Free Quran Chapter 71: Noah (Nuh)

Learn from GOD about the power of prayer, and that it is okay to pray for destruction upon the wicked, they deserve it. One thing that annoys me is how people who try to convert you always try to be nice and say only nice things, such as; GOD is loving, merciful, forgiving. They undermine GOD completely. They do it to convert you, then once they have you hooked into their social community, you will then begin to discover a lot of nonsense and crazy stuff. Then you wake up one day and realize how stupid you are for falling for their lies. That pretty much sums up how false religions try convert you. Which is wrong, the Quran never ever speak about going out there to convert others. The Quran only mentions debates, which means a properly planned event where a specific topic is debated and each party provides evidence to back up their arguments.

When it comes to children, GOD doesn’t tell you to convert your children. GOD only tells you to raise your children into being honest righteous people and encourage them to pray and such. Then it is up to them what they want to believe in. The purpose is that you tried to raise them right, NOT FORCED THEM, or TRICKED THEM into something they don’t really believe in. It is only disbelievers who work very hard to convert others, instead of focusing on their own soul. There is no point system, yet many religions invent a point system where they tell you that if you convert someone then you get points for it. This is why you see all these religionists out there trying to convert others. It is the only way for false religions to convert anyone, by forcing themselves upon others, especially younger people who are just beginning to explore their spirituality. It is sad, because they are tainting these young people with something they will forever regret. In the beginning it is all cute and dandy. But it will only drag the new convert deeper into becoming socially dependent on the religion, and less in touch with anyone outside of it. The deeper you go the harder it becomes to get out. And these religionists are KNOWINGLY doing this to young people. This is truly wicked and deceitful.

I think the Quran is the best. It tells it as it is. Yes, GOD is loving, but only towards believers. GOD doesn’t care about disbelievers, they can get destroyed by an earthquake or tsunami, doesn’t matter. Another issue is that people will tell you that GOD is merciful… but they forget to tell you that GOD can mess you up real bad too, like 1000 rounds of boxing vs a 250kg champion… where you are not allowed to fight back or block. GOD represents justice… but also vengeance! GOD is forgiving… sure, but you will still have to suffer the consequences for sinning. GOD guides you! Yes, but GOD can also misguide you, to make sure you never believe and enter paradise… “why!?” Well because GOD wants you to burn in hell, “but oh my god, why!?” Well, because you deserve it! Does this make GOD evil? NO, not at all. It makes GOD, GOD! That’s the whole point GOD wants you to understand, that all power belongs to only GOD. And if you believe that you can guide yourself with your intellect, well guess what, GOD is going to make sure your ego inflates even more, to keep you away from paradise. GOD will not pity you and guide you for no reason. If you want anything from GOD, then you better drop down on your knees, repent and pray like your life depended on it.

Quran Chapter 71: Noah (Nuh)

[71:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[71:1] We sent Noah to his people: “You shall warn your people before a painful retribution afflicts them.”

[71:2] He said, “O my people, I am a manifest warner to you.

[71:3] “To alert you that you shall worship God, reverence Him, and obey me.

[71:4] “He will then forgive you your sins and respite you for a predetermined period. Most assuredly, God’s appointment can never be delayed, once it is due, if you only knew.”

[71:5] He said, “My Lord, I have invited my people night and day.

[71:6] “But my invitation only increased their aversion.

[71:7] “Whenever I invited them to be forgiven by You, they placed their fingers in their ears, covered themselves with their clothes, insisted, and turned arrogant.

[71:8] “Then I invited them publicly.

[71:9] “Then I proclaimed to them loudly, and I spoke to them privately.

[71:10] “I said, `Implore your Lord for forgiveness; He is Forgiving.

[71:11] ” `He will then shower you generously with rain.

[71:12] ” `And provide you with money and children, and orchards, and streams.’ “

[71:13] Why should you not strive to reverence God?

[71:14] He is the One who created you in stages.

[71:15] Do you not realize that God created seven universes in layers?

[71:16] He designed the moon therein to be a light, and placed the sun to be a lamp.

[71:17] And God germinated you from the earth like plants.

[71:18] Then He returns you into it, and He will surely bring you out.

[71:19] God made the earth habitable for you.

[71:20] That you may build roads therein.

[71:21] Noah said, “My Lord, they disobeyed me, and followed those who were even more corrupted when blessed with money and children.

[71:22] “They schemed terrible schemes.

[71:23] “They said, `Do not abandon your gods. Do not abandon Wadd, Suwaa`, Yaghouth, Ya`ooq, and Nasr.’

[71:24] “They misled many. Therefore, let the wicked plunge deeper into loss.”

[71:25] Because of their sins they were drowned and assigned to the hellfire. They found no helpers to protect them from God.

[71:26] Noah also said, “My Lord, do not leave a single disbeliever on earth.

[71:27] “For if you let them, they will only mislead your servants and give birth to nothing but wicked disbelievers.

[71:28] “My Lord, forgive me and my parents, and anyone who enters my home as a believer, and all the believing men and women. But do not give the disbelievers anything but annihilation.”

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