Free Quran Chapter 75: Resurrection (Al-Qeyaamah)

Learn from GOD that people disbelieve in resurrection because they can’t see it, although it occurs daily. Think about the following; you were created from ejaculated sperm which then fertilized an egg. You were then shaped inside the womb, and you were born 9 months later. This isn’t strange at all, it is completely normal. But I want you to think about the method. Think of it like this instead; a liquid is put inside a glass jar, then sealed. And then the liquid begins to grow into a creature. That’s the concept of our reproduction, if you think of the method only. Now of course it is much more complicated than that. But, in this chapter we learn that resurrection is just that simple. Perhaps not exactly the same, but they share the same principle. It is useless to speculate how resurrection will look like exactly, but what GOD is trying to teach you is that you should not think it is something impossible. Don’t let something this simple challenge your belief. A lot of people throughout history have disbelieved because of the concept of resurrection, that it seems too strange and impossible.

Another interesting thing mentioned in this chapter is that GOD directly tells the prophet Muhammad not to explain the Quran, and even prohibits him from it. This makes perfect sense, because every human on earth should be reading the Quran themselves. However, the Muslim world has developed a strange culture within their religion, very similar to other religions, where they agree that only a religious teacher can understand the scripture and only a religious teacher can teach the scripture. However, this goes against GOD’s commandment, GOD tells us in the Quran that every individual has to take responsibility and study the Quran themselves. This is why GOD tells prophet Muhammad not to teach it, but only to preach it and study it personally and follow it like everyone else is. This is important information because this means that Hadith and Sunnah are inaccurate, especially the ones that claim that prophet Muhammad explained something or said this and that about some Quran verse or commandment. The reason why GOD prohibited prophet Muhammad from explaining is to eliminate the possibility that people would stop reading the Quran and instead just read prophet Muhammad’s explanations. However, it is funny that this exact thing has happened, if you study the Muslim religion, you will see that it is dominated by a culture of following Hadith and Sunnah, which they believe is the word of the prophet Muhammad and something prophet Muhammad had approved of. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. Yet it is accepted and even makes up a very big part of the Muslim religion. GOD tells us to only follow the Quran, yet in the Muslim religion you will see their religious teachers following Hadith and Sunnah. Even worse is that most of the Hadith and Sunnah contradict many teachings in the Quran. And the only way to see past those contradictions is by forcibly twisting the Quran. For example, there is no punctuation in the Arabic language, which makes it easy for the religious teachers to stop one word short in the sentence, and begin the next sentence on the word they excluded from the first sentence. This way they can twist the meaning of many verses. This is also how these same religious teachers scare the regular individual from reading the Quran. Because when you read the Quran, it is obvious which word belongs to which sentence, but the religious teacher with their social power, will forcibly confuse the regular reader, making them give up on reading the Quran and instead rely on the religious teacher. This then keeps the Muslims within the claws of their Imams.

Quran Chapter 75: Resurrection (Al-Qeyaamah)

[75:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[75:1] I swear by the Day of Resurrection.

[75:2] And I swear by the blaming soul.

[75:3] Does the human being think that we will not reconstruct his bones?

[75:4] Yes indeed; we are able to reconstruct his finger tip.

[75:5] But the human being tends to believe only what he sees in front of him.

[75:6] He doubts the Day of Resurrection!

[75:7] Once the vision is sharpened.

[75:8] And the moon is eclipsed.

[75:9] And the sun and the moon crash into one another.

[75:10] The human being will say on that day, “Where is the escape?”

[75:11] Absolutely, there is no escape.

[75:12] To your Lord, on that day, is the final destiny.

[75:13] The human being will be informed, on that day, of everything he did to advance himself, and everything he did to regress himself.

[75:14] The human being will be his own judge.

[75:15] No excuses will be accepted.

Muhammad Forbidden from Explaining the Quran

[75:16] Do not move your tongue to hasten it.

[75:17] It is we who will collect it into Quran.

[75:18] Once we recite it, you shall follow such a Quran.

[75:19] Then it is we who will explain it.

[75:20] Indeed, you love this fleeting life.

[75:21] While disregarding the Hereafter.

[75:22] Some faces, on that day, will be happy.

[75:23] Looking at their Lord.

[75:24] Other faces will be, on that day, miserable.

[75:25] Expecting the worst.

[75:26] Indeed, when (the soul) reaches the throat.

[75:27] And it is ordered: “Let go!”

[75:28] He knows it is the end.

[75:29] Each leg will lay motionless next to the other leg.

[75:30] To your Lord, on that day, is the summoning.

[75:31] For he observed neither the charity, nor the contact prayers (Salat).

[75:32] But he disbelieved and turned away.

[75:33] With his family, he acted arrogantly.

[75:34] You have deserved this.

[75:35] Indeed, you have deserved this.

[75:36] Does the human being think that he will go to nothing?

[75:37] Was he not a drop of ejected semen?

[75:38] Then He created an embryo out of it!

[75:39] He made it into male or female!

[75:40] Is He then unable to revive the dead?

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