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Week 44, It Was January and Now It Is Suddenly November?

I’m not gonna make up any excuses for my inactivity!

But… BUT! I have been busy. Also, my personal life is kinda boring anyways, its just work work work. Anyhow, I have updated the design of my blog… well at least a little bit. I have also been figuring out HOW to blog. I spent weeks researching and coming up with “best practices”, but even then it is just overwhelming.

As you can see at the top of the blog, I now have categories as a menu! Makes the blog less cluttery.

There is something I don’t quite understand with blogging though, how do you navigate? Imagine if I had 1000 posts in one category, how do you navigate all that? I imagine having a simple list of all the posts in one endless column. That has to be the only solution… right?

I’ll see what I will do, right now I don’t have much content anyways, but I can already predict how problematic it would be to have thousands of posts.

So what have I been up to eh?

I’ve mostly been working as mentioned earlier. I wrote a lot on both novels that I have been working since last year, and accidentally began on a third story. The initial idea was to submit a short story to some magazine for a puny $100. I am barely surviving right now with a 0 income. Anyways, I fell in love with the story, not that it is a romantic one, oh not at all, it is far from being romantic. But I “shelved” it, don’t have time to work on that right now!

Ah, yes, I also streamed for a month or two, a fun experience. It was a creative stream, where I would show my process for learning to draw. A couple of viewers joined along, which was really fun. Also did a lot of art requests, probably more than I should have. I wanted to continue streaming but life caught up, I just had too much work to do.

I have been reading a lot as well, researching previous “top” authors. It seems that most authors back then did well because there was no television. Because some of the stuff I read had a horrendous prose. No offence to the dead!

Entered a short story competition

…and lost miserably. I didn’t even make it into top 10. Mine was written in first person TELLING mode with some SHOWING. The winner and those in top 10 were all written in THIRD PERSON and were mostly SHOWING rather than TELLING. What a bunch of bullshit. This “Show don’t Tell” mantra is way stuck up peoples black hole.

Anyhow, I began to revise my first novel, rewriting some parts to SHOW more than TELL. I do too much TELLING… sad :(, oops I mean “I sigh and drop my head down, only to catch it by the forehead with my right fist in a timely dare. Reminding me of those brave – or foolish – circus gymnasts, who threw themselves out into the hands of life and death. The weight of my head caused a bone breaking snap from my wrist. My hand was weak, not from the lack of practice, but from resting three whole months away from any practice. The same weakness ran throughout every bone in my body. Shaking, screaming to be put to sweaty use. Maybe tomorrow. I turn my head to examine life outside the window; it showed none. The rain had terrorized the people for days now, everybody was locked up in stacked cages, except for the rich, they had a small garden to mow. My lips sagged down after stretching into a hopeful smile. – No exercise today either then. said I”


A couple more things that I did between week 7 and now

Is – if you remember – I began playing Tibia, but I also stopped after one month of playing it intensively. So that’s one month down the drain.

I wasted time on dating, not actual dates, but finding women and chatting. None of them seemed interesting, too much feminism in their head. So that was wasted time as well.

Wrote a lot of scripts for my upcoming comic, it is something I want to see up and running, but it is on hold now, I want to focus on finishing and publishing my novel first.

I also began a romance type of novel on wattpad, “My Naughty Teachers”. It is a fun experiment. I basically don’t see myself writing these types of romance novels, so I decided to challenge myself and write one. I hope you enjoy it.

Well, that concludes this update in my personal life, I won’t be making these weekly reports anymore. Instead I will update you in a similar fashion as this post, whenever it seems relevant.

Week 7, Finished the RPG Game, Started Playing Tibia

I received an email from Twitch saying that they no longer white-list bots, this means my bot will be affected by regular chat and whisper limitations.

Running a text-based RPG game on my twitch channel will sadly not be possible anymore. However, I will at least finish one section of the game and leave the rest of it for whatever I decide to do with the material. I might turn it into a real game sometimes.

The game is pretty much done, although it is barely 5% of what I had planned originally… damn, I even painted a map and monster sheet, but oh well, that’s life. I might add more content with time, after seeing how it is working out… MAYBE.

Anyhow, my week was very slow, I started playing Tibia after half a year break. Basically, all the botting killed the game for me… but then CipSoft has been investing a lot in anti cheating and banned/deleted thousands of players! So I’m returning to it! It is a lovely retro game, reminds me of those old Super Nintendo RPG games, except it is an MMORPG, best mix ever! I remember discovering the game back in 2002-something-ish, was fun. Returned to it in 2013 during my years of depression, it got me through things until I began working intensively on my projects. Then I returned to it again in 2016 for only one month or even less. And now I’m back again, I will see how long I will last this time… as long as they get rid of cheaters then I my mood will be positive.


Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading, GOD bless!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 4, Completed Two More Comic Characters

Monday: 2017-01-23

Administrative work, checking emails, applied for jobs and such. Managed to finish off the third character for my upcoming comic! The character took quite some time to finish, even though it is simplistic in its design. Was having some issues deciding which design I wanted to go with, so I had to try many different things until I found what was working… this took quite some time, didn’t finish until late in the afternoon. Anyhow, I’m really happy with how the character turned out!

I’m not making ANY type of character… I’m actually putting real design effort into it, making them unique and stand out from the other thousands manmade characters in the world.

Hopefully my characters will stand out and become known worldwide!

Tuesday: 2017-01-24

A very productive day, I did some minor adjustments on the second character and then moved on to begin work on the third character.

It felt good to work on an empty stomach; I’ve basically decided to fast from dawn to sunset every day. It feels great, I feel lighter and more relaxed which helps me focus better.

Anyhow, I managed to finish the third character in one day, worked from 8 AM to 7 PM, so that’s 11 hours of work on the third character, but I’m also including the time it took to cook food, eat and other daily life thingies. So I guess it really only took 9 hours or something like that.

