Evolution or Creation: The Final Argument by Rashad Khalifa – Transcript

(This transcript is not true verbatim, I have removed repetitive sentences, and I have reconstructed certain sentences that end abruptly where Rashad rephrases himself before finishing the previous sentence, this is common in speech but not text. – Ahmad Wehbe).

Video Intro:

  • Evolution or Creation
  • The Final Argument
  • Your host – Rashad Khalifa, PhD
  • Produced and Photographed by Kathleen Clarke
  • Dr. Khalifa has a PhD in Plant Biochemistry from University of California, Riverside [1964].
  • He has published 5 books and 23 scientific papers in Science, Analytical Biochemistry, and other outstanding journals.
  • Currently (As of recording this video), he is on the roster of science advisors for the United Nations Industrial development Organization.

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Every one of you is aware of the spirited debate, that has been raging for decades, between evolutionists and creationists. This hot debate began in the mid-nineteenth century; about hundred and twenty-five (125) years ago, when Charles Darwin developed his theory of gradual evolution.
  • Basically, what Charles Darwin said was that life began spontaneously from inanimate inorganic matter. This beginning of life was supposedly in water, and a single simple cell first formed. Then this cell split and multiplied, and evolved into new forms of life. With the passage of millions upon millions of years, fish came into existence in this water. And with additional of millions upon millions of years, some of the fish started to walk on land, and started to develop lungs instead of gills. Eventually, again, additional millions and millions of years was required for some of these land creatures to develop wings and the ability to fly. Another branch of these land animals continued to develop and evolve all the way to human beings.
  • Of course, as scientists, we took this theory of Charles Darwin and we scrutinized it, we put it to the test, like any other theory. Darwin used terms like; natural-selection, mutations, survival of the fittest, to explain his theory. Now during the last one hundred (100) years of scientific revolution, we learned quite a few things. Many of the things that you and I learned as youngsters, have been found to be wrong, or at best; trivialized.
  • So we took this theory of evolution and we studied it carefully. We started to look for the evidence, we treated it as any other theory, trying to prove it and turn it into a law. So, in the process of studying the theory and collecting evidence; fossils, skeletal remnants and so on. And the other scientists combined to teach us that parts of the original theory of Darwin were unworkable or scientifically wrong, just down right wrong. And this lead to the modification of Darwin’s theory.
  • As scientists we had to modify the original theory of evolution as written by Charles Darwin, in order to pick the new established facts. Let me give you a couple of examples. Gradual evolution proved to be wrong, our fossil record does not support gradual evolution. You heard about the missing link, every one of you knows about the missing link. And I am here to tell you there is no just a missing link, there are thousands of missing links. And to solve this problem, the scientists came up with a new theory called; punctuated equilibrium. Stephen Gould of Harvard and Niles Eldredge came up with this idea, punctuated equilibrium to solve the problem of the missing links. What they said was that evolution happened in giant leaps not gradually. So this was the first major modification of the original theory of evolution.
  • Another idea for example that we had to abandon was Lamarck’s concept of inherited – let me give you the correct expression here; the transmission of acquired characteristics. This concept of Lamarck had to be abandoned because it proved to be unworkable. And to give you an example from everyday life, Lamarck for example said that the giraffe has a long neck because most animals had to reach for high leaves, and they lived in an area where they needed the long neck. Well this was proven unworkable, and scientifically untenable (cannot be defended), and it was eventually abandoned. So we kept adjusting and modifying the theory of evolution.
  • What I wish to share with you today, is a scientific examination of both evolution and creation. I will present to you physical evidence, irrefutable, incontrovertible evidence that will help you decide exactly what took place – evolution and or creation. The title of this program is evolution or creation, the final argument. And hopefully, by the end of this program, you will see enough evidence to help you make a final decision about evolution and creation. We will find out exactly what components of Darwin’s theory are correct, and which components are wrong. And I must point out at this time, that Darwin was a indeed a genius when he suggested natural selection, survival of the fittest and mutations to explain his theory. Let me give you an example. The navel orange, this beautiful fruit is a new creature, that’s right. Your great-grandfather never saw or tasted a navel orange. And this happened through mutation, all of a sudden this tree came out with this beautiful fruit; seedless and delicious. And of course now it is spread all over the world. We take it for granted. But this is a good example of evolution. However, I must point out that the navel orange evolved from oranges, in other words we will not see an apple evolve from oranges, or a fig. The navel orange is still an orange. And this is an important point.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:07:37).

