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Week 44, Did Some Gravedigging!


Isn’t it weird that a new week begins at the exact end of a month? Maybe we should invent a new date-system, it is kind of outdated after all, don’t you agree? There is actually no such thing as weeks or name of the days. There are only days, months and years, scientifically speaking.

Went out and ordered 28 mattresses, yup, crazy as it might sound, that’s how many I will be needing, 60×120 cm each. I won’t be using the ones I bought last week, the “old stuff” smell is still there so I’m going to throw them away instead. These new ones are clean and perfect. They had 11 of them in stock, but I only grabbed 8 and the rest will arrive somewhere in the middle of next week. So that’s one problem DEFINITELY on its way to get fixed.

Did some research for how to best fasten them on the wall and found a glue that is supposed to replace nails and screws, but I’m afraid it will leave a mark on the wall, so I sent the company that produces them an email, hoping for a response by tomorrow so I can go out and buy the glue from a local dealer and start working on the sound proofing!

I also went out to a local bookstore, they basically had no titles in English, everything was translated to Swedish… that sucks, I prefer to read books in their original language and also to buy locally to support local companies and the community as a whole, but I guess for books I will be buying from Amazon.com!

I watched one The Big Bang Theory episode and then began watching Sherlock, the very first episode… I can’t believe they are two hours long, that’s insane. Anyways, I don’t feel like binge watching anything though, I save that for days when my brain is fried or when I have severe headaches. Every second counts in life! Managed to write a few comic scripts before falling asleep.


Look, a new month, holy crap, time moves fast. I had planned to release at least one novel this year, but look at me, starting new projects all the time. What was I thinking when I said I would finish this comic thingy in just a month if I wrote 20 scripts a day and then created 4 comic issues each day after that…was I on drugs? Nope, I don’t do drugs, so that can’t be it. Was I insane?? I don’t know, people do call me a crazy mother fucker, but that can’t be it either. Hmm, I wonder, oh yeah, now I know, I was day dreaming! Typical me!

It was a pretty hectic day, spent a couple of hours applying for some jobs and, ate breakfast, just a chill day… at least the first half of it. Things took off for real in the afternoon, I drove my mother to buy some groceries, she planned to recycle a few soda bottles and use the money to buy meat for $3 bucks! Anyways, I told her to just buy anything she wanted; the bill went up to $59 bucks! Whatever, I then drove a few blocks to a home depot to buy glue so I can install the sound proofing.

Bought two bottles and while looking around the shop, I found out that they are also selling big long shelves…so I thought… WHY NOT! I bought one big wooden board measuring 400×2000 mm.

Anyways, once home, I sawed it to fit inside the sound booth and suddenly I had a big desk inside the sound booth, perfect! But then I thought… hmm… if only I had one more, but not as broad then it would be perfect as a shelf! So I went out this time on my bicycle and bought one wooden board measuring 300×2000 mm and an additional one measuring 300×1500 mm. The cashier got mad at me because I said hurry up, what a bitch, I was talking to the machine, the laser thingy refused to register my product, so I shouted at it, he thought I was critiquing his inabilities, anyhow, what a bitch.
Once home, I began sawing and screwing the shelves and it was just perfect. The 300×1500 mm was cut in two pieces to make for an L shape. And it was sturdy enough to lay down on… I even pondered if I perhaps should marry two women and let them sleep on one shelf each!


Woke up, showered and then went out to dig a grave. What a normal way to start your day, right? Well, my aunt has an old dog that is sick, they are putting him down to end his suffering, sadly. I helped dig out the grave into a better shape, it looked more like a circle when I got there, perhaps it was some new age shit, I don’t know, I made into a proper rectangle once done. I worked on the casket as well, made it smaller, had to do a lot of sawing and screwing, that sounds weird…let’s try nailing… well ok that made it worse. Stupid naughty language!

Once I was done with that, I went to the shop where I had ordered the bean bag I mentioned last week… or the week before that! Anyways, it has finally arrived, yay! It was perfect and so damn comfy, it has a headrest which also takes shape as you sit and move around, a really nice feature, this is one step closer to finish my library!

