and get killed, I will surely remit their sins and admit them into gardens with flowing streams.” Such is the reward from God. God possesses the ultimate reward.

[3:196] Do not be impressed by the apparent success of disbelievers.

[3:197] They only enjoy temporarily, then end up in Hell; what a miserable destiny!

[3:198] As for those who observe their Lord, they have deserved gardens with flowing streams; they abide therein forever. Such is the abode given to them by God. What God possesses is far better for the righteous.

Righteous Jews and Christians

[3:199] Surely, some followers of the previous scriptures do believe in God, and in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed to them. They reverence God, and they never trade away God’s revelations for a cheap price. These will receive their recompense from their Lord. God is the most efficient in reckoning.

[3:200] O you who believe, you shall be steadfast, you shall persevere, you shall be united, you shall observe God, that you may succeed.

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Free Quran Chapter 17: The Children of Israel (Bani Israel)

Learn from GOD that hypocrites believe in GOD during disaster, but worship idols once saved. If you pay close attention to how idol-worshipers behave, then you will see them forgetting their idols when they are in crisis. But once they are in safety – they go back to worshiping their idol. For example, they are out sailing, then suddenly a storm comes, they feel like their boat is going to sink, and that they are going to drown. They will then implore GOD: “forgive me GOD for everything, please save me”. Yet when they are saved – they go back to their idol worship.

I have seen this behavior way too often. It can also happen with our own ego, that we put faith in ourselves instead of GOD. Then in times of crisis we suddenly depend completely on GOD. And once saved; we go back to our old behavior where we feel confident in our ability, that it was our ability that saved us, not GOD. Such behavior exists in all of us, it is therefore very important to be aware of it so we can overcome it. GOD doesn’t love the arrogant.

Quran Chapter 17: The Children of Israel (Bani Israel)

[17:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[17:1] Most glorified is the One who summoned His servant (Muhammad) during the night, from the Sacred Masjid (of Mecca) to the farthest place of prostration,* whose surroundings we have blessed, in order to show him some of our signs. He is the Hearer, the Seer.

*17:1 “The Aqsa Masjid” means “the farthest place where there is prostration,” many billions of Light Years away. This verse informs us that Muhammad, the soul, was taken to the highest Heaven to be given the Quran (2:185, 44:3, 53:1-18, & 97:1).

[17:2] Similarly, we gave Moses the scripture, and rendered it a beacon for the Children of Israel that: “You shall not set up any idol as a Lord and Master beside Me.”

[17:3] They are descendants of those whom we carried with Noah; he was an appreciative servant.

[17:4] We addressed the Children of Israel in the scripture: “You will commit gross evil on earth, twice. You are destined to fall into great heights of arrogance.

[17:5] “When the first time comes to pass, we will send against you servants of ours who possess great might, and they will invade your homes. This is a prophecy that must come to pass.

[17:6] “Afterwards, we will give you a turn over them, and will supply you with a lot of wealth and children; we will give you the upper hand.

[17:7] “If you work righteousness, you work righteousness for your own good, but if you commit evil you do so to your own detriment. Thus, when the second time comes to pass, they will defeat you and enter the masjid, just as they did the first time. They will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished.”

[17:8] Your Lord showers you with His mercy. But if you revert to transgression, we will counter with retribution. We have designated Gehenna as a final abode for the disbelievers.

Quran: Our Means to Salvation

[17:9] This Quran guides to the best path, and brings good news to the believers who lead a righteous life, that they have deserved a great recompense.

[17:10] As for those who disbelieve in the Hereafter, we have prepared for them a painful retribution.

[17:11] The human being often prays for something that may hurt him, thinking that he is praying for something good. The human being is impatient.

[17:12] We rendered the night and the day two signs. We made the night dark, and the day lighted, that you may seek provisions from your Lord therein. This also establishes for you a timing system, and the means of calculation. We thus explain everything in detail.

The Video Tape*

[17:13] We have recorded the fate of every human being; it is tied to his neck. On the Day of Resurrection we will hand him a record that is accessible.

*17:13 Your life is already recorded, as if on a video tape, from birth to death. This same record will be made accessible to us upon resurrection. See 57:22 & Appendix 14.

[17:14] Read your own record. Today, you suffice as your own reckoner.

[17:15] Whoever is guided, is guided for his own good, and whoever goes astray does so to his own detriment. No sinner will bear the sins of anyone else. We never punish without first sending a messenger.

[17:16] If we are to annihilate any community, we let the leaders commit vast corruption therein. Once they deserve retribution, we annihilate it completely.

[17:17] Many a generation have we annihilated after Noah. Your Lord is most efficient in dealing with the sins of His servants; He is fully Cognizant, Seer.

Choose Your Priorities Carefully This Life

[17:18] Anyone who chooses this fleeting life as his priority, we will rush to him what we decide to give him, then we commit him to Gehenna, where he suffers forever, despised and defeated.

The Hereafter

[17:19] As for those who choose the Hereafter as their priority, and work righteousness, while believing, their efforts will be appreciated.

[17:20] For each one of them we provide; we provide for those and these from your Lord’s bounties. Your Lord’s bounties are inexhaustible.

[17:21] Note how we preferred some people above others (in this life). The differences in the Hereafter are far greater and far more significant.

Major Commandments

[17:22] You shall not set up any other god beside God, lest you end up despised and disgraced.

[17:23] Your Lord has decreed that you shall not worship except Him, and your parents shall be honored. As long as one or both of them live, you shall never say to them, “Uff” (the slightest gesture of annoyance), nor shall you shout at them; you shall treat them amicably.

[17:24] And lower for them the wings of humility, and kindness, and say, “My Lord, have mercy on them, for they have raised me from infancy.”

[17:25] Your Lord is fully aware of your innermost thoughts. If you maintain righteousness, He is Forgiver of those who repent.

[17:26] You shall give the due alms to the relatives, the needy, the poor, and the traveling alien, but do not be excessive, extravagant.

[17:27] The extravagant are brethren of the devils, and the devil is unappreciative of his Lord.

[17:28] Even if you have to turn away from them, as you pursue the mercy of your Lord, you shall treat them in the nicest manner.

Stinginess Condemned

[17:29] You shall not keep your hand stingily tied to your neck, nor shall you foolishly open it up, lest you end up blamed and sorry.

[17:30] For your Lord increases the provision for anyone He chooses, and reduces it. He is fully Cognizant of His creatures, Seer.

Abortion is Murder

[17:31] You shall not kill your children due to fear of poverty. We provide for them, as well as for you. Killing them is a gross offense.

[17:32] You shall not commit adultery; it is a gross sin, and an evil behavior.

[17:33] You shall not kill any person – for God has made life sacred – except in the course of justice. If one is killed unjustly, then we give his heir authority to enforce justice. Thus, he shall not exceed the limits in avenging the murder, he will be helped.

[17:34] You shall not touch the orphans’ money except for their own good, until they reach maturity. You shall fulfill your covenants, for a covenant is a great responsibility.

[17:35] You shall give full measure when you trade, and weigh equitably. This is better and more righteous.

Crucial Advice

[17:36] You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.

[17:37] You shall not walk proudly on earth – you cannot bore through the earth, nor can you be as tall as the mountains.

[17:38] All bad behavior is condemned by your Lord.

Quran Is Wisdom

[17:39] This is some of the wisdom inspired to you by your Lord. You shall not set up another god beside God, lest you end up in Gehenna, blamed and defeated.

[17:40] Has your Lord given you boys, while giving Himself the angels as daughters?! How could you utter such a blasphemy?

[17:41] We have cited in this Quran (all kinds of examples), that they may take heed. But it only augments their aversion.

[17:42] Say, “If there were any other gods beside Him, as they claim, they would have tried to overthrow the Possessor of the throne.”

[17:43] Be He glorified, He is much too exalted, far above their utterances.

Everything Glorifies God

[17:44] Glorifying Him are the seven universes, the earth, and everyone in them. There is nothing that does not glorify Him, but you do not understand their glorification. He is Clement, Forgiver.

Disbelievers Cannot Understand Quran

[17:45] When you read the Quran, we place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier.

Quran: The ONLY Source

[17:46] We place shields around their minds, to prevent them from understanding it, and deafness in their ears. And when you preach your Lord, using the Quran alone,* they run away in aversion.

*17:46 The Arabic word “alone” refers to God in 7:70, 39:45, 40:12 & 84, and 60:4. If you add these numbers, you get 361, 19×19. But if you include 17:46, which refers to the Quran, the product is not a multiple of 19. “Alone,” therefore refers to the Quran in 17:46 (Appendix 18).

[17:47] We are fully aware of what they hear, when they listen to you, and when they conspire secretly – the disbelievers say,”You are following a crazy man.”

[17:48] Note how they describe you, and how this causes them to stray off the path.

[17:49] They said, “After we turn into bones and fragments, we get resurrected anew?!”

[17:50] Say, “Even if you turn into rocks or iron.

[17:51] “Even if you turn into any kind of creation that you deem impossible.” They will then say, “Who will bring us back?” Say, “The One who created you in the first place.” They will then shake their heads and say, “When will that be?” Say, “It may be closer than you think.”

[17:52] The day He summons you, you will respond by praising Him, and you will then realize that you had lasted in this life but a short while.

Treat Each Other Amicably

[17:53] Tell My servants to treat each other in the best possible manner, for the devil will always try to drive a wedge among them. Surely, the devil is man’s most ardent enemy.

[17:54] Your Lord knows you best. According to His knowledge, He may shower you with mercy, or He may requite you. We did not send you to be their advocate.

[17:55] Your Lord is the best knower of everyone in the heavens and the earth. In accordance with this knowledge, we preferred some prophets over others. For example, we gave David the Psalms.

[17:56] Say, “Implore whatever idols you have set up beside Him.” They have no power to relieve your afflictions, nor can they prevent them.

The Righteous Idols Worship God Alone

[17:57] Even the idols that they implore are seeking the ways and means towards their Lord. They pray for His mercy, and fear His retribution. Surely, the retribution of your Lord is dreadful.

[17:58] There is not a community that we will not annihilate before the Day of Resurrection, or inflict severe retribution upon them. This is already written down in the book.

Old Kind of Miracles Made Obsolete

[17:59] What stopped us from sending the miracles is that the previous generations have rejected them. For example, we showed Thamoud the camel, a profound (miracle), but they transgressed against it. We sent the miracles only to instill reverence.

[17:60] We informed you that your Lord fully controls the people, and we rendered the vision that we showed you a test for the people, and the tree that is accursed in the Quran.* We showed them solid proofs to instill reverence in them, but this only augmented their defiance.

