Week 7, Finished the RPG Game, Started Playing Tibia

I received an email from Twitch saying that they no longer white-list bots, this means my bot will be affected by regular chat and whisper limitations.

Running a text-based RPG game on my twitch channel will sadly not be possible anymore. However, I will at least finish one section of the game and leave the rest of it for whatever I decide to do with the material. I might turn it into a real game sometimes.

The game is pretty much done, although it is barely 5% of what I had planned originally… damn, I even painted a map and monster sheet, but oh well, that’s life. I might add more content with time, after seeing how it is working out… MAYBE.

Anyhow, my week was very slow, I started playing Tibia after half a year break. Basically, all the botting killed the game for me… but then CipSoft has been investing a lot in anti cheating and banned/deleted thousands of players! So I’m returning to it! It is a lovely retro game, reminds me of those old Super Nintendo RPG games, except it is an MMORPG, best mix ever! I remember discovering the game back in 2002-something-ish, was fun. Returned to it in 2013 during my years of depression, it got me through things until I began working intensively on my projects. Then I returned to it again in 2016 for only one month or even less. And now I’m back again, I will see how long I will last this time… as long as they get rid of cheaters then I my mood will be positive.


Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading, GOD bless!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Ahmad Wehbe

Wehbe is a creative artist and philosopher from Sweden with Lebanese roots. He uses various art forms to express emotions, thoughts and to tell stories.

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