My Religion

We are all pioneers.

GOD created us because GOD knew we wanted to exist. However, some of us rebelled, but instead of throwing us all into Hell, GOD chose, out of mercy, to show us why the rebels are wrong. Much like how a parent gives their children ample time and reasoning. This way a child’s understanding is established based on experience, facts and sincerity – not out of blind obedience or fear.

GOD created this world and made Satan its “god”. All rebels who agreed with Satan were sent here, to experience first hand if there can truly be other gods beside GOD. However, there was also people who were uncertain – what if Satan is right? Well, those people were also sent to this world. Then there are those who rebelled or were uncertain but changed their mind and were thus forgiven. However, they were still sent to this world to witness how lucky they were to repent. These creatures became the stars, planets, trees, animals, etc. The rebels and those who were uncertain became you, me and the rest of mankind.

Our life in this world is about learning why only GOD can be a god, and make a decision that only GOD is our god. We are the witnesses whose testimony will be read by an infinite amount of creatures, for all of eternity. This whole ordeal will became an example to teach future beings about why only GOD can be a god. So that this test may never be repeated ever again. And this is why I said we are all pioneers. This is also why this world, although insignificant, is a very serious business.

Technically, we are all supposed to be burning in an eternal Hell right now, you, me, everyone, at least that’s what the Angels suggested. But GOD had other plans. This shows us that Angels are not that merciful after all, and not that wise either. GOD’s plan is to answer every argument, this is why the human being is so inventive and why there are all kinds of nonsense in the world, because every argument, every nook and cranny, every excuse must be explored and brought out into the light and made an example of. This is why evil exists – why Satan must be allowed to do whatever he pleases. To create the circumstances that lead to an argument that can be disproved and used to prove why only GOD can be a god. This is part of the master plan.

So, GOD creates this world and gives it to Satan to rule as he pleases, and creates us humans to be constituents of Satan. Where do we go from here? Let us take a look at a brief, CONDENSED, history.

In the early times, there was more truth than falsehood. However, as the population increased it became harder to defend the truth. So GOD sent messengers to each community, that would teach people the truth and remind them of GOD.

As the population increased even more, it become less effective to send messengers, so GOD sent prophets with scriptures. This way people would be able to read and be reminded of the truth even after the prophet was dead. However, with time even the scripture would get corrupted or simply vanish.

Now, it is important to understand that these messengers and prophets were always sent with miracles, a sign that would convince the sincere. Some were small miracles, other miracles were huge, such as asteroids destroying the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Or a flood that wipes out a whole region (not the whole world).

Communities were falling in sin one after the other. So, Abraham prayed for ways that could help the human being strengthen his or her faith and bond with GOD. And that led to the creation of rituals of worship that would help humans strengthen their soul and relationship with GOD, so they can face the ever changing world that keeps diving deeper and deeper into sin and idol-worship. These rituals were the Salat, Zakat, Hajj and Fasting. These would help us remember GOD throughout our hectic life, to keep us grounded and self-aware.

Then came Moses, during a time where the population of communities had grown too big to be guided by one leader. This led to the Torah, the first major scripture.

It got corrupted over time. The rituals of worship, the Salat, Zakat, Hajj and Fasting were lost or took on different unauthorized forms.

Then came Jesus, during a time when the religion was corrupted beyond recognition. Jesus brought back the rituals of worship, and a major scripture was revealed through him. To purify the religion and re-establish the truth.

It got corrupted. Probably even erased completely from history. Instead we have books in the Bible, alleged testimonies by some of his followers. We don’t have the true Gospel of Jesus; the scripture that Jesus wrote with his own hand. Instead, if you search for it, you will find that the Gospel of Jesus is simply the “good news” that Jesus died for your salvation and that you should accept him as your savior. This is how deep the truth about Jesus had been buried, along with everything else Jesus preached and taught, including the rituals of worship that he tried to re-establish.

Then came Muhammad, bringing the last scripture; the Quran. He cleansed Mecca from idol-worship, removing all idols around the holy shrine; al-kabah, that Abraham and his son had built thousands of years before. Abraham’s shrine was restored, Abraham’s rituals of worship were restored, and with the revelation of the final testament; the religion was finally restored back to its original form.

But the Quran was replaced in favor of hearsay, jokes, lies, insults, nonsense, traditions, culture, etc, all accumulating into what is known as The Sunnah and Hadith. The people agreed that the Quran was the word of GOD, but it was simply used for prestige and bragging rights. The Quran, which was revealed for all the people, became a tool to dominate over the masses. The religious leaders established a structure that would allow only them to interpret the Quran. So, even though billions of people have a Quran in their home and read it, they are not allowed to understand it beyond the already established understanding that was made at least a thousand years ago. This is why their society seem “stuck in time”.