*17:60 Muhammad’s journey to the highest heaven to receive the Quran, as stated in 17:1 and 53:1-18, is a test because the people had to believe Muhammad on faith.

Satan Dupes the People

[17:61] When we said to the angels, “Fall prostrate before Adam,” they fell prostrate, except Satan. He said, “Shall I prostrate to one You created from mud?”

[17:62] He said, “Since You have honored him over me, if You respite me till the Day of Resurrection, I will possess all his descendants, except a few.”

[17:63] He said, “Then go; you and those who follow you will end up in Hell as your requital; an equitable requital.

[17:64] “You may entice them with your voice, and mobilize all your forces and all your men against them, and share in their money and children, and promise them. Anything the devil promises is no more than an illusion.

[17:65] “As for My servants, you have no power over them.” Your Lord suffices as an advocate.

[17:66] Your Lord is the One who causes the ships to float on the ocean, that you may seek His bounties. He is Most Merciful towards you.

*17:66 We now learn from physics and physical chemistry that water possesses unique qualities that render it perfectly suitable for serving our various needs.

Bad Weather Friends

[17:67] If you are afflicted in the middle of the sea, you forget your idols and sincerely implore Him alone. But as soon as He saves you to the shore, you revert. Indeed, the human being is unappreciative.

[17:68] Have you guaranteed that He will not cause the land, on shore, to swallow you? Or, that He will not send upon you a tempest, then you find no protector?

[17:69] Have you guaranteed that He will not return you to the sea another time, then send upon you a storm that drowns you because of your disbelief? Once this happens, we will not give you another chance.

[17:70] We have honored the children of Adam, and provided them with rides on land and in the sea. We provided for them good provisions, and we gave them greater advantages than many of our creatures.

[17:71] The day will come when we summon every people, together with their record. As for those who are given a record of righteousness, they will read their record and will not suffer the least injustice.

[17:72] As for those who are blind in this life, they will be blind in the Hereafter; even a lot worse.

God Strengthens the Messenger

[17:73] They almost diverted you from the revelations we have given you. They wanted you to fabricate something else, in order to consider you a friend.

[17:74] If it were not that we strengthened you, you almost leaned towards them just a little bit.

[17:75] Had you done that, we would have doubled the retribution for you in this life, and after death, and you would have found no one to help you against us.

[17:76] They almost banished you from the land to get rid of you, so they could revert as soon as you left.

[17:77] This has been consistently the case with all the messengers that we sent before you, and you will find that our system never changes.

The Noon Prayer

[17:78] You shall observe the Contact Prayer (Salat) when the sun declines from its highest point at noon, as it moves towards sunset. You shall also observe (the recitation of) the Quran at dawn. (Reciting) the Quran at dawn is witnessed.


[17:79] And during the night, you shall meditate with it for extra credit, that your Lord may raise you to an honorable rank.

[17:80] And say, “My Lord, admit me an honorable admittance, and let me depart an honorable departure, and grant me from You a powerful support.”

[17:81] Proclaim, “The truth has prevailed, and falsehood has vanished; falsehood will inevitably vanish.”

Healing and Mercy

[17:82] We send down in the Quran healing and mercy for the believers. At the same time, it only increases the wickedness of the transgressors.

[17:83] When we bless the human being, he becomes preoccupied and heedless. But when adversity strikes him, he turns despondent.

[17:84] Say, “Everyone works in accordance with his belief, and your Lord knows best which ones are guided in the right path.”

Divine Revelation: The Source of All Knowledge

[17:85] They ask you about the revelation. Say, “The revelation comes from my Lord. The knowledge given to you is minute.”

[17:86] If we will, we can take back what we revealed to you, then you will find no protector against us.

[17:87] This is but mercy from your Lord. His blessings upon you have been great.

Mathematical Composition of the Quran

[17:88] Say, “If all the humans and all the jinns banded together in order to produce a Quran like this, they could never produce anything like it, no matter how much assistance they lent one another.”

[17:89] We have cited for the people in this Quran all kinds of examples, but most people insist upon disbelieving.

God’s Messengers Challenged

[17:90] They said, “We will not believe you unless you cause a spring to gush out of the ground.

[17:91] “Or unless you own a garden of date palms and grapes, with rivers running through it.

[17:92] “Or unless you cause masses from the sky, as you claimed, to fall on us. Or unless you bring God and the angels before our eyes.

[17:93] “Or unless you own a luxurious mansion, or unless you climb into the sky. Even if you do climb, we will not believe unless you bring a book that we can read.”* Say, “Glory be to my Lord. Am I any more than a human messenger?”

*17:93 God’s Messenger of the Covenant, Rashad Khalifa, was thus challenged, including the challenge to bring a new book, or bring down masses from the sky. Verse 3:81 defines the duties of God’s Messenger of the Covenant. Overwhelming proof is detailed in Appendices 2 & 26.

Messengership: An Essential Test

[17:94] What prevented the people from believing when the guidance came to them, is their saying, “Did God send a human being as a messenger?”

[17:95] Say, “If the earth were inhabited by angels, we would have sent down to them from the sky an angel messenger.”

God Is My Witness

[17:96] Say, “God suffices as a witness between me and you. He is fully Cognizant of His worshipers, Seer.”

[17:97] Whomever God guides is the truly guided one. And whomever He sends astray, you will never find for them any lords and masters beside Him. We will summon them on the Day of Resurrection forcibly; blind, dumb, and deaf. Their destination is Hell; whenever it cools down, we will increase their fire.

Their Innermost Thoughts

[17:98] Such is their just retribution, since they rejected our revelations. They said, “After we turn into bones and fragments, do we get resurrected into a new creation?”

[17:99] Could they not see that the God who created the heavens and the earth is able to create the same creations? He has predetermined for them an irrevocable life span? Yet, the disbelievers insist upon disbelieving.

[17:100] Proclaim, “If you possessed my Lord’s treasures of mercy, you would have withheld them, fearing that you might exhaust them. The human being is stingy.”

Moses and Pharaoh

[17:101] We supported Moses with nine profound miracles – ask the Children of Israel. When he went to them, Pharaoh said to him, “I think that you, Moses, are bewitched.”

[17:102] He said, “You know full well that no one can manifest these except, obviously, the Lord of the heavens and the earth. I think that you, Pharaoh, are doomed.”

[17:103] When he pursued them, as he chased them out of the land, we drowned him, together with those who sided with him, all of them.

[17:104] And we said to the Children of Israel afterwards, “Go live in this land. When the final prophecy comes to pass, we will summon you all in one group.”

The Quran Released Slowly To Facilitate Memorization

[17:105] Truthfully, we sent it down, and with the truth it came down. We did not send you except as a bearer of good news, as well as a warner.

[17:106] A Quran that we have released slowly, in order for you to read it to the people over a long period, although we sent it down all at once.

[17:107] Proclaim, “Believe in it, or do not believe in it.” Those who possess knowledge from the previous scriptures, when it is recited to them, they fall down to their chins, prostrating.

[17:108] They say, “Glory be to our Lord. This fulfills our Lord’s prophecy.”

[17:109] They fall down on their chins, prostrating and weeping, for it augments their reverence.

Tone of the Contact Prayers (Salat)

[17:110] Say, “Call Him God, or call Him Most Gracious; whichever name you use, to Him belongs the best names.” You shall not utter your Contact Prayers (Salat) too loudly, nor secretly; use a moderate tone.

[17:111] And proclaim: “Praise be to God, who has never begotten a son, nor does He have a partner in His kingship, nor does He need any ally out of weakness,” and magnify Him constantly.

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Free Quran Chapter 18: The Cave (Al-Kahf)

Learn from GOD that you should always say “GOD willing”, and show gratitude for everything you have. You must understand that nothing can happen unless GOD allows it. If you make up a plan, then say “GOD willing” (insha’allah), this is to bless your plans in the name of GOD. Now, what if it doesn’t go exactly as you had planned? Does that mean GOD didn’t will it to happen? Maybe. But the most realistic reason is that you can’t predict the future, so when you made your plan, you assumed the world would work to serve your plan. Well, that’s not how things work. Also, this also shows why you should say “GOD willing”, because planning could easily count as idol-worship. You’re assuming that you are omnipotent and know the future, if you only rely on yourself. Which means you are worshiping yourself (the ego). You say “GOD willing” to eliminate this attitude, to show your submission towards the fact that only GOD can make your plan come to fruition.

Sheesh, who knew planning could be this complicated? But it shows the wisdom behind GOD’s commandments. There is a lot of things going on that we are unaware of. Things that take a lot of intelligence to understand. Yet GOD gives us very easy solutions to these problems. So whenever you say that you’re going to do something, say “GOD willing” (insha’allah).

Another similar thing is to say “In the name of GOD most Gracious most Merciful (bi ism allah arrahman arrahim)” – to bless the food that you are about to eat. If you don’t do this, then you might as well swallow fire into your belly. And I’m only paraphrasing GOD here… sounds pretty serious to me. So, say it whenever you eat or drink anything. Always be mindful of GOD. Remember that if you forget GOD, then GOD forgets you. Never take GOD for granted.

Be grateful for everything you have, whenever you feel happiness seeing your child, then say “Thank GOD for giving this to me” or something similar, just look into your heart and express yourself to GOD. Express the happiness GOD makes you feel. Express how you feel!

Quran Chapter 18: The Cave (Al-Kahf)

[18:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[18:1] Praise God, who revealed to His servant this scripture, and made it flawless.

[18:2] A perfect (scripture) to warn of severe retribution from Him, and to deliver good news to the believers who lead a righteous life, that they have earned a generous recompense.

[18:3] Wherein they abide forever.

[18:4] And to warn those who said, “God has begotten a son!”

[18:5] They possess no knowledge about this, nor did their parents. What a blasphemy coming out of their mouths! What they utter is a gross lie.

[18:6] You may blame yourself on account of their response to this narration, and their disbelieving in it; you may be saddened.

The End of the World*

[18:7] We have adorned everything on earth, in order to test them, and thus distinguish those among them who work righteousness.

[18:8] Inevitably, we will wipe out everything on it, leaving it completely barren.*

*18:8-9 As it turns out, the history of these Christian believers, the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, is directly connected with the end of the world as stated in 18:9 & 21. The role of these believers in unveiling the end of the world is detailed in Appendix 25.

The Dwellers of the Cave

[18:9] Why else do you think we are telling you about the people of the cave, and the numbers connected with them? They are among our wondrous signs.

*18:8-9 As it turns out, the history of these Christian believers, the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, is directly connected with the end of the world as stated in 18:9 & 21. The role of these believers in unveiling the end of the world is detailed in Appendix 25.

[18:10] When the youths took refuge in the cave, they said, “Our Lord, shower us with Your mercy, and bless our affairs with Your guidance.”

