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Principles of Contact Prayers by Rashad Khalifa – Transcript

Announcer: Important Clarification about this video titled “Principles of Contact Prayers” by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. In this video, Dr. Rashad Khalifa refers to the Dawn (Fajr) Contact Prayer as “The Morning” or “Subh” Prayer. However, Dr. Khalifa later confirmed and preached that the prayer must be referred to as the “Dawn” or “Fajr” Prayer, because it is called “Fajr” in the Quran (24:58), and is performed at Dawn (before sunrise), not morning (which is the period...


Free Quran Chapter 1: The Key (Al-Fatehah)

Learn from GOD the prayer you need to say to establish contact with GOD. This is the only Arabic you need. The best part of the Quran is that you don’t have to learn Arabic just to read it. GOD encourages translation of the Quran so all people can receive its guidance. However, during the contact prayer (Salat), you have to use Arabic. There is a physical reason for it. You are not only uttering words, but...