I felt like doing more work after finishing the third character, so I began on the fourth one! And everything went smoothly, worked from 7 PM to 2 AM, so that’s another 7 hours of work and I almost managed to finish the fourth character! Well, actually I did finish it, but decided to add some more design elements that fit the character, so one or two hours more and it would’ve been done as well.

If only sleep wasn’t important!

Wednesday: 2017-01-25

Continued working on the fourth character, apparently it took more time than expected to finish it. The final design element was a bit more complex; I had to make over thirty copies of the same detail LOOK different, took five hours to finish, instead of the predicted two hours.

Anyways, I was pretty much tired after all this work so I spent the rest of the day just chilling, cooking food for my family and tried out a new game “Overwatch” by Blizzard. Played it for six hours straight, but got bored of it, don’t get me wrong, the game is great, but it’s just not my type of game, too much aiming-aid. It removes one important skill that separates bad and good players… which makes it even more difficult to carry a match, WHICH MEANS your success depends on others. And I hate those kinds of games!

That’s why I play CSGO, it is team based, however; it still allows for the opportunity for you to win the game, even if you are alone against a whole team.

I remember one game that I will remember forever, and that is Unreal Tournament, the original. Damn that game was great. Nothing beats it, and I’m afraid playing Overwatch just made me reminisce of the good old times. I remember my aiming skills made clans chase after me and I jumped from clan to clan.

My aim in Counter Strike was also great, however, it doesn’t translate well into CSGO, the latest version of Counter Strike. I kept wondering why… that perhaps my skills suck? However, it turns out that CSGO has a system called “Lagg compensation”, meaning the hitbox (the thing that gets hit when people shoot at you) is always lagging behind depending on the other player’s connection latency.

For example, let’s say an enemy sees you, and you run behind a corner to hide. Well, if the enemy shoots, you will still get hit, even if you are completely behind the corner. Because they are hitting your hitbox, that is lagging behind FOR THEIR SAKE, because THEY have bad latency!

Now, on the other hand, if you play LAN, or on a server where everybody has a equally low latency, then this problem doesn’t exist.

Thursday: 2017-01-26

Not one of my proudest days, did absolutely no work at all.

I did apply for jobs, which I do daily, but other than that I didn’t write any comic scripts, didn’t write anything in my novels and I didn’t design anything either.

I just played the whole day away, no idea why, but I just felt like doing absolutely nothing today. Couldn’t be that I overate yesterday and basically had zero sleep because I would wake up every two hours to visit the restroom.

If I only had a wife or wives to keep track of my eating and make sure I don’t do anything wrong!

Friday: 2017-01-27

Same as yesterday, just not feeling like doing anything… the only solution is taking those daily walks… but it is still too damn cold outside. Oh well, I’m still trying to do some kind of work at least, I keep making to-do lists and jotting down ideas.

For example, I discovered that I need a couple of additional characters, some of them will be re-occurring a lot while others will probably only see light just once or twice (according to the scripts I have written so far). But you never know, I have plenty more scripts to write, I’ve only covered around 10% of the topics and that alone produced almost 100 scripts or so.

Anyhow, I’m leaning towards just making the characters that will be re-occurring more detailed, and other side-characters to be more symbolic. I’m already using a lot of stereotyping for my characters, but the side-characters will be even more so!

Saturday: 2017-01-28

Worked a little on my streaming profile, removed the old design I had on twitch and designed something much simpler. Spent the day designing new elements to go with the new design, which took quite some time.

Sunday: 2017-01-29

Continued from where I left off yesterday, finished up some of the major work on the design for my new streaming “profile”.

I believe it is time to start streaming and stop pushing that to the side all the time, I doubt I will be getting lots of viewers anyways; I’m not exactly a social butterfly. But, I do want to stream, it seems like a fun concept, I’m hoping it will give me more public exposure and thus be another channel for me to market my books and other work.

I streamed for a couple of hours, tried out different settings but was not happy at all with the stream equality. Stayed up to 4 AM! Oh well, will have to do some more experimenting tomorrow.


Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 3, Character Designing for Upcoming Comic Strip

Monday: 2017-01-16

Did the usual Monday stuff, applied for a couple of jobs, checked email, also decided to publish these weekly journal blog thingies on Sunday night, or rather at midnight. No clue why, it just happened, deal with it!

Been thinking a lot about the comic, managed to write a few scripts today, but I really had the urge to start drawing out a few strips and perhaps start publishing on a weekly basis. I have enough material to run the comic for one year, and I’m hoping I will manage to write more with time.

If you’ve been reading my blog-journal-thingies, then you will remember that my initial plan was to write twenty scripts a day, and basically have 200 scripts ready in just ten days… yeah, that didn’t happen. Reality kicked in and I simply have to adjust. I believe switching things between writing and drawing will kill downtime. I know I talked about combining playing games and work, but why not combine two different kinds of work instead? Writing will be the intensive work and drawing will be the relaxing work.

Anyways, that’s the plan, and I spent the day gathering resources and such to begin the designs of the other characters.

Tuesday: 2017-01-17

Didn’t do much work today, zero writing basically, spent time mostly on the character designs. Was having trouble with the face and how big the head should be compared to the body. Tried out different version until I found what I was looking for. Then I went ahead and began inking the final design, a very slow and tedious process.

I’m already looking forward to work on the other characters; I know I need a couple more standard characters that I will be re-using over and over. According to the scripts I have written, there will be a couple re-occurring characters, so might as well do those too.

Wednesday: 2017-01-18

Not much to report, continued from where I left off yesterday, the inking process is much more time consuming than I thought. It is coming along nicely though.

I also contemplated a little about using color instead just black and white, I’m not quite sure yet, will research deeper into it tomorrow. I was hoping that using color would stand out from the crowd since most comics are black and white.

Thursday: 2017-01-19

Still working on the inking process of one of the characters, I will probably never make another character like this one with this many details. I want to keep the comic very simple and quick, however, I had to invest this much time on details for this character because it is part of its story and personality. Anyways, it is almost finished, can’t wait to start on the next characters.