[18:11] We then sealed their ears in the cave for a predetermined number of years.

[18:12] Then we resurrected them to see which of the two parties could count the duration of their stay therein.

[18:13] We narrate to you their history, truthfully. They were youths who believed in their Lord, and we increased their guidance.

[18:14] We strengthened their hearts when they stood up and proclaimed: “Our only Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. We will never worship any other god beside Him. Otherwise, we would be far astray.

[18:15] “Here are our people setting up gods beside Him. If only they could provide any proof to support their stand! Who is more evil than the one who fabricates lies and attributes them to God?

The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus*

[18:16] “Since you wish to avoid them, and their worshiping of other than God,* let us take refuge in the cave. May your Lord shower you with His mercy and direct you to the right decision.”

*18:16-20 Ephesus is located about 200 miles south of ancient Nicene, and 30 miles south of today’s Izmir in Turkey. The dwellers of the cave were young Christians who wanted to follow the teachings of Jesus, and worship God alone. They were fleeing the persecution of neo-christians who proclaimed a corrupted Christianity three centuries after Jesus, following the Nicene Conferences, when the Trinity doctrine was announced. In 1928, Franz Miltner, an Austrian archeologist discovered the tomb of the seven sleepers of Ephesus. Their history is well documented in several encyclopedias.

A Guiding Teacher is a Prerequisite

[18:17] You could see the sun when it rose coming from the right side of their cave, and when it set, it shone on them from the left, as they slept in the hollow thereof. This is one of God’s portents.* Whomever God guides is the truly guided one, and whomever He sends astray, you will not find for him a guiding teacher.

*18:17 This sign, or hint, tells us that the cave was facing north.

[18:18] You would think that they were awake, when they were in fact asleep. We turned them to the right side and the left side, while their dog stretched his arms in their midst. Had you looked at them, you would have fled from them, stricken with terror.

[18:19] When we resurrected them, they asked each other, “How long have you been here?” “We have been here one day or part of the day,” they answered. “Your Lord knows best how long we stayed here, so let us send one of us with this money to the city. Let him fetch the cleanest food, and buy some for us. Let him keep a low profile, and attract no attention.

[18:20] “If they discover you, they will stone you, or force you to revert to their religion, then you can never succeed.”

Connection With the End of the World*

[18:21] We caused them to be discovered, to let everyone know that God’s promise is true, and to remove all doubt concerning the end of the world.* The people then disputed among themselves regarding them. Some said, “Let us build a building around them.” Their Lord is the best knower about them. Those who prevailed said, “We will build a place of worship around them.”

*18:21 As detailed in Appendix 25, this story helped pinpoint the end of the world.

[18:22] Some would say, “They were three; their dog being the fourth,” while others would say, “Five; the sixth being their dog,” as they guessed. Others said, “Seven,” and the eighth was their dog. Say, “My Lord is the best knower of their number.” Only a few knew the correct number. Therefore, do not argue with them; just go along with them. You need not consult anyone about this.

Remembering God Every Chance We Get

[18:23] You shall not say that you will do anything in the future,

[18:24] without saying, “God willing.”* If you forget to do this, you must immediately remember your Lord and say, “May my Lord guide me to do better next time.”

*18:24 This important commandment gives us daily opportunities to remember God.

300 + 9*

[18:25] They stayed in their cave three hundred years, increased by nine.*

*18:25 The difference between 300 solar years and 300 lunar years is nine years. Thus, discovering the end of the world was predetermined by the Almighty to take place in AD 1980 (1400 AH), 300 years (309 lunar years) before the end of the world (see 72:27 and Appendix 25).

[18:26] Say, “God is the best knower of how long they stayed there.” He knows all secrets in the heavens and the earth. By His grace you can see; by His grace you can hear. There is none beside Him as Lord and Master, and He never permits any partners to share in His kingship.

[18:27] You shall recite what is revealed to you of your Lord’s scripture. Nothing shall abrogate His words, and you shall not find any other source beside it.

Quranic Study Groups

[18:28] You shall force yourself to be with those who worship their Lord day and night, seeking Him alone. Do not turn your eyes away from them, seeking the vanities of this world. Nor shall you obey one whose heart we rendered oblivious to our message; one who pursues his own desires, and whose priorities are confused.

Absolute Freedom of Religion

[18:29] Proclaim: “This is the truth from your Lord,” then whoever wills let him believe, and whoever wills let him disbelieve. We have prepared for the transgressors a fire that will completely surround them. When they scream for help, they will be given a liquid like concentrated acid that scalds the faces. What a miserable drink! What a miserable destiny!

[18:30] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, we never fail to recompense those who work righteousness.

[18:31] They have deserved gardens of Eden wherein rivers flow. They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold, and will wear clothes of green silk and velvet, and will rest on comfortable furnishings. What a wonderful reward; what a wonderful abode!

Property as an Idol*

[18:32] Cite for them the example of two men: we gave one of them two gardens of grapes, surrounded by date palms, and placed other crops between them.

*18:32-42 The Quran cites many examples of the different gods that people worship beside God; they include children (7:190), religious leaders and scholars (9:31), property (18:42), dead saints and prophets (16:20-21, 35:14, & 46:5-6), and the ego (25:43, 45:23).

[18:33] Both gardens produced their crops on time, and generously, for we caused a river to run through them.

[18:34] Once, after harvesting, he boastfully told his friend: “I am far more prosperous than you, and I command more respect from the people.”

[18:35] When he entered his garden, he wronged his soul by saying, “I do not think that this will ever end.

[18:36] “Moreover, I think this is it; I do not think that the Hour (the Hereafter) will ever come to pass. Even if I am returned to my Lord, I will (be clever enough to) possess an even better one over there.”

[18:37] His friend said to him, as he debated with him, “Have you disbelieved in the One who created you from dust, then from a tiny drop, then perfected you into a man?

[18:38] “As for me, God is my Lord, and I will never set up any other god besides my Lord.

Important Commandment

[18:39] “When you entered your garden, you should have said, `This is what God has given me (Mà Shà AllÃh). No one possesses power except God (Lã Quwwata Ellã Bellãh).’ You may see that I possess less money and less children than you.

[18:40] “My Lord may grant me better than your garden. He may send a violent storm from the sky that wipes out your garden, leaving it completely barren.

[18:41] “Or, its water may sink deeper, out of your reach.”

[18:42] Indeed, his crops were wiped out, and he ended up sorrowful, lamenting what he had spent on it in vain, as his property lay barren. He finally said, “I wish I never set up my property as a god beside my Lord.”

[18:43] No force on earth could have helped him against God, nor was it possible for him to receive any help.

[18:44] That is because the only true Lord and master is God; He provides the best recompense, and with Him is the best destiny.

[18:45] Cite for them the example of this life as water that we send down from the sky to produce plants of the earth, then they turn into hay that is blown away by the wind. God is able to do all things.

Rearranging Our Priorities

[18:46] Money and children are the joys of this life, but the righteous works provide an eternal recompense from your Lord, and a far better hope.

[18:47] The day will come when we wipe out the mountains, and you will see the earth barren. We will summon them all, not leaving out a single one of them.

[18:48] They will be presented before your Lord in a row. You have come to us as individuals, just as we created you initially. Indeed, this is what you claimed will never happen.

[18:49] The record will be shown, and you will see the guilty fearful of its contents. They will say, “Woe to us. How come this book leaves nothing, small or large, without counting it?” They will find everything they had done brought forth. Your Lord is never unjust towards anyone.

Classification of God’s Creatures

[18:50] We said to the angels, “Fall prostrate before Adam.” They fell prostrate, except Satan. He became a jinn, for he disobeyed the order of His Lord.* Will you choose him and his descendants as lords instead of Me, even though they are your enemies? What a miserable substitute!

*18:50 When the great feud in the heavenly society took place (38:69), all creatures became classified into angels, jinns, and humans (Appendix 7).

[18:51] I never permitted them to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor the creation of themselves. Nor do I permit the wicked to work in My kingdom.

*18:51 God knew that Satan and his supporters (jinns and humans) were going to make the wrong decision. Hence their exclusion from witnessing the creation process.

[18:52] The day will come when He says, “Call upon My partners, whom you claimed to be gods beside Me,” they will call on them, but they will not respond to them. An insurmountable barrier will separate them from each other.

[18:53] The guilty will see Hell, and will realize that they will fall into it. They will have no escape therefrom.

Disbelievers Refuse to Accept the Completeness of the Quran

[18:54] We have cited in this Quran every kind of example, but the human being is the most argumentative creature.

[18:55] Nothing prevented the people from believing, when the guidance came to them, and from seeking the forgiveness of their Lord, except that they demanded to see the same (kind of miracles) as the previous generations, or challenged to see the retribution beforehand.

[18:56] We only send the messengers as simply deliverers of good news, as well as warners. Those who disbelieve argue with falsehood to defeat the truth, and they take My proofs and warnings in vain.

Divine Intervention

[18:57] Who are more evil than those who are reminded of their Lord’s proofs, then disregard them, without realizing what they are doing. Consequently, we place shields on their hearts to prevent them from understanding it (the Quran), and deafness in their ears. Thus, no matter what you do to guide them, they can never ever be guided.

[18:58] Yet, your Lord is the Forgiver, full of mercy. If He called them to account for their deeds, He would annihilate them right there and then. Instead, He gives them a respite until a specific, predetermined time; then they can never escape.

[18:59] Many a community we annihilated because of their transgressions, we designated a specific time for their annihilation.

Valuable Lessons from Moses and His Teacher

[18:60] Moses said to his servant, “I will not rest until I reach the point where the two rivers meet, no matter how long it takes.”

[18:61] When they reached the point where they met, they forgot their fish, and it found its way back to the river, sneakily.

[18:62] After they passed that point, he said to his servant, “Let us have lunch. All this traveling has thoroughly exhausted us.”

[18:63] He said, “Remember when we sat by the rock back there? I paid no attention to the fish. It was the devil who made me forget it, and it found its way back to the river, strangely.”

[18:64] (Moses) said, “That was the place we were looking for.” They traced their steps back.

[18:65] They found one of our servants, whom we blessed with mercy, and bestowed upon him from our own knowledge.

[18:66] Moses said to him, “Can I follow you, that you may teach me some of the knowledge and the guidance bestowed upon you?”

[18:67] He said, “You cannot stand to be with me.”

[18:68] “How can you stand that which you do not comprehend?”

[18:69] He said, “You will find me, God willing, patient. I will not disobey any command you give me.”

[18:70] He said, “If you follow me, then you shall not ask me about anything, unless I choose to tell you about it.”

[18:71] So they went. When they boarded a ship, he bore a hole in it. He said, “Did you bore a hole in it to drown its people? You have committed something terrible.”

