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Free Quran Chapter 16: The Bee (Al-Nahl)

Learn from GOD that you should not stress, everything has already been decided, just focus on righteous work. Stress is a non-existent issue for a believer. There is nothing to worry about. You know GOD is doing everything. You know that people are either believers or not, you don’t waste time on disbelievers. You know that your most important thing in life is being humble and honest so you can enter paradise. Obeying GOD will make your life...


Free Quran Chapter 86: The Bright Star (Al-Taareq)

Learn from GOD that resurrection is easy, and that everyone has guards that carry out GOD’s commands. If you trip and fall on your face then it is because your guards were told by GOD to let it happen. If you didn’t deserve it then GOD would have told the guards to wake you up and be aware of your situation, so you don’t trip. This is how real GOD is. GOD can be your ally or...