Friday: 2017-01-20

Finally finished the character I have been working on, I quickly colored it to test how it would look like and I love how it turned out. However, I will be spending some hours tomorrow, or next week to really figure out the coloring. I’m after a specific kind of style, will have to experiment later on. It is important that the coloring “feels” the same across all characters. So I will probably wait a little with the coloring part until I do more research into it and try out the characters side by side to make sure they don’t clutter things up or take away attention from each other.

I might need to adjust the line-weight as well, to make sure all the designs are uniform and don’t compete for attention.

Saturday: 2017-01-21

Did some minor adjustments to the character I have been working on, it took a couple of hours, had to do some last minute design choices, moved around some stuff and removed whatever wasn’t working for me.

When I was happy with that, I then moved on to work on the third character, which is a much simpler character. The initial design went smoothly; I will be keeping the details to a minimum. However, I know I want freckles on this one, so perhaps only the face will be detailed.

Once I was happy with the concept I then began inking and solve issues along the way such how each part connect etcetera. I did get carried away and added too many details, so I had to go back and redo some of the work.

Sunday: 2017-01-22

Most unproductive day of the week, I had a severe headache since morning.

Spent the first half of the day chilling out and playing some games, and then I watched a classic movie in the afternoon, hoping it would make the headache disappear, but that didn’t work at all. Had to stay in bed the rest of the day, caught up with news and stuff of what is going on in the world. I’ve basically ignored all news for the past month, and honestly, there isn’t any new news. Just a repetition of the same old same old. The only good news is that Donald Trump is president now, I’m really happy about that and I’m not even an American. However, it is sad to see all these racists opening their ugly mouths; they are the devil’s constituents. GOD tells us that we were created different so we can learn from each other and appreciate GOD’s beautiful creations, just like how flowers are different. So, only the devil will tell an individual to hate other people just because they are different.

Anyhow, Trump sure has some very cool ideas, like building the wall. He has gotten a lot of hate because of this, but think about it… imagine if your house didn’t have a door, and people would sneak into your house and take your stuff or hide under your bed… a silly comparison, but logically, it is the same thing.

Oh well, I hope everything works out well and Trump keeps his promises, otherwise GOD will smite him.


Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 2, Play at Work is a Winning Concept

Monday: 2017-01-09

Finally back to writing… and it didn’t go that well, feel a bit rusty! I did write a couple of good scripts for the comic and came up with additional character design. I also figured out that I need one more character, but was having a hard time coming up with something that hasn’t been done to death. Will continue brainstorming tomorrow!

Also did the usual Monday stuff, like administrative work and such. Was really fired up for going out on my daily 8 km walk, but it was quite damp outside with tiny cute raindrops. Oh well… hopefully tomorrow will be different.

Tuesday: 2017-01-10

Yay, finally, went out for my 8 km walk… came back home running after just half an hour! Too windy, too cold and too many distractions! I only managed to write one script during the walk, really disappointing. Oh well, things got better once I got home, tidied things up in the library and sat down to continue where I left off yesterday! And guess what, I managed to come up with the fourth character; the character is hilarious… if you like dark humor. I’m probably going to get a lot of heat from lots of rights groups and shitty humans like that. But oh well, that’s life.

I modified the design of the main character and then began drawing out one of the other characters. I have the concept that I want, but was not happy with any of the designs so far. Wrote a couple more scripts, it is becoming like a chore now, I feel very drained, but I keep pushing myself, really want to complete this project. Sometimes I feel so drained that I contemplate becoming a coffee drinker. But naaah, never.

Wednesday: 2017-01-11

Absolutely no energy today, yet I still managed to write at least eight comic scripts. Confusing, usually I get less done when I’m putting all my focus and energy into it. Oh well, writing works in mysterious ways.

I kept going back and forth between playing games and writing, after every round of CSGO I would sit down and write. Then before the next match starts I look up what topic to write about, so I do most of the thinking during the match. It reminded me a lot about college, I would play World of Warcraft at least 14 hours a day and still managed to get straight A, did the homework while playing! The pvp arena queues back then were very long, like sometimes you had to wait 10 minutes just to get into Warsong Gulch.

Looking for a PvE group was even more tedious, you had to look for people manually through the chat and the social window by searching for people in the level range you are looking for and talk to at least 20 people to form a proper 5 man team. You had to keep track of everybody as well, some people would leave so you had to find replacements and such.

My tactic was simple, since I was a tank, I could basically do what I want and get away with it, good tanks were worshiped back then. Anyhow, I would just find ONE person and then tell him or her to do the rest bwahahaha *evil grin*

But most of the time I would just get spammed daily about doing some tanking for people, so it wasn’t that bad.

Also, usually people would need to go away to eat dinner or use the restroom, so there was plenty of downtime for me to study.

I will try it again tomorrow and see if I can get more done this way.

Thursday: 2017-01-12

A productive day, although I spent too much of it fooling around, I tried the play games while working thingy and managed write at least 10 comic scripts, which is the highest amount so far. I guess the issue is that I get easily bored with repetitive work, my brain kind of goes to sleep, into day-dream-land. And games are unpredictable, anything can happen, which makes my brain stay awake and satisfied. At least this is my theory, because I feel extremely focused after each match of CSGO which makes me able to write a lot, however, after half an hour my brain begins to sink into day-dream-land.

I remember having the same issue everywhere I worked, for example when I worked as a metal smith, welding and constructing stuff, I would get bored quickly and being day dreaming if the work was repetitive, predictable and not stimulating my brain with opportunities to solve problems. So I would always demand more difficult tasks on a daily basis, after a couple of months I had learned basically everything about that company’s work and how to do it all by myself. However, this meant they no longer had anything new to offer for me to learn… so I began learning how the company was being run… and yeah, I bet you know where this is going. I learned about the customers and the other companies we did business with, proposed solutions and soon I was telling the CEO how to do his job. Then suddenly I get fired! Oh well, when I look at it from the bright side, then at least it ended with something unpredictable, hah!