[18:72] He said, “Did I not say that you cannot stand to be with me?”

[18:73] He said, “I am sorry. Do not punish me for my forgetfulness; do not be too harsh with me.”

[18:74] So they went. When they met a young boy, he killed him. He said, “Why did you kill such an innocent person, who did not kill another person? You have committed something horrendous.”

[18:75] He said, “Did I not tell you that you cannot stand to be with me?”

[18:76] He said, “If I ask you about anything else, then do not keep me with you. You have seen enough apologies from me.”

[18:77] So they went. When they reached a certain community, they asked the people for food, but they refused to host them. Soon, they found a wall about to collapse, and he fixed it. He said, “You could have demanded a wage for that!”

There is a Good Reason for Everything

[18:78] He said, “Now we have to part company. But I will explain to you everything you could not stand.

[18:79] “As for the ship, it belonged to poor fishermen, and I wanted to render it defective. There was a king coming after them, who was confiscating every ship, forcibly.

[18:80] “As for the boy, his parents were good believers, and we saw that he was going to burden them with his transgression and disbelief.*

*18:80 Adolf Hitler was a cute and seemingly innocent child. Had he died as a child, many would have grieved, and many would have even questioned God’s wisdom. We learn from these profound lessons that there is a good reason behind everything.

[18:81] “We willed that your Lord substitute in his place another son; one who is better in righteousness and kindness.

[18:82] “As for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city. Under it, there was a treasure that belonged to them. Because their father was a righteous man, your Lord wanted them to grow up and attain full strength, then extract their treasure. Such is mercy from your Lord. I did none of that of my own volition. This is the explanation of the things you could not stand.”

Zul-Qarnain: The One With the Two Horns or Two Generations

[18:83] They ask you about Zul-Qarnain. Say, “I will narrate to you some of his history.”

[18:84] We granted him authority on earth, and provided him with all kinds of means.

[18:85] Then, he pursued one way.

[18:86] When he reached the far west, he found the sun setting in a vast ocean, and found people there. We said, “O Zul-Qarnain, you can rule as you wish; either punish, or be kind to them.”

[18:87] He said, “As for those who transgress, we will punish them, then, when they return to their Lord, He will commit them to more retribution.

[18:88] “As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, they receive a good reward; we will treat them kindly.”

[18:89] Then he pursued another way.

[18:90] When he reached the far east, he found the sun rising on people who had nothing to shelter them from it.

[18:91] Naturally, we were fully aware of everything he found out.

[18:92] He then pursued another way.

[18:93] When he reached the valley between two palisades, he found people whose language was barely understandable.

Gog and Magog*

[18:94] They said, “O Zul-Qarnain, Gog and Magog are corruptors of the earth. Can we pay you to create a barrier between us and them?”

*18:94-98 One of my duties as God’s Messenger of the Covenant is to state that Gog and Magog, the final sign before the end of the world, will reappear in 2270 AD (1700 AH), just 10 years before the end. Note that Gog and Magog occur in Suras 18 and 21, precisely 17 verses before the end of each sura, representing 17 lunar centuries (see 72:27 and Appendix 25).

[18:95] He said, “My Lord has given me great bounties. If you cooperate with me, I will build a dam between you and them.

[18:96] “Bring to me masses of iron.” Once he filled the gap between the two palisades, he said, “Blow.” Once it was red hot, he said, “Help me pour tar on top of it.”

[18:97] Thus, they could not climb it, nor could they bore holes in it.

[18:98] He said, “This is mercy from my Lord. When the prophecy of my Lord comes to pass, He will cause the dam to crumble. The prophecy of my Lord is truth.”

[18:99] At that time, we will let them invade with one another, then the horn will be blown, and we will summon them all together.

[18:100] We will present Hell, on that day, to the disbelievers.

[18:101] They are the ones whose eyes were too veiled to see My message. Nor could they hear.

[18:102] Do those who disbelieve think that they can get away with setting up My servants as gods beside Me? We have prepared for the disbelievers Hell as an eternal abode.

Examine Yourself

[18:103] Say, “Shall I tell you who the worst losers are?

[18:104] “They are the ones whose works in this life are totally astray, but they think that they are doing good.”

[18:105] Such are the ones who disbelieved in the revelations of their Lord and in meeting Him. Therefore, their works are in vain; on the Day of Resurrection, they have no weight.

[18:106] Their just requital is Hell, in return for their disbelief, and for mocking My revelations and My messengers.

[18:107] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, they have deserved a blissful Paradise as their abode.

[18:108] Forever they abide therein; they will never want any other substitute.

The Quran: Everything We Need

[18:109] Say, “If the ocean were ink for the words of my Lord, the ocean would run out, before the words of my Lord run out, even if we double the ink supply.”

[18:110] Say, “I am no more than a human like you, being inspired that your god is one god. Those who hope to meet their Lord shall work righteousness, and never worship any other god beside his Lord.”

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Free Quran Chapter 22: Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)

Learn from GOD that attacking monasteries, churches, synagogues, or masjids is a sign of disbelief and evil. Even if a faith is wrong, it is still something deeply personal. It is part of the individual. So attacking people’s place of worship is oppressive. It is a place where people are supposed to feel safe, both physically and spiritually. Debates should not even be held in a place of worship. For example, it is wrong to enter a church uninvited and preach against the faith of the church. This is just like entering someones home without permission.

I personally would like to see all those statues of Jesus inside churches removed, I find them to be an insult to Jesus (‘isa). However, the only one who has the right to remove those statues are the ones who set them up in the first place. A question that pops up here is “What about prophet Abraham? He destroyed a lot of idols!!” Well yes, but that is ONE example. In every other example in the Quran, the prophet or messenger doesn’t destroy the idols. Instead they simply question the people’s practices.

Abraham destroyed ALL IDOLS in his community, not ONE IDOL. He was trying to make a point, he was showing his community that their idols were powerless. They then tied him up and tried to burn him alive. But GOD made the fire cold so it wouldn’t burn him, which made them fear Abraham. Otherwise they would have killed him in a different way. Again, this was a special event. It doesn’t justify going around today and destroying other peoples property.

So no, we can’t enter churches and remove the statues of Jesus or Mary. Only Christians can decide to do that, by free choice, once they understand why they should remove them.

And no, nobody has the right to sabotage anyone’s property, especially not property that is used for worship.

Quran Chapter 22: Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)

[22:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[22:1] O people, you shall reverence your Lord, for the quaking of the Hour is something horrendous.

[22:2] The day you witness it, even a nursing mother will discard her infant, and a pregnant woman will abort her fetus. You will see the people staggering, as if they are intoxicated, even though they are not intoxicated. This is because, God’s retribution is so awesome.

[22:3] Among the people, there are those who argue about God without knowledge, and follow every rebellious devil.

[22:4] It is decreed that anyone who allies himself with him, he will mislead him and guide him to the agony of Hell.

Where Did We Come From?

[22:5] O people, if you have any doubt about resurrection, (remember that) we created you from dust, and subsequently from a tiny drop, which turns into a hanging (embryo), then it becomes a fetus that is given life or deemed lifeless. We thus clarify things for you. We settle in the wombs whatever we will for a predetermined period.* We then bring you out as infants, then you reach maturity. While some of you die young, others live to the worst age, only to find out that no more knowledge can be attained beyond a certain limit. Also, you look at a land that is dead, then as soon as we shower it with water, it vibrates with life and grows all kinds of beautiful plants.

*22:5 The Quran’s mathematical miracle is based on the number 19. As it turns out, this number represents the Creator’s signature on His creations. Thus, you and I have 209 bones in our bodies (209=19×11). The length of pregnancy for a full term fetus is 266 days (19×14) (Langman’s Medical Embryology, T. W. Sadler, Page 88, 1985).

[22:6] This proves that God is the Truth, and that He revives the dead, and that He is Omnipotent.

[22:7] And that the Hour is coming, no doubt about it, and that God resurrects those who are in the graves.

A Common Occurrence

[22:8] Among the people there is the one who argues about God without knowledge, and without guidance, and without an enlightening scripture.

[22:9] Arrogantly he strives to divert the people from the path of God. He thus incurs humiliation in this life, and we commit him on the Day of Resurrection to the agony of burning.

[22:10] This is what your hands have sent ahead for you. God is never unjust towards the people.

Fair Weather Friends

[22:11] Among the people there is the one who worships God conditionally. If things go his way, he is content. But if some adversity befalls him, he makes an about-face. Thus, he loses both this life and the Hereafter. Such is the real loss.

[22:12] He idolizes beside God what possesses no power to harm him or benefit him; such is the real straying.

[22:13] He idolizes what is more apt to harm him than benefit him. What a miserable lord! What a miserable companion!

[22:14] God admits those who believe and lead a righteous life into gardens with flowing streams. Everything is in accordance with God’s will.

Happiness Now, and Forever

[22:15] If anyone thinks that God cannot support him in this life and in the Hereafter, let him turn completely to (his Creator in) heaven, and sever (his dependence on anyone else). He will then see that this plan eliminates anything that bothers him.

[22:16] We have thus revealed clear revelations herein, then God guides whoever wills(to be guided).

God: The Only Judge

[22:17] Those who believe, those who are Jewish, the converts, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, and the idol worshipers, God is the One who will judge among them on the Day of Resurrection. God witnesses all things.

[22:18] Do you not realize that to God prostrates everyone in the heavens and the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, and the trees, and the animals, and many people? Many others among the people are committed to doom. Whomever God shames, none will honor him. Everything is in accordance with God’s will.

How Terrible is Hell!*

[22:19] Here are two parties feuding with regard to their Lord. As for those who disbelieve, they will have clothes of fire tailored for them. Hellish liquid will be poured on top of their heads.

*22:19-22 People who have insisted upon going to Hell will inevitably complain: `Had we known how bad this is, we would have behaved differently.’ They will be told that the horrors of Hell have been pointed out to them in the most graphic, though symbolic, terms. It should be noted that Heaven and Hell are almost invariably mentioned together in the Quran.

[22:20] It will cause their insides to melt, as well as their skins.

[22:21] They will be confined in iron pots.

[22:22] Whenever they try to exit such misery, they will be forced back in: “Taste the agony of burning.”

The Bliss of Heaven

[22:23] God will admit those who believe and lead a righteous life into gardens with flowing streams. They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold, and pearls, and their garments therein will be silk.

[22:24] They have been guided to the good words; they have been guided in the path of the Most Praised.

[22:25] Surely, those who disbelieve and repulse others from the path of God, and from the Sacred Masjid that we designated for all the people – be they natives or visitors – and seek to pollute it and corrupt it, we will afflict them with painful retribution.

