Free Quran Chapter 110: Triumph (Al-Naasr)

Learn from GOD that the world will embrace the truth in throngs once lies and false information is defeated. This was the last chapter revealed through prophet Muhammad, and the Arabic text contains exactly 19 words. Which is very important because the first revelation to prophet Muhammad was a single verse which also contained exactly 19 words. This is all part of the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran. GOD uses the number 19 as a signature throughout the Quran, creating a very advanced structure that can never be replicated even by modern science and super computers. What this means is that we can find GOD’s signature from the beginning to the end, in other words, we can trust that the Quran is 100% the word of GOD. Every chapter, every verse, every word and even every letter is chosen and designed by GOD. This is not numerology as many enemies of GOD would have you believe, instead it is similar to how architects and engineers design buildings. If you calculate the materials used to build the buildings, you’ll start to recognize an intentional pattern, which is logical because architects and engineers use symmetry and other such techniques. Say an architect designs a building with 5 walls, the engineer decides to use 5 steel beams to hold up each wall and the construction is due to be completed 2050-05-05. Then any coincidence is by design, not numerology. It is the same with the Quran, it is designed by GOD using mathematics and language as the material.

The Mathematical Miracle of the Quran was discovered ~1400 years after its revelation. Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic world had no clue of its existence for ~1400 years. Until it was discovered by chance in America by a biochemist named Rashad Khalifa in 1968, while using a company computer on his free time. Personal computers costed a fortune back then. Once the discovery was published, it shook many religious communities. At first, the Islamic world embraced Rashad Khalifa as one of many great Islamic scientists. Many Islamic religious leaders incorporated this discovery into their teaching regimes, giving lectures and pamphlets to students. However, once Rashad Khalifa proclaimed that he was a messenger whose sole purpose was to purify GOD’s religion, and began to point out false practices within Islam; mainly the practice of using external sources instead of relying only on the Quran for religious guidance,. This lead the entire Islamic world to back away from him and denounced him. Then began a campaign to erase every trace of Rashad Khalifa within the Islamic world. Rashad Khalifa was assassinated on January 31, 1990. Some Islamic religious leaders praised the killing of Rashad Khalifa. However, in the end, GOD found a way to put a thorn in their eyes.  On April 28, 2009 – 19 years later – the killer was arrested. Then on December 19, 2012, the killer was convicted of first-degree murder. The timing of these events proves that GOD is doing everything. Today Islamic religious leaders do their best to cover up everything related to Rashad Khalifa and his work. Students who ask about Rashad Khalifa are immediately overwhelmed with false information to discourage the students from conducting their own research. There is also a vast amount of online websites and forums who – through lies, misinformation and speculation – try to vilify Rashad Khalifa, the Mathematical Miracle, and anyone who decides to follow the Quran without additional sources such as Hadith, Sunnah or other traditional interpretations.

The discovery of the Mathematical Miracle created jealousy among the Christians and Jewish communities, who in turn decided to try and find something similar within the Bible; mainly the Torah. Leading Christian and Jewish scholars to set up their own research in Jerusalem and worked extensively, using NUMEROLOGY, which failed catastrophically. The failure lead to the Moby Dick analogy, where a group of scientists repeated the same process to “discover” a secret message in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, a fictional novel. This in turn lead the world to believe that the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran is of a similar claim as the Bible’s. Which is far from the truth; the two can’t be compared. The Quran is a perfect structure that is connected and is easy to understand because it occurred naturally, just like how GOD created our world. However, the work done on the Bible was not naturally occurring, instead those behind it had to invent a system that connects different parts to create a result. The damage done by these Christian and Jewish professors cannot be undone. However, in time – GOD willing – the world will discover the truth about the Quran. And that’s when GOD’s religion will Triumph!

Quran Chapter 110: Triumph (Al-Naasr)

Last Sura Revealed*

[110:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

*110:1-3 This last sura, chronologically, consists of 19 Arabic words (see 96:1), and the first verse consists of 19 letters. This indicates that this generation of believers shall attain the promised victory. Submission (true Islam) will prevail throughout the world (48:28).

[110:1] When triumph comes from God, and victory.

[110:2] You will see the people embracing God’s religion in throngs.

[110:3] You shall glorify and praise your Lord, and implore Him for forgiveness. He is the Redeemer.

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