I thought about going out to shop for the plants today, but then I thought, hey, the plants don’t come with the pots, so I basically have to buy pots anyways, and the pots at the store might not be what I like, so HEY, I have to buy pots first! And Saturday this weekend is the perfect day for that, every first Saturday of each month, there is a public hangar were people come and sell their stuff, like an old school marketplace / bazaar, so I’m hoping to find some good stuff then… and honestly… I feel like making my own pots using concrete mix… they will get that natural rocky touch… mmm… sexy. Hopefully I will find something that pleases me so I don’t have to START YET A NOTHER PROJECT!


Headache, nausea, spent the day cleaning up some final details, sorted lots of books, placed them on the bookcases, threw away stuff I didn’t need, researched a little more on plants and how they produce oxygen, was trying to figure out if they produce more oxygen than they use when there is no sunlight. But couldn’t find any answer. Anyways, the entire room was filled with dust because I had opened the window the day before, there was basically no dust, or rather a minimal amount of dust, then when I opened the window, the room got filled with dust. Coughed like hell all day because of that. The weather has been shit so I haven’t been able to take my 8 km walks, I feel so damn unproductive without those walks, they are my addiction, well almost.

Headache and nausea sucks, so I just spent the remainder of the day binge watching Sherlock.

The TV series is basically a modern adaptation, and this new Sherlock Holms version seems more like a robot than the Sherlock Holms in the books. Also, his frantic behavior is kind of silly, but it does add contrast for when he gets all serious. I guess it was hard for the writers to show his playful side without using extreme examples. But again, I have only read the old first few Sherlock Holms books, I have no idea how the character develops in the later books.


No more feeling sick, yay. But I do feel the weakness in my body, so it is perhaps not that great of an idea to exhaust and strain myself.

I knew I was going to be sick yesterday, because I remember feeling weak in Tuesday, towards the end of the day. I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel like I can sense the signals in my body, I know the difference between being tired and if I have gotten infected by a virus or bacteria. And when that happens, I usually just take it easy, relax, eat and drink as little as possible to give the body less distractions. I go out for fresh air and relax and keep my body warm. But I didn’t do that this time, instead I went out the next day, on Wednesday and worked my butt off the whole day, and I guess that’s why the virus or whatever won and made me sick.

Planned on taking my 8 km walk today, but it rained all day. That sucks.

I didn’t do much today, I did build a bookcase for my mother according to her design, since we couldn’t find anything similar in any shop! Just need to make shelves for it then it’s done.

Spent the remainder of the day chilling in bed, listened to some music while working on some comic scripts, fell asleep after two hours and woke up four hours later, almost at midnight. Falling back to sleep was a pathetic struggle, so I just watched documentaries and interviews on YouTube until I fell asleep again.


Today I went out and bought a few pots that I liked, they were not exactly how I wanted them, but meh, who cares. The exact type I want cost anything between $100 and $1000, so yeah, it’s not that important. Maybe in the future when I actually have cash to spend on such expensive decorations!

I spent a couple hours going through all the plants I wanted to buy to figure out how many pots will be needed, which resulted in a total of 37 pots! Can you imagine the price tag on that if I bought them for $100 or $1000 each? YIKES!

Been raining for two days straight now, no kidding, just rain rain rain. I guess that’s one big issue with this writing while taking a walk thingy. Anyways, if this keeps up then I might skip the writing and just go for a walk anyways. It’s too important to skip, health wise.

Spent some time facebooking… damn I really need to stop doing that. But, what can I say… I just don’t feel like working intensively… I just get restless and unfocused. It must be because of the lack of exercise the last few weeks. Whatever, I’m not going to complain, things are going forward, soon everything will be perfect and I won’t have anything more to whine about… or will I??? DAM DAM DAM DAAAAM. Stay tuned!


Wasn’t in the mood for much today, I wrote a few comic scripts and then watched YouTube and movies all day while checking out live streams of Trump rallies. I find it silly that there is even a competition, Trump should win by 100% votes, I don’t like either candidate, but, politically speaking, Trump offers the better change. Hillary wants to continue leading the country towards socialism. She wants the government to depend on tax money and the people to depend on government welfare. Obamacare is welfare, just so you know, welfare under a different name.