Pilgrimage, Like All Duties in Islam, Decreed Through Abraham*

[22:26] We appointed Abraham to establish the Shrine: “You shall not idolize any other god beside Me, and purify My shrine for those who visit it, those who live near it, and those who bow and prostrate.

[22:27] “And proclaim that the people shall observe Hajj pilgrimage. They will come to you walking or riding on various exhausted (means of transportation). They will come from the farthest locations.”

*22:26-27 Abraham was the original messenger of Submission (Islam). See 22:78 and App. 9.

[22:28] They may seek commercial benefits, and they shall commemorate God’s name during the specified days for providing them with livestock. “Eat therefrom and feed the despondent and the poor.”

[22:29] They shall complete their obligations, fulfill their vows, and visit the ancient shrine.

[22:30] Those who reverence the rites decreed by God have deserved a good reward at their Lord. All livestock is made lawful for your food, except for those specifically prohibited for you. You shall avoid the abomination of idol worship, and avoid bearing false witness.

[22:31] You shall maintain your devotion absolutely to God alone. Anyone who sets up any idol beside God is like one who fell from the sky, then gets snatched up by vultures, or blown away by the wind into a deep ravine.

[22:32] Indeed, those who reverence the rites decreed by God demonstrate the righteousness of their hearts.

Livestock Offerings During Pilgrimage*

[22:33] The (livestock) provide you with many benefits for a period, before being donated to the ancient shrine.

[22:34] For each congregation we have decreed rites whereby they commemorate the name of God for providing them with the livestock. Your god is one and the same god; you shall all submit to Him. Give good news to the obedient.

[22:35] They are the ones whose hearts tremble upon mentioning God, they steadfastly persevere during adversity, they observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), and from our provisions to them, they give to charity.

[22:36] The animal offerings are among the rites decreed by God for your own good.* You shall mention God’s name on them while they are standing in line. Once they are offered for sacrifice, you shall eat therefrom and feed the poor and the needy. This is why we subdued them for you, that you may show your appreciation.

*22:36 Animal offerings from the pilgrims conserve the resources at the pilgrimage site. Note that almost 2,000,000 pilgrims converge on Mecca during pilgrimage.

[22:37] Neither their meat, nor their blood reaches God. What reaches Him is your righteousness. He has subdued them for you, that you may show your appreciation by glorifying God for guiding you. Give good news to the charitable.

God Defends the Believers

[22:38] God defends those who believe. God does not love any betrayer, unappreciative.

Synagogues, Churches, and Masjids

[22:39] Permission is granted to those who are being persecuted, since injustice has befallen them, and God is certainly able to support them.

[22:40] They were evicted from their homes unjustly, for no reason other than saying, “Our Lord is God.” If it were not for God’s supporting of some people against others, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and masjids – where the name of God is commemorated frequently – would have been destroyed. Absolutely, God supports those who support Him. God is Powerful, Almighty.

[22:41] They are those who, if we appointed them as rulers on earth, they would establish the Contact Prayers (Salat) and the obligatory charity (Zakat), and would advocate righteousness and forbid evil. God is the ultimate ruler.

[22:42] If they reject you, the people of Noah, `Ãd, and Thamoud have also disbelieved before them.

[22:43] Also the people of Abraham, and the people of Lot.

[22:44] And the dwellers of Midyan. Moses was also rejected. I led all those people on, then I called them to account; how (devastating) was My requital!

[22:45] Many a community we have annihilated because of their wickedness. They ended up in ruins, stilled wells, and great empty mansions.

[22:46] Did they not roam the earth, then use their minds to understand, and use their ears to hear? Indeed, the real blindness is not the blindness of the eyes, but the blindness of the hearts inside the chests.

[22:47] They challenge you to bring retribution, and God never fails to fulfill His prophecy. A day of your Lord is like a thousand of your years.

[22:48] Many a community in the past committed evil, and I led them on for awhile, then I punished them. To Me is the ultimate destiny.

God’s Messenger of the Covenant

[22:49] Say, “O people, I have been sent to you as a profound warner.”

*22:49 This command is directed specifically to God’s Messenger of the Covenant. This fact, and the specific name of the messenger are mathematically coded into the Quran. See the details, together with the irrefutable proofs, in Appendices 2 and 26.

[22:50] Those who believe and lead a righteous life have deserved forgiveness and a generous recompense.

[22:51] As for those who strive to challenge our revelations, they incur Hell.

The System*

[22:52] We did not send before you any messenger, nor a prophet, without having the devil interfere in his wishes. God then nullifies what the devil has done. God perfects His revelations. God is Omniscient, Most Wise.*

*22:52 Throughout this worldly test, Satan is allowed to present his point of view (we are born with a representative of Satan in our bodies). This allows the people to make a choice between God’s evidence and Satan’s evidence. Satan’s evidence is invariably based on lies. This system explains the fact that the devil’s agents continuously come up with the most absurd lies, insults and accusations against every messenger (see 6:33-34, 8:30, 17:76-77, 27:70).

The Hypocrites Drop Out

[22:53] He thus sets up the devil’s scheme as a test for those who harbor doubts in their hearts, and those whose hearts are hardened. The wicked must remain with the opposition.

[22:54] Those who are blessed with knowledge will recognize the truth from your Lord, then believe in it, and their hearts will readily accept it. Most assuredly, God guides the believers in the right path.

[22:55] As for those who disbelieve, they will continue to harbor doubts until the Hour comes to them suddenly, or until the retribution of a terrible day comes to them.

Satan’s Temporary Kingship

[22:56] All sovereignty on that day belongs to God, and He will judge among them. As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, they have deserved the gardens of bliss.

[22:57] While those who disbelieved and rejected our revelations have incurred a shameful retribution.

Striving in the Cause of God

[22:58] Those who emigrate for the sake of God, then get killed, or die, God will surely shower them with good provisions. God is certainly the best Provider.

[22:59] Most assuredly, He will admit them an admittance that will please them. God is Omniscient, Clement.

Divine Help for the Oppressed

[22:60] It is decreed that if one avenges an injustice that was inflicted upon him, equitably, then he is persecuted because of this, God will surely support him. God is Pardoner, Forgiving.

God’s Omnipotence

[22:61] It is a fact that God merges the night into the day, and merges the day into the night, and that God is Hearer, Seer.

[22:62] It is a fact that God is the Truth, while the setting up of any idols beside Him constitutes a falsehood, and that God is the Most High, the Supreme.

[22:63] Do you not see that God sends down from the sky water that turns the land green? God is Sublime, Cognizant.

[22:64] To Him belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. Absolutely, God is the Most Rich, Most Praiseworthy.

[22:65] Do you not see that God has committed in your service everything on earth? The ships run in the ocean by His command. He prevents the heavenly bodies from crashing onto the earth, except in accordance with His command. God is Most Kind towards the people, Most Merciful.

[22:66] He is the One who granted you life, then He puts you to death, then He brings you back to life. Surely, the human being is unappreciative.

[22:67] For each congregation, we have decreed a set of rites that they must uphold. Therefore, they should not dispute with you. You shall continue to invite everyone to your Lord. Most assuredly, you are on the right path.

[22:68] If they argue with you, then say, “God is fully aware of everything you do.”

[22:69] God will judge among you on the Day of Resurrection regarding all your disputes.

[22:70] Do you not realize that God knows everything in the heavens and everything on earth? All this is recorded in a record. This is easy for God to do.

[22:71] Yet, they idolize beside God idols wherein He placed no power, and they know nothing about them. The transgressors have no helper.

Violence & Belligerence: Signs of Disbelief

[22:72] When our revelations are recited to them, clearly, you recognize wickedness on the faces of those who disbelieve. They almost attack those who recite our revelations to them. Say, “Shall I inform you of something much worse? Hell is promised by God for those who disbelieve; what a miserable destiny.”

Can They Create a Fly?

[22:73] O people, here is a parable that you must ponder carefully: the idols you set up beside God can never create a fly, even if they banded together to do so. Furthermore, if the fly steals anything from them, they cannot recover it; weak is the pursuer and the pursued.

[22:74] They do not value God as He should be valued. God is the Most Powerful, the Almighty.

[22:75] God chooses from among the angels messengers, as well as from among the people. God is Hearer, Seer.

[22:76] He knows their past and their future. To God belongs the ultimate control of all matters.

[22:77] O you who believe, you shall bow, prostrate, worship your Lord, and work righteousness, that you may succeed.

Abraham: Original Messenger of Islam*

[22:78] You shall strive for the cause of God as you should strive for His cause. He has chosen you and has placed no hardship on you in practicing your religion – the religion of your father Abraham. He is the one who named you “Submitters” originally. Thus, the messenger shall serve as a witness among you, and you shall serve as witnesses among the people. Therefore, you shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and hold fast to God; He is your Lord, the best Lord and the best Supporter.

*22:78 Although all messengers preached one and the same message, “Worship God alone,” Abraham was the first messenger to coin the terms “Submission” (Islam) and “Submitter” (Muslim) (2:128). What did Abraham contribute to Submission? We learn from 16:123 that all religious duties in Submission were revealed through Abraham (see Appendices 9 & 26).

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Free Quran Chapter 29: The Spider (Al-‘Ankaboot)

Learn from GOD that most believers will go to Hell, they believe only to show off and for social status.

Satan is nothing compared to GOD, however, this comparison is only true between Satan and GOD. For us Humans, Satan is above us. Satan is much more powerful than us, and much more intelligent than us. Satan is truly our most dangerous enemy. BUT, a lot of people don’t have this attitude nor think like this. Instead they jump into a religion and claim they are following the truth. By doing so, they expect Satan to be defeated and unable to get to them. Which is far from the truth. Satan is to the left, right, in-front, behind, under and above us – Satan is everywhere. Satan will come at us through our children, our money, our work, our sins, our society, our school, our lack of knowledge, our mistakes, our friends, our parents, our siblings, through ourselves and even through other believers. If you don’t believe this, then Satan already owns you.

If you believe Jesus is the son of GOD, then Satan already owns you. If you say Muhammad or Ali in your contact prayer (Salat/Salah), then Satan already owns you. You can be mad at me, sure, you can write some cruel comment, go ahead. But I’m only telling you what GOD wants you to know. And GOD is warning you that you will go to Hell if you don’t stop polluting your faith with idol-worship.

GOD is telling you that it doesn’t matter how good you are – how strong your faith is, how humble you are, none of those things matter if you pollute your faith with idol-worship. Every penny you have given to charity has been in vain. Your years of good character and behavior is all wasted. Idol-worship is like multiplying by zero.
1 x 0 = 0
60 x 0 = 0
Faith x Idol-worship = Hell
Charity x Idol-worship = Hell

I suggest you study what Idol-worship means, and give the respect GOD deserves. By doing this you will be able to recognize idol-worship and prevent yourself from falling for Satan’s lies. You will perhaps fall once or twice in your life, but you will learn to do better every-time. Don’t be stuck in a religionist type of mind.

