Week 39, The Importance of Research


Today was pretty slow, took my 8 km walk but was too distracted to write anything. And when I got home, I was simply too light headed, since I barely got any sleep. On days like this, I usually prefer physical work, watch movies or read a book.

This happens often, my brain scatters easily into thousands thoughts. Any effort into focusing simply drags me away to something completely different and I lose track of time. To deeply absorbed by thoughts.

Anyhow, I did manage to get some work done, although it took more time than it should have. Finished editing last week’s blog post and made lots of laborishy tasks, like redesigning my blog theme. But wasn’t really super happy, the blog posts seem too squished in the center. Please message me and tell me what you think, I would really appreciate your input.

I began feeling more focused in the afternoon, spent 8 hours working on the comic. Researched into a few topics and wrote a dozen scripts the first 5 hours. And spent the other 3 hours designing how the title elements are going to look like, pretty happy with the result!


Got some proper sleep this time, took my 8 km walk and got a lot of writing done. Got a bit unsure of where the chapter is going, too much back-story is going on. And I wrote it in a first person but felt like a long speech, I will probably change it to a third person view instead.

Cleaned piles of paperwork, made sure all the bills were paid. And it was just work the whole day after that. I discovered that writing scripts isn’t that easy at all, even if it’s for short comic strips. Coming up with ideas is harder than I thought; they have to be somewhat funny as well!

It took a lot of effort to just write a few scripts, more time than what I presumed it would take. However, after a couple of hours my brain was just blank, but I had to work. So I began researching the topic I was writing about and that pretty much solved everything. I was writing comic strips about anarchists, and sure, I had a few funny ideas, but those only amounted to three scripts. That’s all my brain could come up with by itself. However, I went ahead and searched the internet for information about anarchy and anarchists. And after one hour of doing this kind of research, I managed to write an additional six scripts! They also became the better ones, since they are based on real life events. And we all know how funny life can be! Dilemma, karma, irony, it’s all there, just sit in the park for a while and you’ll see. Humans are hilarious.


Not gonna say if I slept good or bad, because even I don’t know that, I slept 4 hours, woke up, then slept another 4 hours. Or perhaps I just laid there thinking so much that time just passed me by. I don’t know. I’ve forgotten what a good night’s sleep feels like! Nonetheless, I took my 8 km walk and did some writing on that novel, things are getting pretty interesting, I’ve just started it and already have a dozen deep and unique characters, I think that’s great, but it’s making my main characters a little pale in comparison. Anyways, my antagonist seems to dominate the entire story, which is good. And for greater effect, I will be making the protagonists much smaller and almost pale them out completely. I want the reader to grow along them; I think this is a good technique to create a bond with the reader. For example look at Harry Potter, the story begins from the time he is a child. Also, look at Naruto, the series begin from his childhood. The observer grows alongside the protagonist. However, I believe this effect is mostly about having the story begin in a setting the reader can recognize themselves in. For example, in LOTR and The Hobbit, the journey starts out from a warm, cozy and safe home. This is easy for the reader to relate to. Or as in Naruto, it begins with a child doing all kinds of pranks to get attention; we’ve all done that as children, so it becomes easy to connect with Naruto. The protagonist needs to be introduced in a way that the reader can relate to.

Anyways, today was not that productive, I spent most of the day doing research and reading articles for how to design my products on zazzle.om, I’ve completely forgotten that I deleted everything I had so I could start from scratch. Damn, there is so much to do, feels so overwhelming. But oh well, one step at a time!


Today I slept at 6am and woke up only 4 hours later, but I felt relaxed after a few hours, played 1 hour of Elder Scrolls Online and then one match of League of Legends, playing Teemo as support in ranked sure makes you hated!

Applied for some jobs and then continued working on writing scripts for my comic. It’s just boring tedious work right now, seems redundant to blog about it! I honestly didn’t get much done either, like I said, I didn’t get much sleep so I was just stressed out all day. I only came up with six scripts today, what was I thinking when I said I was going for 20 a day!? Whatever, having a list of topics and doing research helps a lot during days like these. Seriously, if you feel you’re too tired to be creative or have a writer’s block, then just make a list of topics you want to write about and do some research.

For example, let’s say you are writing a sci-fi novel, well, make a list of things that are related to space, machinery, materials, plastics, whatever, and research it. Plastic is toxic, hmm okay, you can spin that further and invent a sci-fi material that is harmless when it is solid, but extremely dangerous when liquid. But that seems predictable, right? How about this then, the plastic is harmless when it is liquid and extremely toxic when solid, reminds me a little about that Terminator in the second movie, harmless when liquid but ready to kill you when solid. Same idea can be applied here; perhaps this sci-fi plastic turns extremely hard, harder than steel when exposed to oxygen. Hey, why not spin that off even further, the liquid plastic takes solid shape depending on the gas it absorbs from its surrounding once it is poured out from its container. A military kind of plastic that allows warriors to adapt their armor to different planets they visit. It is turned back into liquid by sending electricity, some frequency that releases the gas the plastic has absorbed. I’ve barely slept, and I’m really tired, yet look how simple it is to be creative once you make a list of topics and research them. All this came from a small mundane thing; plastic!!!