It might not be obvious to Hillary supporters, but in the future, we will all see the results, people will depend on the government and the government will depend on taxes. Which means as more and more people depend on the government, the more the government has to increase taxes, until a balance is found.

And once that happens, then you have a socialist/communist country, the government will be able to dictate what you must do with your life in order to get that welfare check or that healthcare benefit. They will demand of you to do things in return for receiving your right to that support check. That’s how it works.

Trump on the other hand wants government to depend less on taxes and want the people to depend less on the government, by simply making it easier and less costly to start a business. It’s a no brainer right there, that alone should be enough for 100% of the U.S. population to vote for Trump. It makes absolutely no sense for Hillary to receive a single vote after you read that Trump is going to make it easier and less costly to start a business and run a business.
By lowering taxes, businesses will be able to invest more in other areas that can improve the business and create even more jobs.  It’s such a simple thing to understand, do yourself, your future self, your family and your children and your grandchildren a big favor, vote Trump.

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 43, I Giggle Like a Little Girl at My Own Jokes


Laid down in my bed most of the day, writing scripts for the comic I’m working on. Did a lot of reading, research for the topics I’m writing about, was surprised that philosophers and modern psychologists have come to the same conclusion about anger as I did in my book “GOD THE CREATOR”. I didn’t research the topic back then when I wrote about it because the entire purpose is to present the world with my philosophical conclusions. And everything is true in so far, I’ve not had many critique my work yet. I did receive some angry comments from atheists who refused to accept anything, as usual, even if it is completely true. Whatever, the book hasn’t sold much anyways, and that’s good and bad. Because I’m hoping to remake it a little before it starts selling, I’m thinking about a new format, making it bigger and include image examples that explain the various concepts that I’m talking about, kind of like a school textbook. This has been long on my mind, but I really don’t want to invest time on that, I got so many other projects I need to finish first.

Anyhow, didn’t do much else today, spent the first half of the day applying for jobs and just reading and writing. And the other half I spent cleaning my new room, organizing my clothes, going through boxes upon boxes of stuff. Found old warhammer space maries models, tried to find their value on the internet but couldn’t find any, perhaps they are super rare? Not produced anymore? THEN I’M RICH, just kidding, all the models are basically ripped apart because of my hundreds of nephews. They chewed on them, threw them around, ripped them apart, fantastic! Might try to put them together someday and sell them, but not anytime soon.


Went outside after my daily shower, had to buy some stuff, I bought silicon insulation tubes for the windows in my room. The old one seem to be damaged for some reason, cold air keeps sipping inside, which isn’t so great if I’m going to place plants indoors, the cold will damage the plants. I also bought a 9 litre paint bucket for my brother so he can fix his room; he got a bit jealous of how nice my room and the living room turned out. Bought a tube of spackling paste as well, he doesn’t even know what spackling is, what a sad world we live in.

I came home, dumped all the items and then went out again to buy groceries; I spent around $90 on enough groceries to last an entire month. That’s a lot of stuff for very little money spent. I have no idea how my mother manages to spend $50 each week on groceries that don’t last more than a few days. It’s always the same story, the buys stuff that only lasts the first few days, and then we have to live on bread and butter for the rest of the week, makes no sense, it doesn’t add up.

Anyways, I came home carrying six bags, it all weighted a bit more than 40 kg in total, I cooked a delicious soup and then spent the remainder of the day binge watching a TV series. Started watching Lucifer, a funny series about the devil taking a vacation from his job in Hell! I almost watched the whole first season in one sitting before going to bed. It’s a small cast, not many main characters and you kind of feel that, but it does get better, it improves a lot as time goes forward, more characters are introduced etcetera. I believe the focus has been on character development for the most part, because the characters in the series do evolve and that is very interesting, usually series have very static characters, but not this series, the characters maintain their original definition but they do adjust to their new environment. They are after all divine creatures trying to fit into a human society.

I don’t want to preach, but I just hope that people realize that this is just fiction and not an actual representation of Satan. But I do want to address one issue that I keep hearing from people who usually hate GOD. They actually believe that Satan is innocent and was forced to do GOD’s dirty deeds and take the blame for it. But that’s far from the truth. Satan chose to leave, he was an angel before he made that decision and when he decided to leave then he became the first jinn and renamed into Satan. His wings were never cut off, so he isn’t an angel with cut-off wings. No, he is an entire different being, far from being an angel. And that was completely his choice, nobody forced him.