The reason why people don’t take GOD more seriously is because their belief is only for showing off and to gain social status. There is no other reason why anyone would in their right mind believe in idol-worship. A religious leader should help you examine your faith to find where your doubts are, and refer you to material that you can study. A bad religious leader will simply tell you something like “just have faith”, such nonsense will solve nothing. It will not increase your faith at all. And it will not increase your wisdom either. It’ll only waste your life away, remember, we are not supposed to live here forever, we are only supposed to discover the truth, carry out righteousness like helping others, then move on. So we MUST take religion seriously and study the information to make sure we are following the truth, otherwise our entire lifetime will be wasted on Earth and then spend eternity in Hell. I believe that spending 1 to 5 years of our lives fully dedicated to studying the Quran is a small price to pay compared to the vast knowledge and wisdom gained… and the guidance of course, which is priceless. Trust me, you’ll feel as if barriers have been removed from your mind, allowing to you understand what very few ever will.

Quran Chapter 29: The Spider (Al-‘Ankaboot)

[29:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[29:1] A. L. M.*

*29:1 See Appendix 1 for details of the Quran’s mathematical composition, and the meaning of these previously mysterious Quranic Initials.

The Test is Mandatory

[29:2] Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe,” without being put to the test?

[29:3] We have tested those before them, for God must distinguish those who are truthful, and He must expose the liars.

[29:4] Do those who commit sins think that they can ever fool us? Wrong indeed is their judgment.

[29:5] Anyone hoping to meet God, (should know that) such a meeting with God will most assuredly come to pass. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.

[29:6] Those who strive, strive for their own good. God is in no need of anyone.

[29:7] Those who believe and lead a righteous life, we will certainly remit their sins, and will certainly reward them generously for their righteous works.

You Shall Honor Your Parents

[29:8] We enjoined the human being to honor his parents. But if they try to force you to set up idols beside Me, do not obey them. To Me is your ultimate return, then I will inform you of everything you had done.

[29:9] Those who believe and lead a righteous life, we will certainly admit them with the righteous.

Fair Weather Friends

[29:10] Among the people there are those who say, “We believe in God,” but as soon as they suffer any hardship because of God, they equate the people’s persecution with God’s retribution. But if blessings from your Lord come your way, they say, “We were with you.” Is God not fully aware of the people’s innermost thoughts?

[29:11] God will most certainly distinguish those who believe, and He will most certainly expose the hypocrites.

[29:12] Those who disbelieved said to those who believed, “If you follow our way, we will be responsible for your sins.” Not true; they cannot bear any of their sins. They are liars.

[29:13] In fact, they will carry their own sins, in addition to loads of other people’s sins for which they were responsible. Most certainly, they will be asked on the Day of Resurrection about their false claims.


[29:14] We sent Noah to his people, and he stayed with them one thousand years, less fifty.* Subsequently, they incurred the flood because of their transgressions.

*29:14 Since the Quran’s miracle is mathematical, the numbers especially constitute an important part of the 19-based code. Thus, the numbers mentioned in the Quran add up to 162146, or 19×8534 (see Appendix 1 for the details).

[29:15] We saved him and those who accompanied him in the ark, and we set it up as a lesson for all the people.


[29:16] Abraham said to his people, “You shall worship God, and reverence Him. This is better for you, if you only knew.

God: The Only Source of Provisions

[29:17] “What you worship instead of God are powerless idols; you have invented a lie.” The idols you worship beside God do not possess any provisions for you. Therefore, you shall seek provisions only from God. You shall worship Him alone, and be appreciative of Him; to Him is your ultimate return.

[29:18] If you disbelieve, generations before you have also disbelieved. The sole function of the messenger is to deliver (the message).

Study the Origin of Life*

[29:19] Have they not seen how God initiates the creation, then repeats it? This is easy for God to do.

*29:19-20 We learn from the Quran that evolution is a divinely guided process. See Appendix 31 for the details.

[29:20] Say, “Roam the earth and find out the origin of life.” For God will thus initiate the creation in the Hereafter. God is Omnipotent.

*29:19-20 We learn from the Quran that evolution is a divinely guided process. See Appendix 31 for the details.

[29:21] He condemns to retribution whomever He wills, and showers His mercy upon whomever He wills. Ultimately, to Him you will be turned over.

[29:22] None of you can escape from these facts, on earth or in the heaven, and you have none beside God as a Lord and Master.

[29:23] Those who disbelieve in God’s revelations, and in meeting Him, have despaired from My mercy. They have incurred a painful retribution.

Back to Abraham

[29:24] The only response from his people was their saying, “Kill him, or burn him.” But God saved him from the fire. This should provide lessons for people who believe.

Social Pressure: A Profound Disaster

[29:25] He said, “You worship beside God powerless idols due to peer pressure, just to preserve some friendship among you in this worldly life. But then, on the Day of Resurrection, you will disown one another, and curse one another. Your destiny is Hell, wherein you cannot help one another.”

[29:26] Lot believed with him and said, “I am emigrating to my Lord. He is the Almighty, the Most Wise.”

[29:27] We granted him Isaac and Jacob, we assigned to his descendants prophethood and the scriptures, we endowed him with his due recompense in this life, and in the Hereafter he will surely be with the righteous.


[29:28] Lot said to his people, “You commit such an abomination, no one in the world has ever done it before you.

[29:29] “You practice sex with the men, you commit highway robbery, and you allow all kinds of vice in your society.” The only response from his people was to say, “Bring to us God’s retribution, if you are truthful.”

[29:30] He said, “My Lord, grant me victory over these wicked people.”

Angels Visit Abraham and Lot

[29:31] When our messengers went to Abraham with good news (about Isaac’s birth), they also said, “We are on our way to annihilate the people of that town (Sodom), for its people have been wicked.”

[29:32] He said, “But Lot is living there.” They said, “We are fully aware of everyone who lives in it. We will of course save him and his family, except his wife; she is doomed.”

[29:33] When our messengers arrived at Lot’s place, they were mistreated, and he was embarrassed by their presence. But they said, “Have no fear, and do not worry. We will save you and your family, except your wife; she is doomed.

[29:34] “We will pour upon the people of this town a disaster from the sky, as a consequence of their wickedness.”

[29:35] We left standing some of their ruins, to serve as a profound lesson for people who understand.


[29:36] To Midyan we sent their brother Shu`aib. He said, “O my people, you shall worship God and seek the Last Day, and do not roam the earth corruptingly.”

[29:37] They disbelieved him and, consequently, the earthquake annihilated them; they were left dead in their homes by morning.

[29:38] Similarly, ‘Ad and Thamoud (were annihilated). This is made manifest to you through their ruins. The devil had adorned their works in their eyes, and had diverted them from the path, even though they had eyes.

God’s Immutable System

[29:39] Also Qãroon, Pharaoh, and Hãmãn; Moses went to them with clear signs. But they continued to commit tyranny on earth. Consequently, they could not evade (the retribution).

[29:40] All those disbelievers were doomed as a consequence of their sins. Some of them we annihilated by violent winds, some were annihilated by the quake, some we caused the earth to swallow, and some we drowned. God is not the One who wronged them; it is they who wronged their own souls.

The Spider

[29:41] The allegory of those who accept other masters beside God is that of the spider and her home; the flimsiest of all homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew.*

*29:41-43 It takes a knowledgeable person to know that the Black Widow spider kills her mate. The use of the feminine reference to the spider in 29:41 is thus significant. This is in addition to the fact that the spider web is physically very flimsy.

[29:42] God knows full well that whatever they worship besides Him are really nothing. He is the Almighty, the Most Wise.

[29:43] We cite these examples for the people, and none appreciate them except the knowledgeable.*

*29:41-43 It takes a knowledgeable person to know that the Black Widow spider kills her mate. The use of the feminine reference to the spider in 29:41 is thus significant. This is in addition to the fact that the spider web is physically very flimsy.

[29:44] God created the heavens and the earth, truthfully. This provides a sufficient proof for the believers.

The Contact Prayers (Salat)

[29:45] You shall recite what is revealed to you of the scripture, and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), for the Contact Prayers prohibit evil and vice. But the remembrance of God (through Salat) is the most important objective.* God knows everything you do.

*29:45 Your god is whatever occupies your mind most of the time (see 20:14 & Appendix 27).

One God/One Religion

[29:46] Do not argue with the people of the scripture (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) except in the nicest possible manner – unless they transgress – and say, “We believe in what was revealed to us and in what was revealed to you, and our god and your god is one and the same; to Him we are submitters.”

[29:47] We have revealed to you this scripture, and those whom we blessed with the previous scripture will believe in it. Also, some of your people will believe in it. Indeed, those who disregard our revelations are the real disbelievers.

Quran: Muhammad’s Miracle*

[29:48] You did not read the previous scriptures, nor did you write them with your hand. In that case, the rejectors would have had reason to harbor doubts.

[29:49] In fact, these revelations are clear in the chests of those who possess knowledge. Only the wicked will disregard our revelations.

[29:50] They said, “If only miracles* could come down to him from his Lord!” Say, “All miracles come only from God; I am no more than a manifest warner.”

[29:51] Is it not enough of a miracle* that we sent down to you this book, being recited to them? This is indeed a mercy and a reminder for people who believe.

*29:48-51 It was the will of the Most Wise to separate the Quran from its awesome mathematical miracle by 1400 years. Seeing how the Muslims en masse have idolized Muhammad, it is obvious that if the Quran’s mathematical miracle were also revealed through Muhammed, many people would have worshiped him as God incarnate. As it is, God willed that the great miracle of the Quran (74:30-35) shall await the computer age, and to have it revealed through His Messenger of the Covenant (see Appendices 1, 2, & 26).

[29:52] Say, “God suffices as a witness between me and you. He knows everything in the heavens and the earth. Surely, those who believe in falsehood and disbelieve in God are the real losers.”

They Are in Hell

[29:53] They challenge you to bring the retribution! If it were not for a predetermined appointment, the retribution would have come to them immediately. Certainly, it will come to them suddenly, when they least expect it.

*29:53 Anyone who dies before the age of 40 goes to Heaven, and not everyone deserves this. People sometimes lament the slowness of justice when a vicious criminal is not executed promptly. God knows who deserves Heaven (see 46:15 and Appendix 32).

[29:54] They challenge you to bring retribution! Hell already surrounds the disbelievers.

[29:55] The day will come when the retribution overwhelms them, from above them and from beneath their feet; He will say, “Taste the consequences of your works.”

