Free Quran Chapter 85: The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)

Learn from GOD that disbelievers are evil and should not have political nor social power over believers. If you pay close attention to the social and political climate you will then see a pattern. Wherever the power is secular, liberal or atheist oriented – a vast amount of evil will be promoted. Drugs are legalized. Abortion is legalized. Homosexuality is legalized. Such evil even go as far as legalizing same sex marriage. Marriage is a religious commandment by GOD to prevent immorality. Yet these evil societies taint marriage and turn it into something immoral itself. Disbelievers know no limits and will spread their evil to every part of society. In this chapter we learn about a disbelieving community that went as far as having a tradition where they would catch believers and throw them into fire, then sit around the fire and celebrate their death. It might be hard for disbelievers to do this in today’s modern world and get away with it. But instead they have other methods of killing believers. For example, they will inspire children to rebel against their parents, this way the believers will have children who don’t believe in GOD. Then after a few generations there will be no more believers. Another way is by legalizing various harmful things, such as abortion, drugs and much more. This way they can inspire your children to stray. They will create a society that seduces believers away from GOD. This is how disbelievers slowly kill the believers. It is therefore very important that believers are never under the authority of disbelievers. For example in some countries, if you kick out homosexuals from your store, then the government will shut down your business and even force you to pay compensation that will leave you broke for the rest of your life. This way the disbelievers can force the believers to accept evil and immorality. The only way for believers to survive is by always being in power or having enough power to defend themselves in case society or government tries to oppress the believers into accepting evil. It is therefore very important that you always participate in your community both socially and politically so you can fight back against evil. GOD teaches us that we are the authority, not government, government is a man-made legal structure that serves the people to maintain order. However, when the government turns to evil, and no peaceful talks, debate nor voting can change it, then the believers must either emigrate elsewhere, or create their own new government. Fighting the evil government is only allowed after you have tried everything else and the evil government attacks you first or tries to oppress you. It is a GOD given right to live a righteous life and practice your religion freely, and you must never allow anyone to oppress you.

Quran Chapter 85: The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)

[85:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[85:1] The sky and its galaxies.

[85:2] The promised day.

[85:3] The witness and the witnessed.

[85:4] Woe to the people of the canyon.

[85:5] They ignited a blazing fire.

[85:6] Then sat around it.

[85:7] To watch the burning of the believers.

[85:8] They hated them for no other reason than believing in God, the Almighty, the Praiseworthy.

[85:9] To Him belongs the kingship of the heavens and the earth. And God witnesses all things.

[85:10] Surely, those who persecute the believing men and women, then fail to repent, have incurred the retribution of Gehenna; they have incurred the retribution of burning.

[85:11] Surely, those who believed and led a righteous life, have deserved gardens with flowing streams. This is the greatest triumph.

[85:12] Indeed, your Lord’s blow is severe.

[85:13] He is the One who initiates and repeats.

[85:14] And He is the Forgiving, Most Kind.

[85:15] Possessor of the glorious throne.

[85:16] Doer of whatever He wills.

[85:17] Did you note the history of the troops?

[85:18] Pharaoh and Thamoud?

[85:19] Those who disbelieve are plagued with denial.

[85:20] God is fully aware of them.

[85:21] Indeed, it is a glorious Quran.

[85:22] In a preserved master tablet.

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Ahmed Wehbe

Ahmed Wehbe is Lebanese creative artist and philosopher from Sweden.