  • The evolution or creation issue is before the supreme court this year, in 1987, so this program is quite timely, because right now we have a powerful scientific and objective tool. That can tell us exactly which events in the world are probable, and which events are not probable. This powerful objective and scientific tool is mathematics.
  • Mathematics is the most scientific of all sciences. It is a pure science. And through mathematics we can tell if a bridge or a building is going to collapse or not, under any given circumstances. So we can use this powerful tool to examine both evolution and creation. This is exactly what we are going to do together, and hopefully by the end of this program we; you and I, will reach a final decision. So the name; the final argument, is quite appropriate.

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  • Let me first simply the mathematical laws, the laws or probability that we will be using today to examine both evolution and creation. Let us say we have five cubes, each cube is labelled with only one number, either one, or two, or three, or four, or five (1,2,3,4,5). If we mix these five (5) cubes in a mixer, and have them fall down in some kind of a device so that they would be lined up in one line, or toss them up in the air and have them fall in such a way so they would be lined up.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:09:53).

  • What are the possible combinations of these five (5) cubes, how many permutations are we going to have? Well, the laws of mathematics are very simple, they tell you that you will get a hundred and twenty (120) combinations, and you obtain this by multiplying one by two by thee by four by five, (1x2x3x4x5), the product is hundred and twenty (120), so you will get hundred and twenty (120) combinations, or permutations. In other words, every combination – if they fall down lined up; one two three four five (1 2 3 4 5), in this particular combination, this combination has a chance out of hundred and twenty (120) chances. Let me show you on the board.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:10:47).

  • Here we are with the five cubes, each one labelled with only one number. You toss them up in the air and have them fall down so they appear lined up in this particular combination. What are the possible combinations, how many? Here we see the formula, the number of possible combinations or permutations is 1x2x3x4x5, or hundred and twenty (120) combinations.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:11:10).

  • The probability for any specific combination is obtained by dividing one (1) over hundred a twenty (120), because each combination has a chance out of hundred and twenty (120) chances. And one over a hundred and twenty (120) equal; zero point zero zero eight six (0.0086).

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:11:23).

  • This probability diminishes fast as we increase the number of cubes. For example, if we increase the number of cubes by one, so you have six cubes instead of five (5), the number of possible combinations jumps from hundred and twenty (120) to seven hundred and twenty (720). One times two times three times four times five times six (1x2x3x4x5x6). And the probability for any specific combination goes down from one out of hundred and twenty (120) to one out of seven hundred and twenty (720), or 0.0014. So you can see how fast it diminishes. Okay, when will the probability diminish all the way to zero? well mathematicians who are exceedingly precise conservative, and careful scientist – decided that if you have eighty-four (84) cubes, then the probability is zero; forgetting any specific combinations. What does that mean? let me get to the board and show you this. I have the number here for eighty-four (84) cubes. The probability – look at this, is zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero all the way, fifty zeros and then two one eight (0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000208).

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:12:44).

  • So, you can see here that the probability for all practical purposes is zero (0). And this by the way is extending the benefit of the doubt. What does this mean in practical terms. This means you can take these 84 cubes, toss them up in the air and have them fall in such a way that they line up, and if you want a specific combination of one two three four five six seven eight all the way up to eighty-four, if you want this specific combination, you can toss up these cubes and have them fall down lined up forever, and you will never see this combination, this is what probability zero means, you can appreciate that. Now many of you are familiar with the lottery, we know what our chances are of winning the lottery, and here in the lottery we are talking about five or six numbers. So you can really appreciate the improbability of having any four cubes lines up in a specific combination.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:14:06).

  • To make a long story short, the genetic material of the human being, the gene that decides what kind of creature we have. This genetic material contains – listen to this 30 billion nucleotides arranged in specific sequences and specific quantities. Now what are the probabilities of arranging these billions of nucleotides in specific sequence of course you know the answer from the mathematical laws, the probability is zero many times over. We are talking here about not eighty-four (84) numbers, or eighty-four hundred (8400) numbers, or eighty-four thousand (84000) numbers, or eighty-four million (84000000) numbers We are talking about thirty billion (30000000000) nucleotides.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:14:03).

