Week 44, It Was January and Now It Is Suddenly November?

I’m not gonna make up any excuses for my inactivity!

But… BUT! I have been busy. Also, my personal life is kinda boring anyways, its just work work work. Anyhow, I have updated the design of my blog… well at least a little bit. I have also been figuring out HOW to blog. I spent weeks researching and coming up with “best practices”, but even then it is just overwhelming.

As you can see at the top of the blog, I now have categories as a menu! Makes the blog less cluttery.

There is something I don’t quite understand with blogging though, how do you navigate? Imagine if I had 1000 posts in one category, how do you navigate all that? I imagine having a simple list of all the posts in one endless column. That has to be the only solution… right?

I’ll see what I will do, right now I don’t have much content anyways, but I can already predict how problematic it would be to have thousands of posts.

So what have I been up to eh?

I’ve mostly been working as mentioned earlier. I wrote a lot on both novels that I have been working since last year, and accidentally began on a third story. The initial idea was to submit a short story to some magazine for a puny $100. I am barely surviving right now with a 0 income. Anyways, I fell in love with the story, not that it is a romantic one, oh not at all, it is far from being romantic. But I “shelved” it, don’t have time to work on that right now!

Ah, yes, I also streamed for a month or two, a fun experience. It was a creative stream, where I would show my process for learning to draw. A couple of viewers joined along, which was really fun. Also did a lot of art requests, probably more than I should have. I wanted to continue streaming but life caught up, I just had too much work to do.

I have been reading a lot as well, researching previous “top” authors. It seems that most authors back then did well because there was no television. Because some of the stuff I read had a horrendous prose. No offence to the dead!

Entered a short story competition

…and lost miserably. I didn’t even make it into top 10. Mine was written in first person TELLING mode with some SHOWING. The winner and those in top 10 were all written in THIRD PERSON and were mostly SHOWING rather than TELLING. What a bunch of bullshit. This “Show don’t Tell” mantra is way stuck up peoples black hole.

Anyhow, I began to revise my first novel, rewriting some parts to SHOW more than TELL. I do too much TELLING… sad :(, oops I mean “I sigh and drop my head down, only to catch it by the forehead with my right fist in a timely dare. Reminding me of those brave – or foolish – circus gymnasts, who threw themselves out into the hands of life and death. The weight of my head caused a bone breaking snap from my wrist. My hand was weak, not from the lack of practice, but from resting three whole months away from any practice. The same weakness ran throughout every bone in my body. Shaking, screaming to be put to sweaty use. Maybe tomorrow. I turn my head to examine life outside the window; it showed none. The rain had terrorized the people for days now, everybody was locked up in stacked cages, except for the rich, they had a small garden to mow. My lips sagged down after stretching into a hopeful smile. – No exercise today either then. said I”


A couple more things that I did between week 7 and now

Is – if you remember – I began playing Tibia, but I also stopped after one month of playing it intensively. So that’s one month down the drain.

I wasted time on dating, not actual dates, but finding women and chatting. None of them seemed interesting, too much feminism in their head. So that was wasted time as well.

Wrote a lot of scripts for my upcoming comic, it is something I want to see up and running, but it is on hold now, I want to focus on finishing and publishing my novel first.

I also began a romance type of novel on wattpad, “My Naughty Teachers”. It is a fun experiment. I basically don’t see myself writing these types of romance novels, so I decided to challenge myself and write one. I hope you enjoy it.

Well, that concludes this update in my personal life, I won’t be making these weekly reports anymore. Instead I will update you in a similar fashion as this post, whenever it seems relevant.

Ahmad Wehbe

Wehbe is a creative artist and philosopher from Sweden with Lebanese roots. He uses various art forms to express emotions, thoughts and to tell stories.

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