He was one of GOD’s mightiest angels, and all that power made him think “hmm, why can’t I be my own god?”. And that’s the origin of the entire dispute. He chose to follow his ego, to prove to GOD that he too can be a god of his own. GOD didn’t put Satan in hell, hell doesn’t even exist yet.

GOD, out of his mercy, gave Satan and everyone who believed Satan’s concept a chance to test their claims, to see with their own eyes that there truly can only be one god and that is GOD.

So, we are all here on earth because we thought there can be more than one god. The first god is our own ego; we all worship our own ego. And that’s basically what Satan does as well, he worships his own ego and that became his downfall, and it also became our own downfall. And as long as we worship our ego, we will then end up in hell, which will be created (the eights universe) once this test is over (when the last humans have been born).


Woke up late way past noon, was really tired so I began the day by just continuing binge watching Lucifer. Finished watching all episodes around the afternoon. That’s when I continued cleaning and organizing stuff, it took a lot of time to figure out where most things should be and how I wanted to organize everything in my room. Like papers, notebooks, empty binders, keys, and all kinds of other small stuff. And the end of the day though, I was pretty happy with how things turned out, I still got a few things fix. The shelves, Ikea did respond and it’s basically one shelf per package, so the price is extremely expensive, so I will be buying an entire new bookcase instead, get four shelves and cut up the rest of the bookcase into homemade shelves, I will be saving $100 by doing this. Yes, there will be a lot of sawing and work involved, but I’m guessing it will take me four to six hours to complete the job. And guess what, that’s still cheaper than over-spending on shelves. Because $100 divided by six hours is $16,66 or $17 an hour, so I’m basically paying myself an above minimum wage! So yeah, shove it you damn nay sayers! Whoever is reading this and saying nay, shove it! Hah!

Anyhow, it feels like things have slowed down a bit, not much is being done, at least not the amount that I wish had been done up to this point. Too many circumstances that are out of my power, and that sucks. Basically I need to do this and that and this and that. So whatever, I still need to get a hold of soundproofing panes for the sound-booth that I made. Those are expensive, so my idea was to get mattresses, cut them up and get that done. But it has been a struggle to find cheap mattresses, I will have to make an ad I guess and see if someone is selling any in my town. I have already mentioned the deal with the bookcases and shelves. And all that’s left I guess are the plants! I guess I will start working on that as soon as possible, perhaps in the weekend.


A slooooooow late day, cooked food then relaxed in front of the computer, watched YouTube clips, interviews and such. Watched an interview – or rather – a talk between Stephen King and George R. R. Martin, I didn’t know they were buddies! It’s interesting how authors are somehow more grownup. Sure, not all authors are, but those successful seem to have so much inside of them, this can’t be faked. Both Stephen and George shared many details about their life and it taught me that they have had their struggles in life. And experience can’t be faked, this is what makes people deep because they understand, they’ve been in the shoes of poor, the bullied, the hurt, the oppressed etc.

I speak of this in my book “GOD THE CREATOR”, that experience cannot be learned, the closest one can get to it is by linking other experiences to somehow understand a new experience. For example, let’s say you’re born rich, you will never know how it feels like to be poor. Sure, you can experiment and move to a smaller house, avoid luxuries, food and clothes. But in the end, it’s a fake experience because you know deep inside that at the of the day, you’re still rich and can return to your old ways whenever you want.

Another example I used was that you could somehow understand other experiences by linking other experiences, but it would still not be 100% accurate. So let’s say you’re rich and you read about poor people and their struggle, you can then try to find similarities between their suffering and your own suffering. Like your parents denied you a car when you were ten years old and thus you felt injustice. So you use that experience to understand the injustice the poor suffer. But at the end of the day, you simply can’t compare the two. Experience cannot be faked, it’s that simple.