  • You know, as scientists, we have been talking about similarities between the human being and the ape, as far as genetic material is concerned. And you know something, if you have ninety percent (90%) similarity, we are still talking about three hundred million (300000000) nucleotides that must be arranged in a specific sequence, as specific quantities to change the ape into a human being. Even if we have ninety-nine percent (99%) similarity, we are still talking about thirty million (30000000) nucleotides that must be haphazardly arranged in specific sequence in order to change the ape to a human being. And you know that the portability for this is zero, we have now these mathematical laws that can tell us exactly which event is probable, and which event is not probable. And we know that the probability, that thirty million nucleotides, in the case of 99 percent similarity between the human and the ape, we know this probability is zero, we are not talking about 84 numbers, we are talking about thirty billion nucleotides. Another thing, at the other end of the evolutional spectrum, we are talking about the so called simple cell. Remember when I stated Charles Darwin’s theory, Darwin said that; first a simple single cell was formed, well, the cell that Darwin is talking about is not simple at all. It’s a very complex chemical factory, it is in fact the most complex chemical factory we know of. It has hundreds of actions, and the actions go on in the cell. And it has the DNA material that are very complex, and just to quote something, that will make you smile at least. About 50 years ago, Wells (H. G. Wells), Huxley (Julian Huxley) and Wells (G. P. Wells), wrote in their text; The Science of Life – and I’m quoting now; “nothing can be seen inside the nucleus of the cell except the clear fluids”, end of quote.

(Source: The Science of Life, page 30).

  • Now, these both scientists knew nothing about DNA. In the last fifty years, there was so much advanced in science that we realize now how many actions and reactions are going on within the nucleus. We know about the DNA; the helical structure (the shape of DNA is not always helical). And we know the arrangement and the specificity of sequences of nucleotides. And we know now that haphazard creation of a simple cell – as Darwin called it – is not possible, the probability is zero.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:17:07).

  • According to Darwin, the evolution of organs parlement (nullify / obsolete) the evolution of the organisms. For example the eye, this very complex organ, started out, according to Darwin, as a light sensitive spot on the surface. After millions upon millions of years, this light sensitive spot became a depression. additional millions upon millions of years passed and the depression became a pit. And then million of years caused a lens to develop in that depression. Well according to this scenario, creatures existed for millions upon millions of years in total blindness, await the evolution of the 20/20 vision, the evolution of the eye. And this – of course to you and to me this logically does not make sense. And now we see by mathematical law that the probability is zero that this happened haphazardly. Do you know how many things are in the eye? the lens, the cornea, the retina, the – there is – I can give you a list, two pages of components of the eye, each one of them cannot be haphazardly ??born?? (speech unclear, please contact me if you know what is being said, thanks). We have now these laws of mathematics telling us that the probability is zero.

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  • Let me give you some examples. The dragonfly has thirty thousand (30000) lenses in each eye, thirty thousand of them. Now for millions of years the dragonfly existed with thirty thousand lenses in each eye. What kind of intelligence told the dragonfly to stop evolved at thirty thousand (lenses), imagine the little area of the small eye of the dragonfly divided into thirty thousand cones, and each cone is fitted with a perfectly shaped lens. Imagine that. Now why did the dragonfly stop at thirty thousand (30000), why not a couple hundred (100) more or a couple thousand (1000) more. Who told the dragonfly that this is enough evolution for your eye?

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:20:36).

  • How about the housefly? four thousand (4000) lenses in each eye, the housefly has four thousand (4000) lenses in each eye. Now what kind of intelligence told the housefly to stop evolving the eye at four thousand (4000) lenses. For millions of years, the fly had four thousand (4000) lenses in each eye. Now who told it to stop evolving. Why not go on towards five thousand (5000) lenses. The honeybee has six thousand three hundred (6300) lenses in each eye, and again we face the same question. And if you pursue that question it will prove the existence of a super-intelligent being that told these organisms to stop evolving their eye at a certain number of lenses. So this is the irony of it.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:22:16).

