New website layout is online!

After several days of trying out different things inside Photoshop, I finally found how I wanted things to look like…well, almost. There is still so much more content missing, like photos and paintings and books damn-it, books! But anyways, I don’t have a DSLR…yet, and painting, well, I have many things in mind for future novels…but that’s the problem, they are in the future! The illustrations won’t exist until I actually write the novels they are based on, I just hate how everything is inside my brain and that putting it all down on paper is so damn time consuming and tiring. Everything takes so much time in life, cooking food, that’s anywhere from five minutes to one hour. And they say you have to eat at least three meals a day, good LUCK with that, that’s like twenty minutes each meal cooking food which is a total of one hour spent each day just cooking. Add to that at least ten to twenty minutes actually eating every serving. That’s two hours gone just for the sake of getting energy. They also say you have to workout at least 45 minutes a day, YEAH RIGHT, it takes me five hours to wake up and it only lasts one hour. After that, I feel drained and sleepy again, getting old sucks, I remember as a child that I used to sit down on the bedroom floor from morning to way after midnight just drawing Tom & Jerry cartoons plus many other things. But now I can barely sit still for five minutes without letting out long annoying sighs and pretend I had something important to do in the kitchen, but ended up opening the fridge for no damn reason at all. Anyways, then we have dish – and – cloth washing, cleaning, showering, paying bills and much more…I need a she-servant that can take care of all my needs so I can focus on my work!  8-)

Whatever, I finally finished up the website, I’m happy, I feel that one of the thousands weights on my shoulders have been lifted. I can finally focus on my writing now, instead of constantly being annoyed by the ugly old layout that I previously had. I love these kinds of distractions that are distractions yet productive and necessary, if you know what I’m saying. It is repetitive work and let’s the brain relax…and holy crap did I need to relax my brain, because I found a solution to an issue I’ve been trying to figure out. I will not share it, because it is work related and part of an original “thing”.

Anyways, here is a link if you didn’t already know the address to my website:
heck it out and tell me what you think and what things annoy you and the stuff you want to see improved upon…because everyone is an expert, right? *giggles*

– A. Wehbe,

Ahmed Wehbe

Ahmed Wehbe is Lebanese creative artist and philosopher from Sweden.

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