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I love discussing politics, religion, culture and many other such topics. I look at things impartially, which is very important. It gives me insight into all sides which allows me to conclude the truth very accurately. 


Reddit – WARNING to Content Creators

If you are a content creator using Reddit, or are planning to use Reddit for your original content creation. Then this warning / advice is vital, and one that you should be mindful about to save yourself a lot of headache in the future. What is Reddit? Already using Reddit? Then skip down to the next section. Reddit is basically a forum but with a different approach in terms of the design. Imagine a forum that...


Exposing Feminism

The #MeToo campaign took the world by storm, it exposed how women – on a global scale – suffer through “sexual harassment” and even “rape” in their daily life. However, the campaign was quickly hijacked by feminists who used it to spread animosity and hate towards men. This led the campaign to lose its credibility and has since then begun to lose traction. Thus the feminists prove once again that they are only interested in their...