Friday: 2017-01-13

Wrote a lot today, think 8 or 9 comic scripts… wanted to write more but felt burned out at the end of the day so I went to bed early. However, going to bed doesn’t mean sleeping – in insomnia terms; going to bed means just lying down on the bed, hoping for the best that can happen! Sleeping happens four hours later.

Saturday: 2017-01-14

Didn’t get much done at all, wrote around four scripts and edited two or three to remove grammar errors and misspellings. Spent the whole day playing CSGO more than I should… I’m starting to hate team-based games, like, any game where you depend on others to succeed. Whenever I trust that someone will cover for me, I end up getting stabbed from behind, like literally, that’s the only realistic part of games I guess. Whenever I trust someone in real life, I’m usually going to be disappointed, I just prepare for the worst and sometimes that’s not even enough because what actually happens is worse than the worst, like something that completely ruins your life. Some humans are disgusting beyond saving; the only way to stop their insanity is locking them up for life. They are the kind of people that destroy pieces of society, and with time as such people grow in numbers and strength; society crumbles.

Sunday: 2017-01-15

A good but slow day, wrote a couple of comic scripts, and also came up with a series which I’m probably going to get 30 scripts out of. Not really proud of how I spent the day, played too much. I’m trying to find good single player adventure games that don’t cost a fortune and work on an old computer with 2010 components. It is basically so bad that it turns off now and then as soon as the graphics-card gets too worked out.

Speaking of worked out, I worked out today; I’m predicting some major burn over the next couple of days.


Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 50, Painting is Less Painful Than Writing

Monday: 2016-12-12

Today is administrative work as usual, paid some bills and applied for a couple of jobs.

Continued my painting work from last week, almost done with this color set (I don’t want to spoil which colors I’m working with… I know, I’m such a douche). Just got a couple more ideas to finish and then I will move on to a new set with different colors. If I have to count how many ideas I have turned into paintings over these three last days, then the number is around 150 pieces, but only 7 or so were good enough to reach the next stage… that’s a lot of work! Quickly now! Pat me on the back! Just kidding, that was so un-humbly of me, don’t worry, I pat my own back. *drops mic, puts shades on, puffs on a chocolate candy cigar*

After this initial concept stage, I try to look for color balance, shape balance, and a whole lot of other things to make sure it works out for me, a painting has to speak to me before it moves on to the next phase, where I spend more time working on a painting until I’m satisfied.

Read a couple of short stories by H.P. Lovecraft, “The Beast in the Cave” was so deceptive, I had to look it up on wikipedia, turns out he wrote that short piece when he was fourteen years old… or thirteen? The first draft was done in 1903 and the final draft was released in 1904. Anyhow, it explains a lot about the quality, but, I must admit that H.P. Lovecraft had a very good talent for creating suspense from such a young age.

Tuesday: 2016-12-13

Finished up with the painting set and moved on to the next set!

Was a slow day, spent more time than I should watching House Of Cards episodes, shame on me! It is getting a bit tiresome now, just a repeat of conflicts, it’s always like this with TV-series, they sell you the characters, make you want to see more of them, and once that’s done, then people get stuck watching the series no matter how bad or repetitive the episodes become. But it is okay, some interesting things are happening.

I actually had to check out Wikipedia quickly… turns out that people have similar complaints, especially for season 3, which is exactly the season my complaint is based on!

So what more did I do… applied for jobs, read a little and watched some YouTube before falling asleep. Oh, and I skipped my 8 km walk, sigh.

Wednesday: 2016-12-14

Finished up yet another set of paintings, the color didn’t work the way I planned, so I had to try something different, however, I’m happy with the result even though they are different in style from the other sets.

I was going to begin on the next set but it was pretty late, went to bed instead, watched some YouTube and read a little.

Thursday: 2016-12-15

Today was a not-in-the-mood kind of day, felt tired all day, didn’t sleep that well yesterday. Not taking those daily walks is very bad for my health, I thrive in the outdoors, hate being indoors so much but it feels like I have no choice. Bad weather, freezing cold, besides, I can’t paint while walking, that would have been too good to be true then!

Played a couple of CSGO matches and watched at least three episodes of House of Cards, that basically ate up most the day.

Friday: 2016-12-16

Woke up tired just like yesterday, but decided to remain in bed and read instead. Managed to read just a couple of pages before I feel back to sleep… the story wasn’t that exciting… still reading H.P. Lovecraft, the buildup of suspense is important in the horror genre, but, surely it doesn’t have to be dragged out, slow and boring?

Worked on the final color set, a very interesting color I must say, never imagined myself working with it, ever! It is difficult to work with, but when it works then it produces some very interesting paintings.

Saturday: 2016-12-17

Today I worked for 10 hours to finish off the last color set, I’m pretty happy with how the color worked out, never thought it would give me this much pleasure. I hope others will love the paintings as much as I do.

Anyhow, my brain was fried at the end of the day, tried out GTA5 Online to relax, it was fun, I have enjoyed GTA since the very first version came out on PC back in the 90’s! Crazy times! It’s a shame they have removed the top view from their latest versions, it added a unique style to the game, which is what made the franchise so popular in the first place.

Sunday: 2016-12-18

Went through all my finished paintings to check if they were still working, I will begin releasing them in a week or so, after I have had a couple of days of “cooling off” so my eyes and mind are renewed when I look at them. So far so good though, very happy with how everything turned out. Spent some time thinking about metadata and signature, and also some additional pieces for my first set of paintings that I did way back in 2014, there was originally 5 pieces in the set, but I had two removed because they didn’t work that well for me anymore. I did learn a lot from that experience and avoided the same mistakes whilst working on these latest paintings. Anyhow, I will have to add 3 more paintings to the original set.

I had them all removed from all the print on demand sites except pixels.com (fineartamerica.com) and my official website, you can still find them there for the time being. This reminds me to share that I will be making a big update to my website in the coming days. The landing page needs to be slightly changed. I’m still working out the details though.

