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The Man Who Lost His Sun Twice – Free Ebook, Short Fiction

We all have at least one person whom we depend on for our connections and relationships with other people. Such as that extroverted friend who knows everybody, or the spouse that knows the ins and outs of the neighborhood. But what if you are so busy with work that even your relationship with your own children depends on one person – who suddenly disappears from your life?

Short Fiction – 2338 words
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Exposing Feminism

The #MeToo campaign took the world by storm, it exposed how women – on a global scale – suffer through “sexual harassment” and even “rape” in their daily life. However, the campaign was quickly hijacked by feminists who...

Free Quran Chapter 1: The Key (Al-Fatehah)

Learn from GOD the prayer you need to say to establish contact with GOD. This is the only Arabic you need. The best part of the Quran is that you don’t have to learn Arabic just to read...

Free Quran Chapter 2: The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)

Learn from GOD that disobeying the commandments will only make the religion more difficult for you. GOD made the religion very easy, and made the Quran very easy to understand. There is zero room for dispute. The only...