  • So while evolution is proven to be correct by scientific research, the initiation life – or the origin of species is proven to be not probable; the probability is zero. And therefore it had to be created by a super-intelligent creator. And we will discuss this matter and see the mathematical evidence supporting it, before the end of this program.
  • Let us look at some established facts that you and I have witnessed in the last few years. The first fact is, that despite our tremendous scientific advances, these great achievements, not a single scientist, not a single researcher, not a single laboratory has succeed in initiating life from inorganic, inanimate matter. They utterly failed in duplicating Charles Darwin’s basic concept; that life evolved from inanimate inorganic matter.
  • What the scientists succeeded in doing was to synthesize amino acids and proteins from oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and so on. This is the extent of our success in the lab. We could not produce life. Now, of course it is natural that we can make amino acids or proteins from oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and so on – after all, these are the ingredients that make up amino acids and proteins. It is no big deal that you create the circumstances for the ingredients to link up together and make up these chemicals. But these are dead chemicals – dead molecules with amino acids and proteins. And some people would say; “these are the building blocks of life”, well that is right, these are the building blocks, but this is the extent of it, just that, building blocks. Now if you take a bunch of building blocks and put them in the corner and leave them there for thousands of years – will they assemble themselves into a building? with a deliberate design? of course not. So as scientists we succeeded in creating the building blocks, but we could not create the building. This is a very important fact.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:25:08).

  • The debate between evolutionists and creationists, was so hot and so emotional. That some of my fellow scientists gave up their scientific objectivity, and I find myself forced to criticize fellow scientists for behaving like unscientific creationists. Let me give you a good example; has to be with the booklet published by the National Academy of Sciences back in 1983. In that booklet they published a picture one of the favorite pictures, the skulls of a number of hominids. And they concluded from that picture, that the skull of the more advanced hominid evolved from the more primitive skull. That the advanced skull evolved from the primitive skull. Well this is a perfectly valid and scientific conclusion, there is no problem with that. But the problem is that the academy ignored an equally valid conclusion that these skulls, the animals that possessed these – or the creatures that possessed these skulls, simply existed independently – independent of each other without any relationship what so ever. Now scientific objectivity dictates that you present both views, that the skulls evolved from each other, and – or the skulls existed independently of each other.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:26:24).

  • This kind of abandoning scientific objectivity resulted from the high emotionalism and fanaticism on both sides of the evolution creation issue. But scientists should never abandon their objectivity, we would be in deep trouble if we abandon our objectivity. We cannot say evolution is a fact and it is up to the rest of the world to prove otherwise, this is putting the cart before the horse. When we say that this evolution business is a theory, the burden of proof is on us to provide the evidence that evolution is a fact. It is our duty to establish evolution as the truth, not the other way around.

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  • To summarize; we all appreciate the power of mathematics as a pure science, the most scientific of all sciences. And we are all familiar with the simple formula of Einstein’s; E=mc^2, and we are familiar with the tremendous consequences of such a simple formula. Mathematics is an objective and powerful tool, that can tell is exactly what events in the world are probable, and what events are not probable.
  • We have been talking about DNA; the genes; thirty billion (30000000000) nucleotides in the human gene that interact with other life processes. We are not talking about a toy, you know when you go to the toy store and buy a bunny rabbit for example, it has ears and realistic eyes – but these eyes don’t see, and this toy rabbit  doesn’t have any sense, or DNA, or nucleotides that are arranged, or any life actions and reactions. We are assuming here that we are just talking about the simple arrangement of nucleotides in specific sequences and specific quantities, we are talking about just psychical arrangement. The probability is – this infinitesimally small probability is multiplied by other infinitesimally small probabilities when we interact the nucleotides, the DNA, with the other life processes in the cell and throughout the organism.
  • Now we can use the same powerful tool to prove the alternative – namely; creation. Now how in the world can anybody prove creation. Nobody could imagine anything that can prove creation. But you know something, about a hundred years ago we could not envision TV, or the telephone, or communication satellites, but here we are. If you can see your great grandfather today and describe the television to him, he would disagree with you, he would think you went crazy. So similarly we could not imagine anything that could prove or disprove creation. But how about a coded message from outer space. Did you ever think about that? a coded message from outer space, telling you; “I am the creator, and this is how I did it”. A message that will give you all the details. Many of you are familiar with Carl Sagan’s latest novel called “Contact”. In Contact he presented a fictitious story about a coded message from outer space, from some intelligent life out there, and the message was decoded by computers and so on. And you know something, this is not fictitious at all, I am here to tell you that we actually received a coded message, mathematically coded message, from the super-intelligent Creator, telling us exactly what happened; how the universe, the six million species of living organisms in this universe, and the Earth came to be. (there is only life on our planet).