I hate it when people try to understand the things I have gone through by using their own SILLY experiences. It makes no sense, you can’t compare apples with oranges. Anyways, whatever. I’m not saying that you should throw away everything you own so you can experience poverty, it wouldn’t work because you’re already grown up… try being a child in a poor home, you can’t get that or experience that UNLESS you HAVE experienced it. Does that make you a bad person? NO! It does NOT! Just focus on the NOW, be mindful of your environment and the people around you. GROW NOW, cherish what you have now and that will be the experience you will need for your future projects. Travel, meet people, try new things, don’t imprison yourself in comfortabilities. Don’t throw yourself into harm’s way of course, duh.

Well well, after watching some interviews, I went to lay down and wrote a few comic scripts before dozing off for two hours. Woke up to play some Elder Scrolls Online, but I simply don’t that urge to play so I shut it off after thirty minutes and went back to lay down in the bed to work some more, watched a few more YouTube, had to catch up to some Good Mythical Morning episodes on my smartphone, then fell back to sleep again! I could watch Rhett & Link for the rest of my life, like really, they are just such amazing and fun people.


Showered then went straight out into the wilderness called the outdoors, outside, or whatever the myth is called. Pulled out some cash from the ATM and then went to a local furniture store to check if they had a bean bag I was interested in buying. They were sold out but got them to order one for me, so that’s one thing I can cross out from my list of million things to do!

I then spent the day, I’m so ashamed to say this… but it’s a journal… I… I… was Procrastinating the whole day on Facebook!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, damn it, WHY WHY WHY. Whatever, I managed to write a few comic scripts, so I didn’t throw away the entire day!

So yeah, that’s all for today.


Brrrr, so cold, I tried to resume taking my daily 8 km walks again, but wow, the weather turned into freezing cold really quick in just two weeks. I turned back home once my fingers began to freeze stiff. DAMNIT, now I have to add more stuff to my to do list, I will have to get some gloves, long johns, can’t believe they are called long johns… BWAHAHAHAHAHA, anyhow, and a warm cap so I can resume taking my daily walks!

I contacted an old lady who had some stuff for sale, I will be buying them tomorrow, yay. It’s basically a bunch of mattresses I will be using as sound insulation for my sound booth. Primitive, I know, but it’s the cheapest solution I can come up with. I really don’t want to spend $500 on sound proofing! It won’t be as effective, but it is better than nothing. And hey, nothing is nothing! (no shit Sherlock).

My brother’s kids had a sleep over, so it was hard to get any job done, they constantly shout, fight and enjoy watching and playing at the highest volume.

I did manage to write a few comic scripts that I was happy with, I’m not really happy with how slow this process has been, but again, I have had so much else to do.

My plans to buy plants this weekend were ruined as well, because my brother’s car broke down and he needed to borrow the car I was going to use to transport all the flowers and plants in. I could just do it on the bicycle, but I’m afraid the cold would kill the flowers during transportation. So yeah, thanks a lot universe, sometimes it is for the best, perhaps there is something good that will come out of it, right? But let’s face it, most of the time it’s just pure annoying bullshit.


Woke up early, took a shower and then went out to get those mattresses I mentioned last time.

I thought it would be a simple thing to do, but had issues transporting them on my bicycle, GREAT. No car. Another problem is that I didn’t think they would be dirty, fucking dirty. I had to vacuum them and then clean them with a vapor steam cleaner. Lots of hair strands, yummy, hair from stranger… I wonder if it is their pubic hair, YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY *pukes*. Anyhow, I hope they are clean now, they had this”old stuff” smell, no idea what causes that, like, is there a perfume called “old stuff”, such a weird smell, and it is the same smell no matter where you go in the world, “old stuff smell”. I thought of making a research about it but nah, got so much else to do.

This whole ordeal took quite a big chunk out of my day, so it was already in the afternoon once I finished up. I spent the remainder of the day watching youtube clips, facebooking, and writing comic scripts, I managed to write quite a few actually, some very epic ones that made me giggle like a little girl before falling asleep.

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 42, My Hands Are Turning Green


Things are starting to take shape; I spent the entire day building the sound-booth. It will serve many purposes, voice training, video recording, audio book recording and most importantly SLEEPING!

I’ve not installed any sound proofing panes yet, but once I have done that, I will have a 100% silent and dark room so I can finally get some proper sleep. Don’t worry, it’s not completely sealed, it is ventilated properly.

I’m so excited; everything is progressing as I want it to, slowly but certainly!

