Free Quran Chapter 70: The Heights (Al-Ma’aarej)

Learn from GOD how wicked the disbelievers are, they even sacrifice their own children to save themselves. Disbelievers are crazy, they will impress you and act self-righteously, they will promote their immorality in the name of justice, freedom, or whatever. This is why crazy things like homosexuality is spreading. But not only that; feminism is another immorality, it is a system that wants to destroy GOD’s design; where men are responsible for women. Corruption and dishonesty is widespread in politics, there is just so much madness everywhere. These are some signs of a community filled with evil. And those who promote them are professional liars, but, on the Day of Judgement, they will wish they could sacrifice everything just to escape Hell. Because they realize their lies don’t work in front of GOD, so they will offer all their money, their family, friends and even their own children.

Now, you might not understand how wrong feminism or homosexuality is. You might think “oh, as long as they mind their own business then I’m okay with it”, but don’t be surprised if you are wiped away along with the wicked once GOD decides to punish your community. When GOD tells you in the Quran to fight against the disbelievers, GOD is not referring to a war-like fight, its not about punching someone or killing. It is about countering their evil actions with a good action.

Many people misunderstand what GOD is saying, they do it intentionally because they are violent and angry people, they are bloodthirsty and evil, so they want to find any kind of excuse to support their violence. This is why we see all these extremists within every ideology. It is important not to blame GOD or the ideology in those situations. Disbelievers are evil and they are everywhere in every ideology, they just want an excuse that justifies their killing. They would even justify their evil by calling it justice, as long as they get what they want… which is to commit evil. Remember that Satan is pulling the strings, and Satan’s plans can stretch many generations, he plans carefully, and his plans can span from mere seconds to thousands of years. So it is not about outsmarting Satan, it is about obeying GOD, that’s our only fighting chance.

It is very pathetic when people blame the religion instead of the criminal, because it solves nothing and instead vilifies innocent people. But again, people who do this sort of thing are evil themselves, they do it to vilify one religion in hopes if making their own religion shine. It is very pathetic if you think about it. They are not serving GOD, they are serving their own religious institutions.

Here are a couple of examples of how you can fight against the disbelievers: If a group of homosexuals go to a school to teach children that homosexuality is okay, then you can fight that by going to the same school and teach children that homosexuality is not okay. Or if they put up a poster that promotes homosexuality, well, you then put your own poster next to theirs which counters their arguments. Don’t remove their poster, because GOD tells us not to oppress others; taking away their freedom of speech IS A form of oppression. It is they, the wicked that will remove your poster, you will see it, they claim to be righteous but they behave like tyrants. You can remove their poster if they remove yours first. And if they attack you then you defend yourself and sue them. It is mind boggling how people claim to be for freedom of speech, but find no error in oppressing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Hell exists for a reason.

Quran Chapter 70: The Heights (Al-Ma’aarej)

[70:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[70:1] A questioner may question the inevitable retribution.

[70:2] For the disbelievers, none can stop it.

[70:3] From God; Possessor of the highest Height.

[70:4] The angels, with their reports, climb to Him in a day that equals fifty thousand years.

[70:5] Therefore, you shall resort to a gracious patience.

[70:6] For they see it far away.

[70:7] While we see it very close.

[70:8] The day will come when the sky will be like molten rocks.

[70:9] The mountains will be like fluffy wool.

[70:10] No friend will care about his close friend.

[70:11] When they see them, the guilty will wish he could give his own children as ransom, to spare him the retribution of that day.

[70:12] Also his spouse, and his brother.

[70:13] Even his whole tribe that raised him.

[70:14] Even all the people on earth, if it would save him.

[70:15] No; it is aflame.

[70:16] Eager to burn.

[70:17] It calls on those who turned away.

[70:18] Those who hoarded and counted.

[70:19] Indeed, the human being is anxious.

[70:20] If touched by adversity, despondent.

[70:21] If blessed by wealth, stingy.

[70:22] Except for the worshipers.

[70:23] Who always observe their contact prayers (Salat).

[70:24] Part of their money is set aside.

[70:25] For the poor and the needy.

[70:26] They believe in the Day of Judgment.

[70:27] They reverence their Lord’s requital.

[70:28] Their Lord’s requital is not taken for granted.

[70:29] They keep their chastity.

[70:30] (They have relations) only with their spouses, or what is legally theirs –

[70:31] anyone who transgresses these limits is a sinner.

[70:32] And the believers keep their word; they are trustworthy.

[70:33] Their testimony is truthful.

[70:34] They consistently observe their contact prayers (Salat) on time.

[70:35] They have deserved a position of honor in Paradise.

[70:36] What is keeping those who disbelieved from joining you?

[70:37] To the right, and to the left, they flee.

[70:38] How can any of them expect to enter the blissful Paradise?

[70:39] Never; we created them, and they know from what.

[70:40] I solemnly swear by the Lord of the easts and the wests; we are able –

[70:41] to substitute better people in your place; we can never be defeated.

[70:42] Therefore, let them blunder and play, until they meet the day that is awaiting them.

[70:43] That is the day they come out of the graves in a hurry, as if herded to the (sacrificial) altars.

[70:44] With their eyes subdued, shame will cover them. That is the day that is awaiting them.

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