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  • Now that we possess this irrefutable mathematical proof, that came from outer space from the super-intelligent creator. We can look back and at least smile at statements even from some of the leading creationists. Let me quote for you one of those leading creationists, Duane Gish, he said: “it is impossible to conceive an experiment that could disprove the possibility of creation, creation thus does not fulfill the criteria of a scientific theory”, end of quotation.
  • So even the creationists gave up, thinking that there could never be anything to prove or disprove creation. But here we are just like any other discovery, we find this mathematically coded message from the super intelligent creator. The first hint of the mathematical code was reported about nine hundred (900) years ago by a Jewish rabbi; Rabbi Judah the Pious. And by the way I’m talking here about unaltered; original; untranslated scripture, this is very important, very crucial. Because there has been many distortions, and changes, alternations, losses, additions to the scriptures. And we have to be extremely careful to know that we are dealing with original, unaltered, untranslated scriptures, literally the very same words that the creator brought down or sent to us.
  • So what Rabbi Judah found – let me quote for you, it is easier this way: “the people” – now this is – this quotation is from a book called Studies in Jewish Mysticism, it was edited by Joseph Dan and Frank Talmage, and this is what they said: “the people, Jews, in France, made it a custom to add in the morning prayer, the words; “Ashrei temimei derekh”; blessed are those who walk the righteous way. And our Rabbi the Pious of blessed memory wrote that they were completely and utterly wrong, it is all gross falsehood because there are only nineteen (19) times” – now pay attention to these numbers – “there are only nineteen (19) times that the holy name is mentioned in that portion of the morning prayer. And similarly you find the word Elohim nineteen times in the pericope of Ve-‘elleh shemot… similarly you find that Israel is called “sons” nineteen times. And there are many other examples. All these sets of nineteen are intricately intertwined, and they contain many secrets and esoteric meanings…”
  • So this was the first hint of a mathematical composition in the message that came to us from the creator, some kind of a code. Now, you realize now that it is important to find original scripture, unchanged. And just like the evolutionists looking for fossils and skeletal remains – scientists have been looking the world over for original scriptures. You have heard about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and all the finds in the pots, in the Middle-East, in many places. All these are attempts, some of them are failures, and some of them are successes.
  • So I set out to find an original scripture. And there is – here is the result: in this whole world there is only one scripture that was never altered; not a single letter was changed in this scripture, and that scripture is the Quran. So what I did was I got the Quran, an original copy, with the original Arabic, and I put it in the computer, and I decoded an intricately mathematical code that is clearly beyond human capability. So now we have physical proof, using the ultimate in scientific evidence; mathematics. Telling us everything that happened. That there is a super-intelligent creator, and in that message we see how we came into being, why we are here, where we are going, and many many other answers to lots of our most urgent questions.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:38:19).

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:38:26).

