Week 52, Happy New Year! + Made a Catalog for My Paintings

Monday: 2016-12-26

Interesting… a Monday that doesn’t feel like one! Perhaps staying up late from last week’s Sunday ruined my clock or something. Whatever, I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday, so I stayed up to 8 AM, continued working on the paintings, converting the raw files into uploadable files. Fell asleep instantly once I was done and woke up 5 hours later around 1 PM to finish editing my last week’s blog post before publishing it. Managed to get some administrative work done before that as well!

Anyhow, my brain suddenly tells me to offer the paintings as free wallpapers! Why not? So I’ve been meditating on how to do that without enabling opportunistic thieves from stealing the paintings and selling them. Did a little research and came up with something that will work -GOOD enough.

I stumbled upon some very annoying news as well, my web-host added some weird policy to their web builder tool. They now want me to pay if I want to publish more than 5 pages… my website already has like 15 pages, so when I logged in, I couldn’t even edit those and publish them anymore. Just great… just what I needed, MORE WORK. Now I have to do everything manually, I have to code stuff and make everything the old way.

I’m quite mad at them… when I signed up with them, they offered their web-builder tool for free, it was part of the basic package. And the basic package is still quite pricy, at almost $40 a year. But, with this new change, they want me to pay $60 more, which makes it $100 annually. Sure, the tool is worth it, but, my website is supposed to be simple, so spending $60 on a tool, just to update news and such seems beyond stupid at the moment. Perhaps when my website is huge and demands daily attention, then sure, I will gladly pay $60 for a tool that makes my web-editing faster. But for now, I will have to code stuff myself, which sucks. And it took pretty much the whole day to do just that, I didn’t get far either, it took me an hour to edit the legal page… something I could’ve done in the web-builder tool within just 2 minutes. Oh well… like a wise woman once said; work work work work work work *laughs madly at his own joke*

Tuesday: 2016-12-27

Stayed up late from yesterday, finally fell asleep around 4 am. I was continuing work from yesterday. Been working since yesterday on a new design for the main page on the website, I finished just past midnight, only to start working on the wallpapers, I spent three hours after midnight making smaller – resized –  copies of each painting, and then adding metadata to every file as well.

Was going to start adding metadata to the bigger files as well, but was too tired, went to bed and then woke up 6 hours later to continue working on the metadata. Don’t you wish your life was exciting just like mine? Don’t you? DON’T YOU? *psycho gaze*

Finished up with the metadata around mid-day, then went on to work on the website… I basically have to do all the coding manually now, so everything takes 10 times longer to do. Will be updating it slowly with time, there will be lots of errors and such, make sure to clear your cache now and then when you visit it, also, if you are using Firefox Mozilla then you can hold down the shift button while left clicking the refresh button, this will force the page to refresh without relying on the cache files you already have.

Anyhow, finished up some coding, but couldn’t go further because I was lacking content. Which brings us to the next phase, artwork! The metadata for all the paintings is finally done, so I went ahead and began uploading my paintings to fineartamerica and pixels, you can find them by following this link: http://pixels.com/profiles/ahmadwehbe.html?tab=artworkgalleries

Anyhow, I managed to upload 11 pieces before the clock struck midnight. Worked for another hour and a half to finish uploading a couple more paintings before I hit the bed…face first.

Wednesday: 2016-12-28

Couldn’t sleep last night, woke up just an hour later, only to find myself firing up the computer to continue uploading my paintings. Managed to finish uploading another set before I felt tired enough to fall asleep again.

Woke up at 9 AM, took a long warm shower, applied for some jobs and then went back to uploading my paintings. Finished uploading everything around lunch time, stressed about what to do next, there is so much that needs to be done before I want to start promoting anything… need to update the website and so much more. But I started from the beginning, went through every setting on the POD platform I’m using (pixels.com, fineartamerica.com), turned on some stuff, turned off other stuff etc… all while thinking about how I want to go about doing things. I also went through every setting on my Facebook page as well. I basically spent hours just going through every detail on all platforms to make sure everything is 100% setup the way I want it, to avoid future issues (due to laziness and ignorance).

