Video and Audio Transcripts

Video and Audio Transcripts:

Principles of Contact Prayers – Learn how to perform Salat, Wudu’ and Azan the correct way; the way the prophets Abraham and Muhammad performed them.

Essentials of Submission – Learn the foundations for the religion of truth; Submission (Islam). The five so called Pillars of Islam: testimony of faith, contact prayers, zakat, fasting and Hajj.

Evolution or Creation: The Final Argument – Learn about the true facts about evolution, its history and development. And that it is a divinely guided process, an fundamental part of creation. The information in this video transcript should be used to correct our misconceptions about evolution and creationism.

The Great Debate: True Islam vs False Islam – See Rashad Khalifa and Abdl Rahman Salem; a traditional Mohammedan Muslim – debate head to head about the real Islam that prophet Muhammad followed, vs the fake Islam that Mohammedan Muslims follow. Discover how the Mohammedan Muslims still use the same arguments today, even though they were answered ~20+ years ago.