Another thing that happened today was a big damn headache that hit me around mid-day. It basically ruined my favorite time during a day; night! Sadly, I couldn’t get much done today, not sure exactly why I got an headache but the theory I cooked up was a combination of things.

Spent the time in bed, watched the movie Spectral, a bunch of YouTube clips and finished reading another short story by H.P. Lovecraft. I’m uncertain for now if I really want to write a review of it. I’m starting to understand his writing style much better, it was as I suspected the first time, but it is becoming more evident the more I read his works. He was a genius; however, the problem we geniuses suffer from is that we expect others to understand us on our level. This explains why his work is perhaps not mainstream, or the average intellect back in his days was much higher than today.


Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 49, I’m in Ice-Cream Heaven


Painted the shelf in the kitchen that I had installed a couple days ago, turned out really nice! Skipped my 8 km walk… I did exercise though! I’m writing a list of topics to write about for my comic, I already have the topics written on the computer, but I’m making a shorter list to bring with me on my walks. I’m picking topics that don’t require research, topics such as IRONY, I know what irony is so I can probably write out a couple of scripts for that topic during my walks. It’s just to get things done, since I’m finding it really difficult to sit in-front of the computer and be creative, it’s just not working out for me, I lose focus too easily. The noise from the computer fan is not helping either, it’s so annoying.

I read one chapter from “At the Mountains of Madness” and watched a couple of YouTube clips before I fell asleep.


The kitchen appliances arrived today, yay! I went ahead and bought an additional two shelves, but much smaller ones, and put them up to be used for dry ingredients, kitchen tools and measuring stuff. I went ahead and made a smoothie and some protein whey ice-cream. The oven and microwave work fine, the microwave has a grill-function, which I had to try out almost immediately, not exactly the same as a real barebeque fire, but it was better than using a frying pan.

That’s basically what my day went towards, I read each and every manual as well. Yup, I’m that guy who reads the manual; did you know that the Warranty is actually invalid unless you read the manual that comes with everything you buy? I don’t know if people are aware of that, but usually when you return something that is broken, they assume you’ve read it. It’s like an agreement, they trust that you’ve done your part… but nope, most people just lie about it. Oh well.

I’ve didn’t get to use the baking machine yet, no idea how to make bread, I’m a man in a kitchen, I’m not a baker… not yet at least!

I do know what kind of bread I want to be making, but the road to getting there and perfecting it will need some trial and error.


Today I decided to basically clear everything from my personal Facebook account… it was way too difficult to avoid facebooking, it was easy to get caught by post after post, comment after comment. And don’t get me started on all the trolls and hateful scum. It is overrun by smartasses, like, I don’t know how to explain it, but there are so many ignorant people in the world that it is scary.

I don’t know if it’s ignorance or just pure hate, or both, since hate is a product of ignorance anyways.

Whatever, perhaps it is just the internet, faceless people with no respect or regard to others.

So I spent most of the day watching House of Cards and deleting stuff from my Facebook account. I had to delete stuff from 2007!! YEAH, it took quite a while and I actually had to go to bed way before I was half way through it all.


Woke up early as usual, showered, prayed and ate, then continued deleting stuff form my private Facebook account all while meditating.

I managed to finish deleting the remaining data after seven hours. And I like it this way, so clean, no more distractions.

Decided to focus on only one PRINT ON DEMAND platform for my art pieces and merchandize, and the chosen platform iiiiiis pixels.com (fineartamerica.com), the reason for this is because they focus mostly on the artists and give us a better price control. The other platforms require you to pick a price markup, a percentage of the base price… and they recommend a low markup, otherwise (they threaten you) that you won’t be able to partake in promotions and you will also be forced to pay a bigger free on every sale. Two words: NO THANKS! See what I did there? You thought I was going to write “fuck you”, but I’m a classy-wizard fools!

These other platforms seem to focus more on competition and profit for themselves. I want a platform that loves me, the artist, and pixels.com (fineartamerica.com) has lots of love to give!

Today I finished reading “At the Mountains of Madness” by H.P. Lovecraft.


I made lots of ice-cream today with the ice-cream maker! Damn, I think I’m in heaven or something.

Anyways, I spent most of the day just painting away. I felt the urge to paint on waking up, so I jumped out of bed and painted the whole day… while making ice-cream!
Nothing else to say, I didn’t go on my daily 8 km walk, spent some time applying for jobs as well and that’s about it.

Watched an episode of “House of Cards”, and also a couple of clips on YouTube before falling asleep.


I made even more ice-cream today, anyways, I made so much ice-cream that the kids said they couldn’t eat anymore of it. That’s a first, it’s not every day you hear kids say “I can’t eat anymore ice-cream”.

Continued painting the whole day… didn’t take my 8 km walk, was raining, and that’s why I’ve been skipping those walks the last couple of days, just forgot to mention it.

Anyhow, the painting is going well, I finished a set of paintings yesterday and started today on a different set. However, the color scheme of this new set is very difficult to work with, but I’m forcing myself to keep at it.

Finished watching the first season of House Of Cards, I’ve really enjoyed the show so far.

Wrote a review at Goodreads of my latest read, “At the Mountains of Madness” by H.P. Lovecraft:


The novel offers a great chilling adventure that keeps you turning its pages. It focuses on environmental exploration, and is a perfect read for anyone who loves the idea of finding treasures in their own backyard… the novel leaves you wanting more, so much that you begin planning your own journey to find pieces of the secrets told within. OR, like me, lock the windows, doors and never leave the safety of your home ever again. Kidding; you are never safe.


It is set in H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos; hinting at it more and more as you dig deeper into the story.

If you’re not familiar with H.P. Lovecrafts’ work before reading this short novel, then I’m afraid it will leave you wondering what in Cthulhu’s name the characters are talking about. The reader will only understand the references through an excessive use of adverbs used by the character/s. Such as “oh, that horrible scary book that I don’t dare read again for it is so haunting and scary”, this part of the story could’ve been improved upon a lot.

I can’t help but feel that the author tried to pack too much into the short novel, and since it IS a short novel, some aspects had to suffer or be cut off.

