Free Quran Chapter 69: Incontestable (Al-Haaqqah)

Learn from GOD that prophet Muhammad only preached the Quran and nothing else. It is important that you know the difference between a Quran based “Islam” and one that follows additional sources called Hadith and Sunnah. If we simplify it, then there are two Islam, one good and one bad. The good Islam, is actually spelled islam, it is a verb; not a noun. In English the word islam means submission. In islam, you carry the ancient religion of monotheism since the day of Adam and Eve. And you carry on the creed and rituals that came down to us through prophet Ibrahim (Abraham).This original religion and its rituals can be found in the Quran, without any corruption. This is the good islam.

The bad Islam is a noun, it is a name. It took the Quran and mixed it with old traditions. Those traditions are kept in records called Hadith and Sunnah. This bad Islam is actually more based on Hadith and Sunnah rather than the Quran. The Quran is only used to lure in new converts, to attract people using the beauty and wisdom of the Quran. Then once the new convert is clawed into this bad Islam, they are drowned in lies. The bad Islam keeps people ignorant by telling them to read the Quran but not to actually STUDY the Quran, because they say that only certain highly educated religious leaders can understand the Quran. This is why in bad Islam you see people reading the Quran very very fast and I mean very very very very very fast. So fast they don’t stop to think twice about what they are reading. And if they accidentally stop and think about what they read, then they realize something that changes their faith. So they go to their local religious leader, who then through the use of strange logic and examples from Hadith and Sunnah; convinces this brave soul to give up and instead focus on reading faster. In bad Islam, the Quran is treated more like a possession, like fine cutlery or fine decorations. In bad Islam, they kiss the cover of the Quran, but they don’t spend any intimacy with the content inside the Quran.

So to sum it up, don’t judge the Quran based on what Islam teaches and what Muslims do. The Quran is pure and perfect, it is every intellectuals dream-come-true.

Another interesting thing mention in this chapter is that GOD threatens prophet Muhammad with punishment if he had preached anything else but the Quran. This creates a problem for bad Islam. Because in bad Islam, they claim that Hadith and Sunnah are also from prophet Muhammad. This contradicts the Quran though, because GOD didn’t stop revealing the Quran at any point. Which means prophet Muhammad stayed true to GOD. This then proves that Hadith and Sunnah are lies attributed to prophet Muhammad, by his enemies and the enemies of GOD and the truth. Now ask yourself, why is this not obvious? Why are they still using Hadith and Sunnah if the Quran clearly proves they are wrong? Crazy right? What if I told you this issue has been one and the same for at least 1200 years now? Madness, utter and complete madness.

Quran Chapter 69: Incontestable (Al-Haaqqah)

[69:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[69:1] The incontestable (event).

[69:2] What an incontestable (event)!

[69:3] It is truly incontestable.

[69:4] Thamoud and `Ãd disbelieved in the Shocker.

[69:5] As for Thamoud, they were annihilated by the devastating (quake).

[69:6] As for `Ãd, they were annihilated by a persistent, violent storm.

[69:7] He unleashed it upon them for seven nights and eight days, violently. You could see the people tossed around like decayed palm trunks.

[69:8] Can you find any trace of them?

[69:9] Pharaoh, others before him, and the sinners (of Sodom) were wicked.

[69:10] They disobeyed the messenger of their Lord. Consequently, He requited them a devastating requital.

[69:11] The flood was devastating, so we carried you on the floating (ark).

[69:12] We rendered it a lesson for you, that any listening ear may understand.

[69:13] When the horn is blown once.

[69:14] The earth and the mountains will be carried off and crushed; utterly crushed.

[69:15] That is the day when the inevitable event will come to pass.

[69:16] The heaven will crack, and fall apart.

[69:17] The angels will be all around, and Your Lord’s dominion will then encompass eight (universes).*

*69:17 This earth is full of misery because of its physical distance from God, since it is in the seventh universe (7:143). In the Hereafter, an eighth universe will be created that will be even farther than our seventh universe; it will be called “Hell” (89:23).

[69:18] On that day, you will be exposed, nothing of you can be hidden.

The Believers

[69:19] As for the one who receives his record with his right hand, he will say, “Come read my record.

[69:20] “I did believe that I was going to be held accountable.”

[69:21] He has deserved a happy life.

[69:22] In an exalted Paradise.

[69:23] Its fruits are within reach.

[69:24] Eat and drink happily in return for your works in days past.

The Disbelievers

[69:25] As for him who is given his record in his left hand, he will say, “Oh, I wish I never received my record.

[69:26] “I wish I never knew my account.

[69:27] “I wish my death was eternal.

[69:28] “My money cannot help me.

[69:29] “All my power is gone.”

[69:30] Take him and shackle him.

[69:31] Burn him in Hell.

[69:32] In a chain that is seventy arms long, tie him up.

[69:33] For he did not believe in God, Most Great.

[69:34] Nor did he advocate the feeding of the poor.

[69:35] Consequently, he has no friend here.

[69:36] Nor any food, except the bitter variety.

[69:37] Food for the sinners.

[69:38] I swear by what you see.

[69:39] And what you do not see.

[69:40] This is the utterance of an honorable messenger.

[69:41] Not the utterance of a poet; rarely do you believe.

[69:42] Nor the utterance of a soothsayer; rarely do you take heed.

[69:43] A revelation from the Lord of the universe.

Muhammad Forbidden from Issuing Any Religious Teachings

[69:44] Had he uttered any other teachings.

[69:45] We would have punished him.

[69:46] We would have stopped the revelations to him.

[69:47] None of you could have helped him.

[69:48] This is a reminder for the righteous.

[69:49] We know; some of you are rejectors.

[69:50] It is but sorrow for the disbelievers.

[69:51] It is the absolute truth.

[69:52] Therefore, you shall glorify the name of your Lord, Most Great.

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