I also began work on setting up a cozy corner for reading, just need to buy a big bookcase and a bean bag or two. And after all that then it’s just the computer remaining. I worked a little on the computer desk last week, spackled the entire surface because it was heavily damaged; I guess its former owner was a sore loser. Just need to sandpaper and paint it, then that’s done as well!

There is plenty more that needs to be done though, and at the end, I’m going to fill every planar surface with plants, flowers and whatever.


Well, just my luck, the store I was going to buy from is apparently shutting down, they will have a final sale 27:th and 29:th this October then that’s it for them. I’ve sent them a mail asking if they’ve got a bookcase with the size I want. If they don’t got anything then I guess it has to be Ikea, BILLY I’m coming for you! The Ikea bookcase is called BILLY. If a book goes missing, I’m gonna blame it on BILLY!

Spent the remainder of the day painting the computer desk and just relaxing, watching TV with my family and such.


OMG what a silly day today was, the computer desk I painted yesterday didn’t turn out that well, the paint just wouldn’t work. I guess it was the wrong kind of paint… oh well, had to spend countless hours cleaning up the mess.

Received an email by the shop I was going to buy from, they told me to call… seriously? I sent them with details of the exact stuff I’m looking for with measurements and stuff, giving them the opportunity to check something out for me at their own leisure and work pace… and all they could do was send me a reply with “call our desk”!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!

Anyhow, I fixed some more stuff and wrote down more stuff on my shopping list! I’m going to buy a room-divider-bookcase thingy as well, basically a large one-piece bookcase divided in multiple squares. I’m going to fill that with lots of different plants.

I made a quick research yesterday before falling asleep, plants keeps the indoors humid and they clean up toxins from the air and gathers up the dust by attracting it with their humidity AND they produce oxygen… HOW IS THAT NOT SUPER AMAZING?

I’m going to plant stuff everywhere in the room, all over the place! NO KIDDING! There should be a law which forces everyone to have plants in their homes.


Worked on a bunch of small things, added some finishing touches to the sound-booth that I had built. Installed a big shelf on the outer wall of the sound-booth where I will be putting stuff on, such as my printer and other stuff.

Took some measurements for how many bookcases I will be buying, to make sure everything is falls into place. I’m a perfectionist so I had to be certain.

And that was basically my day, applied for some jobs and just relaxed with my family; my sister was visiting us as well. She saw the sound-booth and got so impressed she wanted me to build one for her!

Wrote a few scripts for my comic until I feel asleep, the notebook was almost completely scrunched, don’t work and sleep at the same time!


A very slow day, I slept for a long time, took a warm shower and then went out to buy some stuff for the computer desk that I had restored. It was missing the board piece you pull out to place your keyboard and computer mouse on. So I went out and bought a board and many other things to fix all the wiring so it doesn’t look like a mess. I did some sawing and sandpapering on the board until it fitted perfectly and then went on and fixed all the wires. It turned out fantastically super good!

Worked a little on a few art pieces, set up my document size preset, brushes and workflow, also managed to produce two pieces that I’m really happy about. I don’t want to go into too much detail right now, but it is yet another one of my projects. I was simply too tired to work on the comic, and really didn’t feel like playing, I basically opened up a game and closed it immediate, that’s how un-interested I was. So I just focused on the art and it was exactly what I needed. A slow meditative process before going to bed, I produced two pieces that basically made me super excited though, so it was hard to fall asleep after such an energy kick of excitement.


Wow, what a hectic day. I woke up at 1 pm, my brother was supposed to be here by then, so we could drive to Ikea and buy stuff. But of course he had some excuses (bitches), he doesn’t mind driving them hoes 50 miles but can’t help a brotha out for 20 miles. This should definitely be part of a rap lyric… if rap songs even have lyrics, hmm can rap even called a song? Whatever, my sister was here, her crying kids woke me up and she offered to help me out.

She thought I was going to buy a few things… perhaps my laid-back attitude towards closing hours made her think that way. We walked around with one of her kids, talked, ate together, then 1 hour before closing time, we went to the warehouse and BOOOOOM, at least 15 big boxes piled on top of each other filled the cart. Checkout was at $670 (around 6000 SEK), she was chocked and wondered how the hell everything was going to fit inside the car. Little did she know that I am an INTJ and I can work miracles! So we load everything and head home and I then spend four hours building bookcases and other (many) stuff.