Anyways, that’s all for today, I can barely think straight, hopefully I didn’t misspell too many words!


Did I get any sleep? No comment! But I did take my daily 8km walk, skipped it yesterday, so I had to take it… even though it was raining, and I’m not talking about a little rain, oh no, it poured down enough to clean the streets from leaves and dirt. My clothes were so wet that you would think I take showers with my clothes on!

Anyways, while writing scripts today for my comic, I discovered that it’s not exactly going to be politically correct. The topics are just so varied, anything from a light hearted joke to more serious and heavy topics. It’s nothing graphical, and honestly, it’s not that bad, but, it will trigger the bitter kind of folks, and GOD knows what they will do with their 24/7 free time. Or I just might tone it down a notch and see if I can make it less edgy. The purpose is to give people something to ponder about and still get a laugh out of it.


Wow, time moves fast, I actually had plans for releasing at least one novel this year. Oh well, I doubt I can do that in just two months. I’m mostly focusing on the comic right now; I believe it is the best project to finish up right now. Because if everything goes according to plan, then I will be able to publish something each week four years straight, and I’m hoping this will slowly build up an audience for me while working full time on my novels and art.

Today I’ve mostly been frustrated about how people commit crime so easily and willingly, it’s disgusting. Whatever, it’s funny how bad people delude themselves that they are not doing anything wrong BECAUSE the LAW allows it. Like wow really? Damn maniacs! There is something called integrity. If you think it is okay to steal just because no one is watching or there is no consequence, then that makes you a shitty person, no matter how much you try to justify it.

At least I did get some work done, although I hoped I could’ve done more. I had to put the speakers on high volume to bear with the madness in this house. Children yelling, crying, goofing around, and lazy women who spend their days talking on the phone real loud for ten hours straight each day, madness! It is twisted and not normal at all, I’ve tried to do something about it, but it almost feels like they find new ways to annoy me. Like, I tell them I need to sleep, what do they do? Everything that makes sure I can’t sleep!
They’re ignorant of their own hate, they don’t really believe in GOD, so it is easy for the devil to manipulate them into harming me. Whatever, it’s only sleep anyways; I can sleep when I’m dead! But it is funny how people believe that hate is something that only manifests itself physically as in insults or violence. Only fools think this way, hate is much deeper and it manifests itself in behavior, attitude and actions as well. Those small things that build up into ruining other people’s life! Basically, I’m surrounded by people who degrade me and tell me that writing novels and such is not real work. They have zero respect for my privacy and concern for my well being. I believe that speaks volumes about how much hate they have in them, even if they don’t insult me directly or use violence to hurt me physically. The disrespect is mountainous. This has been going on for years, and I’ve just learned not to care about it and find solutions instead of whining. This is why I take a 8 km walk daily, I get most of my work done during this time because I can finally focus. I’m even considering adding more to it, perhaps 8 km in the morning, get back home sit down and write everything into the computer, then go out and take another 8 km walk or even 16 km, and then repeat. Theoretically, that would increase my productivity immensely. My only concern is that it will be difficult to do any kind of research while walking. But I’ll figure it out, since I’m going to write it on the computer anyways, and then I can look things up and make the changes that are needed.


It’s the end of the week, not much to mention. I’m really getting into this comic script writing, being able to produce a steady flow of material. I’m no expert at making comics; this will be my first one. I’ll explain how I write the scripts. Maybe someone out there can give me some input for how to improve upon it. Anyways, I start out with an idea, the message I want to express. Then I start testing out how many panels I need, by simply writing about the panels one at a time. Each row/panel is explained in a text that tells me which characters are in the panel, what they are doing, so I know what to draw later on. Then I add the narrative and dialog. I think it’s a simple process, not too rigid either which allows me the freedom to basically expand on it later on when I start drawing them out.

Since it was a Sunday today, I spent the day mostly playing League of Legends, yep, such a nerd. Wrote five scripts today, nothing impressive, but they’re gooood. And I want this to be a quality comic strip, each issue should have a good value of its own, be able to stand alone and still get people talking, laughing, loving or hating!

The idea is not to make a comic series that forces the reader to go to the beginning and read everything from the start. Nope, it’s going to be more like a Sunday comic strip. A weekly pleasurable read!

I also learned that there is no such thing as a small project! I never expected this to be this demanding, but hey, I’m learning about various topics each day, this research will benefit me later on as well, yay!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Ahmed Wehbe

Ahmed Wehbe is Lebanese creative artist and philosopher from Sweden.

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