Week 2, Play at Work is a Winning Concept

Monday: 2017-01-09

Finally back to writing… and it didn’t go that well, feel a bit rusty! I did write a couple of good scripts for the comic and came up with additional character design. I also figured out that I need one more character, but was having a hard time coming up with something that hasn’t been done to death. Will continue brainstorming tomorrow!

Also did the usual Monday stuff, like administrative work and such. Was really fired up for going out on my daily 8 km walk, but it was quite damp outside with tiny cute raindrops. Oh well… hopefully tomorrow will be different.

Tuesday: 2017-01-10

Yay, finally, went out for my 8 km walk… came back home running after just half an hour! Too windy, too cold and too many distractions! I only managed to write one script during the walk, really disappointing. Oh well, things got better once I got home, tidied things up in the library and sat down to continue where I left off yesterday! And guess what, I managed to come up with the fourth character; the character is hilarious… if you like dark humor. I’m probably going to get a lot of heat from lots of rights groups and shitty humans like that. But oh well, that’s life.

I modified the design of the main character and then began drawing out one of the other characters. I have the concept that I want, but was not happy with any of the designs so far. Wrote a couple more scripts, it is becoming like a chore now, I feel very drained, but I keep pushing myself, really want to complete this project. Sometimes I feel so drained that I contemplate becoming a coffee drinker. But naaah, never.

Wednesday: 2017-01-11

Absolutely no energy today, yet I still managed to write at least eight comic scripts. Confusing, usually I get less done when I’m putting all my focus and energy into it. Oh well, writing works in mysterious ways.

I kept going back and forth between playing games and writing, after every round of CSGO I would sit down and write. Then before the next match starts I look up what topic to write about, so I do most of the thinking during the match. It reminded me a lot about college, I would play World of Warcraft at least 14 hours a day and still managed to get straight A, did the homework while playing! The pvp arena queues back then were very long, like sometimes you had to wait 10 minutes just to get into Warsong Gulch.

Looking for a PvE group was even more tedious, you had to look for people manually through the chat and the social window by searching for people in the level range you are looking for and talk to at least 20 people to form a proper 5 man team. You had to keep track of everybody as well, some people would leave so you had to find replacements and such.

My tactic was simple, since I was a tank, I could basically do what I want and get away with it, good tanks were worshiped back then. Anyhow, I would just find ONE person and then tell him or her to do the rest bwahahaha *evil grin*

But most of the time I would just get spammed daily about doing some tanking for people, so it wasn’t that bad.

Also, usually people would need to go away to eat dinner or use the restroom, so there was plenty of downtime for me to study.

I will try it again tomorrow and see if I can get more done this way.

Thursday: 2017-01-12

A productive day, although I spent too much of it fooling around, I tried the play games while working thingy and managed write at least 10 comic scripts, which is the highest amount so far. I guess the issue is that I get easily bored with repetitive work, my brain kind of goes to sleep, into day-dream-land. And games are unpredictable, anything can happen, which makes my brain stay awake and satisfied. At least this is my theory, because I feel extremely focused after each match of CSGO which makes me able to write a lot, however, after half an hour my brain begins to sink into day-dream-land.

I remember having the same issue everywhere I worked, for example when I worked as a metal smith, welding and constructing stuff, I would get bored quickly and being day dreaming if the work was repetitive, predictable and not stimulating my brain with opportunities to solve problems. So I would always demand more difficult tasks on a daily basis, after a couple of months I had learned basically everything about that company’s work and how to do it all by myself. However, this meant they no longer had anything new to offer for me to learn… so I began learning how the company was being run… and yeah, I bet you know where this is going. I learned about the customers and the other companies we did business with, proposed solutions and soon I was telling the CEO how to do his job. Then suddenly I get fired! Oh well, when I look at it from the bright side, then at least it ended with something unpredictable, hah!

Friday: 2017-01-13

Wrote a lot today, think 8 or 9 comic scripts… wanted to write more but felt burned out at the end of the day so I went to bed early. However, going to bed doesn’t mean sleeping – in insomnia terms; going to bed means just lying down on the bed, hoping for the best that can happen! Sleeping happens four hours later.

Saturday: 2017-01-14

Didn’t get much done at all, wrote around four scripts and edited two or three to remove grammar errors and misspellings. Spent the whole day playing CSGO more than I should… I’m starting to hate team-based games, like, any game where you depend on others to succeed. Whenever I trust that someone will cover for me, I end up getting stabbed from behind, like literally, that’s the only realistic part of games I guess. Whenever I trust someone in real life, I’m usually going to be disappointed, I just prepare for the worst and sometimes that’s not even enough because what actually happens is worse than the worst, like something that completely ruins your life. Some humans are disgusting beyond saving; the only way to stop their insanity is locking them up for life. They are the kind of people that destroy pieces of society, and with time as such people grow in numbers and strength; society crumbles.

Sunday: 2017-01-15

A good but slow day, wrote a couple of comic scripts, and also came up with a series which I’m probably going to get 30 scripts out of. Not really proud of how I spent the day, played too much. I’m trying to find good single player adventure games that don’t cost a fortune and work on an old computer with 2010 components. It is basically so bad that it turns off now and then as soon as the graphics-card gets too worked out.

Speaking of worked out, I worked out today; I’m predicting some major burn over the next couple of days.


Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Ahmad Wehbe

Wehbe is a creative artist and philosopher from Sweden with Lebanese roots. He uses various art forms to express emotions, thoughts and to tell stories.

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