Did some cleaning, everything turned out exactly how I imagined it, thank you GOD for creating me with these awesome skills!


THE WEEK IS ALREADY OVER? WTF? Time waits for no one, sheesh, what an asshole.

Today was a beautiful day, despite the cold weather. Because today I installed all the shelves for the bookcases that I built yesterday. I measured the distance and set them all up for books measured 9 inches in height, there is of course a small space between the top of the book and the bottom of the next shelf. The problem however, is that each bookcase only came with four shelves each, exluding the three boards that make up the bottom, mid and top section holding the shape of the bookcase. So I had to borrow shelves from the other bookcases. This completed two bookcases and a half. So I have to buy an additional nine shelves… but the price tag on those is strange… the entire bookcase with four shelves comes at the price of 599 SEK, the price for FOUR standalone shelves costs 600 SEK… so basically, it is better to buy another bookcase, drill some holes in the bottom, mid and top section, this gives me seven shelves that are ready to be used, and then I can saw the long sides to make an additional four shelves, that makes it a total of eleven shelves for the same price of four shelves… I think IKEA needs to think this one through a little, I doubt they priced their extra shelves properly. Or perhaps I’m calculating it all wrong… maybe they mean TWO or FOUR shelves per package and each package is 150 SEK, well, I hope that is the case, but I’m not going to depend on it… I did send an email asking them about it. Otherwise I will have to buy another bookcase and spend an entire day sawing and fixing stuff. Bleh, never ending work.

Anyhow, I also began organizing some of the stuff I had in boxes, and also cut out a small fluffy rug for the bottom of the computer desk, to spoil my big feet, feels so good!

The rest of the day was spent researching plants and flowers, made a spreadsheet with various plants and their function. I will be buying plants that produce oxygen at night MAINLY and a few plants that produce oxygen during the day. The logic behind this is that those who produce during the day will actually use oxygen at night, so the other plants that produce oxygen at night will make sure there is always fresh oxygen in the room.

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 41, Builder Ahmad


Ah, what a beginning for a new week. Slept bad (as usual), and worked for 14 hours straight fixing stuff in the apartment. Cleaned my new room, cleaned the windows on all sides including the inner sections. Cleaned the floor, used spackling paste on the walls and to fix damages on the door frame and window frames and so many more small tings had to be done. I started painting at around 7 pm, and finished at 4 am. And yep, another sleepless night! Anyways, finished off my eating a lot of ice cream while watching the presidential debate!


Had a serious headache the whole day, spent the first half resting while reading and watching documentaries. Worked a little during the later hours once the headache was milder.


Finished cleaning the newly painted room, removed lots of masking tape and protective paper, a final sweep of the floor and it was all done. I then moved stuff from the living room which I will be painting next. Stayed up working to 3 AM, tried to work a little on my writing but my mind was just gone, especially since I’m not even getting any proper sleep.


I ate, I worked, I slept. That’s basically it. Finished moving stuff out of the living room, deconstructed a mid section I had put up five years ago which served to divide one third of the living room into one small room…my little corner basically. And that’s where I have been sleeping for the last six years, there was no wall the first year… it was hell! The wall I built however didn’t provide much sound proofing, but it was much better than without.

Now I got my own room, but I still need to fix the living room, spackle, repair, re-paint and then move stuff back out and set up the furniture and such. I’m hoping to finish all that by the end of the week. And then spend a fresh new week on designing my room. I’m planning on having a cozy corner for reading, a small voice recording booth and a streaming setup for the computer.

But, that’s for later; right now I need to finish everything else!


Things are going forward nicely, today I removed the ugly wallpaper and spackled all the cracks and holes in the wall and the window and door frames. It’s funny how people move furniture violently, pushing stuff through the door without first checking how to actually pass it through the entrance. Oh no, people just shove it straight in, if it hits something, then that means try again! AND not that you have just damaged the door frame.

People want things to happen fast… and little do they know that the fastest way to finish something is by FIRST USING YOUR BRAIN.