  • Before I put the Quran in the computer, I noticed for a unique phenomena that you will never find in any other literary work. I noticed for example that chapter two of the Quran has in the first verse – there are only three letters in the first verse, that is it: “A, L, M”, that is verse one of chapter two. And these letters remained mysterious for fourteen hundred (1400) years, scholars and scientists of all kind has been looking at this initials A, L, M and the other initials in Quran, trying to figure out what they mean, and they could not do it – the computer did it, recently.
  • And to give you and idea, if you count the letters A, L, and M, in chapter two of Quran, you will find that the total is nine thousand eight hundred ninety-nine (9899), this number 9899 is a multiple of nineteen (9899 / 19 = 521).
  • Remember the work of Judah – Rabbi Judah the Pious? the number nineteen (19) turns out to be the common denominator in the older scripture and in the newer scripture. Nineteen (19) is the common denominator in the Bible; the original, unaltered Bible. And also in the latest edition of the scripture; the Quran. And this is very important.
  • Now there are twenty-nine (29) chapters in Quran, covering half the Quran, the Quran has hundred fourteen (114) chapters, some of them are longer, and some are shorter. But the twenty-nine (29) initialed chapters constitute half the Quran. And this mathematical system goes from the very simple to the very complex. So it is suitable for people of all levels of education.
  • For example; chapter fifty (50) is entitled; “Q”, that’s it – just one letter; “Q”. And it is initialed with the letter Q (the first verse). The computer said that this chapter contains fifty-seven (57) Qs. When you count them – you can count them if you know the Arabic letters – and you find that the total is fifty-seven (57) – nineteen times three (19×3).
  • There is one other chapter in Quran that is initialed (the first verse) with the letter Q, and that is chapter forty-two (42), which happens to be more than twice as long as chapter fifty (50) entitled Q. And if you count the letter Q in chapter forty-two (42), you will find exactly the same number; fifty-seven (57). So the only two (2) Q initialed chapters have the same number of Qs, fifty-seven (57) and fifty-seven (57).
  • Chapter sixty-eight (68) is initialed with the letter N, as in Nancy; N – and you count the letters N in this chapter, and you come up with hundred thirty-three (133) – nineteen times seven (19×7). And this goes on and on. And it gets more and more complex, until you realize this is not human fabrication, that this is way beyond human ability.
  • For example we have seven (7) chapters that we see initialed with the letters “H, M” – seven of them, about one-tenth – they constitute one-tenth of the whole book. And when you count the letters H; “haah”, and M; “meem” – in these seven chapters, you come up with the total two thousand hundred forty-seven (2147), and this is a multiple of nineteen(19×113); the common denominator throughout the scriptures, the coded message from the creator to us. Two thousand hundred forty seven, now if only one letter “H” or one letter “M”, was lost or added in the last fourteen hundred (1400) years, you would end with two thousand hundred forty-eight (2148), and this is not a multiple of nineteen, the whole system collapses (19×113,0526315789474). Or two thousand hundred forty-six (2146), because mathematics is a pure science, it is the most sensitive scale and if you remove one number; you don’t have a multiple of nineteen (19×112,9473684210526).

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:42:54).

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:43:03).


  • By the time the computer was done with the mathematical analyses of Quran. A vast mathematical code emerged and you could see that every letter, every word in Quran is precisely calculated beyond human ability and you will be absolutely convinced that this is a message from our super-intelligent creator, telling us exactly what happened. Let me give you another good example, because some people might think that only the initialed chapters are mathematically composed, this simple example is that the opening statement in Quran consists of four words. And the number of letters in this statement is nineteen (19). It is an important statement, it says; “in the name of God, the Gracious; the Merciful.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:44:25).

  • And it is considered the most important statement in Quran. It consists of nineteen letters and every word is found in the whole book in multiples of nineteen. For example the first word; “ism”, or “name”, is mentioned exactly nineteen times throughout the whole book.
  • The second word is God; “allah”, and it is found two thousand six hundred ninety-eight times (2698), this is nineteen times hundred forty-two (19×142).
  • The third word “the gracious” in Arabic: arrahamn, is mention in the whole book fifty-seven times – nineteen times three (19×3).
  • The last word “arraheem”, or the merciful, is mentioned hunted and fourteen times 114, or nineteen times sex (19×6).
  • Now right there you can appreciate that this cannot happen in a human fabricated book, in a human made book. Because we can go to the library – if you go to a library and examine one million human-made books, how many books will you find where the opening statement consist of X numbers of letters, and every word in the opening statement repeated in the whole book in multiples of X, how many? Again, the law of probability say zero, you will not find a book where all the words of the opening statement comply with this criteria. So there you have it, a very simple – this very simple phenomena by the way, was published in the Scientific American in the September 1981 issue, and the comment on it was; “this is an ingenious study of the Quran” – I was really flattered.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:46:10).