Immigrate in the Cause of God

[29:56] O My servants who believed, My earth is spacious, so worship Me.

[29:57] Everyone will taste death, then to us you will be ultimately returned.

[29:58] Those who believe and lead a righteous life, we will surely settle them in Paradise, with mansions and flowing streams. Eternally they abide therein. What a beautiful reward for the workers.

[29:59] They are the ones who steadfastly persevere, and trust in their Lord.

[29:60] Many a creature that does not carry its provision, God provides for it, as well as for you. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.

Most Believers Destined for Hell

[29:61] If you ask them, “Who created the heavens and the earth, and put the sun and the moon in your service,” they will say, “God.” Why then did they deviate?

[29:62] God is the One who increases the provision for whomever He chooses from among His creatures, and withholds it. God is fully aware of all things.

[29:63] If you ask them, “Who sends down from the sky water, to revive dead land,” they will say, “God.” Say, “Praise God.” Most of them do not understand.

Re-arrange Your Priorities

[29:64] This worldly life is no more than vanity and play, while the abode of the Hereafter is the real life, if they only knew.

[29:65] When they ride on a ship, they implore God, devoting their prayers to Him. But as soon as He saves them to the shore, they revert to idolatry.

[29:66] Let them disbelieve in what we have given them, and let them enjoy temporarily; they will surely find out.

[29:67] Have they not seen that we have established a Sacred Sanctuary that we made secure, while all around them the people are in constant danger? Would they still believe in falsehood, and reject God’s blessings?

[29:68] Who is more evil than one who fabricates lies and attributes them to God, or rejects the truth when it comes to him? Is Hell not a just retribution for the disbelievers?

[29:69] As for those who strive in our cause, we will surely guide them in our paths. Most assuredly, God is with the pious.

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Free Quran Chapter 32: Prostration (Al-Sajdah)

Learn from GOD that people put themselves in Hell by ignoring GOD’s invitation to redeem themselves. GOD already set the laws and commandments. Just like how gravity is set as a physical law in our world. If you jump from a tall building; did gravity make you fall, or did you decide for yourself to fall? Of course you’re the one at fault.

It is the same with Hell, GOD doesn’t put us there, we end up in Hell by our own decisions. GOD didn’t tell us to lie, cheat, kill, corrupt or disbelieve. On the contrary; GOD tells us to tell the truth, do good and believe. So it is quite strange that people choose otherwise. It is beyond mind-boggling. GOD specifically tells us that there is no god other than GOD. There is no other god. We should not worship anyone but GOD. Yet, people are worshiping Jesus, Mary, Muhammad, Ali, Ezra, other prophets and saints. People also worship money, their ego, their children, their spouses, or famous people, or countries or politicians. The amount of idol-worship going on in everyone’s daily life is crazy.

Quran Chapter 32: Prostration (Al-Sajdah)

[32:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[32:1] A. L. M.*

*32:1 The meaning of these letters is given in the next verse: “This book is, without a doubt, a revelation from the Lord of the universe.” See Appendix 1 for the details.

[32:2] The book is, without a doubt, a revelation from the Lord of the universe.

[32:3] They said, “He fabricated it.” Indeed, this is the truth from your Lord, to warn people who never received a warner before you, that they may be guided.

No Mediator Between God and You

[32:4] God is the One who created the heavens and the earth, and everything between them in six days, then assumed all authority. You have none beside Him as Lord, nor do you have an intercessor. Would you not take heed?

[32:5] All matters are controlled by Him from the heaven to the earth, then climb to Him in a day that equals one thousand of your years.

[32:6] Knower of all secrets and declarations; the Almighty, Most Merciful.

The Origin of Man

[32:7] He is the One who perfected everything He created, and started the creation of the human from clay.

[32:8] Then He continued his reproduction through a certain lowly liquid.

[32:9] He shaped him and blew into him from His spirit. And He gave you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brains; rarely are you thankful.

[32:10] They wonder, “After we vanish into the earth, do we get created anew?” Thus, as regards meeting their Lord, they are disbelievers.

[32:11] Say, “You will be put to death by the angel in whose charge you are placed, then to your Lord you will be returned.”

Too Late

[32:12] If only you could see the guilty when they bow down their heads before their Lord: “Our Lord, now we have seen and we have heard. Send us back and we will be righteous. Now we have attained certainty.”*

*32:12 If sent back, they would commit the same transgressions. See Footnote 6:28.

[32:13] Had we willed, we could have given every soul its guidance, but it is already predetermined that I will fill Hell with jinns and humans, all together.*

*32:13 The majority of humans “insist” upon going to Hell, by choosing to ignore God’s invitations to redeem them. God will not put a single person in Hell. Those who fail to redeem themselves by denouncing idolatry and devoting themselves to God ALONE, and fail to develop their souls through the practices prescribed by our Creator, will have to run to Hell on their own volition. They will be too weak to stand the physical presence of God’s energy.

[32:14] Taste the consequences of your forgetting this day; now we forget you. You have incurred eternal retribution in return for your own works.

[32:15] The only people who truly believe in our revelations are those who fall prostrate upon hearing them. They glorify and praise their Lord, without any arrogance.

[32:16] Their sides readily forsake their beds, in order to worship their Lord, out of reverence and hope, and from our provisions to them, they give.

Heaven: Indescribably Beautiful

[32:17] You have no idea how much joy and happiness are waiting for you as a reward for your (righteous) works.

[32:18] Is one who is a believer the same as one who is wicked? They are not equal.

[32:19] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, they have deserved the eternal Paradise. Such is their abode, in return for their works.

[32:20] As for the wicked, their destiny is Hell. Every time they try to leave it, they will be forced back. They will be told, “Taste the agony of Hell which you used to disbelieve in.”

Take A Hint

[32:21] We let them taste the smaller retribution (of this world), before they incur the greater retribution (of the Hereafter), that they may (take a hint and) reform.

[32:22] Who is more evil than one who is reminded of these revelations of his Lord, then insists upon disregarding them? We will certainly punish the guilty.

[32:23] We have given Moses the scripture – do not harbor any doubt about meeting Him – and we made it a guide for the Children of Israel.

[32:24] We appointed from among them imams who guided in accordance with our commandments, because they steadfastly persevered and attained certainty about our revelations.

[32:25] Your Lord is the One who will judge them on the Day of Resurrection, regarding everything they disputed.

[32:26] Does it ever occur to them how many generations we have annihilated before them? They now live and walk in their ancestors’ homes. This should provide sufficient proofs. Do they not hear?

[32:27] Do they not realize that we drive the water to barren lands, and produce with it crops to feed their livestock, as well as themselves? Do they not see?

[32:28] They challenge: “Where is that victory, if you are truthful?”

[32:29] Say, “The day such a victory comes, believing will not benefit those who did not believe before that, nor will they be given another chance.”

[32:30] Therefore, disregard them and wait, they too are waiting.

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Free Quran Chapter 53: The Stars (Al-Najm)

Learn from GOD that we are all responsible for our own salvation, no prophet, saint or idol can save us. This is a common theme throughout the Quran, yet many insist that prophet ‘isa (Jesus) or prophet Muhammad will save them by interceding on their behalf. However, the Quran only mentions intercession between family and loved ones. And even then it wouldn’t matter if the person is not a believer. We can basically only intercede on behalf of those who are already going to paradise. Prophet Noah – when the flood came and drowned his son – begged GOD to save his son, but GOD scolded Noah, telling him that he is not his son, and that he shouldn’t – ignorantly – ask about things that are impossible for him to know about. Which is the fact that only GOD can know who is truly good and who is truly evil.

The belief that these prophets can save us is actually a satanic ideology. It is Satan who wants us to depend on someone other than GOD. Idol-worship is not a very well defined issue in most religions. However, the Quran defines idol-worship perfectly. Simply put: it is the belief that any one or any thing can help you or benefit you other than GOD. For example, you might love your children more than GOD. You might treat money as your savior instead of GOD.

Another important topic in this chapter is;  who decides the gender of the baby? You learn here that it is the male sperm that decides the gender. This strengthens the idea that women are egg carriers, repositories for the man to reproduce, eggs which have no impact on the gender at all. However, this shouldn’t be used as something negative towards women, it is only how nature is and there is no reason to make a big fuzz about it. It is important that we follow facts and not be blinded by agendas by various ideologies such as feminism, who are purposely trying to destroy men and their purpose as designed by GOD.

Quran Chapter 53: The Stars (Al-Najm)

[53:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[53:1] As the stars fell away.*

*53:1-18 Muhammad was summoned to the highest universe to receive this Quran into his heart. The stars fell away as he traveled through them at millions of times the speed of light. Subsequently, the Quran was gradually released to his memory. Please see Appendix 28.

[53:2] Your friend (Muhammad) was not astray, nor was he deceived.

[53:3] Nor was he speaking out of a personal desire.

[53:4] It was divine inspiration.

[53:5] Dictated by the Most Powerful.

[53:6] Possessor of all authority. From His highest height.

[53:7] At the highest horizon.

[53:8] He drew nearer by moving down.

[53:9] Until He became as close as possible.

[53:10] He then revealed to His servant what was to be revealed.

[53:11] The mind never made up what it saw.

[53:12] Are you doubting what he saw?

[53:13] He saw him in another descent.

[53:14] At the ultimate point.

[53:15] Where the eternal Paradise is located.

[53:16] The whole place was overwhelmed.

[53:17] The eyes did not waver, nor go blind.

[53:18] He saw great signs of his Lord.

The Flimsy Idols

[53:19] Compare this with the female idols Allaat and Al-`Uzzah.

[53:20] And Manaat, the third one.

[53:21] Do you have sons, while He has these as daughters?

[53:22] What a disgraceful distribution!

[53:23] These are but names that you made up, you and your forefathers. God never authorized such a blasphemy. They follow conjecture, and personal desire, when the true guidance has come to them herein from their Lord.

[53:24] What is it that the human being desires?

[53:25] To God belongs both the Hereafter, and this world.

[53:26] Not even the angels in heaven possess authority to intercede. The only ones permitted by God are those who act in accordance with His will and His approval.

[53:27] Those who disbelieve in the Hereafter have given the angels feminine names.

[53:28] They had no knowledge about this; they only conjectured. Conjecture is no substitute for the truth.

Choose Your Friends Carefully

[53:29] You shall disregard those who turn away from our message, and become preoccupied with this worldly life.

[53:30] This is the extent of their knowledge. Your Lord is fully aware of those who strayed away from His path, and He is fully aware of those who are guided.

[53:31] To God belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. He will requite those who commit evil for their works, and will reward the righteous for their righteousness.