I tried to do some creative work at the end, but alas, my brain was completely fried. I’m the kind of person that can only focus on one thing at a time, and it takes a lot of time for me to get into it. Distractions basically kill my creativity. I remember how I used to lock myself up as a child, to draw, paint and read. The best occasions were during the night when everybody else was asleep. And I guess nothing has really changed; even now I feel like I’m mostly creative during the night while completely brain-dead during the day.

It has taught me something, I do the brainstorming at night, coming up with ideas, characters, details, dialogue etcetera. And during the day, I take that and work from it, fleshing it out into a plotline and connecting it all to make sense of it.

I think many authors force themselves to do everything all at once, which actually kills the flow and life of the story. There is no such thing as a “muse”, or “I need to wait for inspiration”. It doesn’t work that way. Sure you can get a very good idea out of nowhere, but was it really out of nowhere? We are constantly thinking about random stuff and that randomness then triggers ideas which then lead to even more ideas. Inspiration is a feeling, not a clear thought; however, that feeling can then translate into clear thoughts, depending on how that feeling resonates with us.

So no, ideas are just ideas, they come from the brain doing work and that’s completely in our power. We can be thinking about something and then we are inspired with a feeling that tells us that this thing we are thinking about is good. But it could also be complete shit. So inspiration is not something we should wait for because it DOES NOT occur if our mind is blank or the canvas is empty or there are no words on the paper. If the paper is blank, then our inspiration or “muse” will also be blank. I recommend always keeping a notebook with you, and when you get an idea, you write it down, write stuff down until you are out of words. If things stop flowing then stop writing, don’t force it, now just focus on reading what you have written and add stuff, move stuff around etcetera. Try to focus on one thing at a time, character, scene, event, conflict, dialogue… this is the hard part of writing, to actually sit down and flesh out the ideas you wrote down. This is the boring part, this is the WORK part. But don’t fret, it’s also the part that allows you to be inspired, so when that happens, STOP and focus only on that inspiration, just go with it, let it take you wherever it wants and don’t stop until you are once again out of words. Even if it changes everything about the story, even if it turns thing completely upside down, kills your favorite character, or forces you to change from a third person perspective to a first person perspective, let it flow. And when it stops, then begin that boring work again. Never postpone inspiration, just drop whatever you’re working on and record the inspiration. The work is still going to be there afterwards, inspiration however; will not!

So yeah, don’t sit there staring on a blank piece of paper wondering where to start, it’s not going to lead anywhere. Make a joke of an absurd situation, I don’t know, perhaps someone left a blank page in their school exam paper, like what were they thinking? Who leaves a completely blank page like that, how silly, right? So you take a pen and scribble just for fun “in a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit”.


Started working as soon as I woke up, spackled, sandpapered, covered up windows and such with masking tape and laid out protective paper across the entire floor of the living room. And that took a couple hours, including cleaning up all the dust and such. Then went on ahead to clean all the surfaces to make sure the paint would stick without any dust or anything else that would ruin the paint job.

Painting a room takes a lot of preparation, and it is the same with writing a novel, you need to figure out stuff before you begin. Such as what is the main theme of the novel, is there any specific audience, age group, all this will influence the grammar and your usage of words.
For example, I try to use a very simple language for this blog, a direct language, easy to understand, I avoid non-common words.

So, continuing from before, you have to also decide on things such as perspective, is it going to be first person or third person. Will you include flashbacks, back stories or not, etc. Doing these preparations is tedious but it will help you save a lot of work later on.

And it is the same with painting a room, you have to use masking tape, protective paper etcetera, otherwise it’s going to be a mess.


I can officially say that I have slept better than usual! Anyhow, I woke up and started working immediately on removing the masking tape and protective paper. I painted the walls and the ceiling for the living room, it looks amazing, yes I’M BRAGGING, damn I’m good at everything I do. THANK YOU GOD! Please punish all those who are jealous of me!

So yeah, it took a couple of hours to clean stuff up, and then decorated the living room, repaired a big wardrobe and a computer bench as well. Things are looking perfect, I will start working on my room/office Monday and buy a big bookcase on Tuesday or Thursday.

I figured out how I want to build the studio-booth as well, so that too will be finished next week, GOD willing!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com