  • What does this have to do with the evolution / creation issue? well we have here a vitally important document, from the super-intelligent creator, telling us in words and letters that are mathematically composed beyond human intelligence. Telling us exactly what happened. And in this document, we see that life began in water, just like Darwin said. So this portion of Darwin theory is confirmed.
  • We also see evolution and changes in creation, in Quran chapter thirty-five; verse one (35:1), and in chapter sixteen; verse eight (16:8), we see that evolution is a continuing process. So according to this vitally important document, evolution is a divinely guided process. Evolution is a creation of the super-intelligent creator, and it is something that is happening now on continuous basis. We learn that every one of us was individually created, and the evolution that is taking place is individually controlled and guided by the super-intelligent creator.
  • One of the most exciting things about this document, is that the dichotomy; the great rift between science and religion is eliminated. We now see this document from the super-intelligent creator telling us that evolution is the creator’s work, and that it is going on continuously, and therefore there is no need for this dichotomy between science and religion.
  • So what we see here is mathematical; irrefutable evidence, that creation and evolution both are correct, and they compliment each other. Of course we have to examine the existing theory of evolution and creation, and correct them in the view of the new statements that came to us from the super-intelligent creator.
  • While on the subject on confirming or rejecting existing scriptures. I must point out that this mathematically composed document from the super-intelligent creator; the Quran, set the record straight as far as many existing creationist ideas are concerned. For example, we learn that the earth is billions of years old, not five thousand (5000) or ten thousand (10000) years old.
  • And we learn that the Earth is egg shaped, as I mentioned before – not flat.
  • And we learn that Noah’s Ark for example, did not look like what we see in the pictures of Bible stories and so on. Noah’s Ark was simply a raft; made of logs tied together with primitive ropes. And Noah did not carry all the animals of the Earth on his ark either; or this raft, he carried his domesticated animals to save himself, his family, and his animals from the flood. And the flood did not cover the whole world as we hear as youngsters. The flood was a local flood, all this is proven by mathematically composed statements from the creator Himself.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:50:26).

  • It is very important to realize that the prevalent creationism has nothing to do with the original untranslated Bible. That’s right. The prevalent creationism is a product of medieval storytellers, and ignorant interpretations and mistranslation of the original Bible. For example; the Bible says clearly that one (1) of our days is the same as one thousands (1000) years of your Lord’s – or the day is equal to fifty thousand (50000) years if you look at the Quran in chapter seventy; verse four (70:4). So we are told clearly that one of our day is not equal to any other day. When you go to the Moon, the day equals fourteen (14) Earthly days. If you go to Mercury, for example, the day over there is eighty-eight (88) of our days. So the minute you leave this tiny planet Earth, the day is no longer 24 hours.
  • So the truth is the Bible does not say that the Earth is six thousand (6000) or ten thousand (10000) years old.
  • The Bible does not say that Noah’s flood covered the whole world. And the original Bible does not say that Noah carried all these animals on the ark, and the ark did not look like an aircraft carrier either.
  • These misrepresentations of the Bible actually give Christianity and religion in general a bad name. Most people who are pushing prevalent false creationism are doing a terrible disservice to Christianity and to the Bible, because these misrepresentations are not the truth.
  • Scientific findings – and now mathematics – support the truth in the Bible (the original unaltered Bible). And we must remember that the creationism that is prevalent today is false, the true creationism agrees one hundred percent (100%) with science.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:52:53).

  • It is the prevelance of these ideas that are completely rejected by scientists, and scientific findings and established facts. These ideas called Darwin’s disillusionment with religion. Let me quote for you what Darwin said, as a result of these prevalent creationist ideas.
  • I’m quoting now: “I gradually came to disbelieve in Christianity as a divine revelation… Thus disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but was at last complete“.
  • And we cannot blame Darwin for seeing that the Earth is billions of years old, as established by science, while creationist idea say that the Earth is six thousand (6000) years old. You cannot blame the man for not believing that Noah carried all animals; the lions, the giraffes, the polar bears, an the giant worms of Australia on his Ark. And you cannot blame Darwin for not believing that the flood of Noah covered the whole world. So all these things are now set straight. We learn from this document, that the Quran complements the older scriptures, and confirms the majority of the truth in those scriptures, and consummates the whole message from the creator to us.
  • To conclude; we now posses physical incontrovertible evidence that every one of the ~six million (~6000000) species of living organisms came into being through a creation process, then evolution took place, and is going on continuously as a divinely guided and controlled process.
  • Thank you very much.

Video Ends

New Video Begins (intro):

  • Coming up: Excerpts from a radio debate.

(Source: Evolution or Creation, The Final Argument 00:55:39).

Bob (Radio Host):

  • We have invited into our studio; professor Jeff Clark, he is with Arizona State university as an anthropologist, and he maintains that creationism is not a science and therefore does not belong in scientific classes.
  • On the other hand we have Dr. Rashad Khalifa, he is a biochemist, and of course he takes the opposite stand.
  • And we are going through it with our phones open for your opinions about it. It is a hot issue, it is going to be one that is going to be viewed with a great deal of interest by the people in the United States, in the various states. And we are going to find out how this thing is going to evolve.