[53:32] They avoid gross sins and transgressions, except for minor offenses. Your Lord’s forgiveness is immense. He has been fully aware of you since He initiated you from the earth, and while you were embryos in your mothers’ bellies. Therefore, do not exalt yourselves; He is fully aware of the righteous.

[53:33] Have you noted the one who turned away?

[53:34] Rarely did he give to charity, and then very little.

[53:35] Did he possess knowledge of the future? Could he see it?

[53:36] Was he not informed of the teachings in the scripture of Moses?

[53:37] And Abraham who fulfilled?

[53:38] No soul bears the sins of another soul.

[53:39] Every human being is responsible for his own works.

[53:40] And everyone’s works will be shown.

[53:41] Then they will be paid fully for such works.

[53:42] To your Lord is the final destiny.

[53:43] He is the One who makes you laugh or cry.

[53:44] He is the One who controls death and life.

The Husband Determines The Baby’s Gender

[53:45] He is the One who created the two kinds, male and female –

[53:46] from a tiny drop of semen.

[53:47] He will effect the recreation.

[53:48] He is the One who makes you rich or poor.

[53:49] He is the Lord of the galaxies.

[53:50] He is the One who annihilated ancient `Ãd.

[53:51] And wiped out Thamoud.

[53:52] Also the people of Noah before that; they were evil transgressors.

[53:53] The evil communities (of Sodom and Gomorrah) were the lowliest.

[53:54] Consequently, they utterly vanished.

[53:55] Which of your Lord’s marvels can you deny?

[53:56] This is a warning like the older ones.

[53:57] The inevitable is imminent.

[53:58] None besides God can relieve it.

[53:59] Are you questioning this matter?

[53:60] Are you laughing, instead of crying?

[53:61] Are you insisting on your ways?

[53:62] You shall fall prostrate before God, and worship.

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Free Quran Chapter 63: The Hypocrites (Al-Munaafeqoon)

Learn from GOD that nobody can forgive your sins except GOD. Jesus and Muhammad are powerless. Only hypocrites believe in intercession, that belief that someone else can ask GOD to forgive you. For example, Christians believe that prophet ‘isa (Jesus) died for “our” sins. Which is false, only hypocrites say this. Same story with Muslims, they believe that prophet Muhammad will bargain with GOD and tell GOD to forgive all Muslims. This too is false, only hypocrites say this.

Why do I say that only hypocrites say this? Well, because GOD says so. But I will tell you more. The reason why these people need this form of intercession is because they don’t really believe that GOD is forgiving. They don’t think GOD can forgive them. Or they are just not certain enough. So they need this myth or theory of intercession. It is Satan’s biggest lie. And it plays right into Satan’s point of view. Which is that there can be other gods beside GOD. And what better way for Satan to spread his ideology if not having people believe that mere humans like ‘isa and Muhammad have the power to forgive people and open the gates of paradise to whoever BELIEVES in them. It is such a perfect lie. Well played Satan, well played you sneaky little devil.

Quran Chapter 63: The Hypocrites (Al-Munaafeqoon)

[63:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[63:1] When the hypocrites come to you they say, “We bear witness that you are the messenger of God.”* God knows that you are His messenger, and God bears witness that the hypocrites are liars.

*63:1 The “first pillar of Islam,” as stated in 3:18 is to bear witness that God is the only god. But the corrupted “Muslim” scholars add “Muhammad is God’s messenger,” and this violates a number of commandments (see 2:285). Verse 63:1 is the only place in the Quran where such a statement is made. Only the hypocrites make such a statement.

[63:2] Under the guise of their apparent faith, they repel the people from the path of God. Miserable indeed is what they do.

[63:3] This is because they believed, then disbelieved. Hence, their minds are blocked; they do not understand.

A Chip On Their Shoulders

[63:4] When you see them, you may be impressed by their looks. And when they speak, you may listen to their eloquence. They are like standing logs. They think that every call is intended against them. These are the real enemies; beware of them. God condemns them; they have deviated.

[63:5] When they are told, “Come let the messenger of God pray for your forgiveness,” they mockingly turn their heads, and you see them repel others and act arrogantly.

The Myth of Intercession Shattered*

[63:6] It is the same for them, whether you pray for their forgiveness, or not pray for their forgiveness; God will not forgive them. For God does not guide the wicked people.

*63:6 Millions of people idolize their prophets because of this myth (Appendix 8).

[63:7] They are the ones who say, “Do not give any money to those who followed the messenger of God, perhaps they abandon him!” However, God possesses the treasures of the heavens and the earth, but the hypocrites do not comprehend.

[63:8] They say, “If we go back to the city, the powerful therein will evict the weak (and we will be victimized).” (They should know that) all dignity belongs to God and His messenger, and the believers. However, the hypocrites do not know.

[63:9] O you who believe, do not be distracted by your money and your children from remembering God. Those who do this are the losers.

[63:10] You shall give from our provisions to you before death comes to you, then you say, “My Lord, if only You could delay this for a short while! I would then be charitable and join the righteous!”

[63:11] God never delays the appointed time of death for any soul. God is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

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Free Quran Chapter 66: Prohibition (Al-Tahreem)

Learn from GOD that prophets are not perfect, they are regular human beings and should not be worshiped. A common theme in bad Islam is that they worship prophet Muhammad. They should actually call themselves Muhammadans, not Muslims. For example those who worship Jesus call themselves Christians. Muhammadans believe prophet Muhammad was a perfect human being, so perfect that he went up to GOD and TOLD GOD to reduce the amount of prayers from 50 a day down to 5 a day. This is madness. But Hadith and Sunnah are filled with such insults against prophet Muhammad. In the Quran you learn about various mistakes done by the prophet Muhammad, which proves that he was not perfect.

The reason why bad Islam needs a perfect image of prophet Muhammad is because prophet Muhammad didn’t receive any miracles. So in bad Islam they create their own myths around prophet Muhammad. To create a superior identity similar to how Christians elevated Jesus to godliness. This then makes it easier to believe. It is for their own ego, to make it easier for themselves to believe. Because they find it hard to believe in someone that is just a regular human being. For example, in the Quran we can read many examples of how the disbelievers respond to the messengers and prophets, they say “Should we believe in a human being just like us?”, this is the biggest problem for disbelievers, they are too arrogant to accept a normal human being. And prophet Muhammad was a normal human being, but he was chosen by GOD to deliver the Quran and he did a good job, the end.

But this is not enough, back in prophet Muhammad’s days, people asked “Why didn’t any miracles come with him!?”, this then sparked the tradition of creating myths around the prophet Muhammad. To impress outsiders and future generations. However, this has – over time – caused people to worship the prophet Muhammad. If you pay close attention, you will see that prophet Muhammad is always mentioned in Muhammadans’ prayers. For example, their first commandment is not “There is no god but GOD”, instead their first commandment is this “There is no god but GOD, and Muhammad is GOD’s messenger”. This creates a completely different first commandment because it means that GOD can only be a god if prophet Muhammad is his messenger. This creates a problem, because GOD doesn’t need anyone. Yet this Muhammadan first commandment is saying that GOD needs prophet Muhammad. Another problem is that they always write GOD and Muhammad next to each other in Mosques. But in Quran, GOD says that the places of worship belong only to GOD. So again, Muhammadans break GOD’s commandments so they can worship their idol prophet Muhammad. Another problem is that in the Quran GOD tells us not to mention anyone but GOD in our Contact Prayers (salat/salah), yet, again, we find that Muhammadans mention prophet Muhammad repeatedly in their Contact Prayers, even worse are the Shia sect, who even mention Ali, Hussein and many more. That is crazy. The Contact Prayer (Salat/Salah) should only be between you and GOD.

Anyhow, all this idol-worship is causing disaster after disaster in those communities. Even Christian communities are being punished by GOD. GOD uses Christians and Muhammadans to punish each other. Which we see today with all these terrorist acts and wars. Christian countries are getting destroyed by natural disasters, crime, drugs and immorality, while Muhammadan countries are being destroyed by conflict. It is sad because the solution is very simple, stop worshiping idols. It is just one step, ONE STEP away to perfect peace and happiness. Think about that! For the Muhammadan countries to become the best countries, who will enjoy every possible blessing, is just one simple step away. Which is to stop worshiping any prophets, messengers, saints or money or whatever beside GOD.

Quran Chapter 66: Prohibition (Al-Tahreem)

[66:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[66:1] O you prophet, why do you prohibit what God has made lawful for you, just to please your wives? God is Forgiver, Merciful.*

*66:1 Mohammedans around the world believe that Muhammad was infallible. This verse teaches us that he was indeed a fallible human being (18:110, 33:37, 40:66, 80:1).

[66:2] God has decreed for you the laws dealing with your oaths. God is your Lord, and He is the Omniscient, Most Wise.

[66:3] The prophet had trusted some of his wives with a certain statement, then one of them spread it, and God let him know about it. He then informed his wife of part of the issue, and disregarded part. She asked him, “Who informed you of this?” He said, “I was informed by the Omniscient, Most Cognizant.”

[66:4] If the two of you repent to God, then your hearts have listened. But if you band together against him, then God is his ally, and so is Gabriel and the righteous believers. Also, the angels are his helpers.

[66:5] If he divorces you, his Lord will substitute other wives in your place who are better than you; submitters (Muslims), believers (Mu’mens), obedient, repentant, worshipers, pious, either previously married, or virgins.

[66:6] O you who believe, protect yourselves and your families from the Hellfire whose fuel is people and rocks. Guarding it are stern and powerful angels who never disobey God; they do whatever they are commanded to do.

[66:7] O you who disbelieved, do not apologize today. You are being requited only for what you did.

The Believers Repent

[66:8] O you who believe, you shall repent to God a firm repentance. Your Lord will then remit your sins and admit you into gardens with flowing streams. On that day, God will not disappoint the prophet and those who believed with him. Their light will radiate in front of them and to their right. They will say, “Our Lord, perfect our light for us, and forgive us; You are Omnipotent.”

[66:9] O prophet, struggle against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be stern with them. Their abode is Gehenna, and a miserable destiny.

The Myth of Intercession Shattered

[66:10] God cites as examples of those who disbelieved the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were married to two of our righteous servants, but they betrayed them and, consequently, they could not help them at all against God. The two of them were told, “Enter the Hellfire with those who deserved it.”

Examples of the Believers: Pharaoh’s Wife

[66:11] And God cites as an example of those who believed the wife of Pharaoh. She said, “My Lord, build a home for me at You in Paradise, and save me from Pharaoh and his works; save me from the transgressing people.”


[66:12] Also Mary, the Amramite. She maintained her chastity, then we blew into her from our spirit. She believed in the words of her Lord and His scriptures; she was obedient.

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