Hello, welcome to my blog-site-thingy. My name is Ahmad Wehbe, I am a Lebanese creative artist and philosopher who is currently living in Sweden. I will be using this blog-site-thingy as a platform for a more personal engagement with everyone. I do have a main website; www.ahmadwehbe.com – however – I want to keep that one product oriented. This way I will be able to keep things more organized.

To contact me directly, send an email to mail@ahmadwehbe.com

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  1. Jeff Taylor says:

    Salamun Alaykum Ahmad, I really felt a brotherhood with you during the Quran Study, I hope that you are well and that we can stay in touch.

  2. Jeff Taylor says:

    Masha Allah! I cannot believe the amount of work you have done. This is so beneficial. May God reward you for all your hard work. Salamun Alaykum

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