I’m not trying to “correct” Lovecraft’s style of writing, I’m just sharing what bothered me while reading this short novel.

The frequent and excessively long descriptions of weather and environmental phenomena that went on and on makes the reader lose focus to the point of having them go back and re-read paragraphs because their mind went ahead of the longishly boring descriptions and hoped this-and-that comes next to make things exciting again.

Was that a long sentence with many adverbs and unnecessary information? Well, now you know what to expect every now and then while reading this short novel. They completely interrupted my flow while reading.

The book could have been cut in half, which means the first half is a buildup of tension. The second half is divided into three acts, the excitement is heightened, then a setback occurs, but then boom HEART ATTACK and you start running for your life.


If you ignore all the weak points, and you’re more into exploration, adventure and new ideas rather than silly mundane human feely touchy feels, then this short story is a must read. Even if it doesn’t satisfy you 100%, it will leave plenty for your imagination to think about!


A pretty okay day, continued my painting work throughout the whole day, very happy with the results despite the difficulty the color set is to work with. I’m far from finished, got a couple more ideas and concepts to paint before moving on to the next color set.

Made a lot of ice-cream today as well, two kilograms of pear-sorbet! Think I got addicted to ice-cream or something, can’t stop eating it, hah!


Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 48, Swimming in Presents… From Myself!


First day of my new schedule, it was all going fine, up until the afternoon, a mega headache struck me! I forgot to mention that I was also going to abstain from all candy, chocolate, tea, sugar, soda and such. Since I will be reducing my food intake, I will have to make sure I only eat stuff that maximizes my nutrient intake without risking over eating again. And that’s why I got hit by a major headache, it happens every time I stop drinking tea. Seems like even the innocent tea is a major poison for the body.

I didn’t get much writing done today; I spent most of it applying for jobs, checking mails, posting last week’s blog post, and wasted away playing 7days2die, nerd. I’m slowly learning to avoid Facebooking too much as well. Some people keep trying to argue with me, but they keep repeating their ignorance, so instead of explaining over and over, I’ve decided to leave people to rot in their stupidity. It spares me a lot of time, I wrote a book titled “GOD The Creator”

ISBN-10: 1499753241
ISBN-13: 978-1499753240

This book puts it all into perspective and answers all questions and shatters all those arguments that keep circulating in the mind of atheists. But it also challenges the religious person, giving them new perspectives to look at the whole ordeal and examine if their faith is true or false.

One of my many awaited packages came today; it was the tablet-holder and ink for the printer. I checked those off of my list of things to keep track of stuff.

Anyhow, the pain from the headache made it impossible to do anything, so I watched YouTube and such. I highly recommend the following channel: Good Mythical Morning, with Rhett & Link. It is THE BEST thing that ever happened to YouTube, I can’t believe or rather I REFUSE to accept that they are not getting 500 million views daily at least!


Guess what day it is today? Today is today, duh, what did you think? Silly you!

Woke up early, no headache, worked out, prayed, showered, ate, think I ate one sandwich too much though, I ate three, which I’m used to, but I will be reducing it down to two sandwiches, and that will become my standard from now on. Never eat more than two! *repeats like a mantra*

Today was a – fix stuff – day, since I had an headache yesterday and couldn’t fix anything, I then had to do everything today instead. I did some administrative work and went out and bought some stuff I need. Bought electrical wire and a couple plugs, I pulled an electrical wire into the sound booth, yes I am an electrician I can do this! So that’s done! And some special screws and stuff to set up the surf tablet support-arm-thingy.

Two packages arrived today, well, one and a half to be accurate. 25 pieces of A5 lined notebooks, a box of pens, ink corrector, and NOT the USB memory stick that I ordered. So stupid, the entire reason why I even ordered from this online shop is because of the USB memory stick, but no, it was sold out… even though it said it was in stock when I ordered it. So stupid.

The next package was my whey protein and multivitamins, but only half arrived. I contacted support and they said I had ordered too much so they had to split it up into two different packages (without telling me), but whatever, it should arrive tomorrow. When ordering, I was given free stuff to choose from! I picked a pink shaker. Why pink? Because I will look so cool when jogging outside, sipping on a pink flask. No, but it is to make sure nobody touches it!

Anyways, so far so good (except for the USB stick that’s missing).


This time I ate only two sandwiches and it felt much better, however, I was still feeling stuffed from last night’s quick meal. I need some slow protein over the night, but I ate too late, will change that to at least two hours before bedtime and see what happens.

Didn’t do much work related, spent most of the day reading.

More packages came in as well, the rest of the protein and vitamin supplements came. Also my microphone and other stuff I ordered for it, yay. Early presents for me!


My sister and her kids came today, my shoes went missing almost immediately… and there was food thrown all over the kitchen, oh the joy of children!


First day of a new month and THE LAST MONTH, then it is a new year, wow, looking back over the course of this year, I’ve accomplished exactly nothing! Well, not really nothing, there is plenty of work being done. But I’ve just been busy with too much other stuff, also I worked for at least a full year, which took a lot of time away from my writing. It has only been like 12 weeks so far, since I started putting more attention and effort into my writing projects. Yup, basically since I started this journal blogging thingy! So in 12 weeks I’ve only done around 20 000 words spread across different novels, I also did begin on a comic, that has been taking my time as well, otherwise I would’ve written twice that amount. Whatever, things are moving forward, that makes me happy, can’t wait to release and share all of it!

The tablet arrived today, I thought I had ordered the one with built in projector, Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro, but apparently I ordered the wrong version. I was looking at it on an online shop and then saw a review mentioning that it was $200 cheaper if bought directly from the manufacturer. So I went to their website and ordered it. But it turns out the difference was more than just the price, the comparison charts didn’t mention anything other than processor, memory and other technical details. There was no comparison listing different functions. Very bad web design for such a big company. But whatever, turns out the one I ordered was among their latest version with high resolution, so I’m fine with that, I will be using it for reading anyways, and I don’t see where I will find the time to even care about watching movies on a projector.

