Reddit – WARNING to Content Creators

If you are a content creator using Reddit, or are planning to use Reddit for your original content creation. Then this warning / advice is vital, and one that you should be mindful about to save yourself a lot of headache in the future.

What is Reddit?

Already using Reddit? Then skip down to the next section. Reddit is basically a forum but with a different approach in terms of the design. Imagine a forum that has all posts showing up directly on the first page with a few rows of text per post. This approach allows the user to absorb a lot of information from many different topics, this is great because it gives access to the hottest and most current content from all the sub-forums.

The sub-forums are called subreddits, and there is one for everything you can think of. Do you love cats? Well, there is a subreddit (sub-forum) that is only about cats: here you can find almost one million other people who are interested in cats… crazy cat people should not feel alone no more! (Personally, I hate cats).

In other words, Reddit is huge. And because of that, it makes it the perfect place to create content and share it with others. This will lead to new connections which can either become new customers, friends, fans, or even life partners.

However, as a content creator I have stumbled upon a very serious problem with creating content on Reddit, and I hope you will learn from my mistakes after reading this post.

The Scenario

Every user has their own subreddit; a personal space (a blog basically) where they can post whatever they want (as long as they follow the rules of course). You can use this space for whatever you want. You can post a work in progress, then update it by commenting on your own post; creating an easy to follow progress of how you reached the final result. And it will all be available to you on your personal Reddit. You can send a link to your friends, so that they can read your post. Or you can cross-post it to other subreddits that are related to your post.

For example, if it was a drawing, then you can cross-post it to subreddits that are about drawing, such as:, which has around half a million users, if you are lucky, then your post will be seen by a lot of them and get many up-votes (likes). And if you get a lot of up-votes, then your post will have a big chance to get onto the main page so that millions of users can see your post. This is great, because it means everyone has an equal chance to go “viral”.

So, let us say that you have spent an entire month creating content on Reddit, being active, getting acquainted with various people, found your favorite subreddits and such. You have invested a lot of time to create content and engagement, great!

Then one day you decide to draw a frog, even though you hate frogs. And you then post the whole work in progress on your own subreddit as usual, and then you share it on the subreddit for drawing that I linked to earlier, but also on a subreddit about frogs, such as: Then, after a few hours you notice that some people took offense and left some angry comments on your post inside the frogs subreddit.

You reply back, trying to explain any misunderstanding, or even point out that the people who took offense are the ones at fault. Whatever, you brush it off and move on with life, right?

The Problem

An hour or two later you get on Reddit to check if there is any new activity, however, nothing shows up on your own personal subreddit, your page is blank, you cannot see the posts or comments you have made (your content). You see that you are logged in, everything else seems to be fine. But whenever you try to check your posts and comments you only receive an error saying that something went wrong. At first you think it is a bug, so you try clicking on all buttons until you see this:

And you sit there staring at the screen, wondering about what rules you broke. You think very hard, but nothing comes to mind. You have read the rules, you know exactly what to do and what not to do.

Now I need to tell you that this post is not a cry for attention about me getting banned, but instead it is about the consequence of getting banned from a platform where you have a lot of content. And the problem is that you no longer have access to any of your content. One month of content went *poof*, gone. And this is what this post is about. I want to warn every content creator out there who is using Reddit or is planning on using Reddit to be aware of this problem.

You can get banned because someone simply does not like you or disagrees with you. If you make an enemy on Reddit, then that enemy will spend a lot of time and effort to go through all your posts and comments that you have made. He or she will then report everything they do not like, or even report and down-vote every single thing you have posted and commented throughout the whole month (never underestimate hate). Then the automated bots will eventually pick you out from all the noise and ban you as a precautionary action.

Reddit Admins Are Usually Friendly

You will then have to spend a couple of days appealing to the Reddit admins to resolve any misunderstanding. If you are lucky then this process will only take a day or two. If you are unlucky then it will take a week or even longer. And all your content will be unavailable for the whole duration.

However, if you are really unlucky, then perhaps some of your content “did” break the rule, such as the rule that says no spam is allowed, and your super active activity might look like spam to some admin who is not aware of the context of those posts or comments. Then you will be banned for eternity and never be able to see your content again.

This means that one month’s worth of content that you have created will be gone forever. And any link to them will no longer work, your customers, friends or fans; will not be able to access your content anymore.


Always make backups of everything important that you post on Reddit. For example, I debated a lot in various subreddits, some of my comments and posts were very lengthy and required a lot of effort and research. However, I always made backups of every single post and comment that I made. Because I knew I would be banned, eventually.

I always get banned from any social media that has a high population of sensitive and irrational people. I once got banned from Facebook for sharing a fact from a scientific article. All it takes is for one person to “feel” offended; and *poof* banned.

So my advice applies to all social platforms, if you are creating content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Google documents etc, then make sure you always backup your content. Think of these platforms as marketing channels only, they are NOT servers where you can safely save your content.

Save your content on your own computer first; before you upload it to any online platform.

Alright, that is the end of this post, I hope you found it useful.

If you have been banned and lost a great deal of content because of it then please share your story in the comments, I would like to hear about it. And it will also be useful for other content creators to see that this is a real problem that they should not take lightly.

Anyways, GOD bless everyone, except cats, frogs, and irrational a**holes.

Ahmad Wehbe

Wehbe is a creative artist and philosopher from Sweden with Lebanese roots. He uses various art forms to express emotions, thoughts and to tell stories.

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