Anyways, during this thinking period, I decided to also create a catalog for all my paintings, basically a magazine with my art, which includes available sizes, prices and much more. It will make marketing so much easier; I will make it available for free as a downloadable .pdf, and also make it available for purchase as a magazine. I will then be able to order a few copies and pass them along to local locations.

So there is a lot of work ahead of me… tedious work, hopefully I will be able to finish this whole ordeal this week and be done with everything so I can return to my novel and comic writing.

Thursday: 2016-12-29

Re-did the entire design for the catalogue that I had worked on for hours yesterday! Oh well, it is all part of the process. I’m very happy with how it turned out… and yeah, I started working on the catalogue from 11 AM… it is 1 AM now as of typing this, so that makes it 14 hours of work. Almost no breaks (except for eating food and taking a shower). I’m I done? NO, it’s my first catalogue ever, a lot of research, design testing and trying this and that has gone into it. But I can say this… wow… even I’m impressed with my own work, like, how often am I impressed with my own work? All the time of course… but that’s beside the point! It’s coming together and it is looking hot! Well worth the time invested, can’t wait to share it with y’all. There will be two versions, one that can be ordered from amazon as cheaply as the printing company allows, and one that can be downloaded for free. But the most important thing for now is me going to sleep, goodniihzzzZzzz… *snoring sound*

Friday: 2016-12-30

Yet another 14 hour work day, got a lot of stuff done. Formatting is the big time sink here, it is so damn tedious, took me hours to work things out inside word. The sections system is so cumbersome and annoying at times. But I learned a lot, I could say I’m a Word Section master now. WHICH IS GREAT for my many book projects. I remember having issues while formatting my philosophy book “GOD THE CREATOR”, I redid the formatting at least five times to get it right, had to create a new file every time, because once you mess up the formatting in word… there is basically no coming back from that, just a big mess that would take hours to untangle, might as well make a new file and start over. And that’s what I had to do a couple of times today for the catalogue I’m working on. Took quite a while to figure out how to make things work out the way I want.

There is always something that needs to be changed, or added, or mistakes that need to be corrected… for example, as of writing this, I discovered that I have to redo the images for six pages… that’s like 1 hour of work, just because of a mistake.

But, I’m quite happy with how things are turning out, I hope it will be all worth it in the end.

Saturday: 2016-12-31

And another 14 hour work day, continued from where I left off yesterday. It’s crazy how big word files can get, with all images imported, my word document is almost 200 mb! Anyways, it was tedious work, small changes here and there. Sometimes doing thing in one place will change stuff around in another place, really annoying. I will probably look for a new application to work with, one that doesn’t use a system that automatically moves stuff to other pages… I like my pages to be like strict canvases. Such a small concept, yet it is not allowed in word… stupid decision by the program designers. The whole system just feels heavy and unpredictable at times. Too many time-sinks… oh well, good for text-based work with minimal visual content.

Sunday: 2017-01-01

This time I only had to work 12 hours before finishing the whole catalog! I even uploaded it to my printer, and it is going through the proofing process at the moment, hopefully everything will go fine and I can finalize some details and then publish it.

I also began working on the ONLINE FREE version, it will probably take two days to finish… or I will try one of those online PDF resize services, if those really work, then the online version will be ready the same day I publish the paper version.

Oh well, what can I say, it feels great; it has been an interesting experience. I never realized how important catalogs can be… unless I made one. I highly recommend everyone who got products for sale to make a catalog.

It is time for me to go to bed, it has been a very intense week. 14 hour work days take their toll. I gained weight from 76 kg to 80 kg this week alone! That’s crazy.

Anyways, Happy New Year!
I wish you all a wonderfully new productive year!

Hope your week was fine as well! Feel free to share anything you’ve done over the past week or if there is any book, movie or series you want to recommend. I’ll make sure to check it out and give my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

– A. Wehbe, www.ahmadwehbe.com

Ahmad Wehbe

Wehbe is a creative artist and philosopher from Sweden with Lebanese roots. He uses various art forms to express emotions, thoughts and to tell stories.

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