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Free Quran Chapter 28: History (Al-Qasas)

Learn from GOD that communities that discriminates against people will suffer disasters, like Moses vs Pharaoh. Oppression is worse than murder. Yet we see a lot of racism spread throughout the world. Racism is even growing in some part of the world, this is a very bad sign. If this continues, then nations in the future might face destruction through war or natural disasters. However, since disaster can’t usually cure racism, then it is most likely...


Free Quran Chapter 111: Thorns (Al-Masad)

Learn from GOD the consequences of oppressing or attacking believers and that money can’t help you against justice. Abee Lahab was prophet Muhammad’s uncle, he and his wife opposed prophet Muhammad and the believers. They used their wealth to fund many campaigns that made the believers’ lives a constant struggle. Many people believe they can use their money to compensate for their lack of religious practice and to cover for their sinning. However, it does not...