Didn’t do much work today either, wrote a couple of comic scripts and then went to bed.


Today I thought it was Thursday! Yeah, that’s why I do these journal writing blog thingies, to keep track of time. Do you really think I would’ve known this was Week 48 without this journal keeping? HELL NO! Whatever, it is Friday, went to bed late last night so I wanted to sleep a couple of hours extra today, but nope, neighbor started to hammer away at stuff early in the morning, making the entire building shake.

Spent most of the day with family, I built a shelf in the kitchen for the incoming stuff I bought for the kitcheb, minioven, minimicrowave, ice cream machine, self-baking machine and a mixer. Will be making honey-muesli-whole grain bread and banana milk ice cream, bah, I’m going to make lots of stuff on a daily basis, cheap but super nutritious foods.

Worked out a little, tried out some new things and did a little bit of research. I think I have figured out the best workout routine for my schedule, so I will be incorporating it starting tomorrow (I hope).

A packade came today as well, microSD card and plastic protection for keyboards. Cleaned my keyboard and covered with plastic, so much more sanitary. The plastic is not really plastic, but a synthetic material that kills bacteria, fungi and molds AND it protects against accidently spilling water all over the keyboard! Feels super nice and clean while typing.
The microSD is for the tablet, 128 GB of storage! I transferred all my current ebooks from my computer to my tablet, so now I can just lay down in bed all day and read, yay laziness!


I lazily turned off my alarm, in hopes of getting more sleep, but oh well, two hours extra sleep didn’t do much. And I missed out on so much because of that, my eating schedual got messed up. Whatever. I got to imprint in my brain “wake up at 6 am no matter what!.”

So what did I do today, I fired up the computer to write a couple of comic scripts, but nope, didn’t feel like it. It feels so boring and cold to sit in front of a computer, the blank canvas, bleh.

However, I do prefer to edit on the computer; it feels like a completely different process that writing. And having material already available makes it less daunting, it removes the “cold” feeling of computer screens.

I chose to just relax and read all day instead, been reading Lovecraft’s work so far and learned a lot. So far so good, I did however stumble upon a couple of writing mistakes. For example, one paragraph was way too descriptive in the novel “At the Mountains of Madness”, it made me lose focus. He should’ve rewritten it, even if it had taken him more words, to keep the flow going and keep the reader absorbed into the story.

Another thing I learned is the importance of characters, for example his character “Adul Alhazred” is soooo damn important for the entire mythos. I just love how Lovecraft is such a master at keeping you at suspense and the “release” never leaves you 100% content, it keeps you wondering.

Anyways, I exercised as well, body was sore from yesterday’s mistake/experiments.

Watched the movie “The Mechanic, Resurrection” while relaxing, and then watched an episode of Good Mythical Morning before falling asleep. I know it’s a morning show, but the whole “feeling” of the show is just so cozy and relaxing, making the perfect show to wake up to and to watch before going to bed. But I prefer to meditate upon waking up and then stay active as much as possible throughout the day, so watching the show before bedtime works out better for me.


Schedule-wise, the day was perfect. Except that I’ve been skipping my 8 km walks these last couple of days. I’m thinking of tripling my walks since I’ve been the most productive (writing wise) during my walks, and I’ve basically finished most the renovations in the apartment and built everything that is needed. These last couple of weeks has kept me busy with many things other than my projects, so now I’m focusing on getting into the writers’ life again and put all my effort in that area

Anyhow, I spent the day just reading and reading and reading. I did my workouts as well.

I did watch a few episodes of House of Cards, a new series I started watching today, it has an interesting style of filming. But I can’t figure how it will keep the interest up, oh well, I will just watch it until I feel that it is getting repetitive. It is four seasons, so I’m guessing it is good.

I continued reading “At the Mountains of Madness” by H.P. Lovecraft, it is such a slow read. The book is for academics or anyone who enjoys a dark adventure with exploration of the unknown. The minimal amount of dialogue and face to face interaction gives the reader a cold feeling. Also, the book is not about ideas or emotions; it is basically just exploring the physical realm of things, leaving the reader completely free to feel whatever they want to feel or believe whatever they want to believe. A very interesting writing style, but like I said, it only speaks to people who are able to think for themselves, who seek knowledge, not entertainment. The entertainment comes second in “At the Mountains of Madness”, instead, Lovecraft takes you on a realistic adventure. Something that tickles the explorer inside of us and leaves us wanting to explore even further! But I’m just 70% into the book, let’s see how it ends! Usually mystery and horror stories give the reader the “release” at the end.

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Week 47, White Friday


Mondays are so weird; I mostly do administrative work, and by the time I finish up, HALF THE DAY would have disappeared. Whatever. I did take my 8 km walk, but didn’t get much writing done, my mother wanted to follow along and she kept talking and talking. We then went shopping for some groceries and had a taco night!

Didn’t get any comic scripts done, spent most of the day just watching music stuff on YouTube and read silly things on Facebook.

I did write for three hours straight before I fell asleep, things are getting interesting now, the characters are doing something I never planned for them, but oh well, it adds a deep dimension to the their character so I’m alright with that.


A serious headache day, spent the day watching interviews and lectures about writing and self publishing. I did take my 8 km walk, but didn’t get much writing done, was going through various other things in my head and suddenly my 8 km walk was over. Damn, I hate when that happens. Spent a lot of time thinking about how the heck am I supposed to make everything happen. I got art stuff, merchandise stuff, music stuff, writing stuff, and marketing stuff. So much stuff, stuff everywhere. Oh well, one step at a time. Also, Black Friday is coming up, I’m just going through ideas in case I need something so I can add it to my buy list. I did taste the urge of buying a completely new computer, but I decided against it, it won’t serve me good right now. I already have a functioning computer that does the work I need done.

