Privacy Policy

As you might have noticed there are no ads (Google AdSense, etc) on my blog. There are no popups, there are no annoying “subscribe or else you hate baby seals” that block the content. However, I do advertise my own products, but these ads are just regular images with text that links to the store where you can buy the products. You might not have noticed these ads because they are actually placed in the footer… far far down on the website, the worst place to have ads from a business perspective (I want to present a non-intrusive experience to my readers). But again, these are just images with a link, it is different from Google AdSense and other similar technologies.


Here is a screenshot of all the cookies on my website… yes… there are only two. I will break them down and explain what they do.

Cookie #1:

https://static.addtoany.com/meny/page.js is a cookie for the widget that tracks how many times any one of my posts have been shared on social media. Here is an screenshot of the widget:

If we go to addtoany.com/buttons/faq/#gdpr we will read:

By design, AddToAny does not store personal data. Our technology vendors are GDPR-compliant, and may temporarily store an IP address and set a client cookie for security purposes.

So the cookie https://static.addtoany.com/meny/page.js is just a temporary one. And it does not store any personal data.

Cookie #2:

https://ssl.google-analytics.com/ga.js is a cookie that I have personally included across both my blog and my official website. This cookie is mandatory, and it allows me to see what is happening on my website. Technically, I would be blind without it. This cookie tells me if someone has visited my blog, it tells me which page people are reading the most, and it tells me from which country the visitor is from.
You can read more about google’s cookies here on their own website https://policies.google.com/technologies/types
So this concludes the cookies section. Next up is about my Newsletter.


I do have a Newsletter, which means I also have an email list. If you sign up for my Newsletter then your email will be registered and become part of my email list. If you do not want your email to be registered as part of my email list, then simply go back inside any of the emails you have received, scroll down and click unsubscribe. You can also access your subscription profile and change your email by clicking the “change subscriber options” link inside any of the Newsletters you have received.