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Well Bob, I have to make a correction here, in that I will approach the matter from a scientific point of view. I agree with the most of the things that Jeff just mentioned, in that science is our only means to ascertain what the truth is. And we have a very powerful tool – objective and scientific tool – to ascertain what events in the world are probable and what events are not probable, and this powerful tool is mathematics. Mathematics is the most powerful – the most scientific of all the sciences, and it represents the ultimate in scientific proof. I realized that nobody can ever imagine a proof that will prove either evolution or creation, but there is something new and very exciting, and I am here to present it to you.
  • So in essence we are talking about a mathematically coded message from outer space. If you have read Carl Sagan’s “Contact”; he is talking about a novel; a fictitious message from outer space. Now this is not fiction anymore, and I come here with…

Bob (Radio Host):

  • You’re gonna have to put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Jeff Clark:

  • Yes, I dare say (laughs). But in so far the particular aspect of the old testament that is of issue here is that the book of Genesis; it is an origin myth, like any other origin myth, it is not a greater nor lesser than, it is not…

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Well you keep going back, if you are going back to the book of Genesis, it exists…

Jeff Clark:

  • The reason I say that is I believe that that underlies scientific creationism by Henry Morris. Now it is obvious Dr. Rashad Khalifa does not agree with Dr. Morris but still… (Jeff is trying to dismiss Dr. Rashad Khalifa’s argument by associating it with the work of Henry Morris).

Rashad Khalifa:

  • That is right, and he is not here right now, I am debating with you.

Jeff Clark:

  • Ah, that is quite true. But who has written a text on scientific creationism? Henry Morris. And who is the founder of the Institution of Creation Research? Henry Morris. (Jeff is still trying to dismiss Dr. Rashad Khalifa’s argument by associating it with the work of Henry Morris).

Rashad Khalifa:

  • How long ago was that?

Jeff Clark:

  • Well, it goes back about twenty (20) years, as far as my…

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Well we are talking about now. But as soon as this program is over I will show you irrefutable mathematical evidence, that we have a document from out space; from the creator, telling us exactly how things happened…

Bob (Radio Host):

  • How are you going to prove that in the supreme court for heaven’s sake.

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Absolutely, I will prove it in any court.

Bob (Radio Host):

  • Alright, we have to take some calls, this is getting interesting; messages from outer space.

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Absolutely.

Bob (Radio Host):

  • That absolutely prove creationism is a fact?

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Absolutely, yes sir.

Bob (Radio Host):

  • Alright, is it possible that there is some sort of a gigantic protoplasm somewhere around cosmos, with all the ingredients and all of this energy – that can in fact create things. I’m not talking about an old man in a robe with a beard, and pearly gates and things like that. I’m talking about – is there a possibility with our limit knowledge to envision some sort of humongous thing that thinks, that can create things.

Jeff Clark:

  • Well you can envision anything that you want, and they have obviously not in the strict rigorous sense but most…

Rashad Khalifa:

  • You are not saying this about God, but….

Jeff Clark:

  • Gods are – gods are the servants of the societies and the cultures that create them, they have no existence apart from the societies that created them.

Rashad Khalifa:

  • Even if it is proven to you?

Jeff Clark:

  • Well I would like to see somebody prove it to me.

Rashad Khalifa:

  • I’m glad you would like to see it because I can show it to you, there is no escape now, that there is a super-intelligence out there, either proving the theory of evolution; ironically – or the theory of creation.

Video Outro:

  • For a transcript or video tape, call 1-800-992-5524
  • In Arizona, call 791-3989
  • Or write: Renaissance Institute 739 E 6th Street, Tuscon, Arizona 85719
  • Copyright 1987 Renaissance Institute

End of Video


I hope this has been useful for you and that you have learned the details about the debate between Evolution and Creationism. I decided to write the whole video into a text format for those of us who prefer to read instead of watching hour long videos. It makes it easier to understand what is being said without having to go back and forth whenever the video goes too fast. This is especially true if English isn’t your first language, or if your English skill is low. So I really do hope this has been useful to you.

Another benefit is that I can include links to other material for further research, so that the reader doesn’t have to spend a lot of time searching the Internet and all kinds of websites just to find specific information. Instead it will be available at the click of a button.

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