So, even though the Quran is the word of GOD and it has not been corrupted. The religious elite managed to corrupt the word of GOD by establishing a doctrine that told people that the Quran cannot be understood without the Hadith, and that the Hadith are equally as important as the Quran, and that anyone who rejects Hadith will be counted as a disbeliever and an apostate.

The Quran is a few hundred pages of straightforward commandments and teachings. The Hadith are thousands of pages filled with unproven opinions and even nonsense. For example one hadith says that prophet Muhammad said that house lizards are permitted. Another hadith says that prophet Muhammad said that house lizards are forbidden. If you don’t accept both, then you are a disbeliever, an apostate!

Not only does the hadiths contradict themselves, but they also contradict the Quran. There are clear verses in the Quran that warn us about following any source other than the Quran. Some verses even mention hadith by name, warning us against following it. But the religious leaders turn a blind eye to such verses.

They invented the idea of abrogation, claiming that the newer verses replace the older verses in the Quran. This idea came hundreds of years after prophet Muhammad had passed away, so he never approved such a nonsense idea. Yet it is firmly established as being part of the religion, even though GOD says in the Quran that nothing shall abrogate His word, and even warns us against taking any of the verses out of context or ignore other parts of the Quran. Again, the religious leaders turn a blind eye to such verses.

Now of course the leaders are not all to be blamed. Sometimes the people themselves are so absorbed by bigotry that they will reject any form of enlightenment to protect the status quo.

Fast forward to the year 1976. An Egyptian biochemist by the name of Rashad Khalifa finishes his research project in USA where he put the Quran inside a computer for the first time in history. The result from the research led to one of mankind’s most important discoveries; a physical, tangible miracle that proves that the Quran is the word of GOD, which means that we now have proof of GOD’s existence.

At first, the discovery made headlines throughout the religious world. Everybody was on board. The discovery was so awesome that Jewish and Christian scholars began a similar research of the Bible, which lead to the Bible Code. However, the Bible Code was not similar a all, and it wasn’t even scientific, it was just guess work.

In the late 80s, Rashad Khalifa proclaimed himself a messenger. All support stopped. Religious leaders who supported him before that all stopped and removed all traces of their support. The cover up went as far as buying up all copies of a newspaper to prevent information about Rashad Khalifa and his discovery from reaching people. Rashad Khalifa was also offered one million dollars on the condition that he would retract his proclamation and stop his preaching. He refused refused the one million bribe. He was assassinated in the early 90s.

This was all before the Internet era, so information was limited to publishing in newspapers, sending out letters, word of mouth, phones, etc. And thus the discovery of the miracle faded away, and because of that, the Bible Code became the “public image” of the idea of a mathematically coded scripture once the Internet became more accessible.

The Bible Code was however debunked and proven to be pure nonsense. And because of the fact that it was in the mainstream, it became difficult to tell people about the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran, because people would always associate it with the Bible Code and assume it was the same thing.

But nothing could be further from the truth. The Mathematical Miracle of the Quran is the real deal. You have to study it yourself to get it. For example, I could tell you that Moses split the sea, and you wouldn’t believe me, which is fair. However, what if you saw Moses split the sea with your own eyes? Would you refuse to believe your own eyes? What will be your excuse? And those are the two reasons why people refuse to study the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran. First reason is that it sounds too good to be true. Second reason is: if it is true, then it means the person has no excuse but to believe.

For many people it would mean major life-changes that could lead to losing friends, people looking down at you, people threatening you. People are aware of such consequences, so it becomes too much to handle and therefore much easier to turn a blind eye to the discovery that proves the Quran as the word of GOD.

So what if people’s attitude towards you will change? That’s their problem, not yours. Also, if people change their attitude towards you, doesn’t that mean their friendship and love was fake?

Remember, Satan hates you, so it is only logical that Satan manifests his hate and anger against you through his constitutes, these can be your parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends, community, etc. You, on the other hand, have to remember that your enemy is Satan, not the people, don’t take it out on them. It is all part of testing your patience and strengthening your moral character.

Anyhow, this was a brief overview about my religion. I will limit all religious posts to this little corner because I want to keep my religion separate from my business. I believe it would only annoy people if product news were mixed with religious posts. I am also a believer in keeping religion private and not ramming it into people’s face. So with all that said, it is your own fault for clicking on this section and reading it! Just kidding, I hope it was educational and that you learned more about me.

May GOD guide us, bless us and protect us. Peace!

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