Anyways, my sister is here and she brought her kids, funny how the house smells like diapers and shit all of a sudden. There is noise 24/7 and just pure madness, I really feel like I’m not even supposed to be in this family, because no one else seems to have that taste for the finer things in life. There is no such thing as perfection, like things need to be absolutely clean and fresh. Silent, calm and relaxing are words that seem absent from their brain. Well, actually, most people do lack an understanding of such concepts.

Whatever, the crying, noise and various smells gave me an headache that lasted the whole day. I did want to write before bed time but I just couldn’t cope with the pain.

However, it seems like I keep getting headaches lately, especially during winters, so, I guess I need to take action and perhaps invest in medicine for that so it doesn’t affect my work or life that much ever again. Aspiring for Aspirin HAH I’m hilarious


Nice cloudy day, took my 8 km walk, was pleasurable, although I didn’t get as much writing as I was hoping for. I was stuck at a scene and went through a couple of hundred details in my head before I began writing the solution. Each solution would have a different impact on the story and the reader, so I had to go through multiple ones until I found the most realistic one, but one that also kept the reader excited. It is a “no-turning-back” scene… if the story was a piece of wood, then this scene is basically one big nail holding the wood up on the wall. And many such important nails are there, but subsequent nails are measured using THIS big nail. Hopefully that makes sense!

Got a lot of writing done before bed time, which was really pleasurable, the scenes are coming together nicely. Certain things didn’t turn out the way I imagined them in my head, but it turned out pretty okay, besides, it is just plotting, anything can happen once I sit down and rewrite it into a first draft!


Well, I was supposed to reduce my Facebooking, but alas, a few comments there, a few likes here and time just flew by. I probably need to cut off sitting in front of the computer COMPLETELY. Anyways, people kept insulting me and debating me without any proper format, they just spammed their comments, “thoughts (idiots don’t think, they just go with the feeling) and insulted me over and over again. Holy MACARONI at the amount of ignorance there is in the world. Everyone with access to the internet is suddenly an expert on everything. It is hilarious; really, every kid who graduates is now suddenly an expert at everything in life. It’s just so funny to see this happen, generation after generation, same kind of deluded brats.

I’m just happy that Trump won the election and all these imbecile leftists hippie weirdos can die in their anger. They are the kind of ignorant buffoons that blame everything except themselves. It is wrong with the world, not with them. If they don’t pass a test, then the test is faulty and the teacher is a racist! That’s their logic, and they are everywhere on the internet polluting it by shaming people who express their thoughts, they mass-report websites and people to get them off social media sites, they will attack and hack websites they don’t agree with and so much more. They are a living and breathing cancer.
Oh well, at least I took my 8 km walk and got a lot of writing done, so I’m happy with that. But I still wish I spent less time on meaningless stuff, like educating imbeciles, they just keep popping out from useless and stupid parents at an alarming speed anyways, it’s their parents’ responsibility, not mine. Damn, in the past, raising good and intelligent children was some form of a high social status and prestige. But today, wow, damn animals everywhere.



I spent a total of $1700 on various stuff.

Bought a microphone and a couple accessories for it, bought a tablet and stuff to have it hanging on a wall so I can read books while laying in bed without tiring my arms, it’s silly how even a small smartphone that weights nothing can feel super heavy after a couple of hours of holding it. Anyways, I bought some kitchen appliances, a mixer, mini oven, mini microwave, a self-baking machine and ice-cream machine. I also bought multivitamin & mineral supplements and protein & creatin & amino acid whey powder, lots of it. I’m really sick of how bad my mother’s cooking is, I mean, it’s not bad, it’s pretty much useless. So what I’m going to do is buy and cook my own food. I just pray that nobody destroys the kitchen appliances or touches my food. As I mentioned last week, they lack respect for anything, they just throw stuff around and want everything to work quickly. Life enjoyment = zero.

Anyhow, I was also going to order lots of books, found many used books for less than a dollar, that’s insane. I added 40 books into my Amazon cart and when I went to the checkout, $80 turned into $800, what the hell? Apparently, the shipment to Sweden costs $40, so yeah, NO THANKS!

This means no books for me, and I built four bookcases to fill! Damnit! Oh well, I still have the books on my wish list, so when people donate, they can either donate money or buy me books.


I did take my 8 km walk, and got lots of writing done, but got stuck on a scene that took me hours to meditate on. I didn’t find any solution, but I will try again tomorrow.


Today was a meh day, I went out for my daily 8 km walk, but returned back before I even reached 3 km, it was too windy, could barely write or think.

Once home, I showered, prayed and relaxed for a while, played a little 7days2die, checked my email and Facebook… damn, Facebook is a tough bastard to get rid off. I planned on reducing my facebooking, but it is harder than I thought, it will have to slowly diminish on a daily basis.

Wrote a couple of comic scripts, read some news, and then managed to solve the scene I was stuck on from yesterday. I’m really satisfied with the decision, I’m glad I didn’t change anything just because it was so hard to solve it. The reward was worth it and I believe any reader who falls in love with that character will love it.

Did some research into music making and composed a couple of simple beats. Wrote a couple comic scripts as well, and wrote some plotting before falling asleep. Ideas began to flow again once I solved the conflict I was stuck on.


Didn’t start out that well, helped my family move  new furniture around, spent a couple of minutes Facebooking but managed to limit my time to just check my mail and messages which is a good development. Researched into some various things as well, for example, it seems like I’m overeating, it’s worse than under-eating, that explains why I feel so deadly tired everyday… so what I’m going to do is basically start fasting for a couple of weeks until my body and immune system has figured things out. And then start slowly again, train properly and only eat when I’m hungry. I’m aiming for three meals a day with six hours resting inbetween… which means I will have to start waking up at 6 AM. I need to start getting used to waking up early. I love dawn, I think it is silly to miss out on such a beautiful thing in life, so I’m gonna being my days around dawn, eat, work until noon, eat, then get a couple of hours of sleep because you get tired around noon anyways (body temperature drops), and then wake up around the afternoon with renewed energy, work a couple of hours, eat one final meal then work until bed time. That’s the schedule I will be working towards, wish me luck!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com